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Valued Opinions - Survey Site Valued Opinions is a web service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys, from entertainment to finance. Once joining up you will recieve surveys via the email you provide to complete at your will. Each survey has a different reward upon completion, from what i have experience, upto £2. Some surveys last 5 minutes where as others can take upto half an hour. Once you have reached a minimum of £10 in your valuedopinions account you can cash that amount in exchange for high street shop vouchers and internet sites. The following vouchers you can recieve are as follows: Marriott,, Tesco, John Lewis, HMV, Marks & Spencer, Boots, Argos, Waitrose Wine Direct, Ocado, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridges, Outfit, Topman, Topshop and Wallis. Once you complete a survey the reward will appear pending in your account until the surveys have been reviewed (This could take a few weeks). I have totalled £23 so far. When I exchanged for my Amazon voucher, the code was send to my email within the next day. Valued Opinions will ensure that you will be rewarded. It is 100% safe to use. When I was not credited £2 for a survey I had completed, they replied to my email very sharply and settled the problem with no worries. This site will not get you rich but does give you the chance to make a few more pennies that will help for christmas. Positives: A safe site with varied surveys and decent pay. A fair amount of surveys are sent. If you do not ...

WWE - The Great American Bash 2008 (DVD) 11/12/2008

WWE: The Great American Bash 2008

WWE - The Great American Bash 2008 (DVD) Event Review: WWE Great American Bash 2008 (July 20th 2008) was the fifth annual pay per view event produced under its title name by World Wrestling Entertainment. Having formerly been a historic event for Jim Crockett promotions and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the event's home now lies with the WWE promotion. The show was hosted by all three brand shows in the WWE; RAW, ECW, and Smackdown. Live from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, the PPV boasted 14,126 spectators to witness a historical evening in wrestling. The music theme song of the evening was "Move to the Music" by American Bang. Six WWE championship belts were defended in the pay-per-view, including for the first time, the WWE Diva's championship, a new belt introduced by Smackdown's general manager Vickie Guerrero a few weeks before the PPV for the female wrestlers on the brand. The main fueds going into the Great American Bash consisted of Triple H and Edge (Smackdown), and Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels (RAW). The PPV was very intense due to the numerous rivalries building up in the weekly programming. "The Match Schedule": (In order of importance) Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship:(ECW/Smackdown) John Morrison & The Miz vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs. Jesse & Festus Added Info: Not much hype was given to the match before the event. Miz and Morrison (ECW) went into the PPV hoping to continue their long reign as ...

WWE - Night Of Champions 2008 (DVD) 12/11/2008

WWE Night Of Champions 2008 (DVD)

WWE - Night Of Champions 2008 (DVD) WWE Night Of Champions 2008 (June 29, 2008) was the second annual Night of Champions PPV hosted by the three brand shows of the WWE; RAW, Smackdown, and ECW. Live from Dallas, Texas in the American Airlines Center, the Pay-per-view held an attendance of 16, 151 people to see each WWE Title on the line in this well worked PPV. The Music Theme Song of the evening was "Devour" by Shinedown. Each fued was settled in a title bout on this historic night. The previous week the WWE Draft took place, sending many wrestlers to other branded shows, giving some people their last chance to get their hands on the gold they were after. The main fueds heading into the Night Of Champions 2008 consisted of Triple H (Smackdown) and John Cena (RAW), and Batista (RAW) with Edge (Smackdown). So...what belts would end up on RAW or Smackdown, 1 each or both to the same show?? This only added to the intensity of the evening and kept me at least second guessing the results. Usually I am good at predicting an outcome, but in all honesty there were a few I didn't see coming at all. "The Match Schedule" - In order of Importance - not actual order: WWE Women's Championship Match (RAW) Mickie James vs. Katie Lea Burchill Added info: On the previous two weeks on RAW, Katie Lea Burchill with the help of her brother Paul gained two pinfalls on Mickie James, in a singles match and a mixed gender tag team match. Due to her winning record this match was assigned. Will Paul Burchill at ringside ...

