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I don't have time to thank you all individually for the rates, but I appreciate them all. Thanks :)

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Lush French Kiss Bubble Bar 02/09/2014

A luxurious experience.

Premier Inn, Livingston 30/08/2014

Nice hotel, shame about the restaurant.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Pearls 28/08/2014

Love your lips!

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner 26/08/2014

Great quality at a low price.

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner For a few years now, Avon's Glimmersticks Eyeliners have been my first choice when using an eyeliner on my lower lids. I also use eyeliner on my top lids, but prefer to use a liquid eyeliner for this. It's quite strange really as I can't seem to find an eyeliner suitable for both my upper and lower lids, but am quite happy with my liquid eyeliner for the top and this Avon Glimmerstick for the lower lids. Avon have had this product available for a number of years now and always seems very popular and often features in lower-priced offers in the Avon catalogue, which is when I usually buy mine. If I need to buy one and it isn't on offer or if I do not know anyone who is an Avon Representative, then I turn to Ebay where you can usually pick these Glimmersticks up for around £3 from sellers including p&p. Generally speaking I never pay more than £3 for a Glimmerstick Eyeliner, but the usual full price seems to be around £6. These Glimmerstick eyeliners are reatractable in that they twist up and back again so no product is wasted nor does the end snap off. I find them really smooth and easy to use on my lower lids. The nib is a little like many other pen-type eyeliners, but I find these go on much easier and believe me I have tried a fair few! There is also the added bonus that you don't need to sharpen them! I have never used a pencil or kohl type eyeliner since first using these Glimmersticks and I would be fairly upset if Avon ever discontinued them. The Glimmersticks come ...

VH1 Storytellers [Video/DVD] (Live Recording/+DVD) - Matchbox Twenty 21/08/2014

Every song tells a story.

Mama (DVD) 19/08/2014

A mother's love is forever...

Ruby & Millie Cosmetics Sponges 13/08/2014

Quality cosmetic sponges.

Maybelline Superstay 24HR Foundation 09/08/2014

Lives up to its promises!

Maybelline Superstay 24HR Foundation I have always had combination skin on my face, but as I have got older I have found the dry patches are increasing, although I am still prone to some oily parts around my T-zone. My skin also feels more sensitive than it used to and can feel sore with redness or blemishes appearing, particularly in the winter months. I find using a good moisturiser daily helps a lot and combats any dryness or tightening of my skin that I would experience if I didn't use it, but I have also used concealers and foundation for many years now too. Until recently, my foundation of choice was Maybelline's Dream Matt Mousse foundation, which gave me decent results at a price that would not break the bank. Indeed I have sampled one or two powders and foundations from high end brands which have given good results, but I simply cannot afford to be spending a lot of money on cosmetics. I have also tried one or two cheaper brands too, as I am well aware there are some decent products around at the lower-priced end of the market. For example I swear my Collection 2000 fastroke liquid eyeliner, but when it comes to foundation I have found the cheaper brands have not been any good for my skin, nor gave the results I am looking for. Therefore I have been quite happy to part with around £7-£8 for a pot of Dream Matt Mousse foundation most of the time, until recently when I noticed it no longer seemed to be working as well for me. This could be due to changes to the product, but I felt my skin's dryness was ...

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts Fruit A Licious Gift Set 04/08/2014

A gorgeous gift for tart lovers!

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts Fruit A Licious Gift Set I often wax lyrical (excuse the pun!) about my love of Yankee Candles, in particular their wax tarts which I buy all year round and also love receiving as gifts. Unfortunately many of the shops and stores which stocked Yankee Candles have either closed down in my area or stopped selling Yankee wax tarts. Take Clintons for instance, whilst they still stock a large range of Yankee Candles, they appear to have stopped stocking the wax tarts in their stores. Because of this I have had to resort to buying most of my wax tart purchases online these days. A few weeks back however, whilst shopping into town I popped into Clintons in the vague hope that maybe they would have some wax tarts. Whilst they didn't have any to buy individually, they did have two different gift sets containing nine various wax tarts, priced at £9.99. I would not have normally been buying as many as nine wax tarts had they sold them individually, but bearing in mind this was my only opportunity to buy some wax tarts in store and also the fact that by buying the set it actually worked out cheaper than buying the nine individually, I decided to purchase a set. You can expect to pay around £1.35 - £1.45 per wax tart, so £9.99 for nine wax tarts does offer a saving on the individual price. There were two sets to choose from and I opted for the Fruit-A-Licious set which contains nine fruity fragranced wax tarts. As I generally love all the fruity scented fragrances from Yankee, I was confident I would like all ...

