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I am a college student in the united stated states im a marketing major and like to review products that i use. All of my reviews are honest and first person

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Giorgio Armani Black Code After Shave Balm 10/04/2013

giorgio armani black code after shave balm

Giorgio Armani Black Code After Shave Balm I have four bottles of this cologne. i would say that the lasting power is from around nine am to around 5 at night, then it will start to completely be gone. the smell to me is sporty and woody with very little musky smells. its really a gentle cologne that has a refreshing smell. the affects on my skin were none and for the price you are most likely getting atleast a month and a half of product depending on how much you spray. the after balm is a huge added bonus. i have gentle skin on my face and when you put this on after shaving it feels so smooth and refreshing. it takes away any stinging and the smell lasts around two hours. if you are a man who isnt looking for a deep musky cologne this is going to be on your list to try. in comparison its not as fruity as express colognes but still not musky and is a perfect balance

Reflex Nutrition BCAAs 10/04/2013

reflex nutrition BCAAs

Reflex Nutrition BCAAs The forgotten supplement! amino acids are what helps you build protein and for that reason is why is helps with the repair of torn muscles after a hard workout. This product personally worked pretty good for me. especially for the price it did its job very well. After my hardest of workouts i double up on the dose of this product and wake up no where near as sore as my friends who are in confusion of how im not as sore as them. This product is by no means the top of the line BCAAs but my friend let me try it out and i found out that it was an above average product that does all that it advertises. This product is also free of fillers and you are paying for the main ingreidient and no fillers this is one of the products that isnt a main brand that i trust on my hard workouts to recover and it delivers everytime

BSN No-Xplode 10/04/2013

BSN no-Xplode Avpt

BSN No-Xplode As a college athlete I try and find every advantage I can get and when it comes to preworkouts it is a very touchy subject. This is my second favorite preworkout right after C4 by cellucor. Now that is a preference issue, when you are stuck between two great products try both and see what works best for you. With this specific item I suggest it to those who have intense workouts and need to break through lifting plateus. NO Xplode has a high nitric oxide and caffiene content which results in explosive workouts and vascularity. This is a top shelf supplement for hardcore lifting. It will your first time using break all your normal lifting schedule up. you will be stunded and a lot of your gains due to the proprietary blend keep your gains. the price initially is high but when your only using it on lifting days it lasts well over a month. this product is great for getting that pump for your lift and really going hard into your main lifts. With your gains you will feel great and because of the nitric oxide in the formula you will actually burn 1.5 to 2 times the calories as normal as well so dont worry if you shred some fat as well!

Nutrex Lipo 6 10/04/2013

nutrex lipo 6

Nutrex Lipo 6 i am a health nut and all you out there that are similar or are just trying to look good for beach season i have couple things to tell you about this product from experience. the effectiveness of this lipo 6 not only poor at best because i lost 3 pounds over a month with a good diet but this supplement is very unhealthy. its priced high so that you thinkit will work. the key to losing weight is not in the product but it can be found in others like cellucor super hd which i have also used and is not much more in price. but if you want results dont use this. all you will get is dehydration and diarreha and okay thats a loss of weight but thats just water weight and only gave it a two stars to be nice this product is garbage

Casio Gulfman G Shock 10/04/2013

casio gulf G shock

Casio Gulfman G Shock This watch is a very comfortable watch to wear and rests on your rest with a very comfortable weight and size. the features of this watch is one that you will will probably never use them all but it has a stop watch, alarms, split watch, tide phase and the obvious trademark glow G button and many more. the durability that this watch has is rediculous. it is made of a stiff yet durable resin which results in a watch that doesnt scuff and dent when it gets roughed up over time the style of g schock is what made it famous and colectable but the styling gives your whole attire an extra flair. if you get this in red for instance you can match a pair of shoes or hat and belt and etc overall i have this watch and many other g schocks and all of the stand the test of time physically and in their style

Finding Nemo (DVD) 10/04/2013

Finding nemo

Finding Nemo (DVD) finding nemo is a anime movie that is an adventure story. The main characters during the movie are Marlin(nemos dad), nemo, Dory, there are many characters besides these that play parts during the movie but are not main characters. Nemo runs away from home to prove himself to his dad that he doesnt need to be protected. nemo gets taken to sydney australia and Marlin and Dory go through various adventures to find his son. the adventures are hilarious and regardless of your age you really can enjoy this movie. it is a classic heart felt adventure of a dad trying to find his son crossing all parts of the ocean and dangers. this movie will make you feel like a kid again and is a rival of lion king as far as great kids movies go. personal favorite, and you wont be disapointed

Casio G Shock G-100 10/04/2013

best tough watch

Casio G Shock G-100 i am a huge fan of the g shock brand owned by casio. They were the first type of watch i bought with my money. And it was initially for its style and sleekness but i realized now that i look at mine, it was an investment. This watch has been an every day watch for me. And take my word for it the high quality of the materials used to make them has left me with a watch that looks the same as when i first bought it. I was also surprised at how the features are in this watch. there are watches worth hundreds more and they offer way less features with not even close to the quality that you get when you buy this watch. A watch that will truely last you as long as you still like it. and you will like it for a very long time. the watch gives you many features including alarms, stopwatch etc if you look at g shock as a watch to wear around anywhere and not worry about scratches then your correct

