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The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream 13/10/2012

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Gel

Deuter Guide 35 12/10/2012

Deuter Guide 35+

Mookie Catcherball Game 28/05/2012

Mookie Catcherball Game

Mookie Catcherball Game Mookie Catcherball GameWhen me and the kids go to visit my Nan every week they would get quite bored as they were cooped up inside a lot. So, to solve the problem, my Nan brought the kids a few games to go and entertain themselves with. One of the toys was Mookie Catcherball Game. All it really is some velcro (I think, may be similar to velcro otherwise) stuck to each of the boards and a strip of it on the ball. The idea is of course to keep passing it for a long as you can. ExperiencesAt first they really loved it and had great fun. I think the highest they managed to get up to was about 45ish which isn't too bad as my daughter would only have been about 5! Soon though, I'm afraid the novelty of it wore off. The velcro stopped working as well and the ball constantly fell off the board, even when it should have stuck. They also weren't very strong considering they were an outside toy as someone dropped one of the boards and it ripped completley. There wasn't anything that sharp that it landed on to cause that kind of damage to it so I am guessing it was just not very good quality!In the end we threw them out as they were pretty useless (except for when the kids wanted to hit eachother or try and stick it to someones clothes!).SummaryThe quality of the product just isn't that great which is a dissapointment and lets the product down badly. The other thing is that while they idea seems to be quite good, I don't really see what this brings to the table. We already have catch ...

Mr Sheen Leather Polish Wipes 28/04/2012

Clean, Clean, CLEAN!!!

Gardman TuffMat Extra Thick Doormat 27/04/2012

We would still have it, if Lola hadn't of eaten it!

ASDA Smartprice Dusters 27/04/2012

They would be perfect ... If they worked that is!

Argos Value Rubber Bath Mat 27/04/2012

It works ... but look at it!

Argos Value Rubber Bath Mat Argos Value Rubber Bath MatSo this is going a few years back now to when my Nan was still able to get in and out of the bar. She needed something that made sure when she tried to get up she wouldn't end up ice-skating around the bath tub! As always, I was sent out to find something that fitted this criteria. At first look I thought this looked horrible, but I know my Nan and she doesn't care what it looks like, as long as it does the job!Appearance As I said earlier it really does look atrocious. I don't know what was going through the people at Argos's heads when they came up with the colour but it looks like a really old bath mat that used to be white!!! It being available in a different colour would really work wonders I think!How Much Did I Pay?As this was quite a while ago now I don't remember exactly how much I paid. I think it was between £1.50 and £3 but I can't be sure really. I just looked it up and it is currently priced at £2.99 which is a pretty good price.Where Did I Get It From?Ok, a pretty stupid question I know but I thought I should put it in anyway! It was of course Argos and as far as I know that is the only place it's for sale, it being called Argos Value and all!My Experiences I have used it myself a couple of times and I found it to work perfectly, The holes in it help drain out water and the suction cups on the bottom make it grip to the bath really well. My Nan loved it (when she could still have a bath as she can't get in and out now) and it made a ...

Can Long-Distance Relationships Work? 22/04/2012

Read on and find out my thoughts....

Can Long-Distance Relationships Work? Can Long Distance Relationships Work?I will start of by saying, I haven't ever been in a long distance relationship. I have, however, seen it crush my of my close friends. It was going so well, they were engaged and had a date for the wedding and everything and she let him down. One of the reasons? She lived in America and as he has a daughter she would have to move over here. That's a big ask! This is my opinions and views so, here I go:The ProsWhen you do get to see each other if you live very far away there are some very special moments which, if the relationship does work, you will treasure for ever. It's hard to put into words but, if you put in all the effort to keep up contact even when they live so far away, it must mean you care a lot about them and that this is for real. My friend use to have to get up at 4 in the morning sometimes to call her or chat to her on webcam, now that means he cares for her!If they are from a different country, you get to show them around and take them on a trip of all the cool things in England!The ConsI think one of the two main things is that you can't kiss them as you go to bed, or you can't cuddle them when you're sleeping. You don't wake up to their crazy bed hair and their morning breath, which although it can be horrible, is a pretty big part of being in a proper relationship! When you see them, they have probably just come in from work and are still looking pretty decent. I think that's a big part is just seeing them naturally and ...

Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry Cutters 22/04/2012

Makes some yummy biscuits!

Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry Cutters Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry CuttersHave you guessed?! Another present from my Nan! As she loves cooking (and makes a killer chocolate cake!) she decided to get herself a pack of these and, as always got some for me too! It's not very often I cook with my daughter really as our oven isn't great and we don't have much spare time lately. But when we do it is a fun experience which we both enjoy! As far as the quality of the cooking goes ... we leave a lot to be desired! Somehow, and don't ask me how, we always end up getting the thickness of the biscuit wrong, or it doesn't cut well enough and the edges look a bit worse for wear! This is where the Cookingtime Stainless Steel Double Edged Pastry Cutters come in!The IdeaIt doesn't take a genius to work out what they are, but I will explain! They are double edged cutters that make your dough into little circles so you can cook it into biscuits. The double sided idea is great as they have made really good use of it. One side is straight and looks like a normal (but boring to be honest) circle. The other side? That is a nice fluted kind of design which does make the biscuits look much more exciting etc. Do They Work?The problem I have with a lot of the cheap cutters I pick up is that they don't cut through the whole dough and little bits come off etc. which makes it look quite messy. These however cut straight through and come straight back up with no trouble at all. My Thoughts?Although they may look at bit pricy ...

Ford Mondeo 1.8 22/04/2012

Great car! It cant quite make a cup of tea...but it can hold one!

Ford Mondeo 1.8 Well, a couple of years ago, when I desperatly needed a bigger car, I was mostly looking for Vauxalls or Peugots - I even thought about a Honda Jazz - but when I stumbled across this second hand, turqoisey coloured Mondeo, I decided to give it a go! I might as well tell you now, it was quite a change when I started driving this car, my old car was a gold Nissian Micra lol! With an automatic gearbox and material seats too add to it! But with my son growing taller every time I looked at him, I knew it was time to get a bigger car!Inside the car, is very nice, with good quality dark leather seats, and decent leg room for people in the back (just what we needed for my son!) . There is also a nice plastic, black wood kind of effect for the part where the radio goes... very stylish! Also on that part, like I mentioned in the title, is the cup holder which best fits coke bottles from McDonald's I find. But if your can doesn't fit in there, don't worry! There is another holder by the handbrake which does hold drinks better, but isn't as conveniently placed. Little things like that the light comes on when it is locked or unlocked is a good touch as well. The dashboard is not as nice to the eye as the rest of the car, but definitely does its job. Like with most modernish cars, it has a light that comes on when someone doesn't have their seatbelt on, and has the nice little features like the temperature, which it takes from outside the car. Quite handy on the way to school, as you can ...

Typhoon Utensil Pot 12/04/2012

Not My Style I have to Say!

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