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Chocolat - Joanne Harris 27/10/2011

MOUTHWATERING! Buy some chocolate before reading

Chocolat - Joanne Harris I was given this book from a friend, and I wasn't too sure if it was going to be my sort of thing. After reading "The Evil Seed" I did kind of wonder if a book by the same author is going to grip me as much as the other book did, but I don't even know why I questioned it... I loved this book more than you could imagine, and it's definitely up there amongst my favourite books of all time. Joanne Harris is a British author who has written many books (most of them I have got and I'm just eager to read them). So far I have read "The Evil Seed", "Chocolat" and its sequel "The Lollipop Shoes". She was born to a French mother and an English father in her grandparents' sweet shop. Her great-grandmother had an odd reputation and enjoyed letting gullible people think she was a witch and a healer. These experiences fuelled Joanne Harris' novels and especially in this book, there are a lot of links from her life and this novel. I didn't think she would have been able to capture me, once again, in a delightful book. Her writing style is so engaging and very different to any I have come across, I know that if I pick a book up that was written by her I'd fully enjoy it, even if the story was totally boring and nothing great happened, her writing will grip me enough to enjoy it. She is currently writing a third book in this "Vianne Rocher" series, and I'm really looking forward to that. This book is set in a quaint French village called Lansquenet. Vianne Rocher decides to open a ...

Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman 12/08/2011

Odd, A Bear, A fox, and an Eagle, can this get any more bizzare?

Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman This book was specially written and published for World Book Day 2008. World Book Day is a worldwide celebration of books and reading. In 2008 it was their eleventh anniversary of World Book Day in the United Kingdom and Ireland. World Book Day is made possible by generous sponsorship from National Book Tokens, participating publishers, authors and booksellers. Booksellers who accept the £1 Book Token kindly agree to bear the full cost of redeeming it. I used to be obsessed with World Book Day when I was younger, mainly because well-known children and adult novelists had contributed by writing a book especially for World Book Day. However recently things have changed and it is usually up and coming authors who write the books, which don't really interest me no more. Also there is normally two different books put together, one starting from the front, and one starting on the back, and they end at the middle, this usually infuriates me as there might be a short story I am really interested in, and the other story might be one I have no interest in what so ever. This usually really annoys me, especially since the two books tend to have nothing in common. Neil Gaiman is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors, and it is all down to you people writing your reviews; otherwise I wouldn't have bought my first Neil Gaiman novel. I have most of his books added to my wish list, and I can't wait to read more. So Far I have read "The Graveyard Book", "Smoke & Mirrors", ...

The Intruder - Melinda Metz 27/07/2011

In a secret compound, Could YOU keep a secret secret?

The Intruder - Melinda Metz I haven't written a review on these Roswell High novels for quite some time, I don't really know why it has been so long, but it could be because they are "pocket books" and I tend not to have a lot to say about them, therefore not putting enough thought and interest into my review. Anyway here goes. This book is the fifth book in a series called "Roswell High". The complete series is written by Melinda Metz, who has wrote a number of books and has contributed to many series, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Animorphs (as a Ghost Writer). I have only ever read this series from her, and although I have many of her books in my collection, I have yet to come around to reading them. Roswell High Series of Books: 1) The Outsider 2) The Wild One 3) The Seeker 4) The Watcher 5) The Intruder (this book) There are more books that follow on from this series, but there are some novels that have been based on the TV series, which was based on these books, I will get back around to this soon, and I hope I don't confuse you when I do. As I have already explained Melinda Metz has written quite a few books although I have only ever read this series of books from her. I am really interested in what her other books will be like, since this series is really gripping. I think she has a unique writing style that many others have failed to pull off; she manages to capture the essence of each character and jump from one person to the next in her well, thought-out storyline. I love ...

Whispers From The Past - Constance M. Burge 07/07/2011

Old Secrets Never Die

Whispers From The Past - Constance M. Burge I have been reading these Charmed books for quite some time, as you can tell by the reviews. I do not believe in reading a complete series together, and prefer to space a series out, by reading numerous books in between before reading the next one in line, and although that builds up my sequels (which are all under my bed), that's just me as I know that if I read a whole series all at once I'm going to get bored with it. This book is the FOURTH book in the series, it was a strong follow up, and I totally enjoyed it! This series, all have different authors for each of the books, so they don't exactly link up, and one could read them in whatever order one would like, but I'm the sort of person who can't read a book unless I've read the previous ones in the series. The previous books (Just in case you want to read them before hand): 1) The Power of Three - Eliza Willard (5 Stars) 2) Kiss of Darkness - Brandon Alexander (5 Stars) 3) The Crimson Spell - F. Goldsborough (5 Stars) 4) Whispers From the Past - Rosalind Noonan (5 Stars) (this book) All of the above books I've read all have a review added to it, which was posted before I received the 1st series of the TV programme, and so the information may not be as correct as this review will be. The reviews are also not very good, and since then my reviews have improved. Charmed has recently become a big part in my life, when I was young, my best friend (back then, not so much now), wouldn't stop talking about this ...

