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Essays 16/02/2005

Othello's meanings revealed!

Essays Before I start let me just say that I wrote this essay as part of a GCSE English course. I personally am not a fan of shakespeare, but for those that are, I hope you will enjoy this. The essay is entitled: In Which Ways Does Shakespeare Gain and Hold the Audience’s Interest in Act 1 Scene 1 of Othello? --------- “Tush Never Tell Me” The opening line of Othello initiates Shakespeare’s vice-like grip on the audience, Roderigo confuses the audience with this exclamation, questions to the effect of; What does he not wish to be told? And who is he ‘tushing’ circle the minds of the audience. These questions are slowly answered throughout the course of the scene; it eventually becomes clear that a mysterious man, known only by the name of ‘Iago’, has disclosed information involving a moor to Roderigo. A quote, spoken by Iago, “I am not what I am”, is the core of Othello, this line opens the floodgates in the minds of every spectator, causing a wave of further questions to pour in, the most applicable of which is, “If he is not was he is, what is he”? Similar thoughts may very well enter the minds of a more modern audience when Iago mentions “The Moor”, in today’s era, a moor is no more than a marsh, but in Jacobean times a moor was a dark-skinned man perceived as inferior and less important, however, the audience currently are unaware that this particular Moor is a superior and much more important person, a general in the Venetian army. This reversal of Dramatic Irony ...

Encore (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition) [PA] - Eminem 16/02/2005

The Encore you can listen to over and over again.

Encore (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition) [PA] - Eminem Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady, aka Eminem hits the scene with his music yet again, and this time it's as dark, if not darker than ever before. First and foremost, if you don't like strong language then you can stop reading right now. If you don't like references to killing people and shooting people, you can stop reading. This album has both in abundance. Let's just say that the Parental advisory warning doesn't give you enough of a warning. If you do like Eminem's previous work, or if you like the aforementioned language, keep going. -- When you listen to the album first time around you might think "Nothing special there" because the songs seem to pass over you the first time, but if you take time to listen to the lyrics then you will appreciate the works... mostly. The tracks vary from up-beat raps (Just Lose It) to deep and dark raps (Mosh). Despite the contrasts, both of these tracks made it as singles, and pretty good ones they are. (Just Lose it more so than Mosh in my opinion). Tracks with deep meaning for Eminem himself are also in here, and they are my favourites, (as were the same songs from previous albums), songs such as Mockingbird are great. One song with the complete spectrum is Puke, I love the song itself but I hate the intro and outro, simply it is Em throwing up with horrific sound effects. *Shudder* One Shot 2 Shot has a very upbeat backing and some humourous lines, but this one is all about a terrifying experiance that I hope ...

Samsung SGH A300 14/02/2005

Samsung A300. A more up to date view.

Samsung SGH A300 True: this phone has been a out for a while. True: It doesn't have the bells and whistles the new ones do. But, is it worthless and not worth considering. No. If you are young and looking for your first flashy phone to impress your mates and give you a good laugh, then you would be advised to look elsewhere. If you are more mature and looking for a simple phone that does texts and calls. You might be in the right place. -- I can only recommend this phone to a select few people in certain circumstances. This phone was at one time a top of the range model, but now... isn't even close. I've had this phone for about a year now (second hand) and despite not having much in the way of impressive features, has pleased me. It is a phone, it is not one of those computers that fits into your pocket and just happens to be a phone as well. This little gizmo is about the calls and texts, while sporting a few little tools for day to day use. It has a calculator, personal memo thingy, alarm and security settings. It also has wav browser capability. Visually the phone does look quite nice, silver, fold out and with a little screen on the outside that will tell you who's ringing. (Anybody remember the Samsung adverts with the woman walking down the hall with this little phone, opening it to that guy... no? Nevermind) But unfortunately that's where the perks kind of end. It doesn't have a camera, it doesn't have a colour screen (how many of you remember phones that ...

24 Season One - DVD Collection 13/02/2005

There aren't enough hours in the day!

24 Season One - DVD Collection 24 is a series of 24 episodes each lasting about 40 minutes. (You get times where the breaks would have been). This adds up to around 16 hours of actual footage. That may sound a bit like a con, but that's television for you. -- So what do you need to know? Unlike any other series on television, 24 is a series which spans one day (24 hours), each episode details one hour's worth of events, and as the episodes say "Events occur in Real-Time". This concept can seem difficult to grasp at first because of how different it is to any other film or TV series, but after watching a few episodes, you will grasp it very quickly. 24 is centered around the life of Jack Bauer (rhymes with Shower), a federal agent working for the Los Angeles branch of CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) and his attempts to stop the threat of an assassination on Senator David Palmer on the day of the California Presidential Primary. In simple terms, that basically means that this guy called Jack, who works for the government, has to save the life of this guy who might become president if today goes well. I won't say any more about the storyline itself, because If I do, it will start to spoil the many twists and turns that the tale takes. What I can say about the storyline is that just when you think you understand exactly what is going on, something happens that changes everything completely. -- But enough chit chat, what is it really like? Every episode has it's fair share of action ...

Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) 12/02/2005

Underground, but overly enjoyable.

Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) After THPS3, the games were going stale, THPS4 added a new way of playing the carreer mode, but something else was needed, and that's where THUG came in. The main menu screen has plenty of things to look at, but Story mode is the one with the most to it. The story mode in THUG is the best in any Tony Hawk's game to date without a doubt. After creating your skater to suit your preferences in appearance and skating style (but that doesn't make a very large difference) the story begins. You start as a local skater and try to ascend to the pro level. Also, you can now create female skaters who do (thankfully) have a different voice to the males. The in-game speech does a good job of avoiding boy\girl references, but in some places there are two versions of dialogue depending on the skater's sex. Things start off small time, easy goals to teach you the basics of the game, pros of the series will soar through these whereas as newer players will comfortably enjoy these preliminaries. As the story progresses you will learn more moves, take on harder challenges and meet some rather diverse characters. All along there is a steady supply of mild humour and interesting story aspects. Also new to the series is the way in which your skater develops their skills, instead of finding or buying skills, you have to realistically train them up by completing miniature tasks such as "Land a 10,000 point combo" or "Grind for 10 seconds". As far as difficulty is concerned, I ...
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