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About me: Thank you for all the reads and rates, I will return all rates asap. I review a lot of Childrens products and toys, there will be a lot of Thomas the Tank Engines reviews.

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AliceBond Ciaoers can also be friends :)
IanPhillips1979 FINALLY have my laptop back after being in repair for the best part of a fortnight. Please bear with me folks as I want to update some of my reviews and of course must catch up on everyone's great reviews. xx
top-reviewz I'm back! sorry i've been away for sooo long but i'm back now :) Appreciate all the ratings and I will do my best to return them :)
LiveMusicLoverLyn Through music reviews on Ciao! I have discovered new bands, built relationships with other members and introduced others to music they would not otherwise have considered. Thank you for all the Reads Rates and lovely comments on all my reviews.
Candyperfumegirl Many thanks for all the reads & rates
JRCarter Two uni reports finished and submitted, only one left to go! And on another note, i'm very close to an orange dot, lets just hope Ciao lasts long enough for me to reach it!
sirodar So, I write a review for the first time in ages, send to it to Ciao, and it gets rejected. My absence is therefore justified.
eve6kicksass August 2016 --- I think it's about time to return to Ciao with some new movie reviews. Just updated my review for the 1935 version of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM starring Olivia de Havilland, who just very recently turned 100 years old! Chris :)
bettyboo47 Yet another survey guys!!! Any one would imagine that Ciao actually want to know what we think!!! Random!!
fluffy27 Yay! I won Product of the Week! :D
Secre 35 of you looked at my latest review; 30 of you rated. Come on!! If you look, rate! Yes, I know it's only 7.5p but on a £££ it would be 30p and that's EVERY review. Just click a button! Please!!
DavidCoulthard I can't upload photos at the moment. I don't know why.
frankieb1992 Hi thank you for rating my reviews I try my best to rate back hope you enjoy reading them xx. So much to review so little time
Listerbelle Life is busy albeit a little dull. And lacking in sleep. I have the beginnings of a blog.
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