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Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3) 18/07/2008


Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3) The game looks great and that's all the good things about it out the way! Seriously though the game doesn't offer enough for a nest gen console game, and in my opinion not even enough for a normal console. The gameplay is smooth but slow in my opinion, it lacks the excitement when playing compared to most other fighting games. Being able to customise your player though is a positive and gives you the chance to make a character your own individual (An idea they no doubt took from Tekken 5). The fact that you have to press circle and up to jump rather than just up is slightly annoying, same goes with having to press square to block rather then just press back It is different to many other fighting games and to some it may be a breath of fresh air but to me it was unfortunately a slight disappointment.

FIFA 08 (PS3) 18/07/2008

They Did It This Time Round.

FIFA 08 (PS3) Well, whoever bought this over 'PES2008' made the right choice, the creators of the FIFA games, EA, have always been made to feel a little embarassed by their rivals Konami (loyal FIFA fans would disagree wi thought!). But this time round EA got one over Konami by creating an extremely entertaining and realistic game. You have the choice of over 600+ teams (just so you don't complain) nearly all of which are licensed!! The gameplay is extremely smooth and the step up from the PS2 era is clear to see. The graphics that some may say is brilliant is in my opinion average but it isn't anything that you'd complain about. What was a nice touch though was the one on one with the keeper during load up. And if anyone has played PES2008 you'd be absolutely shocked with the quality of the soundtrack (If you own PES2008, then you know what I mean) There are also a few different modes to keep you busy, 'Manager Mode' is as always great fun and 'Be A Pro' will make you think differently when playing as you'll be controlling one player on the field. But as we all know the most fun comes from when playing against your relatives and friends. So to some it all up, it's a great game that'll give you hours of fun. Never believe anyone who says that if you've played one football game then you've played them all.

Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) 15/07/2008

Lives Up To The Hype!!

Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) The much awaited release of GTA IV created more hype around the game than any game before it. With previous GTA releases such as 'GTA: San Andreas' and 'GTA Vice City' being huge successes on the PS2 everyone expected the first instalment on the PS3 to pass that with ease. You play the part of Niko Belic who has left his homeland in order to find a better life in America but as you'd expect things didn't pan out as he'd hoped. The first few missions are as always in GTA just there to ease you into the game and to give you an idea of the situation your character finds himself in. You'll find yourself easing through many of the missions and not until you hit the latter stages will you start to find it challenging (It obviously differs depending on your familiarity with GTA games). And even if you do find yourself easing through many missions it will still leave you entertained. Rockstar have made the game more realistic than previous versions and have made it so that you're focused on the story which has many positives as you are more intrigued with the storyline but also has a few negatives such as not being able to customise your character enough to make him individual to yourself. The graphics are what you expect from a GTA game, nothing that amazes you but good enough not to be a problem. There are also two different endings to the story depending on what choices you make so there is replay value there. A few words of caution, THE GAME WILL LEAVE YOU ADDICTED!! ...

It Was Written (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Nas 15/07/2008

It's What You Expect From Nas.

It Was Written (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Nas Nas once again brings his originality and superb poetry to an album. As you'd expect from Nas this album contains hard hitting content in terms of 'real' situations rather than being hard hitting just for having a couple of bad words in it. This isn't one for those used to listening to clean cut bubblegum music but if you're into being told stories through music than this might just be for you. - Intro: 3/5 Feels like the start of a movie where the character escapes the trouble and then starts a journey towards getting a better life. It may not hit you between the eyes but it gets you 'in the mood' for the album. - The Message: 5/5 A personal favourite and is a song that quickly entices your ear. Even though the rhythm of the song may fool you into thinking that this is a track focussing on the struggles of growing up in a bad neighborhood it is actually a diss track aimed to Hip-Hop icon The Notorious B.I.G. - Street Dreams: 4/5 This is another great track off the album and is Nas' own version of 'Sweet Dreams' which was a Eurythmics song. A song that deals with drug dealing and it's consequences in actuality leaves your more attracted to the instrumental rather than the lyrics which are once again top draw. - I Gave You The Power: 3.5/5 There's something about this song that makes it seem unfinished. Lyrically though it tells a great story which saves the lack of harmony between his flow and the instrumental. - Watch Dem Niggas: 3/5 Is it me or are the ...
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