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Ten things I hate about supermarkets 27/07/2006

10 things I hate about Super-bad-markets

Ten things I hate about supermarkets Supermarkets, supermarkets... what to say about supermarkets? Well, quite a lot actually. I visit a supermarket (Sainsbury's, to be precise), nearly every day on my way to school. I very rarely shop in any supermarket other than Sainsbury's, so this review is mainly based on Sainsbury's. So here goes, ten things I hate about supermarkets: 1. Trolleys Don't get me started on supermarket trolleys. A useful invention, I must admit, but the state of trolleys these days is terrible. The main problem with trolleys is that they all make a horrible loud noise when you move them - with tens of people surrounding you with noisy trolleys, you can't even hear yourself think, and I end up forgetting what I am actually looking for. Another problem is the wheels. The four wheels might as well be square, it would give the same effect. The wheels get jammed, and to make it worse, Sainsbury's have introduced a wheel-locking system when you try to 'steal' one. Like who would want to steal a trolley? The worst thing about them is undoubtedly the urge they all have to sway to the left, or sway to the right - they will never ever just move in a straight line. 2. Checkouts The day that supermarket directors learn to manage their checkouts will never come. There are never enough checkouts open, never ever. Why have 20 checkout aisles if you're never going to use them? What makes this worse, is that the checkouts they decide to open are either wet, dirty, or have no plastic bags. 3. ...

Top 10 Songs of All Time 27/07/2006

My [Updated] Top 10 Songs

Top 10 Songs of All Time Dear oh dear oh dear. I just had to completely rewrite this review - having it sitting here for people to read is far too embarrassing! Well that was two years ago, and this is now... things have changed quite a lot :) So here goes, in no particular order: // Gnarls Barkley // Crazy This is the first single from Gnarls Barkley out of their debut album, St. Elsewhere. I must admit that when I first heard of Gnarls Barkley I thought he was one person, but I soon found out otherwise. I expect most of you who read this will agree with me on this one... it spent a massive 9 weeks at the number one spot on the UK singles chart, but why was it so popular? Well, maybe the fact that the song was leaked in late 2005 contributed to the single's major download success, reaching UK number one on downloads only. I expect the only reason it didn't reach another few weeks at number one was because Gnarls Barkley decided to delete the single from UK stores, so that people wouldn't get sick of it. Despite this, it still reached number two the following week. Those of you who have seen the video for this single will know what I mean when I describe it as crazy itself. It's really hard to describe, but the shapes and colours make the video fantastic. I'm not sure what it is about this single which makes me like it so much. Probably the strong beat, originality and creative lyrics add the finishing touch to what most people would describe as a brilliant song. // Gnarls ...

Weird facts - Daft Stories 31/05/2005

80 Weirdest

Weird facts - Daft Stories It's been a while since I wrote a Café review, so today I browsed all the different members' pics in the café and chose this one, weird facts, to write about. I've collected my favourite 80 weird facts here, split into different sections... Enjoy! 50 Generally Weird Facts 1. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour 2. Elephants are the only land-mammals that can't jump 3. Polar bears are left handed 4. It's (almost) impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die. If you keep your eyes open by force, they can pop out 5. Americans on the average eat 18 acres of pizza every day 6. Butterflies taste with their feet 7. It's possible to lead a cow upstairs ... but not downstairs 8. Women blink nearly twice as much as men 9. No word in the English language rhymes perfectly with "MONTH" or "ORANGE" 10. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 11. If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will keep floating to the top and sinking to the bottom, over and over again 12. Cheerios cereal was originally called Cheerioats 13. 13 people a year are killed by vending machines falling over on them 14. 50% of bank robberies take place on Friday 15. If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee 16. ...

Google Mail ( 26/05/2005


Google Mail ( Introduction On April 1st 2004, Google launched Gmail, the free email service with a record breaking 1GB of storage space available to its users. The more observant of you readers would have noticed that it April 1st is April Fool's Day, so naturally, when it was announced to the world on March 31st 2004 (the day before the launch) that Google was launching a free 1GB email service called 'Gmail', I doubt hardly anybody really believed that is was actually going to happen. But sure enough, it did, and Gmail is running to this day. So that showed the 'non-believers'! However, since its release, Gmail has been in BETA testing and there is, as of yet, no indication of when Google is planning to release Gmail publicly. "Publicly?" I hear you cry. Well, let me explain. As of this moment, people can only sign up to Gmail by invitation. This means they have to be sent an 'invite' by an existing Gmail user. Each Gmail user currently has 50 invites to send to whoever they want, so the Gmail network is growing larger and larger every day. But that's not the only thing that's growing. There were many rumours going round in late March 2005, saying that Gmail was going to be released publicly on its first birthday, April Fool's Day 2005. However instead of this, Google surprised the world by increasing every single user's storage space up to a massive 2GB in 24 hours. That was not the only surprise though, as on April 2nd 2005 the ticker counting the storage space on Gmail's homepage ...

