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Working this around my author work, article writing and my Job. God Bless you all for the lovely Reads, Great Rates, Splendid Comments and Kind, Kind E's! Ran out of E's and will rate those who I hadn't yet!

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Everything that starts with T ... 05/04/2017

Fix for Tat

Everything that starts with T ... Tattoo Fixers : Tattoo Fixers is quite a unique and artistic show about members of the public getting cover ups on their bad tattoos, three tattoo artist's cleverly turn a really awful mistaken tattoo into a genuine masterpiece. Some of these people go into the parlour with unbelievable tattoos that they regret having done in the first place and are in desperate need to get rid, whether they've been done whilst drunk on holiday (this is the case for most of them) or as part of a bet or even a joke, these people are in desperate need for these three tattoo artists to cover up their bad mistakes with works of art. It's quite a clever artistic show because some of the tattoos that need to cover up aren't always that easy to cover, it depends on what part of the body the tattoo is on (the size and area of it can be really painful for the customer) and it depends on certain colouring and boldness which can make the cover up slightly more difficult...but the tattoo artist's don't seem to have any trouble covering them at all, of course. All three tattoo artist's seem have slightly different ways of design and style when it comes to boldness, shine and colour, the new and improved cover up tattoo from three extremely talented artist's makes it seem as if the customers old mistaken tattoo never existed in the first place. Already having a couple of tattoos myself I absolutely love this show, I would be flicking through the channels on Tuesday and would sometimes find an episode ...

Under My Skin - Avril Lavigne 20/04/2016

Under My Skin!!

Under My Skin - Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne Under My Skin Format - Audio CD No. of Discs - 1 Release - 2004 Label - Arista RCA Records Price - £2.45 from Amazon Avril Lavigne's 2nd Album: This is Avril Lavigne's second successful album with Arista records label, this one was released two years after her debut album 'Let Go' the Canadian rock chick singer and songwriter released 'Under My Skin' in 2004. The genre's in this second album are alternative rock and post grunge, it's another well made and performed rock album with loads of great tracks throughout, those which are very memorable indeed. 'Under My Skin' is another of those Avril Lavigne albums that had successful tracks in the charts, it became number one on the US billboard 200 albums chart when it first debuted. The second album sold over 12 million copies world wide and was ranked in the list of top selling albums of the 2000's which of course I wasn't surprised because it's a great album and received many acclaims. It got a lot of positive responses from fans and critics because of its darker side to rock which seemed heavier in concept and sounded more of like rock metal then just ordinary rock, pop rock and punk rock, it had that darker edge to it which gave it a whole fresh look and vibe. Avril's second album first received a certified double platinum from RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) then soon after going up to triple platinum. I was over joyed to hear that it had sold a massive 3.2 million copies in America and also ...

Let Go - Avril Lavigne 15/04/2016

Let Go!!!

Let Go - Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne Let Go Format - Audio CD No. of Discs - 1 Release - 2002 Label - Sony Music / Arista Records Price - £5.40 from Amazon Avril Lavigne: An American rock and pop singer from Ontario Canada, Avril Lavigne first appeared on stage at the age of 15 with fellow Canadian singer and song writer Shania Twain. Her middle name is Ramona which I find quite unique, she was born in September 1984 in a small Ontario town of Belleville. At the age of 16 Avril signed with Arista Records music label and with them she signed a two album recording contract. Avril's genres cover pop punk, pop rock and alternative rock and she is known for playing on guitar, piano and drums as well as vocals. She is and always will be known as a punk and rock chick singer, the genres of her records and how she performs on stage and in her videos makes Avril one of the most unique and extraordinary singers to have stepped into the music industry. To me, Avril Lavigne is and always will be my number one singer of all time, when I saw her for the first time on the music channel singing 'Complicated' I just fell in love with her unique voice and in video personality. Back then, she came across as this cool young rock chick that didn't give a damn and all she wanted to do is rock the guitar and the music, it wasn't long after that the nation fell in love with Avril's unique style of music too. Her voice is so different from every other singer I have heard, she has that cool edge and distinctive voice ...

