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Formula 1 in General 23/02/2001

End Of An Era For Murray

Formula 1 in General I cant believe it, there i was sitting in front of the TV waiting for the adverts to pass when bang! on comes an advert for the new season of formula one racing. GREAT!!! i thought. i have loved this sport for ever, and love every aspect of it. I have to say though, although the racing is good, i love the commentary. This is where my problem begins. You say to someone "Formula 1" they say......"Murray Walker". he is formula 1. Everybody loves him. He may not be the most accurate of commentators, but it all adds to the greatness of the sport. You have the usual, "it's Eddy Irvine...." replaced with "no murray, its ......." from jim rosenthal. then comes the inevitable "o, o yes it is." As i say, murray is formula 1, and i think the sport is going to be at a major loss when it comes to the end of the 2001/2002 season. The sport morns a loss.....

id software - Quake 3 arena 21/02/2001

Incredible, Even After A Third Outing

id software - Quake 3 arena Countless eons ago the Arena Eternal was created to satisfy the blood lust of an ancient race known as the Vadrigar. They stocked it with weapons of fearsome destruction, scattered it with armour and ammunition and peopled it with the greatest warriors of all time. Into this maelstrom of carnage you are thrust as the latest recruit daring to challenge the mighty – or are you there for the entertainment of unseen watchers who snigger as your body is blasted limb from limb? That, my friends, is up to you as you step into this ultimate seek and destroy – this cat and mouse game that always ends messily but in which the mouse can have his day – this QUAKE III ARENA. As a single player taking your first tentative steps you’ll quickly realise that this is like nothing you have ever experienced before. In the first tier alone 4 arenas await you with 5 more tiers beyond. Choose one…! Step through the portal and be confronted by one of 30 experienced warriors – then be amazed at the speed you get fragged…! Fragging is not as final as it may sound. Even though your body may be shattered, your blood decorating every surface in sight, you will quickly be resurrected to continue the struggle – well, good fighters are so hard to find, and it’s a shame to waste them needlessly. This time, at the moment of reanimation, move…! Seek out your aggressor before he seeks out you…! Take the initiative and, at the slightest ...

The Sims (PC) 21/02/2001

You Just Have To Keep Playing...

The Sims (PC) This game has already become a large hit in USA and has sold more copies then Sim City 3000. These numbers say very much about the game, but you probably wonder what makes this game so unique. Well the freedom in the game is awesome and you can do almost everything you want, if you have enough money that is. When you start the game you have 20 000 $ that you can use on your house. After spending about 10-15 000 on the house you dont have very much to purchase house items for. When you have bought the necessary items(Toilet shower bed etc) its a good idea to find a job. To get a job you can look in the newspaper or search the internet. The first jobs you find doesn’t pay very good, but you can get new jobs or be promoted in you existing job. And then, when you have made a bit money you can for instance build a second floor on your house or buy a new one. And if you decide you want to be a new Sim you can save your existing Sim, start with a new one, and then your first Sim will be you neighbour! This again makes it hard if there is two using the game, because then you can interfere with the other persons game The graphics in this game are very good, and the movement of the characters is perfect! The game play is also outstanding with tons of things do to with or to your Sim! And the Sims also act very real and natural and the AI(artificial intelligence) is one of the most advanced I have ever seen! For instance when I was married she complained because I didn't ...

Toy Story 2 (PC) 21/02/2001

Good film, shame about the game

Toy Story 2 (PC) Another cartoon film is released and with that follows of course a game, and i can say my experience is that this games mostly are quick made games with low quality. But Toy Story is different, great graphics and good gameplay this is one of the best movie based games i have played! You are Buzz Lightyear, and your mission is to rescue the cowboy doll Woody. but its not that easy as you may think, because you will have to maneuver yourself through 15 3-D worlds and battle Emperor Zurg and his robot army. And between that you see some well made movies. The gameplay is rather boring, because it all is about getting the pizza token to advantage to the next level this you do by taking "missions" from other toys. Example on that is when you should bring back the ear to Mr.Potatohead(!). This is details that are amusing and makes the lifespan longer. Another thing that expands the lifespan is that you can get 5 pizza tokens in each level, but you only need one so if you are stuck in a level you can try to get some of the tokens you didn't get last time. But this game is definitely not for experienced computer players, because it is too easy. And its a little to hard for kids on the 5-6 age. But if you now a 8 year old kid this is a excellent gift for him, he will love shooting down toys with Buzz's lazer. So go on buy it to your favorite cousin or something. And it will keep him busy for some time.

