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Is it Just Me? - Miranda Hart 14/04/2013

Longwinded, but very funny in places.

Is it Just Me? - Miranda Hart After being brought it for Christmas (though I have never really been a huge fan of the show, I watch it occasionally but that's about it!), a few months later I decided to give it a read and see what it was like. Here's my review on it! BoldWhat's the book about? Bold It's not what you would expect, as though it is an autobiography, it isn't a book about her life but just certain situations/topics she has picked out. There's not really much information in the book at all, it's mostly just her laughing at life, society and herself. BoldDid I enjoy it? Bold Yes and no. It is very funny at points, I even laughed out load a fair few times, but to get to the funny parts you have to wade through a lot of waffle, if that makes sense. There are a lot of parts that just really aren't needed or are repeated a lot so you find yourself just skimming past that paragraph. It took me several sittings to make my way through it, because I just got bored trying to read a lot all at once. Not like me at all, as once I start a book you normally have to drag me away from it! Bold Overall Bold It's priced at £9 right now on Amazon, which is pretty cheap for a 'celebrity' autobiography. If you enjoy her show, I would say go for it as you will probably quite enjoy it and relate to her more. If not, then give it a miss. Thanks for reading :)

V For Vendetta (DVD) 16/10/2012

A Hard Hitting Film

V For Vendetta (DVD) I first watched this a few years ago with my brother, and I remember being very interested by it. Intrigued almost. Now I will admit, I have not read the book (a change for me), so the whole plot was unknown territory. I don't usually watch films like this either, but for this one time, I am glad I did. The plot is about a masked man ('V' played by Hugo Weaving) who plans to blow up the Houses Of Parliament. When he meets Evey (Natalie Portman), she is drawn into the plan as well. She become interested in his life and unveils secrets V has not talked about for a long time. The whole setting of the film reminds me of what I believe Nazi Germany would be like. Controlled by force. The acting in the film does impress me, as I was expecting it to be as good as it was. I thought the star of the show was Hugo Weaving, if I remember correctly, he had hardly any lines to say, and had to wear a Guy Fawkes mask, yet still managed to put across his emotions/feelings extremely well. Natalie Portman did a good job as well, though she was more of a side kick, in a way. The special effects through the film are amazing as well, really spectacular. All in all, I would really recommend seeing this film. It tackles some hard hitting, gritty story lines, but manages to pull them off. 5/5 for me.

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream 13/10/2012

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Gel

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream When I was on swagbucks a while ago, I saw an offer for money off at the Body Shop, coupled with the fact that I would also earn Swagbucks, I couldn't resist! Over the years, I have brought and used many Body Shop products, so I know that the quality is normally very high. So with that in mind, I decided I would buy whatever I thought sounded nice. And so came my decision, the Body Shop Chocomania Shower Gel. Here are my thoughts: Packaging The packaging, although nothing to shout home about, is quite attractive, and makes it easy not to confuse with other shower gels. With just one look at it, you can tell it is a chocolate scented shower gel. The Shower Gel Itself When I first ordered it online, me and my family had a good laugh, because it is actually stated on the website 'Do Not Eat Or Taste The Shower Gel'! Who would try to do that we thought?! But when it finally arrived, I knew what they meant. I won't deny it, I smelt *beautiful!* Quite literally, it did smell extremely nice! However, once I had actually used it, I was left dissapointed, to be honest. Though in the shower it smells lovely (it fills the room with the smell of chocolate), the smell simply did not linger. Once I was out of the shower and away from the bathroom, I could not smell it at all. Not one bit. This left me very disappointed to be honest, as I was expecting more. Overall I would not really recommend this product to anyone. Though it smells lovely, it does not leave any of it's fragrance ...

Deuter Guide 35 12/10/2012

Deuter Guide 35+

Deuter Guide 35 As I cycle quite often, and for long distances at times, I was in need of a sturdy, reliable backpack. And after extensive reading on the internet, and asking many friends, I was recommended to use this one, the Deuter Guide 35 + . I had personally never heard of it before, but it was supposed to be very durable, so I went with it and purchased it. It cost me around £100 if I remember right. I might have been able to get it cheaper elsewhere, but I chose Amazon as I had a voucher I had to spend. It arrived about 3 days after, and I got ready to try it out. Though I have never used it to go hiking or skiing etc., one of my close friends also owns one (from my own recommendation) and he does use it for these things. He has commented that it does well in tough conditions, and is still in great condition. What I found when I used it was that this rucksack is very impressive. It did everything my friends said it would, and more. Not only is it very comfortable (even with a heavy load), it is surprisingly light. This amazed me, as it looks as though all the padding etc. would make it rather heavy, but I was proved wrong. I can't remember the exact amount it holds, as I brought it a while ago, but I believe it was around 8-9kg. The rucksack also comes with some attachments which are handy, depending on what kind of activity you are going to use it for. It came with a ski pole attachment (useful for my friend), an place to put an ice axe, as well as many gear loops for other ...

