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A screen-acting student from Yorkshire. Will be posting the occasional film/series review on here, give me a message if I haven't rated you in a while, try my best to be fair with this site :)

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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (DVD) 26/09/2017

Bringing back the magic - Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (DVD) Introduction As somebody who grew up watching the Harry Potter films, I found myself quite distraught when the story had finally been told. However, to me, it seemed that this was a great stopping point and a wonderful end to a magnificent adventure I had taken throughout my childhood. So, when I heard that there was going to be a film in the same universe as the Harry Potter films, I didn't really know what to think. It was hardly surprising that the film industries jumped on the chance to continue the Hogwarts story, given the record-breaking success of the previous films, yet somehow I felt reluctant to get excited about this as I dreaded to think that the story would be dragged out, details would be changed or I wouldn't love the characters in the same way I had the students and teachers at Hogwarts. After hearing about the success of the film I have to say I was curious, however, it is only recently that I found myself actually purchasing the film. I'd seen a few interviews with Eddie Redmaye and thought he seemed like a charismatic young guy, I was interested to see his acting talents for myself as his popularity seemed to be increasing on every social media I use. Plot Overview So the general plot, without giving to much away, follows the experiences of Newt Scamander (portrayed by Eddie Redmayne). As all Potter fans will know, revealing magic in the muggle world is strictly forbidden, yet Newt finds himself having to do this on retrieving a magical creature that ...

Unfriended (DVD) 19/07/2017

A unique approach - Unfriended

Unfriended (DVD) Introduction As a lover of traditional horror films, I found the concept of a horror which takes part online a little off-putting. However, I do like to see a modern twist on the classical principles of horror. For a horror to really make us feel the full potential of fear intended by the directors and writers, I feel that we have to relate to the characters. With the ever moving age of technology, we are now started to see the transition in film to suit the common lives of people in the modern day. Although this film is very different from the average horror film and is filmed entirely on the laptop screen of protagonist Blaire Lily, we are still able to empathise with the fear felt by characters and gain an understanding of the story line. Plot Overview This film is shown entirely on a laptop screen, which makes us feel that we are viewing the happenings from the perspective of Blaire, a teenage girl who enjoys video chatting with her friends. We firstly see Blaire watching a video of the suicide of a girl named Laura Barnes on a website that looks to be illegal. Her watching is interrupted by an incoming phone call from her boyfriend Mitch. However, their private call (which is beginning to turn flirty) is interrupted by an incoming group call. Initially, Blaire is annoyed at Mitch for answering the call but is then left confused when Mitch claims he didn't. The group notice that there is an anonymous user in the chat who nobody added, however when they try to remove ...

Nerve (DVD) 17/05/2017

An intense game - Nerve

Nerve (DVD) A quick side note, I'd like to apologise for my lack of activity and reviews. I haven't had access to my laptop for a while and as I have A-Level exams coming up I've not had as much free time for review writing as usual. I noticed I'd received a diamond for one of my reviews in the time that I was away, thank you for the rates/comments given on that :) Introduction Looking at the other reviews offered on this film, it doesn't appear to have been liked by other members. This doesn't surprise me, in fact I didn't have any intention of enjoying it when the concept was explained to me by a friend who assured with it was worth watching. It does seem like a rather typical American modern teenage film on the value - the idea that a young male and female bond over eccentric activities which somehow connect to the modern fascination with social media. However, I am a fan of the Franco brothers and saw that Dave Franco would be playing a lead role which convinced me to at least give it a try. One thing I do love about this review site is the diversity in opinions and perspectives taken on different products, this is particularly interesting when it comes to film/book reviews. Not only do these reviews allow us to see a difference in interests and preference of genre, but it allows us to look at each of our cultural backgrounds and what references we find applicable to ourselves and what things we might overlook or not understand. Being a younger member of the community, I have ...

Miranda Series 1-3 (DVD) 03/03/2017

Stupidly funny - Miranda Series 1-3

Miranda Series 1-3 (DVD) Introduction Although I'd heard of this TV show, I had never felt inclined to watch it until I saw Miranda Hart being interviewed on the Graham Norton show when I was watching for Benedict Cumberbatch. Even just her mannerisms and general character were enough to entertain me, the prospect of her performing as a character in a show, which is based on herself, seemed worth watching. For those of you who read my reviews frequently, you'll probably know by now that I often put off watching series which interest me. It's a common issue I face trying to convince myself to connect with new characters and follow a new plot line - I also get addicted to series quite quickly, introducing myself to a new series often entails committing a fair amount of my time to complete it. However, what really interested me about Miranda was that Miranda isn't exactly a character but more a comic mockery of the actor. I am a fan of comedies and tend to prefer those that portray a humorous interpretation of a situation that could happen to anybody. Being able to relate to a situation and understand how the characters would feel is what makes comedy so enjoyable for me. Miranda really showcases everything that makes comedy fun for me - as soon as I had watched one episode I let it continue playing until my day had somehow slipped by and I had completed the entire series. Plot As the title suggest, Miranda follows the life of Miranda - a socially awkward middle-aged woman who seems to find ...

