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Walk The Line (DVD) 02/11/2010

Walk The Line is simply brilliant

Walk The Line (DVD) Story - This is a film about Johnny Cash in his early life and career and meeting June Carter to proposing to her on stage. Early Johnny - It shows Johnny (Or J.R as he was called at this stage in his life, he was called this as his parents could not decide on his name, they could only decide on initials, he became John R Cash when he joined the USAAF as they would not accept just initials, and then became Johnny Cash when his music career started) with his family on the cotton farm as a child, it shows his close relationship with his brother Jack, who later dies in hospital after an accident with a saw trying to make money, and his relationship with his father which isn't so good. USAAF - You see Johnny saying his goodbyes to his family to go to Germany with the USAAF, you later see him watching a film about prison and then writing Folsom prison blues. You also see Johnny getting in contact with his future first wife Vivian promising her to love her forever and they'll live together. Music career starting - Johnny is selling products door to door and it's not going to well, where he see's a recording studio. You see Johnny singing with his friends, then Vivian tells him they have an eviction notice, Johnny then goes to the recording studio and asks the owner if he can trial out to join the record company. This doesn't go too well at the start as they cover a popular gospel song, but then Johnny and his friends play Folsom Prison Blues and get a deal. Johnny gets ...

Newcastle United 02/11/2010

Simply amazing atmosphere and fun for all!

Newcastle United Newcastle United 5* - Newcastle United are one of, if not the best, supported football team in the world, and although they may not be one of the "top 4" teams, they are without a doubt one of the most entertaining teams to see play at home, at their St James' Park stadium. The fans of Newcastle United are very passionate, and may be known as Geordies, Magpies or the Toon Army. The Newcastle United football team, although not the best, definately show alot of heart on the pitch to play exciting football, with fast attacking attractive football and good use of the wings The stadium holds just over 52.000 supporters, that see football as more than just a game but as a religion and a way of life, which ensures that every match the stadium erupts with the spine tingling excitement of the atmosphere. Fun factor 5* - Definately something for the whole family, you've not been to a football match untill you've seen Newcastle United at home! The food at the stadium however, is not great, and over priced, the pies are very flakey and over cooked and the burgers are really tough, but there are plenty of good food facilities around the stadium, as the stadium is practically in the town centre. Definately recommend 5* entertainment! Location - St James' park is located virtually in the town centre, which makes it easy to get to. If you were to go to see Newcastle play, you could get a train from almost anywhere to Newcastle Central station which is near the life centre and ...

Combat Flight Simulator 3 (PC) 02/11/2010

A breath taking combat flight simulator!

Combat Flight Simulator 3 (PC) Microsoft combat flight simulator 3 provides a realistic look into the lives of the brave WW2 fighter pilots/bomber crews over Europe, with detailed views of the plane. The campaign mode is a LOT of fun, set in 1943 you can choose from the RAF, the Luftwaffe and the USAAF, you also get the choice of whether you want to be a bomber crew( I say crew as you can control the plane, bombardier and all gun sites) or a fighter pilot. You get a wide range of missions, from close air support, striking factories, fighter sweeps and many many more!! Choose whether to take out tank or troop columns, artillery positions, ammo depots, factories, ships and many more! or engage the enemy in a dog fight! As the campaign progresses you can also obtain new aircraft, and launch ground offensives in sectors! Very detailed information on missions and realistic damage! Easy to set up and play, with options on how difficult/realistic you would like to play with. There is also an online option where you can play against friends or other combat flight simulator users! A LOT of fun and I highly recommend this over other combat flight simulators. I would also advise getting a joystick as it makes the flight more fun! 02/11/2010

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