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Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200S 30/05/2010

I have one.

Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200S I bought a used 2000 XL1200S that was in very nice condition. I have ridden it about 2000 miles and love it. It's a good bike for short trips at any speed, but not for sustained freeway riding. Too much wind buffeting and vibration. Very powerful, lots of low-end torque! It's old-school design appeals to me and the bike looks very much like it has for 50 years, but mechanically, it has improved each year. The best improvement is belt drive to the rear wheel. The next best was mounting the engine in rubber, which occurred after mine. A 1200 cc V-twin, solid-mount like mine vibrates at higher revs, although cruising doesn't require that.. It'll go 60 MPH in high gear without approaching 3000 RPM! The S model has higher compression and I use mid or high octane gasoline. ...
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