Oakley Crowbar Snow Goggles 10/04/2013

Oakley Crowbar goggles

Oakley Crowbar Snow Goggles I purchased these for last season and i couldnt of been more happy. I used to have the A frames and these are an upgrade in every way. the goggles are more stylish with more color variations, the the comfort fits perfect whether you wear a helmet or not it feels great and has minimal movement during your run. The bigger framed design creates a very large field vision which creates a comfort of security knowing that you know where everything is and being able to react in a little bit quicker time for you serious boarders out there. another aspect of the design is the vents and anti fog. you never get that weird stuck to your face feeling that the cheap goggles give you and even if your going at it hard and sweating the glass will get rid of the fog instantly which is a great optical advantage. i took a pretty hard crash on my face, i thought i broke my nose. i got up got readjusted and surely enough my goggles were perfectly fine, i wiped off the snow and they were good(had a nose bleed) but the goggles were perfect. in my opinion that speaks to the durability. i would invest in these goggles and have the best out there

Wilson Basketball Solution Game 10/04/2013

wilson basketball solution game

Wilson Basketball Solution Game I play basketball all the time. This is usually an indoor competitive ball that you would use in games. But me and my friends have one for pick up games and honestly it is THE best ball you can get. The grip inbetween the leather has a feel that just helps your shot come off beautifully. The high quality leather is perfect for shooting as well but makes dribbling control perfect for those tough moves and quick bounce passes. The grip is actually so great that its the only ball that im able to dunk with because i can palm it. The quality is top knotch your value for the money is excellent because mine looks brand new and we play alot as for durability I rated it high because indoors it will last forever. If you bring it to a concrete court it messes with the leather and can effect the great qualities of the ball ...

Met-RX Protein Plus 10/04/2013

met-rx protein plus

Met-RX Protein Plus this isnt a site to tell you what is the best protein if you want that info message me. but back to the product. now as for taste with a mix with water its below average and with milk it tastes pretty good and dissolves well. when i used this product i used it for a four week cycle just to test it out and felt a little better i put on maybe three pounds of muscle and one or two of fat. which is typical of having a high calorie drink such as this. the effectiveness translating to the gym over the four weeks put all my main lifts up to about five pounds more then i was at. in the end it is a mediocre protein and i dont know if it was me being used to taking the best supplements but i guess as a beginner protein for amatuers it isnt a bad choice. but i wouldnt reccomend it for the very serious gym rats

The Bank Job (DVD) 10/04/2013

the bank job

The Bank Job (DVD) this movie wasnt on my original list of movies to watch but i looked into it a little and found the plot and story line very interesting. i will try and not give anything away. but the main actors put on quite a performance and really gets you into the action scenes. im one of those people that needs to watch a movie twice sometimes because im bad with names and stuff but this story line was easy to follow and became one of my favorites the first time im going to have to say that something else that bothers me about these kind of movies is that they can become very unrealistic very quickly. this one never bothered me and held a realistic type of view and i contribute that to the cast and director. it is in my book a must see for a realistic action scene

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 10/04/2013

Sony playstation 3 PS3

Sony PlayStation 3  (PS3) ive had this console for around 4 years. People always do the debate about Xbox vs playstation but i wont go into that thats your own call. What i can say is that both have great graphics, similar games/ extra features etc. but what i love about my ps3 is the free online game play which is great. you buy this console and games and thats all. no other random payments for extras, you get what you get and what you get is something thats a great system. in the market right now i think you can get a ps3 for under 200 which is a steal because even theough playstation four is coming out it is still a very up to date system best system i ever played on! and did i mention it comes with a blue ray player capabilities

Giorgio Armani Diamonds Body Lotion 10/04/2013

giorgio armani diamons body lotion

Giorgio Armani Diamonds Body Lotion i got a free sample of this product so i decided to give it a run. I go for a lot of runs and workout a lot and it dries out my skin alot and i assumed instead of some no name brand to mousurize i would use this. Boy did it work. I had dry skin on my elbows, knees, face, hands and fore arms. I would say at first i was like okay so it worked and then i would be dry agian in 20 min. but after a week of use i would get back from a run or work out and i would still be fine and my skin still seemed revitalized. this product is great and i dont have the extra cash flow to buy it but to those who do should def buy this and get rid of the dry skin problem that other lotions cant fix. and it smells great!

Oakley A Frame Snow Goggles 10/04/2013

oakley A frames

Oakley A Frame Snow Goggles i had these goggles when i was 17 and everyone was so jealous because they look awesome and of coarse just because they are oakleys. when i had them the things that i loved were the vision, clarity, style and comfort the vision- the vision of the goggles is outstanding, you cant even tell your wearing them and nothing interferes with your periferal vision the clarity- the clarity is of oakley standards giving you the best optics on the market. now that is mainly what your paying for, but when your cruising down the mountain or doing tricks, being able to see what your doing is well as important as it comes the style- to me these are a little less flashy but still have great style with the front vents looking like a ferrari air scoop. goes with everything and adds a little flair the value of them is just of oakley standards gives you the best of everything that they can offer ergonomically making it comfortably while still making it perform to their standards you wont regret a cent and say a visor breaks there visors are priced at a resonable price to keep there customers happy just as i am:)

Nike Air Max 90 Mens Running Shoes 10/04/2013

nike air max

Nike Air Max 90 Mens Running Shoes ive owned mulitple pairs of air maxes and it wasnt because of the quality. well actually it was. they are so well built that i bought three. they come in so many color combos that i own many pairs because of there affordibility. besides there styling they do perform well as well in my opinion. they have great traction for running and i play basketball in them alot. they give suprisingly good arch support for a running shoe. they seem to have designed this shoe with the intention of it being an all around good shoe for all athletics. during indoor football practices is when im usually wearing them and we run ALOT and they seem to hold up very well, and provide the grip to make cuts and go through out drills with no problems
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