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Ideal Standard E6681RQ Glass Concept 500 mm Splashback 26/07/2015

Ideal Standard E6681RQ Glass Concept 500 mm Splashback in kitchen

Ideal Standard E6681RQ Glass Concept 500 mm Splashback There was a time, I remember, from my childhood when kitchen were not adorned with matching Splashback accompanying the hobs. In fact I wonder that any mother would have known what a splashback was except for the classy. The wall with washable paint or plain ceramic tiles or even a wooden/fibre plank would have been sufficient deterrent for the irritating kitchen splashes, spills and vapour settling behind the cooking areas especially the kitchen hobs that were so difficult to clean and quite impossible to get rid of without leaving a permanent stain. But then slowly readymade Splashbacks started creeping into the kitchens. What was a creep is now an invasion and there is hardly a kitchen where there isn’t a Splashback. It also comes in variety of design, colours and materials - Stainless steel, tiles, fibre and even glass. Further in glass splashback, you will find even more option - fused glass, textured glass, glass with matt finish or glossy finish. Similarly the price varies a lot with an inexpensive but simple spashback to an exorbitantly costly modern splashback. My kitchen is having a simple Ideal Standard E6681RQ Glass Concept 500 mm Splashback. Although it does not match with the black coloured Hob but it is not an option in a rented house. It is grey in colour and very simple yet sober in look. It is very functional and indeed a must for my kitchen because whatever I cook it spoils the wall if it is not protected by splashback. And especially since I very ...

Bosch SMS40C02GB 23/07/2015

Bosch SMS40C02GB - Energy efficient Dishwasher

Bosch SMS40C02GB When I moved to new house, very unexpectedly I found a dishwasher tucked away underneath the kitchen platform. Now normally it is not expected in a rented accommodation to have luxury white goods. I felt indeed blessed to have this Bosch SMS40C02GB in my kitchen, a first for me. Frankly I am very lazy in cleaning utensils by hand but doing so reluctantly for all these years. So, when I saw Bosch dishwasher in my kitchen, I was so much elated and my energy to cook variety of dishes doubled up. Because once you cook, Bosch will take care of everything, from glass to microwavable to oven proof utensils….no more scrubbing and sponging with hand. It is white in colour and elegant too, fitting perfectly underneath the kitchen platform. It is 84.5 cm high, 60.0 cm wide and 60.0cm deep if anyone cares about measurements. The dishwasher is extremely easy to load. It has Vario basket system (the manual says so) which accommodates a variety of loading options. It has 2 foldable cup shelves in top basket where you can put tea cups, coffee mugs or small bowl. The height of this basket is adjustable. It has 2 foldable plate racks in bottom basket and a silver basket without handle. It comes with four programmes - Normal 65 °C, Economy 50 °C, Quick Wash 45 °C, Pre Rinse. For daily utensils, I use Quick wash which takes hardly half an hour to do the cleaning. But when I have a big party meal or a festive meal, I go with Normal which takes around 3 hrs to complete the process. And ...

Hotpoint CRM641DX 22/07/2015

Hotpoint CRM641 DX hob - New Kitchen-mate

Hotpoint CRM641DX I always prefer that my kitchen looks very clean, elegant and sober. I also prefer all the white goods in my kitchen should be of same colour, either white or silver. However I had to compromise with the multi-coloured kitchen gadget in my new house - Silver Microwave, White Fridge, Black Oven and Black Hotpoint CRM641 DX hob. I have used many gas and electrical hobs during my stay at various places but Hotpoint CRM641 DX ceramic hob is really comfortable to use and easy to clean. It has a very nice shiny black surface which perfectly flushes with the top surface of kitchen platform. It gives my kitchen a modern look because it is very sleek and elegant in looks. In kitchen you are always looking for something simple to operate, efficient to cook, easy to use and manageable to clean. I think Hotpoint CRM641 DX hob has most of the qualities. The Hotpoint CRM641DX Built-in Ceramic has stainless steel built with elegant design. The top black glass with a stainless steel frame gives the modern clean line finish. It has four rings of different diameters at four corners to allow different sizes of cooking pans. One double ring has a dual zone that is designed to increase cooking flexibility ensuring the hob can be used for various hob sizes and power levels. The four rings offer enough options to cook with different sized pans. All four rings have heat range from slow to high and are controlled by knobs which are very simple to use and easy to rotate. These four knobs are ...

