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Two uni reports finished and submitted, only one left to go! And on another note, i'm very close to an orange dot, lets just hope Ciao lasts long enough for me to reach it!

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Rentokil Insectrol Aerosol 07/12/2015

A Must-have for a Grotty Student Houses

Rentokil Insectrol Aerosol Introduction When I moved into my new student house ~three months ago, I soon realised we had a pretty major problem. Due to the fact the house we were moving into is a student house, and has been for a while, it has been badly neglected by the landlord and not exactly well looked after by the previous residents. Because of this, the wooden doors and window frames were badly rotten, cracked, and falling apart. This allowed an array of animals to come and go to and from our house as they pleased. Every evening we have ~6 slugs crawling around our kitchen, and a couple in the living room. Most nights, if you quietly enter the kitchen, you catch a glimpse of our 'pet' mouse, that very quickly scuttles to the hole in the floor and disappears. As well as this, we had a major ant problem. It seemed that wherever you looked in the kitchen, a trail of ants could be seen, and no mater how many we squished, there was always one hundred more. Rentokil Insectrol Aerosol was the product we opted for to solve our pest problems; mainly because it was the first cheap product we came across. We found it in our local Sainsbury's for the fairly reasonable, although annoyingly expensive on a student budget, price; £3. We rushed home and began spraying it everywhere - which may have been our second mistake. Our first mistake was not taking any notice of what it says on the can, as it was only when we got back to the house that we realised this particular product was designed specifically for ...

Peugeot 206 1.1 02/12/2015

The Perfect First Car

Peugeot 206 1.1 Introduction I feel I must begin this review by admitting that I have very little knowledge on the inner workings of cars, and am certainly not qualified to write a specialist review about one. However, I have been driving my Peugeot 206 1.1 for over two years now, and feel it is my duty to share the experience with fellow consumers, as I certainly got lucky having this brilliant little motor for a first car. While learning to drive, ~3 years ago, my Dad and I went to countless second-hand car garages searching for my first car. After almost choosing a Ford Ka (because of the price, certainly not the look!), we came across this stunning, dark blue 206, as shown in the picture. Compared to the previous cars we had looked at, it was in brilliant condition, with only a few minor scuffs. My Dad was getting tired of driving me from garage to garage every evening, and I knew this was the car I wanted, but the price was too high for me to admit that; £2500. Somehow, my Father must have worked out how much I wanted this car, as he later informed be he had made a few calls to the garage, and haggled the price down to £2000, which he informed me I could afford with the money in my savings account. Since then, myself and my Dad have gotten a lot of use out of this car, and it has out-performed all my friends first (and in some cases second, third, fourth and fifth) cars. The Car As I said in the introduction the car was in great condition, showing signs of a few minor bumps. The ...

Dell Inspiron 3521 29/11/2015

A decent budget family laptop

Dell Inspiron 3521 Introduction I came to own this laptop under the most unfortunate circumstances. In a way, this product was a silver lining to the situation. upon returning from a trip to Florida, around four years ago, we were greeted by a house missing half a ceiling, and a floor covered in water. During our holiday the water tank in the loft of our bungalow had overflowed. Fortunately nearly every bedroom was unaffected...except one; mine. My room was entirely covered in a layer of water, moldy ceiling, and ruined stuff, as well as a great deal of junk from the loft - not an ideal end to an otherwise amazing holiday! Among the possessions of mine that were ruined was my laptop of three years. Fortunately, it wasn't an incredibly expensive laptop, nor was it in excellent working order, but it was essential to my studies. After a great deal of hassle with the insurance company, they confirmed my laptop had been irreparably damaged by the water, and replaced it with a new one, this product, within a month. I was very excited to be getting new laptop, as my old one was at that stage where opening google chrome could be a risky move, as it was likely to freeze and restart. It has now been four years since I began using the Dell inspiron 3521, and i'm currently using it to write this review. However, due to human error, I am now at that point where a new laptop would be greatly appreciated, as my attempt to repair this laptop myself, less than a year ago, resulted in it breaking further - ...