Mookie Catcherball Game 28/05/2012

Mookie Catcherball Game

Mookie Catcherball Game Mookie Catcherball GameWhen me and the kids go to visit my Nan every week they would get quite bored as they were cooped up inside a lot. So, to solve the problem, my Nan brought the kids a few games to go and entertain themselves with. One of the toys was Mookie Catcherball Game. All it really is some velcro (I think, may be similar to velcro otherwise) stuck to each of the boards and a strip of it on the ball. The idea is of course to keep passing it for a long as you can. ExperiencesAt first they really loved it and had great fun. I think the highest they managed to get up to was about 45ish which isn't too bad as my daughter would only have been about 5! Soon though, I'm afraid the novelty of it wore off. The velcro stopped working as well and the ball constantly fell off the board, even when it should have stuck. They also weren't very strong considering they were an outside toy as someone dropped one of the boards and it ripped completley. There wasn't anything that sharp that it landed on to cause that kind of damage to it so I am guessing it was just not very good quality!In the end we threw them out as they were pretty useless (except for when the kids wanted to hit eachother or try and stick it to someones clothes!).SummaryThe quality of the product just isn't that great which is a dissapointment and lets the product down badly. The other thing is that while they idea seems to be quite good, I don't really see what this brings to the table. We already have catch ...

Mookie 8 Piece Boules Set 28/05/2012

An Old Time Classic!

Mookie 8 Piece Boules Set Mookie 8 Piece Boules SetOk I will admit it, this wasn't brought for the kids! It was a present to us from my neighbour as she thought it would be a laugh and it really was!How To Play For people who haven't played boules, it is easy to understand and to explain to the kids. You throw the little ball and then each person chooses a colour (red, yellow, green, blue) and try to get as close to it as possible. Not very complicated! ExperiencesThe game itself comes in a sturdy box which everything fits into perfectly and is also easy to carry around with you. The balls are weighted very well so it isn't to heavy for the children, but not too light for the adults so it goes flying across the garden! The game is a good bit of fun for the whole family, though the kids did get bored of it quite quickly. For that reason I wouldn't recommend it unless you are going to play with them as they will tire of it very quickly. Apart from that, it is a great quality, good wearing game and would be lovely to play in this weather! My neighbour picked it up for about £6 online so it isn't too expensive and is an all time classic game. Greatly recommended by my family, you will enjoy it!Would I recommend the Mookie 9 Piece Boules Set? Yeah I definitely would. It isn't that much to buy and is a great game to keep in the shed until it comes to summer time!

Mr Sheen Leather Polish Wipes 28/04/2012

Clean, Clean, CLEAN!!!

Mr Sheen Leather Polish Wipes Mr Sheen Leather Polish WipesSo having been kindly given a second-hand leather suite - I found it needed a good clean. I was rather dreading this but had noticed these wipes in the supermarket and thought I'd give them a go. I Purchased them for £3 and got to work! Appearance The packaging really caught my eye and stands out well in my cleaning cupboard. The seal seems good too for keeping the wipes moist (nothing worse than when the seal is no good and when you go to use the product - they are all dry!)My ExperiencesI'm pleased to say I was very impressed! It made what I thought would be a long and tiresome job a breeze! The dirt was just literally lifting straight off. I found these covered a really good area before becoming either too dirty or too dry to continue. I was also really pleased with the aroma, the wipes smell really good. I did find I got through the whole pack (but it was very grubby) and was somewhat wary of having to pay out the same amount every time I cleaned the suite. But, luckily - next time round from memory it took only 5 wipesSuffice to say, I always have these in the cupboard now and would certainly recommend these to anyone else. Why bother with water and cloths and then wiping it dry when a handy package of wipes like this will do the job so effortlessly :)Would I recommend Mr Sheen Leather Polish Wipes? Yes, they are great because they are fast, effortless and great smelling! Thanks for reading please rate and leave a comment :)@IzzyInTheHouse

Gardman TuffMat Extra Thick Doormat 27/04/2012

We would still have it, if Lola hadn't of eaten it!

