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Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 24/09/2007

Say cheese

Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 I was lucky enough to get this camera last Christmas or else I would have gone without. My partner already has a decent camera and it's hard to justify the expense of 2. It is a pain though as he always has it and I rarely get a chance to take any interesting photos so I was happy to get this. Sony DSCW80 Digital Camera ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ This is a simple to use mostly automated mid range point and shoot camera. It comes in four colour choices; black, white, pink and silver. Mine is silver like the photo here. It is ridiculously easy to use and is stuffed full of useful tools to help make your photos turn out at their best. It is very compact and light; its dimensions are 91 x 58 x 22.9 mm and it weighs 124g. It fits easily in a pocket, your bag or your hand. I think the silver is the best looking of the four and it has a brushed aluminium body which looks great with the slight brush marks running horizontally across the camera front. It has s7.2 mega pixels and a Carl Zeiss 3x optical zoom lens which is high quality. Inside the box, you'll find: • The 7.2 megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-W80 camera • NP-BG1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery • Battery charger • Wrist strap • USB + A/V cable • CD-ROM featuring Picture Motion Browser and drivers • 32 page basic manual (printed) plus full manual (on CD-ROM) On the front of the camera is the flash unit, self timer lamp and a view finder all places above ...

Tefal RK700015 23/09/2007

Chopsticks optional

Tefal RK700015 We eat quite a bit of rice, some we cook at home and some we get from the Indian and Chinese takeaway. Our Friday night treat is a Chinese take out and our midweek 'can't be bothered to cook' treat night (usually a Tuesday for some reason) is usually an Indian takeout. On a recent economy drive we worked out how much we would save by not buying takeout rice; it comes to about £10 a month which doesn't sound a lot till you work out we spend around £120 a year on take out rice. Buying a rice maker then became a perfectly reasonable investment. After a bit of research we decided to go for the RK700015 also known as the Tefal Electronic Multi Cooker. This is a combined rice cooker, slow cooker and steamer. It is a fairly compact round machine; its dimensions are 29 x 28 x 28 cm (H, W, D) so it doesn't take up much space; about the same as a large saucepan. It has a very large capacity and can cook up to 10 cups of rice which is enough for 10 portions. In litres this equates to a volume of 3.2. 1 level cup holds approximately 150 grams of rice The exterior of the body is finished in stainless steel trimmed with black plastic. It is well made and sturdy. The stainless steel finish doesn't pick up a lot of fingerprints which is very pleasing. The interior bowl is aluminium with a non-stick coating. There is a large spatula/spoon and holder, measuring cup and steaming dish included with the cooker. It also has a condensation catcher The control panel is petrol blue and is ...

Panasonic KX TCD735 22/09/2007

My ding-a-ling

Panasonic KX TCD735 When we first started living together, like a lot of other people, we had a lot of essentials to get and not a lot of money to spend. We bought the best we could afford on our limited budget with the intention of replacing each item in turn when we could afford better. The Panasonic KX TCD735 was the best bargain we could find as it is a good quality phone with lots of high tech abilities included and it was cheap on eBay at £40. It has actually turned out to be one of our best bargains and we no longer intend to change it; in fact we bought a second. The Panasonic KX TCD735 This is a cordless phone/answering machine with a hand free operation. The hand free is accessible from both the handset and the base unit. You also have the option of using headphones which is useful if you are on the phone while typing on your PC (although this can cause some very minor buzzing on the line). The handset also has a belt clip which is mightily useful if you need to be in the garden, garage etc but are expecting a call, it operates to around 50 metres of the base unit when indoors but further when outdoors although our garden isn't all that big. Another very useful thing is its ability to call the other handset - great when you want your partner to come to bed! You can have up to 4 units connected and can conference call with them. It looks quite nice if you like functional styling and would fit in at work as well as at home. It comes in a mid silvery grey trimmed with a very ...