Born To Die (Paradise Edition) - Lana Del Rey 07/04/2016

Singing In Paradise!!!

Born To Die (Paradise Edition) - Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey Born to Die / Paradise Edition Format - Audio CD Limited Edition No. of Discs - 2 Release - 2012 Label - Polydor / Interscope Records Price - £5.00 from Amazon Lana Del Rey: An American rock, pop and indie singer from New York City, Lana Del Rey is her stage name with her real name being Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (Lizzy Grant for short) she is a singer, songwriter and model and her genre of songs covers indie pop, rock, dream pop, trip hop and barogue pop. She was first discovered when she uploaded her songs to youtube, her first studio recorded album was just called 'Lana Del Rey' It wasn't long after that she was signed to polydor and interscope records label where she released her second studio recorded album 'Born to Die'. Born to Die / Paradise Edition: Lana Del Rey's second recorded studio album released in 2012...the album sold over 77 thousand copies in the United States in its first week on sale and was the fifth global best selling album of that year. As of June 2014 'Born to Die' sold over 1 million copies in America and by 2015 a worldwide selling of over 8 million copies. When it did have its first week of sales in 2012, it reached number 2 on the billboard 200...In 2013, the album was in the top 20. The album has the parental advisory label for explicit content, It's a double album with 8 extra tracks added on...this is the 'Paradise' edition. Disc 1: Born to Die - 15 tracks + Track 1 - Born to Die - 04:46 + First on the album and one ...

Share Paranormal Experiences 01/04/2016

The World of Paranormal

Share Paranormal Experiences Opening the Spiritual World: It wasn't that long ago I wrote about some of my spooky experiences and sightings and there were some on my families experiences included in there as well, this time I want to talk about some sightings I have not yet mentioned or not said too much about. I also want to talk about my take on the paranormal and what I really believe is happening to those who have passed but not gone over to the spiritual world...believe it...or don't believe, but its happening all around us. I've witnessed these spiritual beings and I've felt the slightest of presence from the unknown, I'll tell you this have to feel it and see it to actually believe it and if you don't at the may be a believer after this. The World of Paranormal: An invisible world lives among us.....trapped souls who never made it to the other side still walk around in our world without real human existence or real human sighting, only a brief movement or a shadow lets us know that they are really there. Specs of orbs flash by and catch the human eye by surprise, whether its trying to scare or escape, we still catch a first glimpse of the paranormal world. We try to explain what we have just seen and even try to justify it by using coincidences and excuses, we don't want to believe that the light we'd just seen is not so innocent. When there's nothing else that shines in the room and there is no other movement you begin to analyse the situation and wonder what the ...

Valence House Museum, London 24/03/2016

Valence House Museum...A Place of Discovery

Valence House Museum, London VALENCE HOUSE MUSEUM.....A PLACE OF DISCOVERY The Fanshawe Family: Valence House Museum is located in the South East of London, Its was once the home of an historic family called the Fanshawes. The historic house was built on farm land back in 1700 and the ground used to be covered in more greenland than the roads we see today. The Fanshawes were a high status family in the borough of Barking & Dagenham, inside the house is the Fanshawes portrait gallery and the Fanshawe family tree which dates back to the early 1500's, they were also close confidents of Charles I and Charles II. Today, a descendent of the family still remains in the form of writer and broadcaster Simon Fanshawe and back in 2013 he unveiled six portraits of the Fanshawe family. Historic House: Valence house used to be a closed and private place with rich history behind its walls but, now and most recently open to the public has a House Museum, where all history of the house and borough is explored. The oldest history of the house was surrounded on Valence farm, but now all history is explored through many different rooms of the house. - 1700 Valence farm and Medieval times history room with old fire place - The old panelled guest room containing the Dagenham Idol and piano - The Excavation exhibition room containing the dig, ancient finds, Roman History, the remains of the Roman Sarcophagus and the history of Barking Abbey - The two giant stoned warriors battle by the stairs - Old fashioned settings ...

Everything that starts with K ... 19/03/2016

The 1st of Three Great Guys...

