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Yankee Candle Black Plum Blossom Wax Tart 25/07/2014

A new favourite!

Before We Met - Lucie Whitehouse 23/07/2014

The most dangerous lies are those closest to home...

Before We Met - Lucie Whitehouse A whirlwind romance... a perfect marriage... Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness. Until the day her husband doesn’t come home ... Hannah had always been determined not to follow in the footsteps of her bitterly divorced mother, by being independent, headstrong and avoiding commitment. But then one New York summer whilst visiting friends, she meets fellow Brit Mark Reilly. Despite everything, Hannah finds herself swept up in a love affair that changes all her ideas about what marriage might mean. After getting married and living in their elegant, expensive London townhouse, as well as being adored by her fantastically successful husband, she knows she was right to let down her guard and take a chance on happy ever after. But when Mark does not return from a business trip to the States, the foundations of Hannah’s certainty begins to crack. Why do Mark's colleagues believe he has gone to Paris not America? Why is there no record of him at his hotel? And who is the mysterious woman who has been telephoning him over the last few weeks? As Hannah begins to dig into her husband’s life, uncovering revelations that throw into doubt everything she has ever believed about him and her investigation leads her away from their fairytale romance into a place of violence and fear, she must decide whether the secrets Mark has been keeping are designed to protect him, or protect her … Can you ever really know what happened before you met? I am not a stranger to the author ...

Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontec Brush 19/07/2014

Wonder brush!

Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar 14/07/2014

I am converted!

Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar I must admit I was a little late in catching on to the whole Lush phenomenon, as despite buying Lush bath bombs and bubble bars etc as gifts for my daughters who are both Lush fans and also enjoying browsing round the wonderfully scented Lush store, I had never actually tried any of their products myself until I was given some Lush products as a gift. One of the products was this pretty looking Jumping Juniper shampoo bar . Now this wasn't the first time I had been given a Lush shampoo bar to use, but I must confess that when I was first given one of these two or three years back, I never actually got round to using them and ended up giving them to my daughters instead. The reason being that I didn't think these shampoo bars would be suitable for me somehow and I just couldn't see how this could possibly be as good as shampoo from a bottle. A bar of shampoo just didn't seem right somehow, but this time however, after reading good reviews in the meantime about shampoo bars and also with my daughters providing encouragement, I found myself becoming suitably intrigued and decided to give it a go. Lush do solid and liquid shampoos and even though I would have opted for the liquid variety if it was down to me, I decided I was going to reserve judgement and keep an open mind about this product until after use. Designed to get greasy hair jumping, this Jumping Juniper shampoo bar is made from lavender and rosemary, as well as lemon, lime and juniperberry oils to help control oily ...

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Parfum Spray 12/07/2014

Still a favourite!

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Parfum Spray Opium was one of the first fragrances I fell in love with a number of years back along with a couple of others, these being Panache and Samsara and this is how I found quite early on that I favoured oriental, spicy fragrances over the floral variety. Up until being given a bottle of Opium as a present a number of years back now, I had been quite happy with a bottle of Panache, which I really loved during my teenage years and as it was quite cheap I never thought much about trying out any others, particularly the more expensive fragrances. It was however, the gift of a bottle of Opium, which introduced me to the world of the more expensive scents and encouraged me to broaden my horizons a little when it came to choosing perfume. Opium was and still is quite an expensive fragrance. I always liked the amber-coloured box it came in and thought everything about it was luxurious. I have had a number of bottles of Opium since that first one and although I have since discovered one or two other perfumes which I actually like more than this one, it has still remained a favourite of mine and indeed is one which I have always had in my collection since that first bottle. The shape of the bottle has changed over the years and the newer design gives it a more eastern, oriental appeal than ever before. The actual fragrance I would describe as quite unique and I certainly don't recall ever seeing anything similar to this fragrance. When a perfume is said to be oriental, woody or spicy, ...

The Guilty One - Lisa Ballantyne 09/07/2014

Guilty?... Or not guilty?