M25 Racer (PC) 21/02/2001

Ok... i guess

M25 Racer (PC) Ever wanted to race down England most famous motorway the M25 in a mini? Well probably not huh, ok well your going to get the opportunity anyway. M25 racer is a racing game where you race down the M25 at breakneck speeds in car such as mini's, BMW's and Jaguar's, avoiding the police where ever possible. The realism in the game has something to be desired though it must be said, flying down Britain's busiest motorway at over 200mph is just not realistic, and the scenery, well its mad, old English red phone boxes, police driving land rovers, and the number of red buses and London black cabs are unbelievable. Having said all this who ever said that games should be true to life, well probably most of us at some point but its still fun and as well as racing on the M25 you also get to race around London and Oxford. The graphics are ok but by any means brilliant, but they do the job well enough, and it does not require a 3D card to run, unlike many of the games being released today. The game can be played with only a P166 and 16MB of ram, although it is much smother on a P200 with 32MB. It must be said its not as good as the latest "Need for Speed", but its only half the price and so if your a bit short of cash and you are still running a pretty low spec machine its gotta be worth a look

Hannibal (DVD) 20/02/2001

I Can Smell Your...

Hannibal (DVD) Hannibal Lecter is tanned, rested and ready. And a bit dull and dowdy compared to our last encounter with him.Dare we wax crudely metaphoric and say that "Hannibal" lacks the bite of its 1991 predecessor, "The Silence of the Lambs"? Under Ridley Scott's lush, showy direction, it's still a decent enough flick, as grisly thrillers go. But this time, Anthony Hopkins' serial killer extraordinaire comes across as something of a milquetoast, gumming his way along instead of chomping down with those celebrated canines. Gone is the sense of caged-animal frenzy that bubbled beneath Lecter's calm exterior while in captivity in the first film. Gone are those delectable morsels of dialogue about fava beans and Chianti and cheap shoes, the delicious "quid pro quo" exchanges with FBI agent Clarice Starling, the manic "tick-tock, tick-tock" as Lecter maliciously counted down the waning time a victim had to live. This time out, we get a dapper Hannibal Lecter whose menace comes more from the memory of how chilling he was in the previous film than from anything he does this time. Lecter does do plenty of slicing and dicing in "Hannibal," and very, very gruesomely in the film's closing moments. But his violence is mostly reaction to dastardly deeds others try to do to him. He appears at his most dangerous in a handful of flashbacks depicting past atrocities. And his choicest quote is nothing more than the amusingly ominous, "Okey-dokey," which he utters on two ...

F1 2000 (PC) 13/02/2001

Amazing graphics, but not so good game play

F1 2000 (PC) There are Formula One racing games and then there is EA Sports' F1 2000. Boasting all the trappings of the 2000 season (including the actual drivers, teams, and tracks), variable levels of play, realistic physics, and gorgeous graphics you simply can't get a better Formula One game than this puppy. Like the majority of Electronic Arts' games F1 2000 is one slick package, from beginning to end. The manual, while it looks rather thin, is chock full of useful information. Unlike some manuals you'll find almost everything you need to know explained; something quite helpful when you get to a point in which you want to start tinkering with your car, and have no idea what effects changing the camber will have. The general interface is easy to navigate and features pop up tool tips. For multiple users the game allows you to save different player profiles, so if you like to play F1 2000 as a full blown sim and your wife just wants to play it like an arcade game you won't need to alter the realism options every time you sit down to play. Just change the profile and you're ready to burn rubber. There are several modes of play, ranging from Test Day (like it sounds this type of race is just to practice the various tracks and car configurations) to the Championship (the full race circuit) mode. Since F1 2000 is a realistic sim, and not an arcade racer, you can immediately play on any track or use any car. With all the real world circuits accounted for in F1 2000 you'll get to race ...

Monster Truck Madness (PC) 13/02/2001

Great game with a better sequel to come

Monster Truck Madness (PC) Darn it, I like monster trucks. It might just be my redneck heritage, but there are few things I enjoy more in life than grabbing a chili dog and watching those wheeled, metallic monoliths battle it out at the state fair. For years, I sat cheering for my favorite vehicular abomination as it slopped about in the mud, thinking, boy, would this make a great game. Finally, my prayers are answered -- and from Microsoft, no less! After an introduction from Army Armstrong (certified obnoxious monster truck commentator), you pick a racing style -- Rally, Circuit, Drag, or Tournament -- and select one of eight powerful trucks. After you choose your track and doodle with your tires, suspension and transfer gear, the race begins, and the way that you get to the finish line is up to you. Monster trucks are built for superior off-road performance, so sticking to the concrete track may not be a wise idea. You can take the lead and get a one-up on your opponents by sliding off the road, cruising over hills and bumpy terrain, and making death-defying leaps. A directional finder at the top of the screen, a la Terminal Velocity, helps you keep your bearings, and if you’re seriously lost, a helicopter that hauls you back to the road is a keystroke away. The included monster trucks are the real McCoy, from Bigfoot to the Carolina Crusher. All are rendered in texture-mapped polygons, and it’s just plain fun to watch them move as they bounce up and down on their exaggerated ...