Everything that starts with K ... KEVIN C The Greet: He's the 1st of three great guys that I work around, it goes way back to the 14th January 2014 when BOC first opened in the area. On my first day at B.O.C I was greeted by a tall dark haired man with a tattoo on the front of his forearm, he had that look of leadership and a rather calm personality...this was on first impressions. I shook his hand and he opened with the first line: Kevin: "Good Morning sir, I'm Kevin the manager of B.O.C" Me: "Good Morning, I'm Jason, nice to meet you...I've been recruited to work here by my area manager" Kevin: "Do you know what you need to do?" Me: "Yes, Grant has already shown me around" Kevin: "Good, Good...I believe me and you will get on fine" Me: "Right then, lets begin" Kevin: "If you need anything, just ask!" Me: "Ok, I will!" From that first greet I had no idea how cool this guy was going to be, he is a down to earth, straight talking no nonsense guy from North London. Kevin is one of the nicest guys anyone is ever going to meet, he is very fair, very reasonable guy who makes every around him feel at ease. Just one thing you don't do...cross him...he takes no bull from anyone and will tell you how it is in the nicest possible way. Best Management: Knowing Kevin for over 2 years now, I ask this question... Who would want to get on the wrong side of him? he does no harm to anyone and besides, he would give even the most difficult person the time of day. He is by far the best at dealing with customers, as soon ...

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (DVD) 17/03/2016

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (DVD) Film: Tomb Raider Language: English Region: 2 Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment Classification: 12 Released: 2001 Running Time: 96 minutes Director: Simon West Actors: - Angelina Jolie - Jon Voight - Daniel Craig - Iain Glen - Noah Taylor Lara Croft: The character of Lara Croft is a fictional gun tooting English adventurer and archaeologist who travels the globe to locate artifacts and other hidden treasures. On her journeys Lara encounters enemies who try to obtain the artifacts, she has to stop them before they can do damage to civilization. Lara comes up against all kinds of enemies, from man to animal to beast to mystical creature. She lives in Croft Manor somewhere located in England and from there she travels to places like Venice, Paris, Egypt, London, Greece etc... Lara Croft is an iconic video game character and has been portrayed by many modelled by the likes of Lucy Clarkson and now portrayed by three time Golden Globe winner and American actress Angelina Jolie. The character of Lara Croft is hugely popular with male gaming fans, her incredible combat skills and desire to take on the most frightening of enemies makes her a the ultimate fearless kick ass adventurer the gaming world has ever seen. She can leap, climb, swing and fight like no other, her puzzle solving and archaeology skills makes her by far one the greatest adventurer ever to scale the globe. Film Plot: The film starts out in Egypt where Lara is trying to locate a diamond in ...

Nivea Men Creme 15/03/2016

Wonderful Nivea Creme!

Nivea Men Creme Product: Face/Body/Hands Creme Make/Brand: Nivea Size: 75ml tub Price: £2.33 in Superdrug The Purchase: Once again, I have taken a little trip down to my local Superdrug to top up on some everyday beauty products. Upon entering, I go straight over to the middle aisle where all of the shampoos and creams are, I see my regular purchase product sitting on the shelf...Nivea Men's Creme. I put up one 75ml tin for the price of £2.33, I do remember this being on special offer a few weeks ago but don't mind paying a little extra because its such a lovely creme. When you first open the tin and pull back the foil you are immediately hit with such a delightful scent, when you first touch the creme it feels rather nice, cool and soothing. Nivea Men Creme: Nivea is one of the most popular and everyday brands in beauty products, its a rich and smooth and the scent is gorgeous. This creme is essential for freshening the face, body and hands and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. The creme is non greasy and non sticky and absorbs on the skin very quickly leaving it looking quite healthy. The ingredients in the creme provides such a sweet smelling scent it is wonderfully pleasant when applying to the face, body or hands. There is quite a lot of ingredients that goes into the creme to make up the lovely Nivea product, I will list the ingredients below for any allergy sufferers and so you get an idea of what Nivea Men's Creme is made up of. Ingredients: - Aqua - Glycerin - ...