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC) 03/05/2004

CrAzY CoAsTeRs

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC) Introduction ************* RollerCoaster Tycoon was released in 1999 and gave the gaming world a big blow in the face to show how it’s really done. It remained on the gaming bestseller charts for more than two years! That is something that very few games have ever done. Expansion packs like Corkscrew Follies and Loopy Landscapes helped to enhance the game with new functions and attractions, making it more exciting and giving you something different to try after you got bored with the basic game (even though I never did!!). Now there is another out called RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. (I wonder if it has anything to do with RollerCoaster Tycoon?!?!?!) The Game *********** I think most people have heard of the game RollerCoaster Tycoon but if you haven’t I’ll explain. It’s about building and/or running a theme park. You can make your own park or use the ready-made parks provided. There are tasks to attempt, like getting a certain number of guests into the park or making a certain amount of money in a year and you try to do those as well as making your park the best. RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 works in the same way as the first game, but there are 26 new scenarios that show off the new features of the game. In my view, one of the most impressive features of the game is the Six Flags® parks and roller coasters. Have you ever wanted to build the Texas Giant™ or Goliath™? Well now you can do just that along with managing or designing from scratch the Six Flags® ...

The 2002 World Cup 25/06/2002


The 2002 World Cup This is my World Cup op and I am here to tell you about it. So just in case you don‘t know... What is the World Cup? --------------- ---------- The World Cup is held every four years with 32 contenders. It all starts from two years before the actual World Cup, (called the World Cup finals) with the qualifying. It depends how well the many more than 32 contenders do in qualifying to who will compete. For just over 2 weeks from the start of the finals there is what is called the 'group stages'. The 32 contenders are split into 8 groups of 4, and everyone in the groups plays everybody else in that same group. A total of 3 matches are played by each team in the group stages. The top 2 teams of each group go through to the knock out stages. How do they do this? They get to the top of their group by getting points. 3 for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a lose. If 2 teams have the same amount of points their position will be decided by the highest goal difference: the number of gaols scored minus the number conceded (scored against). If this too is the same, the team that has scored the most goals is placed higher. In the knockout, lets say 'the winner of group H versus the runner up of group C', whoever loses goes out of the tournament. Round 16, the quarter finals, the semi finals, third place play off, and final, are all knockouts. So what happens if it is a draw at full time? You play ‘Golden Goal‘ time which is up to 15 minutes each way but if anyone ...

Poetry 27/05/2002

Poems, Poems, Poems.

Poetry Hi everyone! I've been busy over the past few days thinking up some poems. = MY SECTION = This section contains poems made by me only. Still Until Disturbed *************** He sits there, in a tree, Watching the world go by; Not a movement, not a sound, Whilst he sits there in a tree. One hundred trees around him, But this tree very special; He's waiting there for nightfall, Waiting, in a tree. Whilst he listens all around him, He hears something quite strange; The worst nightmare for owls, The sound of falling trees. And as the noise gets louder, The owl is forced to leave; To find another forest, With all his other friends. At sunset over the horizon, The flock of grey owls fly; They're trying to find a home, A home for them to stay. Their travelling lasts all night, Until they found a wood; But yet to come, their nightly feast, the hunting has begun. The owl alone right now, Swoops high and low around; To find a meal tonight, Would need the largest skill. He flies and flies and flies, Right through the forest trees; In search of a mouse or something, But so far there's no luck. His plumage blows in the wind, His beak snaps shut with hunger; His eyes are as wide as a golf ball, And his ears are sharp with sense. Then finally he spots it, A mouse running through the leaves; He follows it from above, Then dives right from the sky. And suddenly he gets it, Beak open then beak shut; The owls hunger is ...

Rhymes / Limericks 08/04/2002


Rhymes / Limericks Today what I thought I should do, Is write an animal op for you. So here it does come, With the roll of a drum, I give you the IGGGLY ZOO!!!!!!! --------------- --------------- --- BIRD There once was a twittery bird, Who sat down and ate lemon curd. He thought it was vile, Threw up in a pile, And all his friends called him a nerd! --------------- --------------- --- SEAL There once was a seal that cooked fruit, And he called his delicious meal toot. He worked as a chef, His name was Big Geoff, Then his boss came and gave him the boot! --------------- --------------- --- DOG There once was a beautiful dog, Who was lucky to find a green Pog. It fell in the river, But he didn't dither, He then fished it out with a log! --------------- --------------- --- CAT There once was a very cute cat, Who did not turn out to be fat. He stared at the pond, With his magic wand, All whilst he sat on the mat. --------------- --------------- --- PANDA There was once a cuddly panda, Who's name turned out to be Amanda. But how old was she? Just do not ask me, All I know is she's from Canada. --------------- --------------- --- BEAR There once was a cute brown bear, Who didn't have very much hair. He bought a wig, But it was too big, And now he has more than his share. --------------- --------------- --- BEAR There once was a really big bear, Who always had wanted to be mayor. But when he went in, 'Course he did not ...

