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John Frieda Full Repair Strengthen & Restore Conditioner 17/12/2014

Repair your hair!

L'Oreal L'Oréal EverRiche Nourishing and Flowing Conditioner 15/12/2014

Go with the flow!

L'Oreal L'Oréal EverRiche Nourishing and Flowing Conditioner A few months ago I set out to find a new conditioner suitable for my hair as I was becoming a little disillusioned with those I was using. I wasn't getting the results I expected and wondered if the product has changed or maybe my hair condition was changing. I have fairly long hair which can become dry at the ends, despite regular trimming, but oily at the roots. My hair is also wavy and can become frizzy in hot or humid conditions if getting wet in the rain. I always use a conditioner each time I wash my hair and also I often buy a deep conditioning hair mask or treatment. I decided I would try some of the more expensive conditioners around, but waited until I spotted them on offer first, as I find hair products are often part of promotional deals in supermarkets and stores such as Boots and Superdrug. L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverRiche Nourishing & Flowing Conditioner was one I spotted on offer at Morrisons supermarket a few months back. The price stated it was usually £6, but it was part of a half-price offer and so just £3 at the time for a regular sized tube. After reading the product information on the tube, I decided I would give this a go whilst it was half-price. These onditioners are advertised as hair care products specifically designed for very dry and rebellious hair. Enriched with botanical oils, the formula leaves hair feeling intensley nourished whilst helping to protect from dryness. Now whilst I wouldn't go as far as to say I have very dry or rebellious ...

Avon Paddle Brush 14/12/2014

A good quality hairbrush from Avon.

Avon Paddle Brush I have long hair and so always like to use quality brushes when brushing my hair to try and help protect it and minimise damage. A few years back, a friend at work used to bring her Avon brochure in to work and whilst flicking through it I spotted some brushes which were part of a promotional special price at around £2- £3 each at the time. I noticed these paddle brushes but didn't really like the look of them and thought they would be awkward to use, but I did order a vented brush instead. When it came, I was impressed with the quality of the brush for the price I paid and it was a really good hairbrush. Not long after my purchase, my daughter mentioned paddles brushes. She has long hair too and regularly used straighteners on her wavy hair and told me the hairdresser had mentioned using a paddle brush. Christmas was approaching and I bought her a paddle brush from the Toni & Guy range in Boots. It was around the £8 mark at the time and she was delighted with it. I thought back to when I saw them in my friend's Avon brochure and decided that if these brushes were ever on promotion again, I would buy one and try it. Although I was happy with my vented hairbrush, my daughter enthusing about her paddle brush made me keen to try it out and I thought that if I bought one for £2 or £3 then it wasn't a lot of money to spend if I didn't like it. It was only a couple of months or so after this that I spotted these paddle brushes once again in my friend's Avon brochure and they were ...

Yankee Candle Black Cherry Wax Tart 03/12/2014

Great longevity from Black Cherry.

Yankee Candle Black Cherry Wax Tart Whenever I am in town I like to treat myself to a couple of Yankee Candle Wax Tarts. Priced at £1.35 on average, they are ideally priced to give yourself a little treat if you're a candle lover like me. Buying these wax tarts or the votive sampler candles from the huge Yankee range, also means you are able to try out the different fragrances without paying out a lot of money. I would hate to spend a lot of money on the expensive glass jar candles in the Yankee range only to find I am not keen on the fragrance. I had noticed this Black Cherry fragrance a while back when treating myself to some wax tarts, but at the time they only had a glass jar available and so I made a mental note to keep looking out for it in wax tart format. Fortunately for me, I have a kind daughter who often treats me to some wax tarts too and so I was really pleased when on my recent birthday, she surprised me with some wax tarts and one of them was Black Cherry. You can smell the fragrance of Yankee's wax tarts through their clear shrinkwrap packaging and this one has a lovely fruity cherry scent, which Yankee describe as a delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries. I have generally found that the strength of fragrance from a wax tart whilst it is still in its wrapping is a good indicator of how strong the throw from it will be when you are burning it. Usually if the fragrance seems weak, then it doesn't last as long or give off as strong a fragrance when burning as the stronger scented ones. ...

Premier Inn Nottingham West, Nottingham 24/11/2014

Ideal Nottingham hotel, especially when driving!

Yankee Candle Fruit Fusion Wax Tart 19/11/2014

Great scent, shame it disappeared so suddenly!

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Wax Tart 10/11/2014

Cookies are not just for Christmas!

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Wax Tart Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie wax tart was one I first sampled last Christmas. It was quite a bargain buy at the time, as I spotted a lot of the Christmas range from Yankee reduced in price in a branch of Collectables. Reduced to just 50p each, this was less than half the usual price of £1.20 - £1.30 per wax tart at the time, so being the wax tart fanatic that I am, I seized the opportunity to stock up and bought quite a few of the wax tarts. You can smell the fragrance of Yankee's wax tarts through their clear packaging before opening them and this one had a lovely sweet scent as I held it up to my nose before making my purchase, which Yankee describe as buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies. I could definitely smell the vanilla which is actually a fragrance I am not so keen on, but here it certainly has a 'buttery' scent which does indeed remind me of home baking. I have also generally found that the strength of fragrance from a wax tart whilst it is still in its wrapping is a good indicator of how strong the throw from it will be when you are burning it. Usually if the fragrance seems weak, then it doesn't last as long or give off as strong a fragrance when burning, as the stronger scented ones. For good longevity I prefer the stronger smelling wax tarts and Christmas Cookie certainly has a strong but very appealing scent. Longevity varies with these wax tarts,with some lasting longer than the approx 8 hours burn time and I thought that this one may ...

Palmolive Naturals Irresistible Softness Black Orchid Shower Cream 09/11/2014

Nothing irresistible about this.