Moral Dilemmas 14/03/2016

Best Night to Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemmas Right...There's something I really need to get out in open because it's been niggling away at me for years. I have not shared this with anyone apart from the one other person involved, I haven't even told of this experience to any member of the family, friends, work colleges or people over the garage to where I live. I feel if I was to say anything to either of them about this they would start to jeer me up and say stuff like 'nice one at least you got some' trying to objectify the other person involved which I do not like. I know I can be open and very honest when it comes to dirty limericks, bowel movements and very well outspoken but, I am the most respectable human being when it comes to the opposite gender. This what I am about to tell you happened many years ago and I feel I can finally share it now because this is a wonderful community and everyone is very, very respectful. I don't know how I kept it to myself for so long, its not like its a big secret but, I definitely wont be telling the guys over the garage because of what they might say. I proberly will not be mentioning it to any of my brothers work mates either (even though we've been out for a drink on so many occasions) they would proberly start to take the mick and ask all of these awkward questions which I would not like to answer, I have more respect and dignity than that. Lastly, It winds me up the way other people talk about the opposite sex, saying stuff like 'go and nail her' you do not talk to women ...

Member Advice on Tattoos 11/03/2016

To Chameleons And Back!!

Member Advice on Tattoos Advice on Tattoos: First off, It depends on what you decide to have done, where you have it and how much it will cost. I got my first tattoo done back in august 2010, the initials JJ on my left forearm which means Jason James, my first and middle name. When I had this done I was unsure what the experience was going to be like, whether it was going to really hurt for one and how much it will cost. I must have paid a deposit price back then but cant quite remember how much it was, I can only remember the price of the actual tattoo which was £40. As I was sitting in the chair for the first time getting the letters JJ etched on my arm I kept thinking, this isn't too bad I thought it would be much more painful than this, it does feel like a sharp point on your skin but nothing too painful. Before you have one done make sure you have eaten first because it will make you feel better inside, you need that little bit of energy to get you through it. They give you a form to fill out with different kinds of conditions at the bottom (tick yes or no if you have any) make sure you let them know if you have any of these conditions, it will make them aware of what to look out for before starting the procedure. I only get tattoos that mean something, like my initials and the recent one, my birthstone sapphire symbol with its meaning behind it. Once the tattoo is then have to go to your local pharmacy and buy a certain cream to put on it, this makes it look nice and it heals in ...

Discovery Jalapeno Chillies in Vinegar 09/03/2016

Spice, Wind and Backside Fire!!!

Discovery Jalapeno Chillies in Vinegar THE SPICY PEPPER: I tried my hardest not to write a review on these because of the effect they have on me...But, after some unsettling bowel movements and marathon sprints to the bog I just had to express the way I feel about them. Strangely, I could only eat these if they were on a cheese and tomato pizza with other toppings, but as far as eating them out of the! I paid £1.29 for a jar of sliced green peppers only for them to immediately unsettle my bowels and burn my backside. It only takes about two small slices to set me racing out of the room and into the toilet, trying not to trip over in the process. I do make it in time but its the constant running after I've eaten them out of the jar...certainly wont be doing that again. Problem is not knowing when its coming and when it does it tends to give me that signal of wind first for about a solid hour, after just two slices I am sitting there blowing here and blowing, just wondering when it will give me that signal to run...If so, I want to make it in time. The jar I did have (recycled it now, but did put done the information contained on it) was tall slim and with a black lid and the contents of the jar was filled up to the top with slices of green pepper in vinegar. Its overall weight was 480g with the drained weight of it being 240g. It has a little message on the jar saying 'refrigerate after opening & eat within 14 days...which I did! It has the nutrition information above that message..... Typical value ...

Spartacus - Blood And Sand - Series 1 (DVD) 06/03/2016

Some Legends are Written In Blood!