Colin McRae Rally 2 (PC) 13/02/2001

Builds on an already good foundation

Colin McRae Rally 2 (PC) Colin McRae Rally 2.0's primary focus is on the World Rally Championship, which distinguishes it from Rally Championship and Rally Masters. The title comes from the featured driver in the sim, a thirtyish Scotsman who, in 1995, became the sport's youngest ever World Champion. Nicknamed "The Flying Scotsman," Colin McRae, his car, the Ford Focus WRC, and his co-driver, Nicky Grist, are featured in the game. Unfortunately for Grist, and for anyone who tries CM2, his calls are relayed in a voice so muffled they can't be understood. His voice projects so poorly it's as if Grist were intended to be nothing more than background noise. Fortunately, signs with arrows bent in the appropriate direction serve to sufficiently warn drivers of the severity of upcoming turns. If you're new to rally racing, the drivers operate in all kinds of weather and in the dark of night and light of day. And like the U.S. Postal Service, they always deliver -- excitement in the case of rally racing. No matter the time of day, season, or danger, spectators regularly line the roadsides waiting for a close-up glimpse of their favorite drivers. If you've ever watched this stuff on cable TV, you know that sometimes people are too close. I've seen rally cars slide in the mud around a turn and literally flip over into the lap of some poor fellow sitting in the grass eating fish and chips inches from the road. Talk about dying to see one's hero! Colin McRae Rally 2.0 represents the sport well, although ...

Midtown Madness 2 (PC) 13/02/2001

Great sequel

Midtown Madness 2 (PC) When I first played the original early last year, I was pretty impressed with the physics, the graphics, and the wide selection of cars. Other games had come out around that time that offered gimmicks to mask their weaknesses in the areas of physics or realism. Midtown Madness didn't do that. Instead, the game relied on its ability to realistically deliver a driving experience. For a purist like myself, that's pretty impressive. The game lacked a bit in overall enjoyment (basically, it got dull after a while) but it scored well in key areas and still remains one of my favorite driving games. For the sequel to impress me, it would have to take that realistic experience, and make it more enjoyable. It does. In an effort to add a fun factor to this game, the folks at Angel Studios and Microsoft Games added some radical new vehicle choices, some comedic commentary, and added a few new twists to the game. Fans of the original will instantly recognize the graphics interface, which has been tweaked a bit, and the controls as well. From there, things change a bit, though not so much that the game loses its original flavor. Midtown Madness initially offers two locales to race in: London and San Francisco. I think Frisco is an excellent area to race in, mainly because it guarantees plenty of airtime, and thus adds another dimension to racing. If you liked the San Francisco Rush arcade games, then you will certainly enjoy that locale in this game. London offers a completely ...

Half-Life: Counterstrike (PC) 13/02/2001

Good game, but is it worth the cash

Half-Life: Counterstrike (PC) Sierra's stand-alone release of the popular online mod Half-Life: Counterstrike is something of a paradox. On the one hand, there's nothing in this box that you couldn't download for free off the Internet; folks have been playing Counterstrike for months before the release of this latest package. Presumably, then, the Counterstrike pack is intended for purchase by those who lack the high-speed Internet connection to download the 100 MB Counterstrike file. On the other hand, if a gamer doesn't have the online horses to get the file, they're not going to have the connection speed to really enjoy a game of Counterstrike online. I can only assume that this pack is intended for a) 56K gamers interested in playing this mod on a LAN, or b) gamers with a sufficiently fast online connection who can't be bothered to download the file and install it themselves. I suppose Sierra's probably taking the position that this game is the most popular online mod on the planet today, and they'd better do everything they can to make this stellar game available to as many people as possible. Even given the public-domain nature of Counterstrike, $29.95 could be considered by some to be a small price to pay for so much fun. Half-Life: Counterstrike is great fun; if ever a mod deserved standalone release, this is the one. The Counterstrike mod is a first-person shooter that places you on one of two teams: terrorist and counter-terrorist. The game has several different goal-oriented mission ...