BBC2 - WWF Heat 05/08/2008


BBC2 - WWF Heat "Introduction" WWE Heat, formerly known as WWF Sunday Night Heat, was a secondary professional wrestling show for World Wrestling Entertainment airing from 1998 through to 2008 until its demise this May. This secondary show lasted for 10 years, airing 513 episodes on a variety of channels, such as Channel 4, Sky one, and all sky sports channels, 1,2,3, and extra in the United Kingdom. Since 2005, WWE Heat was also shown through as webcast on At first the program was free to view online, however in the last year, all subscribers had to pay a fee to watch premium videos on the WWE's official website. The final episode of WWE HEAT aired on 30th May, 2008. It is now replaced on all channel listings by WWE Vintage Collection, a program showing memorable and historical matches in the WWE. "History" 1998: The show began as WWF Sunday Night Heat and was the second most important show in the WWE. Raw of course was the number one show at the time. It would take place live prior to the RAW taping. The taping of Heat have shown interviews, matches and promos from several wrestlers. At this time, several top draw wrestlers from RAW would appear on the show and build feuds on HEAT that could be followed up in later weeks. The show at this time served up a greater time to build up hype for storylines and help build up attention for certain wrestlers. 1999-2002: Smackdown had just aired and had become now the second most important show in the WWF, pushing WWE HEAT lower ...

Hot Shots Part Deux (DVD) 13/07/2008


Hot Shots Part Deux (DVD) "Intro to review" Are you kidding me! There is not one review so far of this fantastic spoof movie. Nowadays you get crap thrown around the movie business such as epic movie, date movie and meet the spartans. Hot Shots and specifically Hot Shots Part Deux are the perfect spoof movies. Why??...Because it has a great storyline and a fantastic cast. Writers of spoof films should go back to the drawing boards, sit down and watch this film several times, over and over again until they realise where they have gone wrong on all these crappy spoof movies they have been making. There have only been a few 5 star spoof films; aeroplane, scary movie 1, and thankfully...Hot Shot and Hot Shots Part Deux. This review is of the latter. "Background Information" Hot Shots part deux is a 1993 spoof comedy released by 20th century fox, a sequel to the infamous movie Hot Shots in 1991. Again directed by Jim Abrahams, Hot Shots part deux became a financial success grossing over $130 million worldwide. This is down no small part to the fantastic cast, including Charlie Sheen, Lloyd Bridges, Richard Crenna, Valeria Golino, Rowan Atkinson and more. Current spoof films only manage to mock a maximum of 5 films. Hot Shots part deux managed to parody 22 films and an advert of an energizer bunny. The main parodied films are Rambo, Apocolypse now, predator, commando, and missing in action. Charlie Sheens role of Topper Harley however typifies Rambo. Richard Crennas role is actually a homage is to ...

Click (DVD) 13/07/2008


Click (DVD) "Introduction" Click is an Academy award nominated comedy/drama/fantasy film directed by Frank Coraci and distributed by Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios and Happy Madison Productions. The film was released in 2006 and starred Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff and Henry Winkler. The $70 million budget film has grossed a total of $237,587,166. The film also received the Best Movie Comedy award in the 33rd People's Choice awards. Infamous critics deemed this film a 21st century remake of 'It's a wonderful Life.' Click has a running time of 107 minutes and has a rating '12' in the UK and a PG-13 rating in the US. "Plot - (contains spoilers so move on to the rest if you are going to watch this film in the near future)" Michael Newman portrayed by Adam Sandler is an architect who has been working years in order to get a promotion. Constantly he is denied by his boss (Hasselfoff). In order to be granted his promotion he is forced to over work. By doing this he is missing important events in his life, e.g. a camping trip with his children, delaying the building of a tree house, and is in constant arguments with his wife Donna (Beckinsale). While trying to watch a documentary on Asian architecture he goes into a rage after being unable to find a remote to control the TV. The outcome of his rage leads to him taking a drive to find a store that sells a universal remote control. Seeing one store open, 'Bed Bath and Beyond', he enters the ...