Griffin PowerJolt Power adapter - car (8013-JOLT) 24/11/2015

Not a very satisfying product

Griffin PowerJolt Power adapter - car (8013-JOLT) Introduction When I passed my driving test just over two years ago, this was the first product I purchased. As my car is a 2005 Peugeot 206, it doesn't have any USB functionality whatsoever. This handy, and very cheap little product allowed me to charge my phone while driving - which is very handy considering my second-hand phone runs out of battery after less than an hours use. I used this product for less than a month, before I bought another, very similar gadget, for exactly the same price, that allowed me to listen to music via my phone as well as charge it. Reliability It is the reliability of this product that really lets it down. Although its job is very simple, it manages to do it poorly. While driving, I frequently have to touch the home button on my phone if I want to check that it is still charging. I have to do this because it very often looses/ breaks connection and stops charging my phone. This also causes my phone screen to flash on/ off as it looses and gains power supply. Whether this is because my phone slides all over the place when I drive round corners, or because there's a problem with my car cigarette lighter power supply, or just because this product is a little cheap and crappy, I'm not too sure. Using The Product The product couldn't be simpler to use. You just plug the device into cigarette lighter in your car, plug your USB phone charger lead into the device, plug the other end of the lead into your phone and it should begin charging ...

Lone Survivor (DVD) 22/11/2015

A shocking, incredible and heroic true story

Lone Survivor (DVD) Lone Survivor Introduction After seeing an advert for this movie, I decided to watch it for the second time, tonight. I remembered really enjoying it first time round, it was so long ago, and I have seen so many films since, that I couldn't for the life of me remembered anything that happened. Having finished watching it less than an hour ago, with it still very fresh in my memory, I can honestly say it is an excellent film, based on an incredible true story. I am a big fan of war films, such as very well known titles like; The Hurt Locker and Black Hawke Down, but I am often skeptical when watching a new war-related movie, as they tend to glorify war and killing - if the killing is being done by the right side of course. It is in that aspect that the plot of this film really stood out for me, as the hero/ heroes could be considered to be the Afghan villagers that rescued and gave their lives for the badly inured American soldier. Give the situation in that part of Asia over the last few years it is refreshing to see a film viewing civilians caught up in the war in a positive light. The True Story Whenever I here that an action movie was based on a true story I am always very skeptical as to the accuracy, expecting a great deal of exaggeration in the plot. That is another surprising aspect of Lone Survivor. Having watched a 30 minute interview with Marcus Luttrell, the man Mark Wahlberg plays, the real Lone Survivor, I was surprised to realise the true story is almost and ...

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) 18/11/2015

A new feat ofor gaming

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Introduction I feel I should begin this review with an apology. I sincerely apologise for the sheer length of this review, and the subject matter, which I'm sure many of you have very little interest in - but what the heck, at least I'm not reviewing another USB stick. I have never been much of a gamer, but the release of another instalment in the world famous Grand Theft Auto saga, and the incredible hype for the release of this game meant I just have to have it. I am embarrassed about the amount of money I was forced to spend on this game, but I honestly do not regret it. It is undoubtedly the best, and in my opinion most advanced, game I have ever owned, and is the only game I still play. GTA V was released in 2013, after months of hype and release-date-set-backs. Living where I lived prior to attending university, I was always 10 miles away from the nearest shop that would stock any sort of video game. This meant that upon released I was 'forced' into downloading this game from the online playstation network store. As you can imagine, sony used this to there advantage, charging more for the downloadable version than the disk version - greedy b********. This put the grand total of the game up to an embarrassing, shocking, ridiculous £50!. As outrageous as this price is, I certainly got my money's worth. As I was 'forced' to download this game, I had to wait a very, very, very long time for it to download. The file size was roughly 35gb, which may not seem like much, ...