Coyote Moon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) - John Vornholt 27/06/2011

Humans by Day, Evil by Night...

Coyote Moon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) - John Vornholt Ever since I was young I've been secretly interested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; however I never tuned into any of the episodes as my parents thought it was a scary show and that I shouldn't watch it. So I came across the books, and realised that there is many different series (along with some comics) and even doesn't have a clue on the correct order. So I just chose a series and started reading, So far the books I've read: 1) The Harvest 2) Halloween Rain 3) Coyote Moon (this book) All of the above books I've read all have a review added to it, which was posted before I received the 1st series of the TV programme, and so the information may not be as correct as this review will be. As I have already mentioned, I was banned from watching Buffy, however I made my parents sit and watch the first series and they are totally gripped with it, and although I haven't had a sorry, I know that they mean it somewhere. Buffy, for those of you who don't know, was a major big TV series between 1997 and 2003 (which sort of explains the ban since I'd only been 4 when it started and 10 when it ended.) It had span lots of major merchandise, from novels (like this one) to comics and even games (that are still being released). There are a lot of rumours that it is going to return, Anthony Head (who played Buffy's Watcher) mentioned a bit in an interview with Digital Spy, but it sounded as if he was hiding something big. Furthermore Sarah Michelle Geller (who ...

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein 16/06/2011

Dogs can be like glue, they stick the family back together!

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein It seems like well over a year since I last read this, and m extensive "need to review" list is getting longer and longer and longer. So this review could be a lot more concise if I had reviewed it the day after I read it. I totally believed that this story was real and it came as a surprise to find out that it is a work of fiction. The author has made this book really well, and it is captivating, and at the end of it I think you truly could think that it was real, and that it actually happened. Garth Stein is definitely an author I'm going to look out for in the future, and all his books will appear on my wish list shortly after this review, because if he made me think a book was real, means he is a superb writer and hopefully it follows through to his other books. And maybe he'll end up as one of my favourite authors...... But we'll have to wait and see. Since it has been over a year I have read this, I don’t think I can sell it well enough with the description I was going to give you (yes I've tried 5 times now and I can't describe it well enough) So, after reading’s description, I think it's only right to put it on here, as it would be pretty similar to what I would have put, but it is a lot better: "Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: a philosopher with a nearly human soul (and an obsession with opposable thumbs), he has educated himself by watching television extensively, and by listening very closely to the words of his ...

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld 27/05/2011

In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld I got this book on a whim. I had previously read a review about this book, which was rated it highly. Then I saw promotion for it here and there. So to try something new, decided to go for it, if I didn't like it I could easily sell it, or pass it on. To be totally honest, I am amazed that I fully enjoyed this book, and I have got it! I hadn't heard of Scott Westerfeld before reading this book, I had heard that he was the author of "Uglies" but that was all that I knew about him. I always like stumbling across new authors that manage to spike my interest in the first few pages of one of their books. It shows a likeable writing style that interests me into exploring other books written by them. He is a software designer and a composer of music, as well as an author. He has written many books, but he is mostly known for "Uglies". Some of his books have been commissioned to become films, but whether they will or not is a different story, but we'll see. Uglies, has quickly become a well-known teen/young adult novel, and sometimes is used in schools. Unlike Twilight, it has failed to maintain its popularity, but hopefully it will get it back. Uglies follows a girl called Tally. She is almost sixteen, and at sixteen you become a "Pretty". She talks about how much fun she used to have with a guy called "Peris" who recently became sixteen and he is now a "Pretty". She can't wait to be with him again. One day she is really bored, and it's only a few days until she becomes ...

Chronicles Of Nick: Infinity - Sherrilyn Kenyon 04/05/2011

To Infinity and Beyond! Goodbye Humanity HELLO Supernatural

Chronicles Of Nick: Infinity - Sherrilyn Kenyon I cannot believe it has almost been a full year since I read this book. And I actually know this because there is a story behind this book. At College a General Studies trip was organised, according to the teachers it was compulsory (since General Studies is compulsory in our college), and so people paid for the trip to London, we went to the Imperial War Museum, and we were promised that we'll have time to go into other museums and do lots more exciting things. When the day came around, I remembered thinking "I MUST take a book on the way down on the train, I MUST." Guess what? I forgot to take a book. This is usually a BIG disaster; I hate not having something to do when I go on a train journey. Anyway, me and some of my friends were wondering why the tickets were so cheap, our General Studies teacher has put us as children (although we were all over 16), we got stopped a few times and he had to explain that he messed it up, not only that, but we lost someone on the way down to London. He happened to have got on the wrong train, although that train went to the same station in London. On the way down I occupied myself by asking my friend Sam, to lend me his iPad, and so I went on the internet wi-fi, and looked at my wish list, hoping to remember one of the many books on there, so that when I get to finally shop in Waterstones, I'll be able to pick a book off my wish list. After a lot of boring time spent in The Imperial War Museum (Let me tell you, if you are not ...

