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Motorcycle Clothing 14/11/2003

Motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle Clothing I decided to write this as I recently became a motorcycle enthusiast. I needed to buy things... I already had a decent helmet, gloves and boots but I needed a more winter orientated jacket. So I went shopping. High street. First there are high street motorcycle accessory stores. They tend to be very limited in motorcycle jackets... I wanted leather and not textile and found it difficult to find one. The second store I found was particularly useless as the cheapest jacket (although incredibly stylish) was 299 pounds and quite simply, I don'thave that sort of money. Motorcycle dealers Slightly cheaper and much more choice, I found. The bigger and more well known the store the better the range. Although most jackets I found were either two piece or brightly coloured (Not what I was looking for) and again the prices didn't vary much from what I found before. Shows Although I bought my jacket from a dealer I later found that if I'd waited... and boy I wish I'd waited... that jackets and motorcycle gear in general were generally cheaper at shows. I was informed that gear tends to be particularly cheap towards the end of the show and also at the TT track at the Isle of man. Jackets They form a lot of protection from falls and weather. I think the invention of padding and armour was well worth it and a decent motorcycle jacket can be considered a good investment. At best, you will never fall of your bike and never need to see what your jacket is really capable ...

Honda NSR125 13/11/2003

My baby!

Honda NSR125 CBT Okay, I did my CBT back in June after being obsessed with getting a bike for a year. Not too expensive... generally between 70 and 100 pounds. Easy peezey but take my advice if you can't get to grips with the gears off road don't worry. Ask if you can do the on road on a moped. They're much easier to ride and still entitle you to ride up to a 125 cc on the road for two years on L plates. Then get your bike and practise on a car park with out the pressure of the instructor! Buying the bike. I knew what bike I wanted pretty much as soon as I saw it earlier in the year. Shop around and you'll find a good deal. They don't make this bike brand new anymore, which is disappointing but if you look in Auto trader and your local papers you will find something. The NSR is better looking (and bigger) than the Aprilla rs but is slightly slower (Not so you'd be disappointed). I really don't think the Mito is a patch on either bike. (he new Yamaha TZR is a beat if you want something different) My bike I bought my bike in August from a gentleman in my area- it was a stroke of luck. He was an older man and had bought it brand new a year and a half ago and had only done 120 miles on it! He wanted 3000 pounds I got him down to 2800. I checked on the finance and history with AA for 34 pounds. It was great, I was in love I bought it. My insurance isnbelievably high as I am 19 and it is my first bike... (f you're young it is in a high insurance bracket.) My boyfriend had to ride ...
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