Wild Hogs (DVD) 13/07/2008

Ride Hard or Stay Home - Wild Hogs !!!

Wild Hogs (DVD) Jack (Ray Liotta): You're gonna pay a disobedience fee of $10,000, plus another $40,000 to rebuild the bar. If you don't, we're gonna break your friend's legs here. Dudley Frank (William H Macy): Don't bring the money! I'm a computer programmer! I don't need my legs! Jack: Fine, we'll break his hands! Dudley Frank: Oh, dammit. Bring the money! Definitely bring the money! "Intro and plot" Wild Hogs is a 2007 comedy film starring Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy and John Travolta as 4 suburban bikers who hit the open road to get away from their lives and troubles. However on their way they find themselves in a heap of trouble. Their journey is one to find freedom. They encounter some hilaroius problems on their ride. A lot of people have said that Wild Hogs is a film that depicts the 'free fall' of John Travolta's career. However, I believe that this film definitely has some great qualities, one being that it actually is funny. If you sit through this film and listen to the jokes, they are ridiculously funny. I watched it last night and I think perhaps it has been the most I have enjoyed it so far. If you go to IMDB and read the quotes of the script on the page you will be laughing your asses off in hysterics. John Travolta as Woody is hilarious. The man who has lost his model wife and soon to be all of his possessions, he brings a sort of flair to the film. The moments where he squints at the bikers, gets naked with his 'gay friends', cuts the ...

Hot Fuzz (DVD) 12/07/2008

Hot Fuzz - Just Enjoy The Jokes

Hot Fuzz (DVD) Officer Angel:"Whens your birthday?" Boy in pub: "22nd February" Officer Angel: "What year?" Boy in Pub: "Every Year.." Officer Angel: "Get out." Film Review Only I am writing this review to refute some of the dreadful reviews it recieved. I must admit that when I first watched the film I disliked it for several reasons. However, after watching it for several more times, I started to find things really funny, like the piece of script above. I am not saying it is an exceptional film, far from it, I am just appealing to its laughter factor, which it does have from beginning to end, from calling the woman at the motel a hag to chasing a swan. If you truly think about it, there are a good amount of jokes in the film. "Brief Plot" The storyline is simple. Officer Angle (Simon Pegg) is removed from his police duties in London because he makes everybody else look bad with his fantastic arrest record. After being let go by the police chief including Alan Partridge and Bill Nighy, he moves to Sanford in the countryside, the town that has not experienced murder for years, however has an unusually high accident record. In his new post he is given little credibility by his new work members accept for one person, officer Butterman (Nick Frost). Butterman is the man who finally helps Angel to switch off from his duties, to the point they share a few beers and watch Bad Boys 2 and Point Break. While this occurs, members of the town from the community patrol group are ...

Everybody Loves Raymond - Series 2 (DVD) 12/07/2008

Everybody Loves Raymond - Series 2

Everybody Loves Raymond - Series 2 (DVD) Rays Here Hahaaa!! Everybody loves Raymond is an Emmy award winning TV sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2005. It is one of the most critically acclaimed television series of all time, backedy by the number of awards that it one. The series follows the life of Ray Barone, a sports writer for his own column in a newspaper. He has a wife named Debra, a daughter and 2 twin year old boys. His parents live across the street, and older brother lives with them. Im beginning to sound like the intro of the show lol. The program is based loosely on the event of Ray Romano's life and so are the characters. "The Characters" Ray Romano is the protagonist character in the program. His whiny nazal voice, facial expressions and laughs make you in turn smile at the tv and laugh along with his performance. His character is always enthusiastic, and when he is not at home looking after the kids or mocking Debra's cooking, he goes across the street where he is greeted by the infamous line of his mother: "Are you hungry dear." The parents are what has held this show together for a long time. Doris Roberts as the overloving hard to please mother who smothers her child Ray, accompanied by her husband Frank, the slob who mocks everyone, they can convince you they are the parents from hell. Their son Robbie, the eldest is a tall well built out man who is slow. He talks with a ridiculous deep voice and is considered to be a stupid person. His traits dont go unoticed whether it is turning ...