Corel Chess (PC) 03/04/2002

Checkmate... I WIN

Corel Chess (PC) This is my op on Corel Chess. Ok then. To start off with, I will say what Corel Chess is all about. As you would have realised from the title, this is a CHESS game! You didn't know? Oh dear! This is a great game to test your chess skills, against the computer, yourself or a friend. Corel Chess costs around £10 and is made by a company called Focus Multimedia Ltd who produce quite a lot of cheap PC games and educational stuff. They have a website - - but a lot of shops stock Focus products too. In this op, I will; - Go through with you, all the main points of the game. - State the advantages and disadvantages (in my opinion) in more detail... But first, the system specifications required for Corel Chess: Windows 3.1/95/98/2000 Pentium 75 MHz or better 1Mb hard drive space available 1Mb RAM SVGA with 256 colours Dual-speed CD-ROM or faster 16 Bit Soundblaster or compatible Browser ^^^^^^^ Ok, the first category, and a long one. I will explain what I am saying, where, when we get to it. Here goes... Like a normal word document, for instance, Coral Chess has a browser. On this browser is; File, Setup, Control, Window and Help. FILE ----- In this sub-category, I will state what the title is, what it does, and more detail about it... New Game: START A NEW GAME. When you click on this, it will come up with the option 'Save Game?'. Yes, No or Cancel. Open... : Carry on with a game that you have already started. ...

Member Advice on School Dinners 05/03/2002

Food, food, who said food

Member Advice on School Dinners This op is about my favourite subject: food. Like a lot of people out there and probably even you, I always think about food. Today, I am going to talk about a certain place, my school canteen. Yup, you guessed it, my school (Maidstone Grammar School) has a canteen in its grounds. It is in use all of the day, by students at lunch and break times, even before and after school too. Before/after school, and breaks *************** *************** During the above times there are the following selections available: * Fruitina * Drinks * Biscuits * Crisps * Cakes Fruitina: An ice drink made from strawberry or lime Drinks: A choice of cans, bottles and cartons of fizzy, water, and juice Biscuits: Varies but usually cookies or ginger biscuits Crisps: Most Walkers flavours, and lots of others like Skips and Doritos Cakes: Little square slices of cake. (The type varies) Lunch time ********** There is a much larger selection of foods at lunchtime. You can get all the above food/drink, but extras too: * Chips * Burgers * Pizza * Sandwiches * Baguettes * Jacket potatoes * Main meal dinner/pud Chips: Come in a small packet/box - very nice! Burger: Different types (such as cheeseburger) with different prices Pizza: Again different types, but all costing the same Sandwiches: Very good value for 2 sandwiches, lots of fillings Baguettes: A big filled roll, costs a bit more than a sandwich Jacket potatoes: They come with butter or grated ...

Theme Hospital (PC) 23/02/2002


Theme Hospital (PC) Theme Hospital is a game where you have to build up a hospital to the high standards expected. I am going to take you through the basics of the game, and some useful information you might want to know. To Start Off ********** All you get is some land with an empty building on it. First, you need to build a reception area and desk. At the bottom of your PC screen there are a few mini buttons. They let you: - Build rooms - Furnish the corridors - Hire staff - Move existing items around You'll find the reception desk not under rooms, but under furnish corridor. So, click on the reception desk to get one. Now go to hire staff. Under this section you will find: - Doctors - Nurses - Handy men - Receptionists But be warned, the staff need paying and there needs to be plenty of them; they get tired and need to take breaks. Also, when staff have a signs above their heads looking like they are ripping up a piece of paper they demand a pay rise or will quit. You can fire your staff if they are not working properly. Other things that you need to buy for your hospital are: - Radiators - Toilets - Staff rooms - Plants - Seats You need to put all these things in somewhere to make your hospital the best. So, what diseases are there to cure? *************** *************** * Well, the most common disease is probably Bloaty Head; an inflated head with serious swelling. To cure this you need an Inflator Room. You will need to build treatment rooms ...

