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Ford Mondeo 2.0i 16V TDCi SIII 17/12/2005

Mondeo 2.0 tdci

Ford Mondeo 2.0i 16V TDCi SIII I brought this car second hand,1 year old with 9000 miles on the clock. It looks and drives superb, fuel consumption is in the region of 46mpg and I drive hard! I have it in machine silver which needs to be kept clean to look good, however the 18" alloys look superb and really finish the car off well. However all is not well with it, the rear wash system stopped working a few weeks after I purchased the car, and the front wash system reduced to a dribble, not good for a 1 year old car. The boot lock needed replacing under warranty as it failed on me. The alloys are very easy to kerb so park carefully, and beware high kerbs as the lowered suspension means its easy to catch the front and rear sills even with parking sensors fitted! The car also lacks some bits of equipment which soon becomes annoying, like a rear courtesy light, height adjustable passenger seat, esp(electronic stabilty program)! Dont try and take off quickly in this car without esp fitted the front wheels lose traction instantly and it takes some doing to keep control, even in third if you floor it it can lose grip! If you do buy one of these make sure it has esp fitted. All in all a good car that should be better, costs and price may be low but Ford still has some way to go to emulate the driving experience of a volkswagon or Audi, I previously drove a six year old audi a4, I very much doubt if this car will be anywhere near as solid in five years time! ... 06/09/2005

Virgin cars - dont bother I purchased a mondeo in June of this year and part exchanged an Audi A4, Virgin set up finance for me and also agreed to clear my outstanding finance which had negative equity. Took less than a week for all the paperwork to be done and finance in place. The website said up to 3 weeks delivery, 3 weeks passed no communication at all, I phoned Virgin to be told "there was a delay, the car was on order and would be delivered soon". I got the paperwork through for the finance with the car details including reg number, carried out my own HPi check for peace of mind at £39.95. I carried on pestering Virgin every week until on the 1st August I got a phone call to say the car would be ready for collection in 2 days time a total of 6 weeks delivery twice that advertised, but the collection centre gave me a different reg number to the one virgin had given to the finance company. The car spec was identical. I went to collect the car, wrong colour, should have been stardust silver not machine silver, also no fuel at all fuel gauge did,nt move on starting, missing cap for a screw in the rear, also no engine cover. But I did like the colour they had provided so took the car, later found I had no choice as virgin have a clause stating they can provide a car with a different colour shade! Not really that bad an experience you might say, but I had to keep paying my Audi finance whilst the delay in delivery, virgin set up my finance straight away so I paid £470 in car loans in July, ...
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