Cars DVD 12/07/2008

Cars - KACHOW!!

Cars DVD Sitting down infront of the TV with my brother revising for my A Levels, my brother then decided to go and get the Pixar boxset from our DVD collection. After moaning that I did not want to watch Cars for several minutes because I thought it would be a terrible film, my brother put the film on anyway. It was his choice. He is 5 years older. How lucky was I that he decided this for us. What a film. Cars is again a great hit by Pixar and one I would recommend to all families, for kids and adults. It is a fantastic film with great cast voices and is full of hilarious characters. I cant remember the last time I had so much fun 'revising'. "Brief Plot" Cars is set in a world filled by anthropomorphic cars and other vehicles. The plot is about a rookie car racer called Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) who is part of the infamous 'Piston Cup Tournament'. Upon his travels to the last race he falls out of his truck and due to having no headlights and wing mirrors he finds it hard to find where he is going. While nearly the entire nation is searching for him, he winds up at a rundown derelict town known as Radiator Springs, taken off the map due to the introduction of the Interstate roads years ago. The town holds great heritage and when McQueen inadvertently destroys the road, the town folk orders him to repave the road. While he is there he gets to know the hilarious characters in the town. It is these people who help him in his race to try and win the Piston Cup. Finally, ...

King Of Queens - Series 1 (DVD) 12/07/2008


King Of Queens - Series 1 (DVD) I am writing this review as a huge fan of King of Queens, and because after watching all complete 9 series. A lot of people wrote off the show after watching a couple of episodes in the first series. Unbeleivably, this was a huge msitake. The King of Queens grew to be an Emmy nominated American sitcom that ran from 1998-2007. The program also won 2 peoples choice awards, and two actors won image awards and an emmy for their performances. "Intro and plot of show" The King of Queens follows the life of Doug and Carrie Heffernan (Kevin James and Leah Remini) who live in Queens with Carrie's father Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller) lives in the basement downstairs, after his house burnt down. Doug is an average parcel delivery driver working for IPS. He is the epitome of the average man, quite large and loves his food. His mannerisms are also hilarious. He is literally one of the most funniest characters on TV. He always tends to perform immature actions, e.g. purchasing an ice cream truck to changing his IPS outfit before he gets home so his wife doesnt smell his pre dinner Burger King Whopper on his body. Carrie is a legal secretary (for most of the time) who finds work at several law firms. Her image is fierce. A lot of people find her scary. She is the complete opposite to Doug. Her use of profanity and mannerisms she uses are equally moments of geinus. The on set partnership she creates with Doug is unbeleivable. It fits perfectly. These two characters could have ...

Futurama - The Beast With A Billion Backs (DVD) 11/07/2008

FUTURAMA IS BACK - 2nd DVD Adventure

Futurama - The Beast With A Billion Backs (DVD) "Introduction" Futurama was taken off sky one and cancelled as Fox thought more time and focus should be spent on the Simpsons. Greoning and his produces however along with the fans have managed to entice Fox to allow Futurama to create another series on tv through 4 straight to DVD releases. After these, the program will apparently run again like normal. Futurama is back now with its second straight to DVD release: 'The beast with a billion backs.' The film was released in Canada and USA on June 24th 2008. The films running time is approx 89 minutes. For people who never gave this animated program a chance you should really think about giving it a try. It is extremely funny and has characters that really appeal to all people. "Brief Plot" The previous film was a bit ramsacked with new characters and the script was quite all over the place. This film continues a month after from the former film in the script, that is with a huge whole opening in the side of the universe. Amy and Kif finally get married (but not how we understand), Fry finds himself lost in his world after not being able to accept that his new love Colleen has many other lovers. Professor Farnsworth and Prof. Wersntrom try to figure out how to enter the universe. Above all, Bender tries to destroy all humans. Basically, it is exactly what you would expect from a Futurama film, oh and of course the universe is "attacked" by a loving billion tentacled universal creature. In this film however, ...