Maidstone in General 13/02/2002

Igggly's Home Town

Maidstone in General The Facts --------------- --------------- ---------- Maidstone, the County Town of Kent, is a large place, the size of a small city. Many shoppers visit the town centre each week, coming from the many Villages surrounding Maidstone. These include Bearsted, Hollingbourne, Harrietsham, Lenham, Grove Green, and many others. There are probably 350 shops in Maidstone if not more. The Chequers Centre itself, (The huge shopping centre in the middle of Maidstone) more than likely holds more than half of that total. ‘Shopping Roads’ --------------- --------------- ---------- What do I mean by shopping roads? Well, in Maidstone, a lot of shops are all packed together in a street, i.e. Week Street, which is a non-traffic road (except for goods delivery), for pedestrians only, because it is such a busy street. It has at least 50 shops in Week Street up both sides. I will now name some of those roads that I have just explained; Week Street. Earl Street. Union Street. King Street. Pudding Lane. High Street. Gabriels Hill. Week Street. ********** Week Street is one of the roads in Maidstone, which is used every single day, by hundreds of people. Some of the shops up Week Street are the kind of shops that have huge branches all around the world. Here are just a few of them; MACDONALD'S - Food shop W.H.SMITH - Bookshop etc. WOOLWORTH - Mixed goods MARKS AND SPENCERS - Clothes BURGER KING - Food Also, some smaller shops that also have branches ...

Gold - The Greatest Hits - Steps 11/02/2002

Good as Gold

Gold - The Greatest Hits - Steps Steps, with their album called 'Gold Greatest Hits' bring you a collection of their very best songs. The CD has 20 songs and most certainly worth a buy if you are a Steps fan. The CD booklet inside the case has the words to the songs so you can sing along to all the songs, including Steps’ No.1 hit Chain Reaction! So, in this review, you will find information about each and every one of those songs. Enjoy! *************** *************** *************** ********* 1) TRAGEDY. This is quite a bright and energetic song for all you partiers out there. This is one of Steps' first songs, so you should all know the words by now. This is one of their longest songs that they did. Recorded in 1998, this song lasts for 4 mins 30 secs. My rating: 90% *************** *************** *************** ********* 2) ONE FOR SORROW. A slow and gentle song to begin with, then it fastens up, with more accompaniment and musical instruments. Again, one of their first songs and it is reasonably long. Recorded in 1998, the song lasts for 4 mins 21 secs. My rating: 88% *************** *************** *************** ********* 3) STOMP. A fast song, which is one of my favourite songs of all time. Stomp is well worked out, and the words are easy to remember, once you know them. A great song to sing and dance along to. It was recorded in 2000, and lasts for 3 mins 21 secs. My rating: 99% *************** *************** *************** ********* 4) BETTER ...

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling 08/02/2002

It's Harry, Ron and Hermione

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second, fun-packed and thrilling Harry potter book by J.K.Rowling. All the old characters are back, and some new ones are in it too, including a new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. The story starts with Harry, as always, at the Dursley’s. They are Harry's mean, greedy and selfish aunt and uncle and they absolutely HATE Harry. Also, they don't like Harry going to Hogwarts School so they try and stop him. Harry does eventually manage to get back to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with the help of his friend Ron, and he has loads to look forward to in his second year. He has a game called Quidditch to practice for and with his broomstick (Nimbus 2000) at the ready he has a huge surprise which leads to a Quidditch challenge. The plot really begins when Harry starts hearing things that nobody else can hear. This worries Harry a bit; especially when he then discovers that he is a Parseltongue... (You’ll have to read the book to find out exactly what that is) Also, the new teacher Professor Lockhart keeps annoying Harry for one reason and another and what makes things worse is that Harry has him for his Defence against the Dark Arts lesson. Later on in the year, Harry hears something about a chamber that is hidden somewhere in Hogwarts castle, and surprise surprise, it's time to investigate... Here are some comments that have been made about this book: "Joanne Rowling's second book is ...

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) 25/01/2002

Roll High

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) RollerCoaster Tycoon is the best!! So to start off with, I think I should mention the minimum system requirements. So here they are; Windows 95/98, Pentium 90, 16MB RAM, Quad speed (4x) CD-ROM drive, 50MB Hard drive space, 1MB SVGA card, Windows 95 compatible sound card, Direct X 5.0 (included on CD), and a mouse. The game is about building and improving theme parks. At the beginning of the game, you have a few different scenarios to try out. On each scenario you have an objective. In other words, a task. This could be, for example: to get 1000 guests in your park by the end of October year 2, with a park rating of at least 600. Please note that a 'game year' goes from March to October. And a 'day' is just over 10 seconds long. (So, in other words, guests are in your park for a year at a time!) The rides and attractions are split into different sections, which are: Transport. This holds attractions such as a miniature railway and monorail Gentle rides. In here, there are things such as the haunted house and carousel. Roller coasters. Here you will find all sorts of different roller coasters. Water rides. This has things like waterslides and boat rides. Thrill rides. This is where rides like 'The Swinging Ship' can be found. Shops and stalls. Toilets, information kiosks and food and drink stalls are in here. At the bottom of the screen, there is a bar that shows you messages such as: Guest 5414 is lost and can't find the park exit, which brings me on to the ...
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