The Thick Of It - Series 1 (DVD) 25/02/2017

The Thick Of It - Series 1 review

The Thick Of It - Series 1 (DVD) Introduction The Thick of it has been for a while one of those series I have avoided watching, yet I've been interested in seeing. It was mainly Peter Capaldi being in the Netflix thumbnail for the program which finally convinced me to watch it as I'm a fan of Doctor Who (though I'm sure this series began before Capaldi began playing the The Doctor). My interest in viewing the show had perhaps been reserved as I knew the show had a political theme and that is not something which has ever really taken my interest (although it has increased due to the recent changes in government). I was unaware, however, that this show was intended to be a comedy. I do tend to prefer British TV series, so I figured I might as well give it a chance. I will confess that it took me quite a few attempts to get through the first episode, as my attention was not immediately grasped and I have quite a diminished level of patience when it comes to watching things - hence, my preference is generally attached more to series rather than films as I'm usually too impatient to watch an entire film in one sitting. However, when I finally got to grips with the plot and the characters, I started to understand and value the comedy of the show. Plot The beginning episode opens with an office scene where Cliff Lawton is heading to attend a meeting with Malcolm. The comedy begins initially in a subtle realistic fashion as there is a mess up with the coffees which he was supposed to arrive with for his meeting ...

The Imitation Game (DVD) 23/02/2017

A wonderful tribute - The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game (DVD) Introduction I'm going to begin this review by confessing that I myself have never had a measurable interest in history. Perhaps it's the schooling system that put me off or my experience of it at least. Learning dates was a necessity to passing exams, we were taught to look at historical events with an objective mindset, this created a certain level of ignorance to the importance of the contribution of each individual historical figure to the society we know today. It is with much guilt and embarrassment that I have to now acknowledge that I didn't actually now who Alan Turing was prior to my watching of this film. I had read that Benedict was going to be playing him, as I regard him as an extremely talented actor I was interested in seeing it. So, I did my research. After discovering that Turing played a huge part in the decrypting Nazi messages during the second world war, I felt rather irritated at myself for not paying more attention during lessons. Not only did the Turing's techniques help to prepare Britain for attacks such as the Battle of the Atlantic, it also shortened the length of the war by approximately two years, thus saving many lives. In addition to his honourable contribution to bringing the war to an end, Turing also encouraged developments in computing which have influenced the range of technology we have at our finger tips today. I'm not a technical guy, so I won't go into detail about this although it might be something the ardent game reviewers on ...

The Office - Series 1 (DVD) 18/02/2017

A simple concept but really funny - The Office

The Office - Series 1 (DVD) Introduction This is a review of yet another TV series I began watching out of boredom when I'd ran out of things on Netflix. I'd been told by quite a few people that it was funny but the title never engaged me, I didn't really see how a show about people working in an office could be so funny. I think the main thing that convinced me to watch it was seeing a screen shot of Martin Freeman in it, one of my favourite actors, who I didn't know was in the series. After watching the first episode I didn't stop until I had watched all that were on Netflix. What is The Office? As suggested by the title, this is literally a programme about people working in an office. It is a comedy, however, which mocks the stereotypes of office workers. There is no particular story line to The Office, it is basically following the lives of people working in the office Wernham Hogg in the Slough Trading Estate in England. A film crew comes into the office to make a documentary about what happens on the inside and make sure everything is running smoothly. The manager, Brent, attempts to make his business look a lot better than what it is - whilst the team are filming he obviously acts up to the camera and tries to make his employees do the same who do not seem to comply with this. After Brent's boss, Jennifer, informs Brent that Wernham Hogg have to close one of their branches and Slough is in the firing line Brent sets out on a mission to prove himself and his branch in front of the camera crew. ...

