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Everything that starts with H ... 04/02/2009

How Is Halifax Theatre

Everything that starts with H ... Halifax Theatre I have never been inside the Halifax theatre until last year when we went to see Jack And the Bean Stalk. Inside the theatre is lovely and clean and looks to be newly decorated, but the seats in the dress circle are very tight, and if you like to move your legs about this is not a option for you. The best place to sit in the theatre for view is by far the dress circle but for comfort I am afraid it has to be the stalls. If you require a disabled place all you need to do is inform reception and they take out a seat for you so you can put your wheel chair in, if is usually a end seat not a middle row seat, this is for fire regulations so easy of getting in and out. The entrance area was very welcoming and it has decorations to do with Jack and the Beanstalk all around and coming off the ceiling, it look great. They also had a stall where you could buy hats and things that light up, but these I found were expensive and the thing that annoyed me, was that they knew the children would nag for one so the parents would by one. Luckily my eldest is a bit too old for that, and my youngest was in the show itself away so I didn't need to buy one, but a lot of people were complaining about the price of them The refreshments I thought weren't too bad it was £1.50 for a tub of ice cream, which is about normal. In addition, £0.85 for a can of coke and sweeties per bag of reveals were £1.35, which were acceptable, although I took some of my own. The ...

Member Advice on Keeping Dogs 04/02/2009


Member Advice on Keeping Dogs My Pomeranian My pom is ginger and black and he is 4 years old. When we bought him he was the smallest of the litter and he was lovely, but we bought him without realising he had a lot of problems. After about 2 weeks we noticed him limping on his rear leg, and he wasnt eating properly, so immediately I took him to the vets. When we got there they gave him an injection to sadate him as he was so nervious he kept snapping at the vet as he didnt no what was going on he had never been to a vet before, he wasnt due for his first vacination for another week. The vet was really helpful but very concerned that we had bought a ill puppy, but when we bought him i checked everything his eyes coats legs etc and there was not sign of ill health at the time. The vet then decided before he jumped to collisions that a xray was required, so immediately he went for a xray. On this they found that part of his hip had worn away, the vet said that this was a breeding issue and nothing that we had done, it was not hip displasa as orignally thought it was a different disease which normally occurs in puppies in large litters. As you will probably no poms only have small litters 2 - 4 depending on size of female, so in this instance this was not the case. He was admitted immediately of an emergancy operation as the vet said he was in alot of pain. He has the top of the bone removed and a really nasty scare on his leg. He is ok now but when he runs lifts ...

Road House (DVD) 04/02/2009

Roadhouse DVD

Road House (DVD) Roadhouse James Dalton, (played by Patrick Swayze) Brad Wesley, (played by Ben Gazzara) Elizabeth Clay, (played by Kelly Lynch) Wade Garrett, (played by Sam Elliot) It has been a long time since I have seen this film but remember it well. Patrick Swayze plays Dalton, and he runs a club. One night someone asks him if he is interested in working for him doing the same job that he is doing now but for a lot more money, Dalton thinks for a moment but accepts. The club owner offers to pay for a flight to his club called the "Double Duche" but he refuses to fly and drives there on his own. Having been a bouncer at other clubs he no's what he is letting himself in for and get prepared for the worsed by changing her car to a banger and get a supply of tyres, as he is about the sack some of the staff there. Before he does anything he props himself up at the end of the bar for a while and just watches and does nothing at all but watch. There is a fight , but he stays right where he is. He notices that someone if dealing drugs. He is making a mental note of everything that is happening and waiting for the club manager to give him the go-ahead and to tell his staff what Dalton says goes. After a while of watching Dalton if called into the office by the club manager and there is yet another fight. Dalton pulls a meeting, and sacks everyone who is dealing drugs, taking money from the till, causing fights and basically not doing there job properly there out of the ...

Centre Stage School of Performing Arts (Leeds) 30/01/2009

Centre Stage

Centre Stage School of Performing Arts (Leeds) My daughter went her for a few years on i thought the school was good, until it came to leaving. The owner of the dance school is really nice and really understanding, but, the school is not up to much. My daughter was there for three to four years and she did various classes drama ballet and tap and each class was good although they never took any exams. It only came to my attention after not knowing much about the qualifications they are surpose to take that my daughter was leaving the correct grade but not taking the exams. This was important to my daughter as she wanted to become a dance teacher and needed the grades and certifcates to prove she had at least been through the grades. She was unset to find out that this was not happening which is when i had to make the decision to move her to another school. One the day of leaving i was told theat the reason for her not taking the exmas was the teacher that was teaching my daughter had not taken her finale exam to put children forward for the exams, which made alarm bells ring and told me that it was time to leave. If this is what is happening on this occations what else would go wrong. Dispite the fact she had been tought to correct moves etc a child needs to take the correct exmas yearly to make all th heard work worth while. After leaving here she has now taken her tap and her modern exam and got a honors in them both, so she was getting tought correctly. I would recommend to school for fun ...

North And South - Series 2 (DVD) 30/01/2009

North and South Book 2

North And South - Series 2 (DVD) BOOK two NORTH AND SOUTH This is a follow on from book one. In this one the war starts, its is quite upsetting as you see a lot of people getting hurt. The war goes on for a least two to three years, which is longer than they anticipated it to go on for. Orry Main -(Patrick Swayze) and James Read (George) are still in this series. Orry and Madeleine - (Lesley-Anne Down), were married after Madeleine ex husband kidnaps her. Orry who is at returns to help after receiving a letter from home to tell him that she has been kidnapped, he is given leave to go home and try to get her back. During to struggle with Madeleine and Justine there is a fire, which is caused by Justine throwing a oil, lamp on the roof of the cotton mill and the whole thing is destroyed. Orry is chased by some Yanks and has to hide to get away from them, he pulls a gun when one of them find him, and then realises its George on a horse. George manages to convince the rest of the group that there is no-one there and they go. Orry then comes out of where he is hiding and they both agree to go somewhere quiet and talk, but unfortunately after speaking for a while they get into a heated discussion and Orry walks out leaving George sat on his own. He manages to get her back after a fight with Justine (her ex husband) and he is killed by Orry who pushes him out of a window. They then get married and unfortunately, Orry has to return to the war, after only have a short time with his new ...

