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About me: Have been away from the site for a while, but now I'm back and getting back into reviewing again.

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DavidCoulthard I like to thank all those who rate me by returning the favour.
frankieb1992 My names Francis i love music i volunteer for oxfam and write reviews in my spare time i try my best to rate you if you rate me love discovering new products and new people
Listerbelle I've downrated my "My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow", first reviewed in Nov 2013 and updated this month.
savvyshopper6476 An entire year has gone by and I only managed 1 review. I promise to be back on top for in January 2015 x
haybel19 No information
newprideexperiadj2 Long time no see. I will be doing some product reviews again soon. Apologies if they don't flow as well as they did because it will take time to get back to what I was doing. Hey I'm also on dooyoo as "thespacebetween2" and eopinions site as the same.
bluebell180 I am a 24 year old mummy to a gorgeous 8 month old little boy. Most of my reviews are of baby toys/books! My reviews are also on dooyoo under bluebell190. Thanks for reading and rating my reviews!
xbrightx Heating sorted - at a cost!
xmum2fourx Sorry if I am driving you all mad with the Frozen reviews. Who knew one film could release so much merchandise :) x
RosesAreRed1207 Back from holiday with a new username to match my blog, check it out!
Kristoph23 Finally back to do some more reviews been over a year, wow time flies.
joenalonely No information
kat123456 So the reviewing continues...
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