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Apple iPod nano 8 GB 6th Generation 29/04/2012

My Apple Ipod Nano

Apple iPod nano 8 GB 6th Generation During the last years I went through many MP3 players and I was always a bit anti-iPod. I thought the price was high compared to the technical specifications. After more than five mp3 and mp4 players from different brands such as Creative, Philips and Difference, I decided to give the Apple brand a chance. The iPod nano was my first choice since the 8 gigabyte storage capacity was sufficient and the design beautiful. He also looked pretty solid. The Nano came in a very small box which includes earphones and a USB charger were included. A disadvantage is that there is no plug included. It must be purchased separately. If you don't want to buy the charge then you can charge the iPod via the computer. The Ipod does not have to be installed but you need to install Itunes, you can get this free trough the website. It is however a severe and long installation. From here we have the first major drawback of the iPod in general because you can only use it with Itunes. You cannot just copy files from a computer and put it on your Ipod when Itunes is not installed. Also you cannot use the iPod as a USB stick, which is the case with other MP3 players. ITunes itself is a very good program to play music with also you can easily put songs on your Ipod through the files just from the library to drag to your Ipod. The iPod is available in multiple colors; I found the silver in beautiful contrast with the black screen when the iPod is off. The screen takes up almost the entire front ...

Ariel Excel Gel Actilift Colour 28/04/2012

Ariel Excel Gel actilift Colour

Ariel Excel Gel Actilift Colour Ariel Excel Gel actilift Colour is produced by the company of Procter and Gamble. The product tries to stand out with their claim that you can do your laundry at low temperatures but still getting good results. The Ariel Excel Gel colour is a product especially for your colour clothes. We have been using Ariel before but we like to change now and then also depending which brand is on sale. This product was on sale and for that reason we bought it. It contains enough liquid for 18 washes. The product claims to contain a dye lock ingredient preventing your dark and coloured garments from dulling or removing the fabric’s dye. It also helps prevent dark garments bleeding onto lighter ones and has a unique formula designed to remove dried in stains. The bottle is a 667ml bottle which looks good in design and it’s easy to use. The bottle is mostly white with a coloured cap and stickers containing the brand name and information which have the purple colour as well as the cap. Although the bottle looks pretty I found it not as easy using it. The bottle contains a gel which you need to squeeze out and then the bottle itself can be a bit difficult to hold on. Does it work? Well it claims it works perfectly even at a low temperature as 15 degrees. I think that’s fine with your clothes don’t really have any stains but when it does you better wash your clothes at 30 degrees. I just wash my clothes always at 30 degrees and I find that my clothes look good when they are done. I was ...

Vera Drake (DVD) 28/04/2012

Vera drake

Vera Drake (DVD) The story of this film begins with the life of Vera. She is happily married and has a good relationship with her children. Her daughter Ethel works for a lighting company while her son Sid is a succefull tailor. Her husband Stanley is a mechanic. Vera works as a housekeeper for many families. But she herself has also a secondary profession. She works to help young girls or older to commit an abortion. For the period from 1950 where the story takes place it was actually a pretty big taboo. So many women went to such amateur nurses. Vera does the job for several years. Because she just tries to help people while Lily asks big money for what Vera does, which Vera doesn’t even know about. Unfortunately one of the operations involving a young girl named Pamela Barns doesn’t go well and is just in time saved in hospital. Of course she is put under pressure to confess and the police are therefore quickly turned on Vera. The structure of the story is substantively quite well built. You get to know Vera as you see her in her daily life. In the first phase of the story you see her just having a normal job while suddenly a girl turns up would need an abortion. Her family has no idea of what their mother is doing. But of course she runs into trouble. The acting is very good and they have emotional roles which maintain the realism of the story in a very high level. It then creates a good immersive effect that makes the movie from beginning to end interesting. I got this movie as an ...