SanDisk Cruzer Fit - USB flash drive - 32 GB 16/11/2015

An excellent product..but also a not so excellent product

SanDisk Cruzer Fit - USB flash drive - 32 GB Introduction Around five years ago I made a major leap into the world of electronics, and bought my very first, and very own USB stick. I had absolutely no use for owning a USB, and no real reason for buying one, but the idea of being able to carry 20+ movies around with me in a little piece of plastic and metal seemed pretty damn awesome. I even managed to convince my Dad to pay, and buy one for himself also. I currently own, and have with me, both of these USB's; only one of which still functions. if I was reviewing the one that still works, this would be a glowing, 5 star review for sure, and if I was only reviewing the one that didn't work, this would be an angry rant. Somehow I have to find a balance between the polar opposites... Memory / Capacity This USB stick, provided it works of course, has an excellent memory of 32GB. In my opinion, this is the optimal capacity for a USB. If you're looking for something with a much higher memory, you may as well bite the bullet and buy an external harddrive, for just a little more money. The working USB stick that I own and still use proved very useful throughout my school studies, as the relatively large capacity allowed for my homework, as well as the 15 movies I'd downloaded that weekend, to be stored on the very portable device, which I took to and from school with me. For those of you that are not so well-versed in the world of gigabytes and the like, 32gb is roughly enough room to store; ~5500 mp3 files, ~15,000 photos and ...

Ride Along (DVD) 14/11/2015

A humerous comedy perfect for Kevin Hart and Ice Cube

Ride Along (DVD) Introduction Ride Along was another one of those movies I had no idea was being released, or had already been released, until I saw it in Sainsbury’s on DVD for £5. Being a fan of comedy movies, Ice Cube and the famous comedian Kevin Hart, I had to buy it. It proved to be a great purchase, and a more entertaining movie than anticipated. I have since seen the reviews and ratings for this film and feel they are a little harsh. It is not advertised as a ground-breaking masterpiece, simply another entertaining comedy, featuring some big names. It’s definitely not my favourite movie, nor did it cause me any great excitement, but it certainly made me laugh and was worth the fiver. If you enjoy light-hearted, slightly rude and crude comedies, Ride Along will undoubtedly make you chuckle; so long as you’re not expecting an incredible, mind-blowing piece of comedic genius. The Plot Ride Along is centered around two main characters, Ben, a security guard, (Kevin hart) and Ben's girlfriend's brother, James, a veteran cop (Ice Cube). Ben has spent the last two years trying to win James' approval, and prove himself to be worthy of James's sister's love. After Ben is finally accepted into the police academy, James decides its time to put ben to the test, by taking him on a ride along, on an ordinary shift. As you can imagine, things take an unexpected turn, and dangerous yet hilarious events unfold; all the while Ben is comically 'running his mouth', exacerbating the already ...

WD My Passport WDBBEP0010BBK-EESN 1 TB 31/10/2015

Another excellet hard drive by WD

WD My Passport WDBBEP0010BBK-EESN 1 TB Introduction Upon joining university I made the decision to upgrade from my 500gb external hard drive to this, 1tb hard drive. Whether or not I was a little optimistic as to the amount of work I would complete during my studies, to warrant a 1000gb device is not the point of this review. So far this product has served its purpose and functioned exceptionally well, exactly as good as its predecessor, which I reviewed not too long ago. Since purchasing it when I started uni I have made sure to carry it with me everywhere I go. Being able to store every piece of work, every article and paper, and every programme I require has been incredibly useful, and I haven't even filled a quarter of the hard drive's brilliant capacity yet. Memory / Capacity This hard drive has a total capacity of 1TB, which is 1000gb, in other words, a hell of a lot of space. I opted for the 1tb product because I have completely filled my 500gb WD hard drive, and thought the increased capacity would fulfil my needs throughout my university studies, and I was right. Iv'e been using this device for over a year and its not even a quarter full. I can't imagine there are many people that would fill a 1tb hard drive very quickly, unless you download A LOT of movies, or a lot of computer games/ programmes. To give you an idea of just how big the capacity of this product is, 1000gb can hold: - 700+ movies (depending on the size of the specific files) - ~2 million pictures Needless to say, I certainly can't see ...

