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Primark (Shop) 01/06/2009

Primark - excellent value for the whole family!

Primark (Shop) When you have a family or alternatively when you are on a tighter budget - why should you deny yourself the pleasure of new clothes?! With Primark, you don't have to because they have a fantastic range of clothes for everyone - young and old and at very low prices. But....low prices don't mean low quality because I have bought lots of clothes from their store over the years which wash like new - I am actually wearing a pair of trousers today which are 5 years old believe it or not and they look just as good as they did, the day I bought them for £6.00. We all know that children grow constantly so why spend more money than you have to to keep them looking good. With Primark, you can buy 3 or 4 items for the price of just one somewhere else. They clothes are up-to-date and the range is excellent. I never manage to go in and just buy one item - I always end up buying more but at the same time, I haven't spent any more than I would have done if I had shopped elsewhere. Next time you fancy a spending spree or to treat yourself (or someone else for that matter) to some new clothes, shy not pop along to your nearest Primark and have a look as I'm sure you will find something nice. The staff that work in my nearest store are very friendly and helpful and allow you to try 6 items on unlike most stores that allow only 3 or possibly 4. ...

JML Fresh Air Globe 18/05/2009

Freshen your room with Fresh Air Globe

JML Fresh Air Globe I purchased the JML Fresh Air Globe and am glad I did! The globe comes with 2 fragrance oils - 1 eucalyptus and 1 lavender which offer both a stimulating or soothing experience. Within the unit there are coloured led lights which change randomly thus creating a relaxing atmosphere when using the appliance in a darkened room. It is amazing how much dirt the water collects (much better in the water than breathing it in). The only drawback with this appliance is that replacement oils are a bit pricey at £9.99. I have been using the JML Fresh Air Globe for about a year now and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Maintenance is exceptionally easy. When the water becomes cloudy simply empty the basin, rinse and refill. The filters are easy to clean too and unclick so you can get access. ...

Purdeys Multivitamin Fruit Drink 18/05/2009

Purdeys - a pleasant drink to boost your day

Purdeys Multivitamin Fruit Drink I would like to tell you about Purdeys Multivitamin drink. Firstly I would like to clarify that although Purdeys states that this is a multivitamin drink - the vitamins that are actually in it are : Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Vitamin C. B vitamins are great to include in your diet, especially if you are feeling lethargic and run down as they aid in the release of energy from foods which in turn boosts you up. Vitamin C supports the immune system too which is an added bonus. My experience of drinking Purdeys is very positive. I had been feeling very lethargic and decided I needed a pick-me-up so I bought Purdeys. It was amazing how much energy it did actually give me so I always have one in the house now. Of course, you can have one as often as you like and it is very pleasant to take. It is slightly sparkling as it is made from carbonated spring water and has a mild fruity flavour of grape and apple. It is sweetened with glucose so it has no artificial sweeteners in it. In my opinion, not only is Purdeys a pleasant drink to take but it is good for you too with its inclusion of vitamins and natural flavourings. ...

Hormone Replacement Therapy 16/05/2009

HRT for the younger woman

Hormone Replacement Therapy There has been a lot of discussions over the past two to three years about the use of HRT in menopausal women and the risks involved. I'd like to offer some positive feedback on HRT in the younger woman. I, myself, use HRT and have done so for the past 10 years after having a radical hysterectomy and been surgically put into the menopause. In my opinion, if I had not been given or indeed do not continue to use HRT, then my whole quality of life would deteriorate significantly. To explain very briefly, a woman produces the female hormone oestrogen throughout her life until her later years when it gradually decreases. When this happens and a natural menopause occurs, some women do need HRT to help control symptoms such as hot flushes. Many women manage fine without HRT or decided to go for a more natural therapy and diet. For the women who decide to take HRT after their bodies have naturally gone into menopause, there is a slight increased risk of health problems developing. For younger women and women who have been surgically put into the menopause - ie., ones who have had their ovaries removed as well as their womb, the use of HRT is necessary to give the body back the hormones which would normally be produced anyway. Yes, it is in synthetic form, but the dose is kept to the minimum needed to help with the onslaught of menopausal symptoms experienced after this surgery. I have tried many various different kinds of HRT and have found one that suits me well in a gel ...

Manchester United 16/05/2009

Manchester United in 2009

Manchester United Just when you thought you'd seen perfection, once again, the magician of football, Sir Alex Ferguson pulls off the 18th league title for what could only be described as truly the most magnificent Manchester United team. In my opinion, Manchester United have always been at the pinnacle of British football producing World class players such as Bobby Charleton, George Best but even they must admit that the 2009 team must surely be one of the greatest teams in football history. The only cloud that mars the theatre of dreams is the constant criticism of Sky Sports commentator, Andy Gray. Perhaps it's time for him to exit stage left and never darken the theatre of dreams again. Here's to winning the European title in Rome ...

Tesco Cafe 16/05/2009

Tesco cafe in Irvine is NOT good value for money

Tesco Cafe As a regular of Tesco in Irvine, Ayrshire I frequently visit the cafe and thought I would share my experiences with you. First of all, the cafe is not directly employed by Tescos but Eurest. First impressions are reasonable - adequate seating and clean, however, once you have arrived at the food counter disappointment sets in. There is a severe lack of choice in sandwiches, toasties and hot food. Breakfast is served apparently until 11.30am, however, more often than not by 10.55am there are no link sausages left which in my opinion is unacceptable. Moving on to the coffee machine. There is an ongoing problem with this machine in that it hardly ever works. You are very lucky if you enter the cafe and don't see a notice on the machine saying "temporarily out of order". A jar of ordinary, cheap coffee is placed for you to make adding hot water from the tea machine which is horrible! The coffee machine stays out of order for a good few days and in some instances can be off limit for 2 weeks which, again, is totally unacceptable. The staff who work in the cafe need a lesson on basic hygiene too. Apart from the fact that they have dirty fingernails, I have been totally disgusted by the fact that they handle money, prepare food and touch the bin "WITHOUT" washing their hands. All in all, I find Tesco cafe in Irvine a very disappointing place and feel, in my opinion, that it should be totally renovated with educated staff. ...

Snoreeze Anti-Snoring Oral Strips 16/05/2009

Snoreeze definitely does work for medium snoring

Snoreeze Anti-Snoring Oral Strips Snoreeze Anti-snoring Oral Strips are certainly a way forward if you are trying to avoid snoring or indeed, if you are trying to stop your partner's snoring keeping you awake all night. The strips come in discreet packaging which enables you to carry them with you whenever you need to. They are very easy to use by simply taking one out of the container and with your thumb pressing it onto the back area of the roof of your mouth - that's it! As simple as that! They begin to dissolve immediately and as you swallow coat your throat which in turn helps to reduce the vibrations which cause snoring. My partner and I both snore so we decided to try these strips. In the morning, my partner informed me that I spent a good part of the night not snoring at all which was very impressive. I woke up feeling more refreshed than I had done in a long time so, in my opinion, the strips did the job they were supposed to. What I liked about the strips were the ease of which they can be used and I also enjoyed the minty taste which also helped lessen the morning taste we tend to describe as "morning breath". At £4.99 for a pack of 14, I feel they are good value for money. I would certainly advise anyone who is suffering from snoring or indeed sleeps next to a snorer to give Snoreeze oral strips a try. Even if they don't eradicate snoring completely, they do indeed reduce it significantly. To sum up then, Snoreeze Oral strips are a convenient, easy and pleasant way to deal with ...
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