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About me: We have now moved so will be starting to write reviews and will catch up with all rates asap.

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frankieb1992 My names Francis i love music i volunteer for oxfam and write reviews in my spare time i try my best to rate you if you rate me love discovering new products and new people
Listerbelle I have lots going on in my real life at the moment....trying to keep up :)
savvyshopper6476 A very belated happy new year to all my fellow Ciaoers! 12/01/14
haybel19 No information
newprideexperiadj2 Long time no see. I will be doing some product reviews again soon. Apologies if they don't flow as well as they did because it will take time to get back to what I was doing. Hey I'm also on dooyoo as "thespacebetween2" and eopinions site as the same.
bluebell180 I am a 24 year old mummy to a gorgeous 8 month old little boy. Most of my reviews are of baby toys/books! My reviews are also on dooyoo under bluebell190. Thanks for reading and rating my reviews!
Gingerkitty I have just launched a Facebook page selling my cakes - if anyone would be so kind as to help me out by giving me a "like", I would be eternally grateful: /Cakes-By-Lisa/73624123641238 2?ref=aymt_homep age_panel
xbrightx Heating sorted - at a cost!
xmum2fourx Trying to get back into things ready for xmas :) x
RosesAreRed1207 Back from holiday with a new username to match my blog, check it out!
Kristoph23 Finally back to do some more reviews been over a year, wow time flies.
joenalonely No information
kat123456 Things seem to be picking up again - it went eerily quiet for a bit!
noodlebutty check out the Let Toys Be Toys campaign on fb and twitter
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