Trilobite! Eyewitness to Evolution - Richard Fortey 30/10/2015

An entire book devoted to a creature that went extinct 260mya?!

Trilobite! Eyewitness to Evolution - Richard Fortey Introduction Since beginning my university studies I have been introduced to a range of topics, one of my favourite being palaeontology. While studying palaeontology, I was introduced to the incredible creature known as the Trilobite, which I have since become very interested in; hence my reading of this book. I bought this book, written by world renowned trilobitologist, Richard Fortey, for the brilliant price of £2.50. It was exactly what I wanted in a book devoted to one specific animal; a passionate, informative and incredibly interesting read - rather than the standard, mundane textbook. The fact this book took me little over a week to read, should give you an idea of its quality, and just how much it captivated me. 'Trilobite' gives the reader an excellent insight into the life of one of the most successful and amazing creatures that ever existed on this planet, as well as an insight into the life of a brilliant scientist, who devoted his entire life's work to this little creature. Degree of Information As I said in the introduction, this book is not a textbook and therefore, is not written for the purpose of conveying a great amount of information/ facts. It is written more like a story, as Fortey recounts how he came to know and love Trilobites, and tells of his many adventures and discoveries, as well as those of other scientists in the same field. However, through his stories and explanations, Fortey informs the reader greatly on the evolution, life and morphology ... Micro SD to Micro USB / USB OTG Adapter Card Reader - Android 20/10/2015

A very handy little tool Micro SD to Micro USB / USB OTG Adapter Card Reader - Android Introduction Having grown up (mostly) in the 21st century, mobile phones have been present in my life a great deal. After being allowed my first phone when I was 16, I have since owned a great range of second hand mobiles, given to me by friends/ family. Nearly all of these phones stored my pictures, videos and information on a Micro SD card. For a long time this meant every time my crappy, second hand phone broke, I either lost all my info/pics/vids, or I feebly attempted to keep the annoyingly small micro SD card. This very useful gadget allows you to push your Micro SD card into the little slot on the back of the USB stick, plug the USB stick into a computer/ laptop, and transfer information from one to the other. Finally I could take all the pictures I'd taken on my phone, and put them safely onto a computer; saving many holiday memories. Since purchasing this device a number of years ago, for a relatively low price, it has come in handy many times, and been borrowed by a number of people. The Specs - Converts Micro SD to standard USB or Micro USB - Compatible with OTG-enabled Smartphones and USB-enabled computers - Small, lightweight design - Plug-and-play installation - Bus Type = USB 2.0 - Max Drive Capacity = Tested with MSD cards up to 64GB - Maximum Data Transfer Rate = 480Mbps Using The Product The product is very easy to use. You push the Micro SD into the small metal port pocking out the back, then push the USB into a USB port on a laptop/ computer. This ...

Veho VSS-747-360BT 19/10/2015

Great for 'inconspicuous' beach parties!

Veho VSS-747-360BT Introduction Having grown up in Dorset, just a short distance from Bournemouth, I spent a great amount of time chilling on the beach over summer. Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, there is nowhere on the beach to plug in a speaker. That's where this little speaker came in very useful. After a quick search of Amazon, me and my friends found this wireless Bluetooth speaker, with good ratings and at a price that was not too high, but not so low as to make us worry about the products quality. After a small amount of peer pressure, I gave in and made the purchase; within weeks it was an essential beach-going-gear. It has since proved brilliant for listening to music and a volume loud enough to travel even on the open, windy beach, while relaxing and having a beer, or playing football. It fitted and stood nicely in a shoe - to protect it from the sand etc, and never failed us once; except when it ran out of battery, which was commonly my fault for forgetting to charge it. Since I have moved to uni, it travels all over Plymouth with me. Not only is it loud enough to fill a room with music, it is great for playing music at the park, and wherever we happen to be when we want to listen to some tunes. The Specs - Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.1 x 15.2 cm ; 227 g - Batteries: 1 600Mah Lithium ion batteries required. (included) (Rechargeable) (up to 5 hours playback) - Sound output on the Ice White 747 is boosted by two 2.2Watt speakers - Volume and track control are located on the ...