Clinique Almost Powder SPF 15 02/08/2014

Great for summer!

Yankee Candle Black Plum Blossom Wax Tart 25/07/2014

A new favourite!

Before We Met - Lucie Whitehouse 23/07/2014

The most dangerous lies are those closest to home...

Before We Met - Lucie Whitehouse A whirlwind romance... a perfect marriage... Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness. Until the day her husband doesn’t come home ... Hannah had always been determined not to follow in the footsteps of her bitterly divorced mother, by being independent, headstrong and avoiding commitment. But then one New York summer whilst visiting friends, she meets fellow Brit Mark Reilly. Despite everything, Hannah finds herself swept up in a love affair that changes all her ideas about what marriage might mean. After getting married and living in their elegant, expensive London townhouse, as well as being adored by her fantastically successful husband, she knows she was right to let down her guard and take a chance on happy ever after. But when Mark does not return from a business trip to the States, the foundations of Hannah’s certainty begins to crack. Why do Mark's colleagues believe he has gone to Paris not America? Why is there no record of him at his hotel? And who is the mysterious woman who has been telephoning him over the last few weeks? As Hannah begins to dig into her husband’s life, uncovering revelations that throw into doubt everything she has ever believed about him and her investigation leads her away from their fairytale romance into a place of violence and fear, she must decide whether the secrets Mark has been keeping are designed to protect him, or protect her … Can you ever really know what happened before you met? I am not a stranger to the author ...

Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontec Brush 19/07/2014

Wonder brush!

Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar 14/07/2014

I am converted!

Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar I must admit I was a little late in catching on to the whole Lush phenomenon, as despite buying Lush bath bombs and bubble bars etc as gifts for my daughters who are both Lush fans and also enjoying browsing round the wonderfully scented Lush store, I had never actually tried any of their products myself until I was given some Lush products as a gift. One of the products was this pretty looking Jumping Juniper shampoo bar . Now this wasn't the first time I had been given a Lush shampoo bar to use, but I must confess that when I was first given one of these two or three years back, I never actually got round to using them and ended up giving them to my daughters instead. The reason being that I didn't think these shampoo bars would be suitable for me somehow and I just couldn't see how this could possibly be as good as shampoo from a bottle. A bar of shampoo just didn't seem right somehow, but this time however, after reading good reviews in the meantime about shampoo bars and also with my daughters providing encouragement, I found myself becoming suitably intrigued and decided to give it a go. Lush do solid and liquid shampoos and even though I would have opted for the liquid variety if it was down to me, I decided I was going to reserve judgement and keep an open mind about this product until after use. Designed to get greasy hair jumping, this Jumping Juniper shampoo bar is made from lavender and rosemary, as well as lemon, lime and juniperberry oils to help control oily ...

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Parfum Spray 12/07/2014

Still a favourite!

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Parfum Spray Opium was one of the first fragrances I fell in love with a number of years back along with a couple of others, these being Panache and Samsara and this is how I found quite early on that I favoured oriental, spicy fragrances over the floral variety. Up until being given a bottle of Opium as a present a number of years back now, I had been quite happy with a bottle of Panache, which I really loved during my teenage years and as it was quite cheap I never thought much about trying out any others, particularly the more expensive fragrances. It was however, the gift of a bottle of Opium, which introduced me to the world of the more expensive scents and encouraged me to broaden my horizons a little when it came to choosing perfume. Opium was and still is quite an expensive fragrance. I always liked the amber-coloured box it came in and thought everything about it was luxurious. I have had a number of bottles of Opium since that first one and although I have since discovered one or two other perfumes which I actually like more than this one, it has still remained a favourite of mine and indeed is one which I have always had in my collection since that first bottle. The shape of the bottle has changed over the years and the newer design gives it a more eastern, oriental appeal than ever before. The actual fragrance I would describe as quite unique and I certainly don't recall ever seeing anything similar to this fragrance. When a perfume is said to be oriental, woody or spicy, ...
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