Zanussi-Electrolux ZNB 343 W 19/08/2007

A cool white tardis from Zanussi

Zanussi-Electrolux ZNB 343 W When we replaced our fridge-freezer I was specifically looking for a larger fridge compartment as well as a good sized freezer. I have always been used to, and liked Zanussi as I was brought up with them. My mom swears by them and our first washing machine was a 15 year old Zanussi of hers. Understandably they were one of the makes we looked and after several comparisons we chose this Zanussi ZNB343W. The price was reasonable everywhere but we got it from Sainsbury for £297.00 in the sale. We used our nectar points to bring the price down further and received almost 600 further points on the purchase. The Zanussi ZNB343W is a frost free 60/40 fridge-freezer. The frost free freezing system stops ice building up inside the compartment so that you don’t have to defrost the freezer. It also means that ice doesn’t take up space that you could be using for frozen food and if a freezer is over packed with ice this prevents it from maintaining the proper low temperature making it less economical The 60/40 split indicates that the fridge is 20% larger than the freezer and we find both compartments to be a good size. Its exterior dimensions are H1850 x W595 x D632 mm and its internal capacity is 245 litres for the fridge and 78 litres for the freezer. Its energy efficiency rating is A, (The EU energy label rates products from A, (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). For refrigeration the EU energy label goes up to A++. By law, the label must be shown on all ...

Sleep Inn City of London 18/08/2007

Super budget London hotel

Sleep Inn City of London We have just returned from a brilliant short break in London and we stayed at this super budget hotel. I wanted to comment on it while it’s still fresh in my mind. It’s a new budget hotel which only opened in March this year. The building was converted to a hotel from an office block and is a very modern, functional structure which also manages to be tasteful and attractive. It has 163 bedrooms Location It is located at 24 Prescott Street which is in the tower hill area and is about a 5 minute walk from the Tower tube station, there also a bus stop virtually outside the hotel at which you can catch the no. 15 which goes to Trafalgar square and Piccadilly. Practically on the doorstep are the HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge and the tower of London. Within easy walking distance is St. Paul’s Cathedral , Buckingham Palace, Horse guards, st James Park and the Victoria embankment. The area is fairly quiet in general and you have to travel to get to many of the other attractions but this is easy using public transport as it’s all so near; as well as the tube and the bus you are near to the Docklands Light Railway and Fenchurch Street station The Lobby You enter the hotel through doors with double colonnades, the inner pair and apex roof are black and the outer pair is silver metal. It looks quite impressive and the lighting shining g through from inside makes it seem very welcoming. Other than this the hotel doesn’t look anything special from outside- its set on the road with a ...

Lakeland Burger Maker 04/06/2007

Healthy , tasty and cheap burgers

Lakeland Burger Maker I thought I would tell you about this cheap but well made burger maker from Lakeland. I had my first one for years and it has paid for itself many times over and I recently purchased the quarter pounder size The benefits: The biggest benefit is that you know exactly what’s in them and there can be no hidden nasty surprises The burgers shrink much less than ready made frozen ones You can include your favourite things in exactly the quantities you prefer The burgers are nicely shaped What is the Lakeland burger maker? It is a 2 piece press, made of white plastic. It comes in 2 sizes: 3" Diameter traditional hamburger (£6.50) and 4” quarter pounder (£6.99) . Both come with 100 easy release waxed paper discs Extra discs are available in packs of 500 for £2.99 and £3.99 respectively. These are perfect for freezing the burgers as it prevents them sticking together. Tasty things you can include in the burgers: Salt and pepper to your own taste Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce Finely diced chilli peppers Onion spice mixes such as chilli or curry You can use the press to make burgers from any minced meat including : steak, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, bacon , sausage as well as vegetarian choices including bean burgers. Boiled potato, garlic and onion make an excellent change from chips, these ingredients need binding together with some beaten egg but they are beautiful The burger maker just washes clean, there are no nooks and crannies for food or ...
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