Jerry Maguire (DVD) 11/07/2008

Jerry Maguire - This Film will Complete You

Jerry Maguire (DVD) So far there have been no reviews that have been helpful concerning this film. I believe that a good review has to be given because this film is deserved of a well given mention. Jerry Maguire is perhaps the best film Tom Cruise has starred in. This star studded comedy drama also includes the cast of Cuba Gooding Jr, Rene Zellweger, and Jonathan Lipnicki. I watched this film when I was just 13 years old. Every time I watch it the more it appeals to me with a message. Now i want to spread the word of this cult classic film. Jerry Maguire is a sports agent. After a nervous breakdown he produces a mission statement, a book about how the business ethos of his profession has been destroyed and removed. He exclaims that there is too much dishonesty in his job and is the same for all sport's agents. This truth costs him his job, his relationship, and his clients who mostly join his rival Bob Sugar. The film shows his journey of how he gets back to the top through family, and especially the career of Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) This movie consists of great witty dialogue and is infamous for some of the most memorable phrases in film history. "Show me the me help complete me" were made famous from this film. Believe me there are reasons for this. Tom Cruise has adopted this role naturally, allowing the audience to be completely empathetic towards his character. His deliverance is slick and cool and his character is completely memorable. This was what ...

Die Hard 4.0 (Blu-ray) 10/07/2008


Die Hard 4.0 (Blu-ray) Bruce Willis is back for the 4th part of the Die Hard series, and he has come back in style. He still epitomises all that made the first three films great, and infact goes further to make his character even more appealing. Die Hard has gone into the future, with Blue Ray that is. I had been waiting for years after Die Hard with Avengance to see Bruce Willis take up the role of John McClane in Live Free or die hard (DH4) and to see it in Blu Ray made it extra special. The explosions, graphics and visual effects were unbelievable. The Blu Ray experience was made specifically for Die Hard in my belief. The plot of this Die Hard is quite different to the former installments. The film begins showing computer hackers providing sensitive material and information to an operative of a terrorist group. The hackers are tricked into giving the information and little do they know will be killed one by one. That is until after a breach of the FBI's headquarters they send John McClane to pick up one of the hackers known as Farrell. From this moment, the action picks up in what is to be one of the best films of this decade. The ideology of the film is that the terrorists use the security information to use the technology of the city to their own advantage and cause havoc through a 'Fire Sale'. Of course when people dont believe McClane, he does what he does best. That is, hunt down these terrorists by himself. This is the first time however, he is joined by someone else for the ...

Larger Than Life - Pépé Kallé 10/07/2008

Ace Ventura Pet Detective - Buy it - Alrighty Then

Larger Than Life - Pépé Kallé Ace Ventura Pet Detective, How are we this afternoon, alrigthy then. Ace ventura was one of the funniest comedy movies to be released in the 1990's. Just after the success of Dumb and Dumber, Carrey moved into the remembral role of the pet detective who searches for lost and stolen pets. In both movies however, he is called in to help for the search of two unique animals/mammals. The first film engages in Ace Ventura searching the Miami Dolphin mascot that has been kidnpped, featuring great supporing cast such as Courtney Cox (Friends) and Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins kicker). The film is witty and you will literally laugh out loud at Carreys character, from fighting with the Maimi Dolphins Mascot to being eaten by a shark, you will find everything in the film funny. One of the biggest hits in the younger generation, this DVD is a definite purchase. All people need this in their DVD collection and the fact you can get them as a boxset is an advantage. The Second film, 'When Nature Calls' is a superb add on of the series, with Ace searching for the stolen white bat to bring two fighting tribes together. Strung together with endless jokes and gags, such as the monopoly and guy and being born out of a rhino, the 'white devil' has to solve this mystery with the help of idiotic tribesmen. Tom Shadyac has provided yet another classic film that pleases all. The films are great to watch one after the other constantly, especially with all your friends around. The Bosxet ...
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