Sleepless In Seattle (DVD) 09/02/2001

Great Team For A Great Film

Sleepless In Seattle (DVD) Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in Nora Ephron`s wonderfully romantic comedy about two people drawn together by destiny. Tom Hanks stars as Sam Baldwin, a widowed father who, thanks to the wiles of his worried son, becomes a reluctant guest on a radio call-in show. He`s an instant hit with thousands of female listeners, who deluge his Seattle home with letters o comfort. Meanwhile, inspired in equal parts by Sam`s story and by classic Hollywood romance, writer Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) becomes convinced that it`s her destiny to meet Sam. There are just two problems: Annie`s engaged to someone else, and Sam doesn’t know -yet- that they`re made for each other. Co-starring Rosie O`Donnel, Rita Wilson and Rob Reiner, Sleepless in Seattle is "absolutely enchanting… one of the year`s most completely enjoyable motion pictures" Michael Medved, Sneak Previews. The menus are static and are about as basic as they can possibly be. Again it looks like all the goodies are now included on the new SE versionThis is a romantic, pink and fluffy movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meeting on the top of the Empire State Building in New York, Ryan having heard Hanks on a radio phone-in show. Hank’s 8 year old screen son looks like he has just graduated from the Hollywood Cute Kid school, and will no doubt make many of the audience go ‘Aahhh!!’. The DVD is very basic however, and therefore the recommendation has to be to go for the newer Special Edition version, ...

You've Got Mail (DVD) 09/02/2001

Great Team Reunited For A Great Film

You've Got Mail (DVD) Following the success of Sleepless in Seattle, it was inevitable that sooner or later a studio would get Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks back together for another movie. You’ve Got Mail not only takes the two stars from Sleepless, but also the director, and why not – there’s no need to break up a winning team. The basic synopsis is as follows: Hanks and Ryan met in a “over 30s” chat room on the internet and have been in communicating via email ever since. They have never met, have never exchanged any personal details but are drawn together by their electronic conversations. Ryan is the owner of a small children’s bookshop, threatened by the opening of a discount book superstore around the corner, run by Hanks. In business they are enemies, not knowing about their private relationship. Extra features include a trailer, director’s commentary, a featurette, a look at New York’s West Side, isolated score (Dolby Digital 2.0) and a DVD-ROM interview gallery and “audio bytes”. Digging around on the DVD-ROM in Windows Explorer also uncovered a screensaver that wasn’t mentioned on the packaging! The featurette consists mainly of an interview with the director, with some input from Hanks and Ryan and although containing plenty of the usual backslapping and film clips, is quite interesting. The look at the West Side is also quite interesting and gives an insight into the locations used in the movie. Overall, ...

Final Destination (DVD) 09/02/2001

You Cant Cheat Death

Final Destination (DVD) Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) has a premoniton that the 747 carrying him and his school classmates is going to explode shortly after take off. So real is the vision that he is escorted off of the plane along with a handful of others after causing a scene. As they are waiting at the terminal the plane explodes exactly as Alex saw in his vision. They had escaped death . . . but can anyone actually escape death? When one of the survivors dies under mysterious circumstances Alex fears that Death is after them to settle the score. It’s an interesting idea for a movie and one I couldn’t wait to see. I was a big Scream fan and this was being targeted at the very same audience so I was hoping for a great time.Once again, DO NOT WATCH THE EXTRAS FIRST! Does anyone watch them before the movie? I don’t know, I doubt it, but I thought I’d just point it out because some of the surprises are given away big time. It’s great to see another bumper selection of extras on a region 2 disc, maybe there is some hope yet for region 2 DVDs :). The animated menu is very well done in a spooky style and fits in beautifully with the theme of the movie. This disc comes with your standard Theatrical Trailer and Cast/Crew biographies for starters. Then there are my personal favourites – the deleted scenes. Unfortunately there are only 3 scenes here (including the original ending) and I would have liked to have seen more. These deleted scenes take you nicely ...

Dogma (DVD) 09/02/2001

Rocks The Boat

Dogma (DVD) When this Kevin Smith film was first released, the Catholic Church complained. They complained a lot. Once can understand why - on face value. This is a film about fallen angels on a killing spree being chased by a descendant of Jesus` siblings and the thirteenth apostle (who happens to be black), all in an attempt to get back to Heaven and visit God - who is female. Contentious stuff, but Kevis Smith is a deeply religious person and this is more to do with his own attempts to sort religion out once and for all inside his head whilst having a laugh at organised religion and Catholicism in general. The cast are excellent, Matt and Ben work together well in a style reminiscent of Abbot and Costello, Alan Rickman is excellent as usual as the Metatron (the voice of God), Linda Fiorentino plays the last Siren and Salma Hayek is a Muse..... We also see the welcome return of Jay and Silent Bob (the Director) from Smiths previous films and they (as usual) steal the show when on screen. It`s funny, it`s different, it`s anti-establishment and it`s very well scripted and acted. It`s coarse in places and could offend certain people - indeed it did when it was released but I personally enjoyed it immensely. Recommended viewing.
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