Betterware Expandable Cutlery Tray 26/04/2012

Simple but clever cutlery tray

Betterware Expandable Cutlery Tray Simple but clever cutlery tray I bought this cutlery tray because I had a cheap plastic one that I bought at the supermarket and it was too small for my drawer and just used to slip and slide around. The Betterware cutlery tray is designed so that it will fit in any drawer because it is expandable. It is made of plastic and comes in a lurid purple colour and this was the only colour available when I bought it. The colour wouldn’t have been my first choice but as it was going in a drawer anyway it didn’t bother me too much. Before it is expanded the tray measures 28cm wide and has 6 different compartments for putting in cutlery. The 6 compartments are all different sizes but there are 4 which are for putting in forks, knives and spoons and one on top for putting in teaspoons and a longer one on the side for putting in longer cutlery like knives etc. The tray expands by pulling out the sides and this gives the tray an extra 2 compartments and takes the size of the tray up to 51cm wide. When the tray is expanded it fits my drawer much better and doesn’t rattle about when I open the drawer anymore and there is no spaces for things to fall down and get stuck underneath the tray. The 2 new compartments are also bigger and longer than the other ones so are really handy for storing wooden spoons and spatulas in. I really can’t complain about this cutlery tray other than the colour. It is nothing special but the sliding out compartments and the fact that you can adjust the size to fit ...

Tesco Cutlery Set in caddy 16 Pieces 25/04/2012

Good but a little cheap feeling

Tesco Cutlery Set in caddy 16 Pieces Good but a little cheap feeling This cutlery set is the second one that I own from Tesco. I bought this more for myself for everyday use and my other set more for when I have guests round for dinner. This set was cheap at only £9 in my local Tesco and I liked the fact that it was a little bit different from the usual plain metal cutlery. The set contains 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 desert spoons and 4 tea spoons. It also comes with a caddy for keeping the cutlery in but I ended up using the caddy on my sideboard next to my kitchen sink for draining the cutlery when I had washed it instead of as somewhere to store the cutlery. I was attracted to the set because of the handles which are made with plastic to give them a clear bubble effect. They look quite trendy and modern and different from the plain metal ones. The rest of the cutlery is made from stainless steel and have a more traditional squarish shape. Once I got them home I did notice that they felt a little bit light and cheap compared to the more expensive cutlery but so far they have stood the test of time and haven’t broke. I did think the handles might come off after using them for a while but they are still stuck on strong. The set is dishwasher safe and they still look okay even after using them for ages. The one thing I have noticed though is that the stainless steel has really dulled and unlike with my other ones buffing them doesn’t get the shine back on them. For £9 I would recommend this cutlery. They would be ...

Tesco Shanghai Cutlery Set 16 Piece 25/04/2012

Designer looks atTesco prices

Tesco Shanghai Cutlery Set 16 Piece Designer looks at tesco prices I have two different sets of cutlery from Tesco and although it might not be fancy it is really good quality and just as nice as other cutlery sets that I have seen that cost loads more. The Shanghai cutlery set is the one that I use more for when I have people over for dinner as it is just a bit weightier and nicer than the other set that I have which is the one I use more for myself every day. The set consists of 16 pieces of cutlery which are 4 tea spoons, 4 desert spoons, 4 knives and 4 forks. The design is simple but modern and the handles are rounded instead of square and flat. If you didn’t know that they had come from Tesco you could easily think that they were more expensive than they actually were. They cost £12.49 for the set and I bought mine in my local Tesco but they can also be bought online. They are made from stainless steel and each piece is a good shape and size. The spoons aren’t too big or too small and the tea spoons are just the right size for making a good cup of coffee. The rounded handles are also nice and comfortable to hold. They also have a nice solid feel to them and feel weighty and good quality and not cheap and as if they are going to bend or snap easily. The whole set is dishwasher safe and the stainless steel just needs a buff with the tea towel to make them nice and shiny when they become dull and lifeless looking. I really like this set and would recommend it to people who are looking for a nice and simple ...