Hotpoint DHS53CX 21/07/2015

Hotpoint DHS53XS Multifunction Electric Built-in Double Oven

Hotpoint DHS53CX When I moved into my new house, it had a Hotpoint DHS53XS electrical oven along with the other usual white goods offered in a rented accomodation. I generally prefer gas oven and am very much used to it, so it was a while before I could remove apprehensions about this electric alternative. However, Hotpoint Electric Built-in Double oven has not been a disappointment at all. In fact it has given me new confidence – over the past few months I have made a variety of dishes like Brown bread, Pitta bread, Moussaka, Pizza, cake and pie, all to a reasonable satisfaction. Hotpoint DHS53XS is stainless steel oven, black in colour with two compartments. Main oven has 65L capacity and Secondary oven/grill has a capacity of 35L. It has adjustable and variable grill for cooking variety of food. This 100L oven allows you to grill your Kebab on upper compartment even as you make your Pitta in the lower compartment. However, to take care of both as the same time takes a toll on your knees with constant bends to ensure they are turning out right. It is a good exercise!!!! But then this double oven saves you lot of cooking time as it does two things simultaneously. The first knob on top of the oven is for grill which is adjustable from minimum to maximum. Next knob is to set the temperature for grill/oven (in deg C) from 100 to max (240). The third knob is to set temperature for main oven from 80 to max (around 260). The main oven with fan allows even-cooking with a heating process that can ...

Cookworks MG7017NP-F 20/07/2015

Microwave Cookworks MG 7017

Cookworks MG7017NP-F You can hardly imagine a kitchen without microwave oven. I am not a microwave lover as I generally prefer cooking my food on a gas/electric cooker. However, I was forced to learn microwave cooking when my electric cooker snapped off. Earlier, my notion was that the microwave is supposed to be a convenience appliance for reheating or defrosting food and nothing more. That was all that I did with a microwave. I didn’t know that microwave can be used for preparing full meal until I tried to cook my daily meal for almost a month using Microwave Cookworks MG 7017. I am still learning a new way of cooking using Microwave. I experimented with boiling rice, then went on to do pasta dish, became bold with soups and finally mastered it with an Indian curry. I can now call myself a reasonable microwave chef. It has a very simple but elegant look. It is 46cm (W) x 26cm (H) x 32cm(D) in size and silver in colour. It has a glass turntable dish of 25cm diameter that rotates counter clockwise. Sadly, this simple microwave lacks grill function. It has power capacity of 700W. It has also no LED screen or touch buttons unlike the one in my old home. However, it has dials so it is very easy to use even without an instruction manual. Its control panel contains two dials which are on the right side of the microwave. The top POWER dial is for setting the power from Low to High(Low, M Low, Medium, M high and High) . The bottom dial is for setting the time from 0 to 35 Minutes. It means you can ...

Beko UL584APW 19/07/2015

Beko UL584APW Auto Defrost Undercounter Larder 130L A+ Fridge

Beko UL584APW Come summer and your days out stretches to a maximum for sunbathing, outdoor activities, playing with children or doing gardening. And you need a glass of cool wine, bear, Lemonade or water to quench your thrust. The refrigerator usage is now stretched to its maximum. Refrigerator becomes your coolest friend. Now-a-days, these fridges are coming in various size, shape, colour and accessories. But I like the simple, sober and comfortable fridge which fits simply into my kitchen, perfectly matches with other appliances and is aesthetically pleasing too. That is why I selected white colour Beko UL584APW Auto Defrost fridge which is good for a couple or small family. This single door fridge has a very small freezer too. It is a single door small and compact fridge (55 cm wide x 84 cm high) and perfectly fits into a gap allocated at the end of my kitchen platform. This fridge has one compartment with a small space allocated for freezer. The two-star freezer is to keep frozen meat, frozen vegetables, Ice cream etc. This freezer is quite tiny but it does allow you to keep two frozen vegetables (around 1kg) and one box of Ice cream (around 1 kg) together. However, it keeps your items reasonably cool and intact. The fridge door has three shelves inside it which are adjustable. I generally keep milk bottle, juices at lower shelf, butter and jam on middle one and lemon, chillies and other small stuff on top shelf. You can adjust them based on height of the container. The door has a ...