The Guilty One - Lisa Ballantyne A little boy was found dead in a children's playground... Daniel Hunter is a London-based solicitor who has spent years defending lost causes, but his life changes when he is introduced to eleven-year-old Sebastian, who is accused of murdering an eight-year-old boy in a playground. As Daniel plunges into the dark depths of Sebastian's troubled home life, he can't help but find himself thinking back to his own childhood which was mostly spent feeling betrayed in foster care - and also to foster-mum Minnie, the woman whose love saved him, until she too, betrayed him so badly that he cut her out of his life. But what crime did Minnie commit that made Daniel disregard her for fifteen years? And will Daniel's identification with a child on trial for murder make him question everything he has ever believed in? Guilty?... Or not guilty? The Guilty One presents itself as a legal thriller, but the story line involving a young boy accused of murdering another child is actually a subplot, for this book is very much Daniel’s story – of being a young, damaged and sometimes violent child, who feels angry about his life, but grows to become a largely functional, caring adult. Sebastian, the young boy on trial in the book, is there to throw Daniel’s story into relief, as Daniel thinks back to his childhood and identifies on some levels with Sebastian, which in turn makes him want to help him. The chapters include flashbacks to Daniel's childhood, so his story is relayed to the reader ...

Like This For Ever - Sharon Bolton 29/06/2014

Keep telling yourself it's only fiction...

Hanging Hill - Mo Hayder 25/05/2014

Even good people do bad things...

Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara Black 19/05/2014

An 'Xperience' I'd rather forget!

Trevor Sorbie Straightening Balm 14/05/2014

Don't throw your straighteners away!

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lip Butter 12/05/2014

Luxurious lips

Premier Travel Inn Liverpool (Aintree), Liverpool 07/05/2014

Friendly staff and great value!

Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Wax Tart 02/05/2014

Fill your home with strawberry ice cream.

Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Wax Tart Yankee's 'Summer Scoop' fragrance was first introduced in the summer of 2013. I was keen to try it out at the time, but never spotted it in wax tart format (which is my preference) in any of the shops I visited which stocked Yankee Candles. Finding shops which stock these wax tarts is actually becoming a bit of a problem lately I have found, as the Collectables gift store in town has closed down and my local Debenhams appears to have stopped selling them too. Even Clintons only seem to be stocking the glass jar candles and votives of late. Therefore I have had to resort to making purchases online of Yankee Wax Tarts and had made a note to look for this one in particular, Summer Scoop. Before I got to order it however, my daughter bought me a gift of some Yankee Wax Tarts and I was delighted to find 'Summer Scoop' was one of the wax tarts included. Yankee describe their Summer Scoop fragrance as 'Delicious memories of creamy, homemade strawberry ice cream on a hot summer day'. Now being a fan of fruity fragrance and also of strawberry ice cream, and whilst having enjoyed other Yankee Strawberry fragrances, I felt pretty confident I would like this one a lot. Pale pink in colour and with a picture of some delicious looking strawberry ice cream on the label, Summer Scoop is exactly like its name suggests, which I quickly confirmed when holding up the wax tart to my nose and smelling the creamy sweet strawberry scent whilst still in its packaging. After unwrapping the tart I ...

Clairol Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo 29/04/2014

Not so beautiful after all...

Clairol Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo Many years back I was a huge fan of Clairol's Herbal Essences range of shampoo and conditioning products and used them regularly. Then Clairol changed and repackaged the range and although I tried the new Herbal Essences range, I pretty much hated it. Thankfully there is one Herbal Essences shampoo which is still available from the old range which I like and still purchase when I spot it on the shelves, but overall, Herbal Essences has left me disappointed whenever I have tried any products from the newer range and I have tried a few, always hoping I would find one that would impress me. I did think last year however, that things were looking up when I bought a bottle of their 'Ignite My Colour' shampoo and although I wasn't entirely overwhelmed by it, I did think it was an improvement and certainly better than some shampoos I have tried. It was this more positive experience which left me willing to buy the newer range of Herbal Essences again and also they have changed the range yet again since my less positive experiences. Always on the look out for a bargain too, I was tempted to try the Herbal Essences newer range once again when it was half-price at my local Asda store recently. I first looked to purchase a bottle of the 'old style' shampoo as I call it, but being only a small Asda store they don't stock the entire range. They also did not have the Ignite My Colour shampoo I had previously tried, so I had no choice but to try something new. Looking through what may be ...

Husband, Missing - Polly Williams 26/04/2014

Surprisingly good!

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