A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson 12/10/2015

It's hard to imagine a better rough giude to science

A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson Introduction I am certainly no avid reader in any sense of the term, but this is by far my favourite book. Having finished reading it less than two days ago, I simply had to review it. As many of you know, I study Physical Geography and Geology at Plymouth University, and thus am required to read a great deal of higher-level textbooks. Unfortunately, I find textbooks unbearably dull and mundane, presenting interesting information in the most repellent way possible. It is for that reason that I love this book. It makes very important, incredibly interesting and relatively complex information enjoyable, digestible and accessible to a very wide audience. The book does exactly as it claims in the title; providing the reader with a brief, yet detailed, history of, nearly everything, from the singularity that is thought to have been the beginning of the universe to the modern age. Along the journey the writer, Bill Bryson, explains the origins of al the major sciences, providing understandable explanations of very complex scientific developments in the fields of Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and others. These explanations require no understanding of the subject matter and offer very little on the side of pointless, unimportant information. As the quote on the front of the book states; 'Its hard to imagine a better rough guide to science'. Bill Bryson maintains his entertaining manner throughout the book, referencing many comedic quotes from some of the most brilliant minds ...

HQ CD/DVD PENCILS - CD/DVD permanent marker set 07/10/2015

A nice and reliable set of CD/ DVD marker pens

HQ CD/DVD PENCILS - CD/DVD permanent marker set Introduction Before moving into halls and beginning my first year of university I did what every pre-student does; I went shopping with Mum and bought everything I could possibly require for the next year of my life - as it turns out, I happened to need surprisingly little! On that very long list of uni essentials was this set of permanent marker pens, as they were on offer with a set of Re-Writeable CD's, costing around £2. Needless to say I never once used these pens to write on DVD's/ CD's, but still found them useful from time to time. Using the Product As I'm reviewing these pens, which are specifically designed for writing on CD's/ DVD's, I felt it was only right to actually use them for their intended purchase. They work great. They write easily and reliably on discs, and don't rub off as you would expect. In the pack are four different coloured markers; red, green, back and blue, and all the colours look as they should. However, my main use of these pens has been for writing on T-shirts; an oddly common occurrence on student nights out. So far they have worked brilliantly. The pen is of a thickness perfect for drawing profanity all over a friends T-shirt, allowing it to be seen from a good distance, without being so thick as to prevent you from adding the very important detail. Unfortunately, the black pen is almost entirely ruined, as the tip of the marker is frayed and dry. I do believe this is solely because it has been used the most, and only ever on T-shirts ...

König CMP-USBFAN10 USB fan 04/10/2015

A Cool yet Ultimately Useless Gadget

König CMP-USBFAN10 USB fan Introduction I received one of these awesome, simple little computer accessories as a stocking-filler gift a few Christmas's ago. Upon opening it I was surprised and impressed, I mean, who wouldn't want a USB, laptop powered fan?! Unfortunately, since then I have use this gadget a grand total of two times. It is not that this is a poor product, or that it broke, it is simply that it is not altogether useful; for reasons I will explain in the review. Using the Product The fan could not be simpler to use. You plug the USB into a USB port, and, as you may have guessed, the fan starts. This product can be powered by any USB port, be it on a laptop, a mains adapter or any other device. Unfortunately, this rather limits its use to, from my experience, only when I'm on my laptop. I don't know about you, but I rarely feel the desire for a small fan bowing on my face while I'm on my laptop. Equally, the fan has no stand, and must therefore be held at all times while plugged in, thus restricting your ability to use the laptop/ computer it is plugged into. Even if you're opting to plug this gadget into a USB mains adapter, like the ones iPhones plug into, you would be forced to crouch with your head 40cm from the wall to accommodate the short cable. The only situation in which I found this fan useful and generally useable, was on a long flight from England to America. With my laptop on the plastic tray table playing a movie, the fan proved very nice to hold and use for the duration of ...
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