Tefal Supra 5 Piece Pan Set 24/04/2012

Good value pan set

Tefal Supra 5 Piece Pan Set Good value pan set I have a Tefal set containing 5 different pans which I bought from Tesco for £39. The reason I bought them as a set was because they worked out cheaper than buying them all individually and all 5 of the pans that the set contained were pans that I would use on a regular basis. The set contains 2 different sized saucepans with lids, 2 different sized frying pans and a milk pan. The saucepans are good sizes and large enough for me for most tasks in the kitchen. The frying pans are of a similarly good size and I use the smaller one when I’m just cooking for myself and the larger one I have guests round. The milk pan is the smallest but it is still large enough for heating up a tin of soup etc. The whole set is really good quality and all the pans have been coated in Tefals special non-stick coating which is excellent at repelling food and stopping it from sticking to the pans as long as you make sure and not use any harsh abrasives on it such as metal utensils or scouring pads when cleaning them. If you do they will scratch away the non-stick lining and ruin the pans. The frying pans both have thermal spots in the middle of them that change colour when they are at the right temperature for cooking. Because of the non-stick coating I also don’t have to use as much oil and can cook things in them much healthier. The handles are also heat resistant but only to 180 degrees so you can only really put them in the oven on low temperatures to keep food warm otherwise ...

Philips SHP 8900 23/04/2012

Philips SHP 8900

Philips SHP 8900 Philips SHP 8900 After my trusty Sennheiser in-ear earphones stopped working after a year of intensive use I needed more solid headphones. I decided to buy a headset. It's more hassle to wear headphones and they cannot easily be stored. But these traditional headphones are durable; they deliver better sound and are not so bad for your ears like earplugs. The brand Philips is known to me as an excellent all-round brand. Philips is not specialized in headphones such as Sennheiser and Skullcandy but these you also pay for the brand. The Philips products compete primarily in terms of value tremendously with the other variants. A further feature of Philips products is that the design is only moderate, which is both an advantage and disadvantage, depending on what you prefer. The headset is completely black with only small red letters indicating which side is the left and right. The cable is only at one side of the headphones, this was a condition of my purchase because I find a double cable clumsy to deal with. The cable is four meters long which for me is more than enough when sitting in the house. The headset itself is made of hard plastic and metal. The metal ledges are retractable so that the headphones fit heads of all sizes. The plastic top of the headphones which rest on your head is lined with leather. The outside of the sections is shiny black, the rest is modest mat. The leather ensures that you do not suffer from the headphones on your head. The cushions ...

Black&Decker GW350 20/04/2012

The Black & Decker GW 350

Black&Decker GW350 The Black & Decker GW 350 Leaves as they do look beautiful in a forest, it’s something I hate in my own garden and around the house. I know there are worse things that can happen, but it can be annoying cleaning them up. For that reason we bought a few years ago the Black & Decker blow and vacuum GW 350. The machine comes in a heavy large box were you of course get the machine itself, two vacuum and blow tubes, a collecting bag, a carry strap and a manual. Everything you really need. After mounting all the pieces together, which is very easy to do and explained in the manual, you can already use the device. The machine works very simple. If you want to use the machine to blow, you simply apply the blow tube to the machine and leave the collecting bag off. Of course when you want to use the machine to vacuum then you attach the vacuum tube and also the collecting bag for the leaves. The machine has two speeds which you can control at the top of the machine. It has a three button control with the options: off, fast mode and slow mode. The fast mode is more for when the leaves are a bit wet and sticky but normally the slow mode is just fine to use and makes less noise. It has an 1800 watt motor which is powerful enough. A big advantage of this machine is the shredding blades while using the vacuum option. This really reduces the volume of the leaves. According to the manual it reduces the volume from 10 to 1. The collecting bag has a capacity of 35l. The machine ...