Gardman TuffMat Extra Thick Doormat Gardman TuffMat Extra Thick DoormatThis was another great little buy from my lovely Nan! She looks through all kinds of catalouges in her free time and she likes giving me things that will come in handy. This did just that! Appearence My Nan picked out the blue one for me because she knew my hallway is blue and it went perfectly with the walls if I may say. It was what it said it was: A thick tough (or tuff as they put it!) door mat.My ExperienceIt helped greatly too keep the hallway and the rest of the house mud free (nearly!) and so I think it was a great buy. As my Nan brought it she wouldn't tell me the price, or where she got it from, but I have looked it up and it is £4.99 from which seems to me lik a really good price for the good quality it is. There isn't much more to say about it as it is only a mat after all, but I think it works really well and isn't too expensive.But If It Is So Good, Why Have You Only Given It 4 Stars?!Well, there was a bit of a story to this but the end result? My dog, Lola ended up ripping it up and eating a pretty big part of it. I took a star off for that because it proves it isn't that thick and strong! This is dedicated to my blue hallway mat that was so cruelly taken away from us! R.I.P Little Mat, we miss you!Would I recommend Gardmaan TuffMat Extra Thick Door Mat? Yeah I think I would!Thanks for reading, please rate and leave a comment :)@IzzyInTheHouse

ASDA Smartprice Dusters 27/04/2012

They would be perfect ... If they worked that is!

ASDA Smartprice Dusters ASDA Smartprice DustersAt 71p these dusters looked like a bargain and, as far as I can remember, I haven't been let down by ASDA smartprice at all yet. You get 5 in a pack and all they promise to do is get rid of dust. They don't look pretty but then they are only 71p!My ExperiencesI normally dust my front room at least every 1-2 days as we have a dog who is moulting and her hair seems to get everywhere! Also, like it does, dust doesn't take long to mount up and I would rather give it a quick wipe every day than have to tackle loads of dust every week! These looked like they would work really well and it wasn't much I was asking from them really was it? To get rid of dust and that was it. However, they let me down big time!When I opened the packet it was still looking good and I went to the front room to try them out. The thing is, even with a lot of polish, the just didn't pick up any dust at all! You would have to sit there wiping on the same little patch or around 2 minutes before it was properly clean! And this wasn't that much dust to be honest as I had only done it yesterday! It was really disappointing and I won't be buying them again. I ended up just throwing the other 4 away they were that useless!A Nice Little Fact?I just looked them up and they work out at 14.2p each. Not important just some knowledge :)Would I recommend ASDA Smartprice Dusters? No definitely not! Thank for reading, please rate and leave a comment :)@IzzyInTheHouse

Argos Value Rubber Bath Mat 27/04/2012

It works ... but look at it!

Argos Value Rubber Bath Mat Argos Value Rubber Bath MatSo this is going a few years back now to when my Nan was still able to get in and out of the bar. She needed something that made sure when she tried to get up she wouldn't end up ice-skating around the bath tub! As always, I was sent out to find something that fitted this criteria. At first look I thought this looked horrible, but I know my Nan and she doesn't care what it looks like, as long as it does the job!Appearance As I said earlier it really does look atrocious. I don't know what was going through the people at Argos's heads when they came up with the colour but it looks like a really old bath mat that used to be white!!! It being available in a different colour would really work wonders I think!How Much Did I Pay?As this was quite a while ago now I don't remember exactly how much I paid. I think it was between £1.50 and £3 but I can't be sure really. I just looked it up and it is currently priced at £2.99 which is a pretty good price.Where Did I Get It From?Ok, a pretty stupid question I know but I thought I should put it in anyway! It was of course Argos and as far as I know that is the only place it's for sale, it being called Argos Value and all!My Experiences I have used it myself a couple of times and I found it to work perfectly, The holes in it help drain out water and the suction cups on the bottom make it grip to the bath really well. My Nan loved it (when she could still have a bath as she can't get in and out now) and it made a ...

Poundland Pyramid Hanging Basket 27/04/2012

As always, you get what you pay for!

Poundland Pyramid Hanging Basket Poundland Pyramid Hanging BasketSo, my other half and his mum are huge gardeners and always love finding a bargain so they can carry on with their hobby. So when I spotted this in PoundLand I was ecstatic. It looks nice, it seems durable and it's only a pound?! Too good to be true, and it was!AppearanceI can't take that away from them, it does look lovely and although the colour isn't very exciting it just sits nicely in the corner of the garden and doesn't need to be that colourful because of the plants growing inside. It looks nice and that was one of the things that attracted me to it.It comes with:Like most hanging baskets it comes with a chain and a hook to hang it from anywhere really in the garden. Not important really but I though I should mention it!My ExperiencesFor the first few months it was fine and looked really nice, complimenting the garden and so on. But then unfortunately, it started to just fall apart. The straw came loose and it ended up looking a real mess! In the end I had no choice but to throw it away really because it looked like it was a hand me down brought years ago! I was disappointed to say the least because it did look nice but then, like I said in the title, you get what you pay for!

Can Long-Distance Relationships Work? 22/04/2012

Read on and find out my thoughts....