Spartacus - Blood And Sand - Series 1 (DVD) Episodes Screened - January - April 2010 Actors: *Andy Whitfield as Spartacus* *Erin Cummings as Sura* *John Hannah as Batiacus* *Peter Mensah as Doctore* *Manu Bennett as Crixus* *Nick E. Tarabay as Ashur* *Lucy Lawlessas as Lucretia* *Viva Bianca as Ilithyia* Directors: *Michael Hurst* *Rick Jacobson* *Jesse Warn* Format: Anamorphic / PAL / Widescreen / Colour / HIFI Sound Language: English Region: 2 Classification: 18 Studio: Platform Entertainment Disc: 4 Running Time: 663 minutes DVD released: May 2011 *****SPARTACUS - BLOOD AND SAND***** -----PLOT----- The battle between the Romans and the Getae esclades as Thracian villages continue to get raided and has done so for generations. As the war climates and the Thracian are forced to side along with the Romans, they intend on stopping the Getae winning the war and taking over. The battle is taken to Capua where a gladiatorial battleground awaits, those who fight and succeed will gain their freedom, but those who fail will die in battle and will be trapped inside the Greek walls of Capua's bloodied battleground. Its the ultimate blood drenched fight to the death as warriors fight for freedom whilst the senator continues to rule over all of Capua. Spartacus refuses to fight in the war against the Romans so he is then enslaved and taken to Capua to fight for not only his freedom about his wife's freedom also. He's wife Sura is taken away and held at the high cost of her life and both their freedoms. -----FIGHT ...

Birds Eye Potato waffles 03/03/2016

Waffle Me!

Birds Eye Potato waffles WHERE IS THAT WAFFLE? Every now and then I go to my local co operative down the road from me to do some morning shopping. I scout and browse the aisle until I reach the freezer section, as I'm looking through the frozen section I see a lovely box of 10 waffles sitting between the sausages and potatoes. Sometimes the co op near me can be quite useless for their stuff because sometimes I try and get hold of a box waffles in there and strangely they sell out of them, I know their really nice but I didn't think waffles can be that popular and just sell out...strange?! Silly part about it...the waffles hadn't been seen in there for quite a while, until recently. So, I picked them up, put them in my basket and continued on with my shopping. When it was time to head to the checkout, I realised something.....I could do with another box. So I step out of the queue (I was next by the way) and I headed back off down the frozen section to pick up another box of 10, I wanted 20 you see (that's waffles not boxes...just image If I went to the checkout with 20 boxes of waffles, they would either think two things...he's a greedy so an so or he's a potato junkie) so, It was just 2 boxes of 10. Whilst paying the woman I noticed £1.69 came up on the waffles, I can usually get a box of 10 for £1...So, that would normally work out 10p a waffle. I began to haggle, I mentioned to the woman about the price of these waffles (proberly thought I had a cheek) I said I can get these for only a pound ...

Poems of Sadness 29/02/2016

The Screaming Fields

Poems of Sadness THE LAST BATTLE - Part One: The time has come To step out of the trenches, And fight back hard Along those blood filled fences. Many have fallen Crying out in pain, Stumbling over lifeless bodies In torrential rain. Blinded by the flashing Of unforgiving lightning, To be hit at anytime Makes this war so frightening. You see your comrade buddy Falling to the floor, The enemy once again Has picked off one more. Screaming out in anger As you start to fire, Comrades falling all around you Body count is getting higher. As you strike the enemy With a multiple of shots, Another life being taken Another life is being lost. You look around and witness The blood ridden field in shock, Many soldiers have fallen All have been left to rot. Shot comes from nowhere Right through the rain and dark, Hitting you in the chest Just inches from your heart. Rain falls down harder As the thunder continues to rumble, clutching at your chest As you begin to stumble. You find it hard to breath And slowly fall to the ground, Looking in complete shock At your blood soaked hand. As you fall back in pain Your head takes a thud, Hitting the ground hard And into the mud. Your life begins to slip away As you stare up at the rain, There's nothing you can do now To stop this unrelenting pain. Your eyes begin to close And you start to drift away, Why did it have to come to this Why did the war end this way. THE FIELDS OF HEAVEN - Part Two: You begin to come around You slowly open up your ...
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