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 1 (DVD) 26/11/2016

My favourite series of a fantastic show

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 1 (DVD) Introduction I'm not going to go into too much detail about what Doctor Who is as I'm sure at this point it's popular enough for most people to have a general understanding of what the show is about. Briefly, the series follows the life of a Time Lord simply known as "The Doctor". The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, the rest of his kind were killed in a battle referred to as "The Time War" or "The Last Great War". This conflict was between the Daleks and the Time Lords, which resulted in The Doctor having to make the decision to destroy both species. This also results in the destruction of the Time Lord's origin planet: Gallifrey. In the modernised BBC version of Doctor Who (often referred to as New Who) these events have already occurred in The Doctor's history, but they are still referenced sometimes and used as one of the main plot enhancers for some episodes. Time Lord's have 12 regenerations, which basically means 12 lives. Each time The Doctor regenerates a new actor is brought on to play him - New Who follows on from the original episodes and therefore begins with the 9th Doctor, who was planned by Christopher Eccleston. Part one of series 7 begins with the 11th Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith. I began watching Doctor Who originally when David Tennant was the The Doctor, but I stopped after a while - I still can't remember why I think I just missed some episodes and at the time had no way of catching up. I'd forgotten how much I loved the show until I ...

Sherlock (DVD) 23/11/2016

My all time favourite TV Series

Sherlock (DVD) Introduction As someone who never used to be interested in crime dramas, it took a lot of convincing for me to finally sit down and watch this TV series. I remember hearing everybody talk about it at school and thinking to myself "it's just another boring traditionally British, old-fashioned TV show" which was something I wasn't going to be interested in. What finally convinced me, alongside the persistent nagging of my friends, was the fact that it was co-written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (Stephen Thompson too, although I hadn't heard of him previously). Knowing that Moffat was one of the main contributors to scripting Doctor Who was probably the main thing that convinced me. What is Sherlock about? Even if you're not familiar with all the stories, I'm sure everyone will have heard of Sherlock Holmes the famous fictional detective. BBC Sherlock is an on-screen replication of this which uses the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories with adventurous twists. The first series was released in 2010 consisting of three 90 minute(ish) long episodes. Although Sherlock is classified as a TV series the episodes are so long and insightful that it seems more sensible to view them as a film series. The episodes do follow on from each other, I suppose you could watch them in the wrong order and understand what's going on but you'll definitely miss some of the references and depending on where you start from you won't understand the purpose (if you were to miss The Great Game ...

Rats 16/11/2016

Fantastic small pets

Rats Introduction (Please ignore the review on countryrider44, that is my friend's account who used my laptop to make her account and I didn't realise it had stayed logged in, there is a message from me at the beginning to prove this is my own work). For most people, when they think about rats the first things that comes to their mind is either long worm-like tails or the plague. Whichever it is, the first thought is normally "what a lovely pet they'd make". A lot of this stigma is understandable, given the historical associations with rats and the connections with Halloween and other scary things. However, I never felt this way about them. Maybe it's because I've been a huge animal lover for as long as I can remember, or the fact that I was drawn to anything that anyone else has something against (I remember being really intrigued by spiders as a kid - not so much now). My mum had the same opinion about rats as most people I've encountered too, she was very set against the idea of me bringing any into the house as pets. I finally managed to get her to agree to the idea (after about three years of persuading) on my 9th birthday. I spent endless time reading a book I'd found about them until I was fully capable of answering any questions she had about their care, health or just the animals in general. However, my 9th birthday didn't exactly go to plan. After purchasing a cage online, which misleadingly described itself as suitable for both rats and hamsters, I found myself with ...

The Fault in Our Stars (DVD) 24/10/2016

A beautiful story

The Fault in Our Stars (DVD) Introduction I'm sure most people know at this point that the film "The fault in our stars" is based on the book by John Green. I remember first hearing about the book when my friends all became obsessed with it shortly after it was published, however, I never took the time to read it. When the film was released, the same group of friends were desperate to see it at the cinemas so I decided to join them to see what all the fuss was about. Although I'm generally not an emotional person when it comes to films, the first time I saw this definitely had an emotional impact on me. I won't go into the storyline too much yet but I'd like to point out a personal connection I had with this film. The film is about a young lady (16 years of age) who is suffering from thyroid cancer. At the time, my nana had been diagnosed with brain cancer and given only a short amount of time to live. She did out live her expectancy by over a year, yet at the time I was confused and afraid at the thought of losing her so suddenly. In many ways this film allowed me to appreciate the time I had with her on a much greater level and leave my grieving until after she had past. I'm sure anyone who has experienced being told they are going to lose a family member/friend in short amount of time will understand me when I say that you start to think about life without them when they are still here. This film certainly changed my perspective and inspired me to enjoy the time whilst I had it. And now onto the ...