Palmolive Naturals Irresistible Softness Black Orchid Shower Cream I am not easily tempted away from my favourite shower gel by Original Source, but when spotting this Palmolive Shower Milk on offer at my local Morrisons recently for just 50p, I thought it was worth a try. There were a couple of different fragrances on offer from this range including olive and milk and honey, but I was tempted by the Black Orchid & Aloe Vera in an attractive bottle which also featured one of my favourite colours: purple. Palmolive advertise this shower milk as 'Irresistible Softness' and state it is enriched with extracts of 100% natural origin black orchid and aloe vera. Its rich, velvety formula will wrap you in the sensual scent of exotic flowers they promise. I usually buy shower gel so had no experience of shower milk prior to purchasing this, but I was tempted by the sound of it as it conjours up images of smooth and silky, moisturised skin, or so I thought. When I came to use this shower milk however, I found it wasn't exactly as luxurious as it sounded. I thought I would like the fragrance as I generally like Aloe Vera and thought I would also like Black Orchid too, but the fragrance here I found very floral and quite sweet and sickly. I must confess I am not a great lover of floral fragrance anyway, but this did seem a little overbearing for me personally. When I squirted some of the shower milk on to my shower scrunchie, the shower milk was quite runny with the milky appearance you would expect, but I found quite a lot of the product was needed ...

The Sanctuary Body Lotion 06/11/2014

It smooths and it tingles!

The Haunting of James Hastings - Christopher Ransom 31/10/2014

The haunting or the confusion of James Hastings?

Boots No 7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator 26/10/2014

Didn't reveal any radiance for me!

Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven 23/10/2014

Not my idea of a 'Bubble Heaven'

Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven I have been fortunate enough to receive some lovely bath and body products as gifts for Christmas, birthdays etc and always look forward to using them, particularly when it is a product I haven't tried before. This is how I came to try Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven, as it was part of a lovely Champneys Spa gift set I received for Christmas. I can recall seeing these products in Boots as the festive season approaches each year and always thought they looked quite luxurious. Therefore I was looking forward to trying out the products in my gift set. I love using bath products and so this Bubble Heaven was the first product I tried from my set. Champneys state this product is inspired by traditional oriental recipes and this wonderfully indulgent bubble heaven leaves your skin feeling soft and pampered. The oriental blend of aromatic ylang ylang, calming sandalwood and exotic patchouli essential oils encourage feelings of wellbeing and tranquillity. Now as I absolutely adore Patchouli fragrance, so it was no wonder I was looking forward to using this bubble bath product. I always prefer spicy, musky fragrances over anything floral and that was the main reason why this product appealed so much to me. The red luxurious-looking design adds to the oriental, spicy feel too, so it got full marks from me as in how appealing this product both looked and sounded to me before even using it. Things didn't exactly get off to a good start however, when I came to ...

Yankee Candle Mango Peach Salsa Wax Potpourri Tart 21/10/2014

Everybody salsa!

Yankee Candle Mango Peach Salsa Wax Potpourri Tart Yankee Candle's Mango Peach Salsa Wax Tart first came to my attention when my daughter bought me one as a treat. She often treats me to a couple of wax tarts when she is out shopping and although she often buys me my favourite fragrances, she sometimes surprises me with one I haven't tried but thinks I will enjoy. Knowing I enjoy fruity fragrances, she thought this one would appeal to me and she was right. Mango Peach Salsa is a strong and peachy-smelling fragrance, its sweet scent is quite evident whilst it is still in its packaging. The wax itself is also peach in colour and with the picture of mango and peaches on the label, there is no doubt this an aptly named fragrance - believe me, some are not! Yankee describe Mango Peach Salsa as 'sweet and zesty' with juicy mango and peach livened with citrus, ginger flowers and pink pepper. I am fond of burning the woody, spicy, fresh or fruity citrus fragrances more than the floral ones and so I was looking forward to this one. Before I came to use the wax tart, I popped it in my underwear drawer as these tarts also make lovely drawer scenters too, so I store some in my draweres until I am ready to use them, meaning they serve a dual purpose! When I came to use the tart I placed it into the deep well in my burner and lit a tealight underneath. As soon as the wax began to melt, the fruity aroma began to fill the room with a strong peach fragrance. After a further couple of minutes I could detect some other notes creeping in and ...

Different Shades Of Blue (Limited Edition Deluxe Version) - Joe Bonamassa 16/10/2014

Different Shades Of Blue

Original Source Lime Shower Gel 14/10/2014

Made to make your mouth water!

Original Source Lime Shower Gel When it comes to shower gels I always tended to alternate between purchasing gel and body wash from Radox or Dove's range of products, depending on what was the cheapest at the time of purchase. Many stores and shops have regular promotions on toiletries and although I have a slight preference for Dove, I was quite happy with a bottle of Radox too. However, now and then I do like to try something different and apart from toiletries I may receive as gifts for Christmas and birthdays, etc, I will stray from my trusted brands and try something new, especially if it is at a promotional price. And this is exactly how I ended up falling in love with Original Source Lime Shower Gel. Original Source wasn't exactly new to me when I first purchased a bottle of Lime shower gel a couple of years back, as my daughter had purchased this brand some time before and left her bottle of Original Source Mint and Tea Tree shower gel in the bathroom, which I tried and wasn't very keen upon. Because of this, I never gave any thought to purchasing any myself after trying that particular one, although I must admit the strikingly designed bottles with their vibrant colours and bold lettering always stood out , catching my eye on the shelves of the shops and supermarkets which stock them. It was really because of that striking design that I took another look at Original Source range of shower gels in my local store. That and also the fact that they were all part of a promotional offer priced at 99p ...
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