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Land of Fire - Chris Ryan 04/04/2004

SAS mission no. 1

Land of Fire - Chris Ryan I’m a member of World Books ( and on top of this can’t resist a bargain, so in the January sale I bought half a dozen books or so that I knew nothing about because they only cost £2.99 each (hardback). One of these books happened to be Chris Ryan’s Land of Fire. Many of you will have heard of Chris Ryan, but for those of you who haven’t (and I was one of you) he was an SAS soldier and during this time was a Sniper team commander of the anti-terrorist team and was also awarded the Military Medal for his efforts in the Gulf War. Having learned this and seeing the fighter plane on the front sleeve I was very dubious about reading the book as I hate the whole idea of war, but I read it anyway. The main character in the book is Mark Black, who is the newest recruit for an SAS team whose commanding officer is Andy, Mark’s older brother. The team arrives by helicopter and is set down on board the SS Northland, right in the middle of the Falkland crisis. Not long after arriving they are getting together their equipment from the stores when they come across a girl who is believed to be sending a signal to the Argentine air force. Mark captures her and hands her over to the ship’s officers. Within minutes the ship is under attack and the bombing consequently sets the ship on fire. As the team is escaping, Mark decides to risk his own life to save the captured girl. Their mission now begins in earnest against a fortified airbase in Tierra Del Fuego, ...

The Nature of The Beast - Frances Fyfield 02/03/2004

A doggy tale

The Nature of The Beast - Frances Fyfield I’ve never read any of Frances Fyfield’s books before, and if this is anything to go by I’m unlikely to read any more. Fyfield is a happily unmarried, criminal lawyer and as with many books I’ve read by lawyers much of the book comes from the legal angle rather than the police angle. The front of the book has a quote from the Sunday Express describing her as the best female crime writer in this country. Being a psychological suspense I was really looking forward to reading it. By the end of the first chapter the 3 main characters had been introduced: Douglas Petty – He is an ex barrister who is taking a newspaper to court, suing them for libel. We learn very quickly what the case is about, just not who initiated it. Douglas has been left enough money from his Father’s estate that he has no need to work, and spends his time running his kennel for strays and mis-treated dogs. He is not a character you immediately warm to, but do begin to feel somewhat sorry for him by the end of the book. Amy Petty – Douglas’s wife, she is in a train crash and is thought to have been one of the many killed, however, she walks away unscathed and disappears. As readers we know exactly where she is, what she’s doing and who she’s with, no suspense there then. Amy is a very homely and likeable character and is prone to imagining everyone she meets as a type of animal or breed of dog (bizarre). Elisabeth Manser – She is the assistant of the lawyer (John Box) who is working on the ...

Oil of Olay Moisture Balancing Face Wash 28/01/2004

It's not a soap

Dr. Oetker Ristorante 27/01/2004

The perfect frozen pizza

The Big Bad Wolf - James Patterson 08/01/2004

Certainly not Little Red Riding Hood

Nestlé Clusters 07/11/2003

Cluster round

The Chamber - John Grisham 04/11/2003

Chamber of horrors

Twinings Echinacea & Raspberry Tea 22/10/2003

No need for milk

Early Learning Centre Electronic Cash Register 11/10/2003

Learning to add

Early Learning Centre Electronic Cash Register My daughter received an ELC cash register for her 3rd birthday and has subsequently had hours of fun shopping. The cash register comes in 2 colours – blue and orange. My daughter’s is orange, but also includes purple bits with a green cash drawer and green and pink buttons. Accessories The cash register comes with money in the form of plastic coins (colour, shape and size to match British coins) and notes in denominations of £5, £10 and £20 (all with a Lion’s head in place of the Queen). There is also a credit card, which my daughter now knows you can use to pay for things if you don’t have any money with you!! This certainly gives the kids some idea of the concept of money, although my daughter still prefers coins to notes (she’ll learn). Functions There is a number pad and a ‘+’ button which is used in the same way as a calculator, so a price is punched in for each item, the ‘+’ is punched and then the next price, etc. When the shopping is finished there is a total button which gives the value of the shopping. This is viewed on a display similar to that on a calculator. All this teaches children how to recognize numbers and the basics of adding up. There is a big pink button with open written on it, which opens the cash draw revealing all the money, which is split into compartments just like a real till. The credit card, if being used to pay for the shopping, can be swiped in a slot on the cash register. There is also a pad on the side which can be ...

Talking Tinky Winky Teletubby 07/10/2003

Tinky Winky sings

Clube Praia Da Rocha 01/10/2003

The pits

Asda Smartprice Custard Creams 01/10/2003

Good for a sweet tooth

Asda Smartprice Custard Creams My all time favourite biscuit has got to be a Custard Cream. I know there are other great biscuits out there, but give me a plate of mixed biscuits and the Custard Cream gets it every time. Just in case someone has never had a custard cream and doesn’t know what it looks like, it is two small biscuits rectangular in shape, which make a ‘sandwich’ out of a custard flavoured creamy filling. Custard Cream is also printed into the biscuit with extravagant swirls around the name. They are approximately 1 inch by 1.5 inches in size. The biscuits themselves can be a bit boring (although they are good to dunk), but the cream filling definitely makes the biscuit. My 3 year old usually takes a biscuit, pulls it apart, throws the plain biscuit back in the biscuit tin and just eats the half with cream on. The biscuit is very sweet, and you get a wonderful taste in your mouth when the cream hits. They are very morish, I cannot stop at just one biscuit and it’s a struggle to stop after two. The taste definitely lingers in your mouth when you’ve finished one and what a scrummy taste it is. Product Facts Packaging –The customary white packaging of all smartprice products with a picture of the biscuit on the front and ‘Custard Cream’ in orange. Other writing in red and black. The best before date is clearly printed on the front of the packet. The packet I have gives me 16 weeks to eat them (I’ll be lucky if they last 16 days). Cost – 37p for 32 biscuits, excellent value for ...

Virgin Vie Cooling Foot Fizz 21/08/2003

Fizz up your feet

Ford Focus 1.4 19/08/2003

No room to focus

Max Factor Lipfinity 16/08/2003

Lipfinity with staying power

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