Charlie Pink Body Spray 06/03/2015

My summer Body Spray - Charlie Pink

Charlie Pink Body Spray As I said earlier that I hardly buy any perfumes or body-spray and I am not fan of any particular fragrance, but I have good collections of variety of perfumes and body spray gifted by my friends and family. Charlie Pink body spray is one of them that has also been on my dressing table since my last birthday. It was gifted by my school friend who has an impression that pink is my favourite colour. Yes it was in my growing up days. Which young girl does not fancy pink having been fed up with everything pink – pink colored room, pink dresses for your doll, pink clothes to wear and so on till you start vomiting pink. Gender stereotyping but anyway she thought as much that pink continues to dominate my life. It comes in a simple pink colour aerosol can which contain the scented liquid under pressure so that it can escape quickly and perfume you with a whizz. This 15 cm tall cylinder shaped can contains 75ml of fruity and flowery scent. When you press the top button, it dispenses the scent in the same way as a deodorants or paint works. Its fragrance formula is quite interesting i.e. a little tangerine mixed with red fruits and dark vanilla. That’s what the label says. I do not feel any strong smell of tangerine or red fruit but vanilla is still prominent in its smell and you can easily identify its presence when you just open its top cover. Frankly I do like smell of vanilla whether it is ice cream, sweets, candy or perfume. More importantly, Charlie scents can be worn alone. ...

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum Spray 03/03/2015

Pure Perfume- Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum Spray I am not a real fan of perfume but occasionally I do use a variety of perfumes. Frankly speaking I have never ever purchased any perfumes but I have various collections of it gifted by my friends and family members. Chanel N°5 is a gift from my close friend who went to Paris few years back and got it for me. It was a big surprise for me as I had seen it advertised on TV but never ever imagined it to be on my dressing table. It comes in a nicely packed white box (with black border). The perfume is in a rectangular shape transparent bottle with the top cover and was designed by Chanel herself. You can easily see its logo on front side of this bottle written N°5 Chanel Eau de Parfum. I think the shape of bottle resembles Vendome in Paris and is representative of designer’s principle “the less is more”. I was little-bit hesitant to apply it first time on my white shirt because of its yellowish colour. But over the years it gave me full confidence to apply it on any type of clothes, no worries…it does not leave behind any stains. Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum contains floral aldehydes which give out smell of fresh flower. The floral extract is from flowers like rose, jasmine or lily. And that is why this perfume has a fragrance as pure as fresh flower. Once you apply it, it won’t easily go away. I mean it last very long, at least 4-5 hrs. It has a very elegant and classic smell and my hubby loves its fragrance. Age is not a factor in applying it, it shall be fine with any of the ...

Kenwood TTM 100 MODA 01/01/2015

A small kitchenmate "Kenwood TTM100 Moda 2-Slice Toaster"

Kenwood TTM 100 MODA When you move into a new furnished house you generally come across some new equipment/machine especially in the kitchen. Slowly and gradually, you learn how to operate the new dish washer, Cooker, Microwave, Oven and even small one such as toaster. This time I am writing about my small kitchen mate i.e. Kenwood TTM100 Moda 2-Slice Toaster that I got when I moved to my new house. Ever since I visited Ecobuild, I am inclined to purchase any electrical item which is either Eco friendly or energy saving. Although, Kenwood TTM1000 Moda -2 must have been purchased by my Landlord, I like it because of its energy saving feature. It has Ecoslot feature which allow us to toast one slice at a time (other slot is switched off) and saves 50% of the normal toaster energy. Great ….. Kenwood two slice toaster has a stainless steel finish with black base and knobs. It perfectly matches with my kitchen machine Kenwood KM283 Prospero – Silver . It is 1.6 Kg in weight and 70 × 185 × 250mm in size. It has 900W power capacity, same as what most other toasters have. The other good feature is variable width slots. You can adjust that slot based on the thickness of your white or brown bread, whichever you prefer depending on your health choices. The stainless steel compartment with grill tightly holds the bread and pulls it down as you push the slider knob with your index finger. The slider is so smooth that you could easily slide it down with even your finger tip. The moment the black slider knob ...