Can Long-Distance Relationships Work? Can Long Distance Relationships Work?I will start of by saying, I haven't ever been in a long distance relationship. I have, however, seen it crush my of my close friends. It was going so well, they were engaged and had a date for the wedding and everything and she let him down. One of the reasons? She lived in America and as he has a daughter she would have to move over here. That's a big ask! This is my opinions and views so, here I go:The ProsWhen you do get to see each other if you live very far away there are some very special moments which, if the relationship does work, you will treasure for ever. It's hard to put into words but, if you put in all the effort to keep up contact even when they live so far away, it must mean you care a lot about them and that this is for real. My friend use to have to get up at 4 in the morning sometimes to call her or chat to her on webcam, now that means he cares for her!If they are from a different country, you get to show them around and take them on a trip of all the cool things in England!The ConsI think one of the two main things is that you can't kiss them as you go to bed, or you can't cuddle them when you're sleeping. You don't wake up to their crazy bed hair and their morning breath, which although it can be horrible, is a pretty big part of being in a proper relationship! When you see them, they have probably just come in from work and are still looking pretty decent. I think that's a big part is just seeing them naturally and ...

Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry Cutters 22/04/2012

Makes some yummy biscuits!

Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry Cutters Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry CuttersHave you guessed?! Another present from my Nan! As she loves cooking (and makes a killer chocolate cake!) she decided to get herself a pack of these and, as always got some for me too! It's not very often I cook with my daughter really as our oven isn't great and we don't have much spare time lately. But when we do it is a fun experience which we both enjoy! As far as the quality of the cooking goes ... we leave a lot to be desired! Somehow, and don't ask me how, we always end up getting the thickness of the biscuit wrong, or it doesn't cut well enough and the edges look a bit worse for wear! This is where the Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry Cutters come in!The IdeaIt doesn't take a genius to work out what they are, but I will explain! They are double edged cutters that make your dough into little circles so you can cook it into biscuits. The double sided idea is great as they have made really good use of it. One side is straight and looks like a normal (but boring to be honest) circle. The other side? That is a nice fluted kind of design which does make the biscuits look much more exciting etc. Do They Work?The problem I have with a lot of the cheap cutters I pick up is that they don't cut through the whole dough and little bits come off etc. which makes it look quite messy. These however cut straight through and come straight back up with no trouble at all. My Thoughts?Although they may look at bit pricy ...

Ford Mondeo 1.8 22/04/2012

Great car! It cant quite make a cup of tea...but it can hold one!

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Well, a couple of years ago, when I desperatly needed a bigger car, I was mostly looking for Vauxalls or Peugots - I even thought about a Honda Jazz - but when I stumbled across this second hand, turqoisey coloured Mondeo, I decided to give it a go! I might as well tell you now, it was quite a change when I started driving this car, my old car was a gold Nissian Micra lol! With an automatic gearbox and material seats too add to it! But with my son growing taller every time I looked at him, I knew it was time to get a bigger car!Inside the car, is very nice, with good quality dark leather seats, and decent leg room for people in the back (just what we needed for my son!) . There is also a nice plastic, black wood kind of effect for the part where the radio goes... very stylish! Also on that part, like I mentioned in the title, is the cup holder which best fits coke bottles from McDonald's I find. But if your can doesn't fit in there, don't worry! There is another holder by the handbrake which does hold drinks better, but isn't as conveniently placed. Little things like that the light comes on when it is locked or unlocked is a good touch as well. The dashboard is not as nice to the eye as the rest of the car, but definitely does its job. Like with most modernish cars, it has a light that comes on when someone doesn't have their seatbelt on, and has the nice little features like the temperature, which it takes from outside the car. Quite handy on the way to school, as you can ...

Typhoon Utensil Pot 12/04/2012

Not My Style I have to Say!

Typhoon Utensil Pot Typhoon Utensil PotAs my Nan is always buying me and the family various things, be it food or a new gadget she found, or maybe even a new kind of soap I wasn't at all suprised when a couple of days ago she handed me this, a Typhoon Utensil Pot. First impression? To be honest it looked like a painted can of beans! The only thing that proved it wasn't was the 3D ish writing on the front which was simply "UTENSILS". My Nan asked me if I liked it and of course and nodded and said I loved it but I don't really get the design. For someone like my Nan it is right up her street but the whole old style look doesn't really suit my kitchen. However if you do like the look of it I did find it pretty sturdy and it wasn't to flimsy. One other problem was the fact that the "pot" (more like tin!) was about half the size of my current holder and all I could fit in there were 2 spoons and a spactular. I think this is aimed more at elderly couples with an older style kitchen and not as many utensils to house! For me it wasn't to be so I can't recommend it but like I say, if it does take your fancy it seems good quality and won't break too easily!On the price side, being my Nan who brought it for me she refuses to tell me how much she paid for it (typical of her lol) but I've looked it up and it's £10 in Amazon. Although I don't really think it's worth that much to be honest.Final note, if you like the look of it and your that kind of person, go for it but it's not for me.
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