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Adidas Men Predator_X Trx Ag 26/05/2011

Adidas Predator Football Boots

Adidas Men Predator_X Trx Ag Adidas Predators are a fantastic pair of boots and that's why they are one of the most successful boots ever made. Owning a pair myself I can say that from my own personal experience they are very comfortable, and really 'mould' to your feet once they are worn in. These are the pair of boots that I currently use to play football, but they are very easily damaged. Any reasonable amount of contact from someone else's studs and they are quite easily ripped and therefore not suitable to play in any more. The leather often comes away from the plastic sole as well so grass and mud always gets stuck in the tear. However they are the only real bad points to the boots and I would definitely recommend buying them if your planning on playing football due to how comfortable they are and how well made they are, and after all, they're Adidas Predators.

Born This Way - Lady Gaga 25/05/2011

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Born This Way - Lady Gaga As a Gaga fan this album is outstanding. By far the best album to be released yet by Lady Gaga and is now available for download and shops. Born This way is Gaga at her best, completely changing her style of music with an electro twist, but still has Gaga's twist on the tracks. 3 songs have already been release from the album, and all made top 5 in the charts. 'Born This way', 'Judas' and 'On the edge of Glory' all were released before the album and all have been hits. Her idea of releasing a song a week to build the album up before releasing it certainly worked, and it hasn't failed to disappoint, buying this album will not disappoint ANY Gaga fan in my opinion. MUST HAVE!

Apple IPOD NANO MC050QB 25/05/2011

iPod Nano 8gb

Apple IPOD NANO MC050QB Apple iPod nano 8gb is a great product and excellent music storage device. The screen is very bright and clear, with vibrant use of colours. It is very simple to use and if, like most people, you have used an iPod before then controlling the nano will be picked up instantaneously. In my opinion the range of features isn't the best from the iPod range, however, iPod nano should be bought for music storage and playback. Due to it's small screen I feel that video playback isn't really a feature used much on the nano and personally feels it just takes up memory space. It has a very clean look and from my point of view is one of the smarter looking iPods. Quality of music playback is excellent and volume control, is both simple and loud enough. Extra features also include alarm clock, games, creating personal playlists and music videos
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