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Sendo S300 17/02/2010

A Reliable Phone

Sendo S300 Well call me old-fashioned, but I like simple, easy to use technology that doesn't have an extremely long learning curve. The Sendo S300 appeals to me for that very reason. It's Simple. And at the end of the day, its called a phone because it's function is to simply ring people. If it has any other unnecessary features well it's therefore in my eyes no longer a phone. I'm sick and tired of being told that I NEED the latest features for my phone. '' Jake, you NEED bluetooth, you NEED a 5 megapixel camera, you NEED this you NEED that. Frankly, I don't give one. My friends are transfixed in this technological obsessed society where it seems it's no longer acceptable to have a phone like a Sendo S300. There is still hope for this kind of mobile phone as the website (check my review if you aren't sure what it is) proved. This simple technology may come back round, hopefully. Anyway, on with the features of this simple but splendid mobile phone. Once turning on you will see the network your subscribed to, the time, your mobile phone signal and how much battery you have left. Due to the phones limited features, the battery lasts for what seems like an eternity because it no longer has to waste energy on any unnecessary applications. On the homepage, you will have a choice of two options, one is to click on to the menu where you will encounter another list of potential choices or you can click straight onto your contacts which enables you ring someone easily ...

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum - Kasabian 17/02/2010

Not advisory album title for a potential Hangman player - but sti

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum - Kasabian Kasabian burst onto the music scene back in 2004 with their self-titled album. This featured the anthem ''Club Foot'' and various other top class singles like ''L.S.F'', ''Processed Beats'' and ''Reason is Treason''. The album created a lot of buzz and hype surrounding the band, putting more pressure on their second album. There second album came with mixed reviews. The singles were just as good as the previous, the album titled track ''Empire'' and the extremely catchy ''Shoot the Runner'' both helped the band to gain more chart success and increased their popularity significantly. However, there did seem to be a lot more filler tracks that affected my perception of them slightly and made me a little more sceptical about this forthcoming album. The smaller success of the ''Empire'' album certainly hasn't put the Leicester lads off and there back with a brand spanking new album. It's called West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Intriguing, I know but like many I wanted to find the true reason for giving an album such a peculiar name. So I did some research and found that Serge - the guitarist - suggested the name because it evoked a number of feelings and really stood out. Apparently, the musical content has nothing to do with the album's title. Now, one thing that immediately struck me after playing this album just once was the amount of progress the band has made in terms of musical style. It's hard to put your finger on the exact genre these guys go under but you can ... 13/06/2009

Twitter - I wonder what Tom Cruise is doing? My friends had previously spoken of this internet craze called Twitter. I dismissed them and decided to stick to the well-known facebook. It wasn't until I had watched the return of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross when QI's Stephen Fry was a guest. They started talking about this phenomenon, Twitter. Out of curiosity, I visited Twitter, set up an account, and searched not only my friends but various celebrities such as Stephen Fry. Unbelievably, I'm now a follower (I'll explain later) of Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry and can now contact them through this superb website called Twitter. Whether they reply to me is another story but the fact that I can view what various celebs are doing is very interesting. Anyway, Twitter is a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. This means that you are able to connect with friends and family much like Facebook and MySpace. However, the major difference between Twitter and those other social networking sites is the fact that your messages aren't allowed to be more than 140 characters. You may think this feature known as micro-blogging is strange and silly but it's the simplicity of this that makes it unique. Currently, we have so many gizmos, gadgets and technical objects that aren't necessary. That said, neither is Twitter but the simplicity means that online messaging has never been easier. It reminds me of mobile phones in the good old days when all they did was what a phone should be able to ...

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (DVD) 02/02/2009

Harold and Kumar on the run

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (DVD) Having been fortunate enough to stumble upon the first Harold and Kumar outing, named Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies whilst flicking through the sky channels. After incessantly laughing at nearly every joke made throughout the film, I noticed the movie had been left on a cliffhanger of sorts. I rapidly got up; searched online and yes I was right, there was a sequel. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay is the next instalment in the H&K series. A sequel is always tricky to pull off, ask any director. I can remember countless times after watching a second film in a series, where I have been left disappointed. The Matrix springs to mind as being an appalling sequel, closely followed by Oceans Twelve, and the latest versions of American Pie have sadly killed quite an amusing brand. Having said all that, I approached this film with caution and despair. After this undue despair I had placed on the heads of the writers and directors John Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, I am glad to say that film is utterly hilarious. The writers have done a great job of keeping the same humour that all us H&K fans love and made us enjoy the first film. Anyway, the first film starts where it left off. After Maria, the woman Harold has lusted over for so long has finally accepted his request, is unfortunately whisked away to Amsterdam before he can seal the deal. He and his pal Kumar decide to pursue her whilst inevitably due to the fortuitous circumstance that Maria is ...