Circus of the Damned - Vol.3 - Laurell K. Hamilton 04/04/2011

"Don't Call My Name, Alejandro; I'm not your SLAVE, ALEJANDRO!"

Circus of the Damned - Vol.3 - Laurell K. Hamilton Here's another Anita Blake novel, and as I'm sure you are all aware, I am slowly going through every book of this series. This is the THIRD book in the series, and although I am encouraging you to buy this book, since the people who want to read this review would be a person who wants to know if they should carry on with reading this series. This book was published in 1995; therefore this book is the same age as my brother. I was born in 1993, so I was 2 years old when this was published. Of course, I have only read it recently and never knew that this series has been going on for that long, although I am aware of other book series that have been going on for longer. The author of this book is Laurell K. Hamilton. I have only ever read this series from her, and so I cannot possibly tell you if she is a good writer or not since I am unaware of her writing style in other books. But her writing grips me within seconds in this series, and I look forward for every new book I come across, as I know I am going to be gripped with excitement. She has written many books, all of which have appeared on my wish list, and the ones that are no longer there, are now on my bookshelf waiting to be read. However, I reckon it will take me a while to get around to them, but I have them nonetheless. And eventually you will see a review of them on here, if this review site is still going. Anita Blake is a vampire hunter, however do not confuse her with "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", since ...

Dewey: The Small-town Library-cat Who Touched the World - Vicki Myron 14/03/2011

Do We Read More Books? No? Oh you mean "Dewey Readmore Books"

Dewey: The Small-town Library-cat Who Touched the World - Vicki Myron This review is for "Dewey: The Small-town Library Cat Who Touched The World" I submitted a product proposal, however I was told that I should just type my review here! So make sure you are aware of which book I'm talking about. I got this book through the door ages and ages ago, and I saw Dewey on the front and I thought this is definitely the book for me. I have had a lot of pets in my childhood, but I don't think anyone of them have lived up to the cats we had, I reckon I am a cat lover in my heart, although I rarely get to show it. Getting off track a bit. When I was really young we had two cats, one called Ben, the other called Sam, however Sam fell ill (I don't even remember him) and so my parents replaced him with a new cat called Toby. Now I vaguely remember Toby, but he broke his paw and so he disappeared too. Ben and I were best of friends, and even though I am now 18 I can remember him as if he was sitting right next to me. Not long after I became four years old, Ben was passed on to a new family, since his life here had become unliveable as Cameron (my younger brother) started pulling his tail. So Ben would stay outside hiding under the slide, until Cameron had gone to bed, and that was when Ben came back in. I was also diagnosed with Asthma, and so that was another further reason why my parents decided to send Ben away. And I still miss him today. We have had many pets since then, we've had various goldfish and shubunkins and comets, our longest living ...

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters - Rick Riordan 22/02/2011

The Sea of Monsters = The Bermuda Triangle? Are you sure?

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters - Rick Riordan This book is the SECOND book in a series called "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" I have read the first book and my review can be found easily. The sequel to the original novel is a very good follow up and I love Rick Riordan's writing style, it is so unique and extremely interesting, that I have no other option than to love it. Anyway... Rick Riordan is an author who I have only recently come across thanks to this book series, and I may never have known about it unless a film of the first novel came out. The film was pretty rubbish compared to the first novel, but most films don't relate that well to the book and therefore tends to get negative reviews. Anyway Rick Riordan has written quite a few books, however this series is his most successful novels so far. I have yet to read any of his other stories outside of Percy Jackson. However they all are on my wish list, so I may get around to reading his other novels sometime. I believe that his other books will probably be in the same sort of writing style and I am eager to read them, because if they are as good as the Percy Jackson novels then I can't wait. In the first book Percy Jackson had to retrieve a bolt of lightning to stop a war that would have happened between the Greek gods. So now Percy is back in school thinking he can relax again. But there is one major problem, a friend of his: Tyson. He is a six-foot-three, mentally challenged homeless kid who follows Percy everywhere, making it hard for Percy to have any ...

Swimsuit - James Patterson 10/02/2011

Who's taken Syd? And why is she wearing a Swimsuit?