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Car Jar Bonus Pack 19/04/2012

Yankee for the car

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Car Jar Bonus Pack Yankee for the car Clean cotton from Yankee candles might be my favourite scent in the whole Yankee candle range. You can buy clean cotton in large jars, samplers and wax tarts and prices range from about £15 for the large jar to only £1.20 for the wax tarts. As well as candles Yankee also do their more popular fragrances in air fresheners for cars. I got the clean cotton car jar for my car because it seemed like the ideal fragrance for a car. Clean, fresh and scented but not too sweet or flowery and it blends in to the background without overpowering so I can sit in my car and enjoy the freshness that it gives. The car jar just hangs from my mirror up front and it fragrances the whole car really quickly with its aroma. It is excellent for masking horrible smells such as food and cigarette smoke and neutralizing them with the clean fresh scent. When I haven’t been in the car all day and get back in it at night the only thing I can smell is the aroma coming from the air freshener. Clean cotton is an amazing smell. It does smell exactly like freshly washed sheets hanging on a summers day. Well it would do if I was hanging those sheets somewhere like Italy as the fragrance always smells a little like an Italian country smell to me. Maybe it’s because I can smell a slight hint of lemons mixed in with the freshness. Whatever it is it is amazing. The car jar keeps its scent for absolutely ages and lasts for weeks on end before I need to think about replacing it. The scent is really ...

Stiga Collector 35 15/04/2012

A good lawnmower

Stiga Collector 35 I am not a big fan of gardening, but sometimes it's just a must. Both in front and at the back of the house I have grass. Now I have finally purchased a good lawn mower. I have had for a long time a hand mower but he started to fail on me. So I now have bought an electric lawnmower. The Stiga Collector 35 This lawnmower has an electronic engine with an output of 1100 watts. This lawnmower does make a lot noise with the cutting of the grass but you don't feel any vibrations which is a big plus. The lawn mover has a collecting capacity of 27 litters and the collecting tray is easily to dismantle. To start the mover you have to press the lever and then also the start button. The first time it's a bit of a hassle but then you get used to it. The mower is yellow with black. The metal knife is sharp and you have to remove the grass when you're done. If necessary, you can adjust the mower in 3 different heights. The mower also has an eco-label. Price I bought the mower for £100 and bought it at a garden centre. For a lawnmower I was really looking for the way it looked, it's about the quality of the mower. This lawnmower is black with yellow which was fine with me. In the packaging of the mower is a manual. I also got a garden 20-meter cable for free. Furthermore the lawnmower is guaranteed for 2 years. How to maintain the lawn mower I'm a bit lazy when it comes to maintain the lawn mower but it's actually not that difficult. When you are done moving, you must remove the grass that ...

Yankee Candle Evening Air Scented Sampler 14/04/2012

Nice but doesn't smell like evening air

Yankee Candle Evening Air Scented Sampler Nice but it doesn't smell like evening air I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Yankee evening air candle but I liked the deep purple colour of the candle and the picture of the tree in the night sky with a water background really appealed to me. I wasn’t sure what the smell would be like but I wanted to try it and was hoping it was going to be really crisp and aromatic. I bought it in a sampler version which cost me 95p in an online sale but they usually sell for about £1.20. Sampler candles and wax tarts are the best way to experiment with Yankee’s many different scents without having to spend a lot of money. Evening air is also available in larger jar candles and lidded glass jars. As soon as I unwrapped the sampler and could smell the candle it was nothing like I thought it would smell like. The smell is really aromatic and quite spicy and musky. It is really nice but I don’t understand why it is called evening air because it really doesn’t evoke feelings of evening air. It smells a bit like an aftershave or men’s deodorant and is one of the more masculine Yankee candles that are available. The strength of the candle was on the strong side for Yankee and it filled my living room up quickly after lighting it and I could smell it all the way in the hall and through to the kitchen after about half an hour. The sampler candles are supposed to last for about 8 hours and this one did last about that time. I found that I only needed to light the candle for about an hour at a ...

Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother Battery Operated 14/04/2012

Perfect froth

Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother Battery Operated Perfect froth I love costa coffee and starbucks but they are expensive and I thought that I could probably make them just as nice at home so I bought a Bodum Schiuma milk frother so that I could make frothy cappuccinos at home. I have a coffee machine that is supposed to make cappuccinos but even though the coffee always tastes nice it doesn’t get a nice frothy head on it so I hoped that this would make me an authentic cappuccino. The Bodum Schiuma milk frother is a shiny metal base with a small milk whisk on the bottom. It works by putting the whisk in milk and pressing the button to whisk up milk to make it really frothy. You can use it the frother with either cold or warm milk and both work well but warm milk is nicer when frothed and put over coffee to make cappuccino. I have had frothers before but this one is much better and really frothes the milk perfectly. It is powerful even though it is not large and it only takes a few seconds to get thick creamy froth. When it has frothed the milk it is thick and sits on top of the coffee and doesn’t sink down and mix with the coffee. The frother takes batteries which weren’t included so I had to go and buy some when I got it. The frother also uses the power in batteries really quickly and they only last about a month before needing replaced and that is with not even using the frother every day. I bought my Bodum Schiuma frother online and it cost me £12.99. It is more expensive than this in most shops and the rrp is £17.45. I ...

JML Blu Step 14/04/2012

Sturdy and practical

JML Blu Step Sturdy and practical I bought the JML Blu folding step stool from Argos because I thought it would be a really useful thing to have around the house and because it is small and collapsible it wouldn’t take up much storage room. The step is a really basic product but it comes in handy all the time. It is made from plastic and is blue in colour. The step stool can be folded together when you aren’t using it and when it is like this it is really thin and slots in to tight spaces so even if you haven’t got loads of room you can find somewhere to keep it. When you open the step stool it becomes a square shaped stool that is 22cm high and 31cm wide. This doesn’t sound a lot but it is ideal for being able to reach out of the way places such as the top of cupboards etc. I am quite tall but I do find it really handy and use it all the time because there is always something that is just out of reach and using the step stool means that I don’t have to go fetch my ladders. Even though it is made from plastic the step stool is really rigid and secure when it is opened. The step stool doesn’t move or wobble and even when I jump on it the plastic doesn’t give away or creak under the pressure. It is reinforced so even really heavy people will be able to use it without worrying that it won’t be able to take their weight. The maximum weight it can support is 21 stone. I also think the width is a really good size and I can fit my feet on it comfortably and they don’t crowded and as if they have ...

Mafia 2: Directors Cut (PS3) 13/04/2012

The Mafia II Directors Cut

Mafia 2: Directors Cut (PS3) Mafia II is one of my favourites games for the PS3. Mafia II is a game that largely dependent on its strong story and believable game world. The game world looks realistic and looks just like i would imagine New York around that time. The main story of Mafia II revolves around Vito Scaletta a war veteran who after his return from the Second World War in France arrives in the world of crime because he ends up having to repay the debts of his father. The bit light headed and sometimes quite annoying Barbarro Joe is his companion throughout the game. The story is well structured and contains multiple twists, which some of them are unexpected and some you can spot from far far away. The story is sometimes a bit cliché and it's a bit of I have seen this before. But the story is overall very entertaining and well written. The missions vary from easy to difficult and are well built up. You start with missions where you only have to fistfight to were later on you get a gun. From the fistfights you go on to spectacular gunfights with multiple opponents. But in the beginning it's more of driving up and down Empire Bay delivering stuff and meeting people. It's not very exciting but the beautiful game world makes it interesting. It's a bit of a downside of the game that the first half of the game involves only fist fighting and just more to the end of the game you have the good spectacular gun work. The Directors cut differs from the original game as you get three additional story lines ...
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