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London Gatwick, LGW 19/11/2002

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London Gatwick, LGW Having worked at this airport for the past 7 years - I can only agree with most of the comments already stated. Gatwick is well laid out, easy to find - weather it be by road, rail or bus with ample parking,and above all clean! There are a wide selection of shops both landside and airside, offering everything from Caviar to Digital Camcorders. If you are a frequent traveller then don't forget to pick up a 'world points card' - every transaction that you make (on goods - parking - or foreign currency) will then earn you points which you can cash in for vouchers to help with the next shopping list.Airport shopping has taken bad press in the past, but I can honestly say there are some terrific bargains at Gatwick, just waiting to be snapped up! So do your homework and check out some prices before you fly - you may be pleasantly suprised. The only gripe I have is that the average passenger does not look up to read the would be an ideal world if all the information could pop up infront of you or be at eye level, but God realised this wasn't possible and gave us necks and eyes that move, so next time you visit an airport..remember you are probably standing underneath the sign that is pointing out what you are looking for!! Oh and whilst you are all tucked in your beds waiting for Santa to come..I will be there at Gatwick wishing all the passengers flying out on Christmas morning a very Happy Christmas and a pleasant flight. Yes Gatwick South is open 365 ...
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