Only by the Night - Kings of Leon 31/01/2009

Only BUY The Night

Only by the Night - Kings of Leon Kings of Leon are a four piece rock band originating from Tennessee in the United States. They consist of three brothers and a cousin. They have had three full studio albums prior to this in the shops, but none of them have reached the magnitude of Only By The Night. There style of music in previous albums is very Bob Dylan influenced despite being a rocky-bluesy album and works well for them. They had limited chart success with their first two albums, the best being the sing 'the bucket' which entered the top 20. Then came Because of the Times, this went straight to no.1 in the UK album charts. It was a fantastic album which did well despite the Kings of Leon yet to find their true sound. Just over a year later now and I believe with this album, we have entered the 8th stage of rock. Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Nirvana and KINGS OF LEON. You may be thinking that it's a bit extreme of me for putting Kings of Leon on the same pedestal as those Rock Legends, let alone in the same sentence, but when was the last time you listened to a CD over and over this side of the 21st century? The amount of times I've bought a cd of a modern day artist but then reverted back to a classic such as dark side of the moon or californiacation. These guys have talent and fantastic song writing abilities. They include all the musical elements needed to make a hit record and have such an amazing singer at the helm. This album consists of all ...

The Sound of Laughter - Peter Kay 29/01/2009

Take a bow Mr Kay

The Sound of Laughter - Peter Kay I am a colossal Peter Kay fan; I've enjoyed and purchased all of his TV shows, the famous ones such as Phoenix nights and possibly the best spin off show ever, Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere. I even liked 'That Peter Kay Thing'which many people just didn't get. His stand-up was a personal favourite of mine, so much so that if I saw somebody in the street with one of his notorious slogan t-shirts on, I would think they were the sort of person I would like to have a drink with. However, with all the hype that was circulating Peter Kay at the time, I felt extremely disappointed particularly when he introduced his 'new' stand-up DVD live at the Manchester arena. The difference between this and the Bolton Albert Hall show that I had previously bought was that it was forty minutes shorter and a lengthy mildly amusing documentary about the 180 show tour was added on the DVD's extras. I felt betrayed. The amount of merchandise that Peter Kay was producing was increasing and I had had enough when he released Stand up U-Kay. The best bits of all his old material from his previous tours. What a con! I swore on my life that I would rather have a small dog gnawing me from toe to head then buy a Peter Kay related product again. Well guess what? I'm writing this review whilst my next door neighbour's Chihuahua has made the wise choice of deciding to start on my big toe. I was unbelievably tempted to buy this book and once it came down to a reasonable price I had to give it a go. And ...

Step Up (DVD) 29/01/2009

Save the Last Dance - Carbon copy?

Step Up (DVD) Step Up was a christmas present that my much younger sister was given. I can't say I had high hopes as my 11 year old sister deemed it amazing. Anyway, Step Up is a music/dancing/romantic drama that was released in 2006. The story is about a guy called Tyler, a rebel and bona fide street dancer. He hangs around with two brothers Mac and Skinny and gets into trouble in the process. The three of them vandalise a local School of Arts but only Tyler is caught and given 200 hours of community service. He is assigned the role of School janitor. Meanwhile, A woman called Nora is practicing for a talent showcase but due to unforseen events Tyler ends up dancing with her much to the resentment of his friends, as this type of dancing is ''uncool''. Tyler and Nora become close but after an incident Tyler walks out on Nora. Tyler realises he has made a mistake and has to decide between making something of his life or returning back to the inner city as a criminal. This film is predictable and cliched in every aspect you could think of. Even the so called twist is conventional. Tyler is played Channing Tatum. A relatively new actor who's biggest part to date was as Jason Lyle in the hugely successful Coach Carter. He does an okay job on his first leading role. I think the main problem with these types of films is that the actors have to be able to dance, which Channing Tatum manages to do so and impressively I might add. However his acting can only be described as woeful but ...

Frankie Boyle - Live (DVD) 28/01/2009

Leave it on the Boyle

Frankie Boyle - Live (DVD) I am an avid fan of Frankie Boyle. Ever since he first appeared on Mock the Week I've followed him closely. His style of comedy is brilliant and to put it bluntly, he steals the show on Mock the Week. He tells it straight and isn't afraid of offending anybody. This is the guy that blows political correctness out of the window. I waited with anticipation and excitement for the release of this DVD, I even pre-ordered it, which is something I am not known to do as my usual policy is ''wait a few months till it come down in price''. Once it arrived, I immediately and eagerly bunged it in my DVD player and sat back, and prepared to be roaring in laughter. However, ninety minutes later, I was disappointed. Ten minutes in, and I was thoroughly enjoying the show. He's renowned for his one liners and it's no different here. His jokes to start with are hilarious and keep me entertained. He interacts with his audience by asking 'What's your name and what do you do?' to various people on the front row. This can be quite funny but it does seem that his replies are rehearsed because he usually mentions a way that this person might kill there self like ''Do you ever go home and think about sticking your head in an oven?'' and not a comment relating to his job, something Al Murray does brilliantly. This can be funny but it quickly becomes tedious and very predictable. He also uses this technique to break up his act and does so, in really bizarre circumstances. Despite the vast ...
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