Swimsuit - James Patterson This is a book I've been eager to read ever since it appeared on my doorstep. I read it in a matter of days, it really was amazing. This is definitely a book for someone who is planning on getting back into reading, and I shall tell you why later. This book was not actually on my wish list, however I have recently became a fan of James Patterson, and if anyone has read his books, they will know that his writing style is so gripping, that no matter if the story is dire and really boring, he'll still grip you until the very end. James Patterson is an amazing author; I have read a total of two books by him ("The Angel Experiment" and this book). And I have a lot more books by him, waiting patiently for me to read them. I know he is an amazing author, and he has written a lot of books that I hope to read. For this book James Patterson teamed up with another author called Maxine Paetro, this is a new author to me, as I have never come across any of her books. She has written a few books here and there but none of them were big hits. Recently she is known for helping James Patterson on many of his books, such as "The Women's Murder Club" and the new series: "Jack Morgan". Now I have a complete idea of how books that contain two or more authors work. However knowing me, I'm probably wrong and would much prefer if nobody told me how they are written as I'd love to keep this idea and believe it is truly how they write books like this. I believe that to start off with they decide ...

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice 02/02/2011

What's the secret behind The Mayfair Witches?

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice This is DEFINITELY a book for you. No matter whom you are. What books you prefer, it does not matter, this book has everything and anything you want. I can think of a few reasons why people may not want to read this book, but by the time you have started it, it is glued to you and you just HAVE to read this! It contains every genre possible, if a Waterstones employee asked me to place this book on a shelf under the correct genre, I wouldn't just have difficulty. I'd end up taking hours and hours, trying to work out where this truly belongs! This is definitely the books for you and you will find out why soon enough. Before I start, I need to admit, not only to you, but also to myself, that I have been dreading writing this review. I adored this book, and I know many, many other people will, and have. However I believe it is difficult to write a review on this book. I have been struggling, the last few days, to try and work out how I was going to write this review. But I shall try my very best to sell this book to you, as I know for certain you would definitely enjoy it! Anne Rice is an author who is quickly and quickly becoming one of my top 10 authors of all time. If you would have asked me about a year ago if I had heard of her, I would have said: "no". If you would have told me a year ago if I have read "Interview with the vampire" I would have said: "I've watched the film, is there really a book to it?" This is the author who wrote "Interview with the vampire" back ...

The King of Cats: Salem's Tails - Mark Dubowski 12/01/2011

I just have one request....... Can Salem work out the riddle?

The King of Cats: Salem's Tails - Mark Dubowski I have been a fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch since I was young, I remember rushing home from school and turning on the TV so as I will not miss the TV programme. I don't really know why I was so obsessed with the programme, but I was, and one of my favourite characters was Salem the talking cat! Now I'm totally obsessed with the books, both this series (Salem's Tails) and Sabrina the teenage witch. I have recently decided to go through all the books in numeric order. I am currently reading the Sabrina the Teenage Witch books, but I am also reading Salem's Tails, which is mainly for much younger little people than me, possibly 3-6 year olds, this is merely a guess, and I personally think that adults (or young adults in my case) like to dapple into children's books to get their inner-child out once in a while (well that's why I read children books, some adults may say that they only read them to their children, but they are hiding the real reason). For people who haven't got a clue about Sabrina the Teenage Witch and also doesn't know who Salem is, I shall try my best to tell you all about the 2 people. Sabrina is a 16 year old girl, who has just discovered she is a half-witch; she is not allowed to see any of her parents and is currently stopping at "Aunt Zelda's" and "Aunt Hilda's" house. They have a cat that lives there, this cat was a powerful warlock back in the day but he tried to take over the world and in doing so the court sentenced him to spend 100 years as a ...

Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer 29/12/2010

Twilight: Eclipse

Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer As you may have known already, I have quickly become a big fan of Stephenie Meyer. I have decided to prevent myself from getting too caught up in the Twilight novels, and so therefore I have a break between the books, and the only time I get around to reading them is if the film is on its way out. For instance, this book has been on my shelf for a few months, maybe even a year, and I never got around to reading it until the film was released at the cinemas, by the time I had finished it, I had arranged with friends to go and see it at the cinema, and I'm going to do that with the last and final book: Breaking Dawn. Stephenie Meyer is now a highly paid author, she appeared as one of my top ten authors of all time last year, and I believe she will stay in my top ten in 2011. She has released a few books, such as this Twilight series, The Host (a book I adored so feel free to check out my review on it), "The short second life of Bree Tanner" a book that accompanies the Twilight series, and she has also released a story in a book called "Prom Nights from Hell". The books/stories I have read from her have all been amazing and extremely interesting, she has a certain writing style that grips you immensely right from the first word, and she will always be an author who I would most certainly have their next book in my possession within the first few weeks of release, even if it takes me a year to get around to reading the book as long as I have it, I don't mind. Before I go on ...
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