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Member since: 23.04.2008
Reviews written: 497
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Trusted by: 160 members
First name: JENNIFER
Sex: female
About me: I don't have time to thank you all individually for the rates, but I appreciate them all. Thanks :)

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SoadFan Orange :D Bronze, so near yet so far :P
wazza115 Hi everyone, I'm loving it on here at the minute, I just wish I was able to give more E's. Thanks, Sarah
lucie2511 If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.
hiker Still trying to sort out the electronics, but at least back on line and catching up with some of it. Looking forward to the next big trip. Lx
mandyplatinum Thank you everyone for the E's and rates, I really appreciate them. Just caught up rating the last three days worth of reviews it took quite a while, phew! Nobody write anything else! lol
Pam222 Hi there, Thanks for all of the rates. I am allowed a few more Es now, but there are so many E reviews onsite!
feefee317 Hi my name is Felicia Jones. I am a 33 year old black female. I am a single mother of four kids. I recieved my GED and is currently enrolled at Everest University studying for my Associates in Computer Information Sciences.
kattwig Finally got the job I've always wanted, full time shifts, so ratings/reviews are a little on the few and far between side, but I will be back. Blog - Candyfloss Dreams and Cupcake Sleep -
supersonic75 Thankyou for the diamond *does little happy clappy type dance* :D
mondialblue No information
Graygirl Finally! My first review in ages. I've been trying to keep up with rating other people's reviews, but got very behind so I'm sorry if I've missed a few. Normal service from me seems a bit hit-and-miss at the moment.
ryanando Thanks for the rates :-) very much appreciated!
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