Braun SJ 3000 30/12/2014

A compact speedy Braun SJ3000 Juicer (White)

Braun SJ 3000 I was not in love with fruit juices until my hubby presented me Braun SJ3000 Juicer when I became pregnant. Infact this new juicer has made my morning full with freshness and energy. I am making variety of juices using seasonal fruits and becoming quite addicted to juice. It comes in a big box with instruction booklet and some attachments. It is white in colour having fibre body. This has a capacity of 600Watts power and works on high speed. But it has only one speed setting. Once you open the top lid, you will find a removable stainless steel micro-mesh filter. The micro-filter have sharp tooth to crush the fruit particles and fine strainer to filter the liquid particles. Top lid has a space called ‘feeder tube’ to feed the fruit pieces. Once machine runs at high speed, all the fruit pieces also rotate with high speed, crushed in to small particles, squeezed and strained through strainer and finally collected in a removable1 litre container at the bottom of the juicer. This pulp container is easy to attach and equally easy to remove once it is filled with juice. Additionally, the machine has a space to hide the 4’ length cable. Perfect!!!! The procedure is simple. Once you make a small piece of fruit around 2” in width x 4” in length so it can easily fit in to the feeder tube. You can press it by a tube to allow them to drop on to rotating strainer. Fruits like Orange, strawberry, berries, grapes can easily go into feeder tube. But Pineapple, apple, pears , Kiwi or mango ...

Russell Hobbs 18023 29/12/2014

Russell Hobbs 18023 Sandwich Maker- four portion

Russell Hobbs 18023 I already have a small Sandwich Maker which toasts only two sandwiches at a time. But once your family grows, you need a bigger version. I was thinking to purchase a 4 portion Sandwich Toaster and Russell Hobbs 18023 was definitely in my mind, but surprisingly I got it as a gift this festive season. It was an amazing gift from my friend which I never ever forget. I have started using it from the next day onwards. Russell Hobbs 18023 is a 4 slice sandwich toaster having a classic stainless steel finish with black body. It comes with a booklet so you can easily follow the instruction if you are using it for the first time. Inside, it has non-stick plates with 8 triangular shaped moulds for holding bread/sandwich. Be careful while filling any item between two slice of bread otherwise it will spill out. I mean you should not make a big mountain while filling the middle with food stuffs. My choice for Russell Hobbs is because it is very famous for its quality and style. I like its colour and style. It is very slick and looks elegant in my kitchen. Its handle doesn’t become hot because it is designed to be heat resistant. It has a good grip handle to open/close the lid. Moreover, it is 31.5 x 28.5 x 12 cm in size, it means it occupies a small space while in store. It weighs around 2.3 kg, which in definitely not heavy. The procedure is same as any other sandwich make. Prepare your choice of filling first. Place one slice of bread in each mould. Add filling and spread it evenly ...

Kenwood KM 283 29/12/2014

My kitchen machine-Kenwood KM283 Prospero (Silver)

Kenwood KM 283 As a food lover I usually experiment with one new dish, at least, in a month. As winter is slowly but steadily making its presence felt in the northern hemisphere and stay-cationing for a change, my experiment with new dishes has increased manifold. Although your digestive system becomes slow in winter, your appetite does just the opposite. The yearning increases leaps and bound with taste buds cajoling you to stuff more and more of spicy/sweet dishes like Pie, Mince Pie, cakes, pastry. Better not to think of it while I write or I shall rush to the kitchen. And, at this time of the year my kitchen machine Kenwood KM283 Prospero – Silver has stepped in to help me prepare a variety of my spicy, sweet and savoury dishes. The Kenwood Prospero is a smaller domestic machine ideal for light everyday family use. It comes in a large box. It contains the main machine of 900 watt motor. The rest of the attachments are made plastic or plastc-like material. It has many attachments. 1. A 4.3 lit capacity silver bowl 2. Blender 3. Citrus juicer 4. Beater 5. Balloon whisker 6. Dough hook 7. Splash guard 8. Spatula 9. Two slicing/shredding discs 10. Food processor 11. 1.5 litre liquidiser 12. Rasping disc A 4.3 litre capacity silver bowl is good for making dough for bread, pizza, pasta , cake or pastries. It has a capacity guide which allows you to make a maximum of 1.6 kg of cake, 450g of Flour for pastry and 500g of any dough. I think it is perfect for a small family. You can easily ...

TRESemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo 26/12/2014

TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo

TRESemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo If you are staying in a very wet and humid place, you need to take lot of care for your hair. You might need to wash your hair every other day to get rid of the dirt and residue. Luckily I am staying in a dry place where I need to wash my hair twice a week. I generally prefer to do a olive oil massage and leave my hair for at least 2 hrs before I wash. Once your hair gets oily, you have to have a good shampoo which can easily remove the oil and keep your hair smooth, shiny and silky. TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo exactly serves that purpose. TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo comes in a very big (900 ml) black bottle. This shampoo is enriched with vitamin C and extracts of grapefruit and lemon. Naturally it is very sweet smelling with fruity demeanour. The formula claims to do deep cleansing. How deep, I have no idea but after the shampoo the hair feels soft. It also claims to have professional quality formula that removes dirt build-up and residues restoring your hair’s natural vitality. I again cannot vouch for this claim except that the hair has a shine and lustre after the wash. This multi-vitamin formula is gentle enough for daily use and also gives your hair a salon fresh feeling. The procedure is very simple. Apply TRESemmé shampoo to wet hair from roots to end. Soon a white foamy lather is formed. Use this lather to gently massage the scalp with your finger-tips. Once it covers the entire area, leave it for a few minutes and rinse ...

Garnier Nutrisse Cream Hair Colour 25/12/2014

New look using Garnier Nutrisse Cream Hair Colour

Garnier Nutrisse Cream Hair Colour I think everyone wants to look younger than their age and I am not exceptional. Garnier Nutrisse Dark brown hair colour keeps me looking young and confident. Garnier Nutrisse Crème Dark brown hair colour comes in a small pack contains three main items; Nourishing Colour Crème tube, Developer crème bottle and conditioner. It also includes instruction page and gloves. You should do an allergy test 48 hrs before using it on your hair. Apply a small quantity of Colour Crème tube behind the ear and using a cotton bud. Leave for 48 hrs without washing, covering or touching. Once you are okay with the test, follow the instruction and apply accordingly. The procedure is very simple. Open the colour crème tube; pierce the seal and squeeze the entire contents into Developer Crème Applicator bottle. Shake the bottle well so that all the contents mixed properly. Apply this mixture only on dry hair. It doesn’t work on oily hair. And don’t forget to wear gloves. Always begin with roots, apply throughout length and ends of hair section by section. Leave it for 25 mins but if you have too many of grey hair, leave for 35 mins. The mixture will become darker over time and you can feel the strong smell of Hydrogen Peroxide. But it will go away once you wash your hair. If any colour fall on your skin, wipe out immediately with a damp towel. It not only gives you a permanent colour, by permanent I mean it lasts very long enough to give you the impression that it is permanent. When your hair ...

Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender 24/12/2014

X-mas kitchen mate- Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender

Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender My last blender suddenly went into ICU and I had to quickly purchase a new one for coming Christmas and New Year parties (It’s party time…). Without any delay, Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender took its place in my kitchen last week. It has given me new enthusiasm to try new dishes as I shall be regularly watching more cookery shows on TV over the Christmas and New Year. Kenwood HB711 blender comes with one attachment called blending wand. But you can purchase other accessories i.e mashers, whisks or ice crushers, and they can simply be attached to the motor unit. Kenwood HB711 blender has three blades with powerful 700 watt motor. This high capacity blender easily crushes hard item in to fine paste. Additionally, it takes less time to make a puree. I used it for making pesto, peanut chutney, coconut chutney, tomato sauce, mixed veg soup, smoothies and it worked quite well. It has an ergonomic shape with serene white and grey colour. By ergonomic, I mean it feels good in the hand and is also effortless to use. Even when hands were wet with food it was fine to hold. Mostly the body is white while the buttons are grey. It has a very soft body touch and a perfect grip. Because of its shape and surface, it is very easy to handle even if motor runs at 700W power. What I mean is that you hardly notice the vibration in your hands. But you require full concentration while the running blender with full speed. A little- bit distraction will end up in a mess…a messy picture on ...
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