Limmy's Show (DVD) 04/10/2016

Complete nonsense but so funny

Limmy's Show (DVD) Introduction Limmy's show is basically something I found on Netflix when I was flicking through the comedy sections after I'd finished watching a series. I read the description and saw that it said something about a sketch show which I thought would be quite light and funny. I have to say when I first watched it I was completely baffled and didn't understand anything that was going on. Then, when you watch it for a little while, you start to realise that the lack of order and sense is what makes the show so brilliant and funny. What is Limmy's show? Limmy's show is a comical sketch show where all the characters are performed by Brian Limond, who is nicknamed Limmy. The show ran between 2010 and 2012 which a total of three seasons being made. Although Brian Limond is the star of the show, there are other actors and characters involved - it's the kind of comedy that has the same few actors multi rolling in each sketch. The scripts are written by Brian and his character is always the protagonist of each scene, in most of the sketches it is only Brian's character with extras. Brian Limond Brian Limond, or Limmy, is a Scottish comedian who became well-known through his comedy blog posts. In all honesty, I hadn't heard of him before finding this show on Netflix and I didn't recognise him from anything else, although his online portfolio says he was in a show named "Hogmanay Stories". In addition to being famous for the show, he also had a daily podcast named "Limmy's world ...

White Chicks (DVD) 20/09/2016

Wacky and hilarious

White Chicks (DVD) Introduction I haven't written a DVD review in a while as nothing has really gained my interest enough, in recent films, to inspire me to write a review. Instead, I thought I'd go for one of my all time favourite DVDs which is thankfully on Netflix so I can watch it anytime. For a long time I put off watching this film as all my friends used to go on about it and their obsession with it irritated me in a way. However, I eventually gave in after me and one of my friends had been spent nearly half an hour flicking back and forth between the comedies on Netflix - little did I know that it was going to become one of my favourite films! The storyline The story centres around two black FBI agents who end up having to impersonate two white female models (the Wilson twins) when there injure themselves in a car accident. The accident occurs when the Wilson sister's dog crawls onto the dash board of the car which is a hilarious start to the action in the movie and gives a good indication of what kind of comedy you should be expecting from the film - I think the editing is intentionally bed in this part to make it funnier too. The job of protecting the two girls was given to the FBI agents by their supervisor, Elliot Gordan, who has had enough of their mess ups and mishaps in their work. Initially, it was the job of the agents to protect the girls against an estimated kidnapping and investigate the situation - they never imagined they would have to pose as the girls after they ...

Wii Fit (Wii) 18/09/2016

A fun way to stay healthy

Wii Fit (Wii) Introduction In all honesty, I've neglected to use this product for little over a year now. I bought the game about six years ago shortly after buying the console. I remember seeing the advertisements with the Wii Balance Board and thinking it looked really interactive and exciting, at the time I was only ten/elevenish so the element of fitness wasn't really something I was thinking about. Although thinking back, I imagine my parents were more keen to buy me a game which involved some physical activity. Gameplay Beginning the game The main purpose of Wii Fit is to basically keep you fit and healthy, so when you begin the game it jumps straight into this. Using your Mii Wii (a character you design on the Wii console to represent yourself) you set up your profile. For this, you are asked your height, date of birth and the weight of the clothes you are wearing before stepping onto the Wii Balance Board. The game then measures your weight and calculates your BMI which indicates your level of fitness - it gives you a visual demonstration of where you stand between really underweight to obese (obviously the aim is to reside in the "healthy weight" zone). The game also gives some other measurements of your basic fitness and awareness of yourself. As well as telling you your BMI, the game shows your where your centre of gravity is positioned during the time it took them to weight you - this is an indication of your general balance. Sometimes this is quite shocking as you can ...

Hull in General 16/09/2016

Not as bad as made out to be!

Hull in General Introduction When Hull was voted the City of Culture 2017 there seemed to be a lot of anger and confusion as to why such a "bad" city would gain the title. Now, being from Hull myself, I may be bias in this review but I just wanted to share my own thoughts of the city I've grown up with and hopefully take away some of the negative stigma around the city. However, that doesn't mean I'll be ignoring the bad points either! The city in general If you're anything like me when you think of a city that isn't your own, you only tend to think of the town center. This is quite unfortunate for Hull, although a lot of the main attractions are located in the city centre there is far more if you're willing to explore the city further. I've lived in the East side of Hull all my life and personally I don't think the area is too bad. It's true that the houses are small and close together, the roads are filled with parked cars and the streets are not particuarly well kept, but not to the point where I would say it looks untidy which is the image that seems to be being spread around. It's true that the East side of Hull doesn't have quite as many attractions as the west side where all the major shopping centres and clubs are located. However, you'll still find major supermarkets (ASDA, Morrisons etc) East side, as well as other typical things you would expect such as churches and schools. With the exception of rush hour traffic when people are getting to work and dropping kids off, I'd ...
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