The Karate Kid (DVD) 30/01/2009

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid (DVD) The Karate Kid This film as got actors Ralph Macchio, (Daniel) Pat Morita, (Mr Miyagi). This story is about a family that moves from New Jersey to South California, and Daniel has no friends. He is leaving all his friends behind in New Jersey. The reason for this move is that Daniel's mother has been offered a new job, which means she has to take Daniel with her. The rent a little flat from a man called Mr Miyagi who Daniel thinks is the handyman and he doesn't no he can do Karate. Daniel decides to go and check out, he is asked to go to a beech party so he decides to go. Over the last few days he had notice a girl, not realising that she has a boyfriend he tries to get to no her. At the beech party things to not go as he plans and the girls he likes Ali (Elizabeth Shue) gets into a fight with her boyfriend who breaks her radio, and Daniel picks it up to try and fix it. Ali boyfriend tells him to leave it and they end up in a fight. Daniel doesn't no that (William Zabka) does karate, his friends chase him and break his bike, and he falls and hurts himself. Mr Miyagi sees the broken bike and fixes it for Daniel without him knowing. After a few times Mr Miyagi realises, he is being tormented by this group of boys and one night after a party Daniel is badly beaten up. Luckily, Mr Miyagi fights them off. Daniel then decides he needs to take up karate, and Mr Miyagi who is now his friend takes him to a karate dojo where Daniel thinks he is going to join ...

We Will Rock You, London 30/01/2009

Ready to be Rocked

We Will Rock You, London Schools will rock - Ben Elton Stage 84 in Bradford was given to go ahead in 2007 by Brian May to be the only dance school to do We Will Rock You as a stage musical. Anita Dobson is the patron of Stage 84 and she convinced Brian May to give the go ahead with the show. The show took place on 15-18th October 2008 at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford and it had a total cost of 225 students that performed in the show aged from 6 to 25. The show was a great success and the last night of the show was a complete sell out, in the audience on the last night (Gala Night) was Anita Dobson and Jack Shepherd (David Platt - Coronation Street). The children practised from May to October non-stop every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from May, and extra rehearsals where added towards to end (Fridays) to clean up on the singing and dancing. These are some of the songs what the children danced and sang to at the same time: - Radio gaga - This was the opening Scene. It's a Kind of Magic We Are the Champions One Vision Severn Seas of Rye Killer Queen Fat Bottom Girls We Will Rock You - Closed the show An Manymore The show ran from 3hrs with ½ interval. All the people were saying that they couldn't wait to get back to see the other half. There were also more experience actors also from Stage 84 who took the parts of Killer Queen, etc. Each part was done with perfection and I was highly recommend in the Telegraph and Argus on the opening night by the ...

Jokes 30/01/2009


Jokes The Bunny and the Snake Once upon a time, in a nice little forest, there lived an orphaned bunny and an orphaned snake. By coincidence both were blind from birth. One day, the bunny was hopping through the forest and tripped over the snake and fell down. "Oh, my," said the bunny, "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you I've been blind since birth and can't see where I'm going. In fact, since I'm also an orphan, I don't even know what I am." "That's ok," replied the snake. "Actually, I too, have been blind since birth, and also never knew my mother. Tell you what, maybe I could slither all over you, and figure out what you are so you'll know. "That would be wonderful" replied the bunny. So the snake slithered all over the bunny, and said, "Well, you're covered with soft fur, you have really long ears, your nose twitches, and you have a soft cottony tail. I'd say that you must be a bunny rabbit." "Oh, thank you, thank you," cried the bunny, in obvious excitement. The bunny suggested to the snake, "Maybe I could feel you all over with my paw, and help you the same way that you've helped me." So the bunny felt the snake all over, and remarked, "Well, you're smooth and slippery, and you have a forked tongue, no backbone and no balls. I'd say you must be a team leader, a supervisor or possibly someone in senior management!" *************** *************** *************** *************** ********* ******* WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL??? ...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispies 30/01/2009

Chocolate Crispies Buns

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispies My Opnion Rice crispie buns are on of the easiest things to make and the cheapest, and kids love them. I have made these loads of times, what i do is after xmas when all the chocolate is boring and you are sick of the sight of it. Use this to make them. I use:- Rice crispies or Corn flakes any chocolate bars, cadburys are nice but are sometimes too expensive so any own supermarket brand with do and any unwanted or unused chocolate from over xmas that needs to be eaten. I also add gold syrup to mine. Put all the chocolate into a pan broken into pieces and waite until it is fully melted and add the gold syrup around 2 to 3 talble spoons depending of the amount of chocolate, then put in your cornflakes or crispies what ever you desire is. make sure you have set out all your bun casings first because everytime i make this mistake and forget. Then your ready once you have mixed in your cornflakes to put them into your bun cases. Now once they are in as you are going along i add a mini egg to the top of some mini marshmellows. They are cheap but messy. This gets rid of all your chocolate for xmas and what them go. The kids love making them and helping and they are good for any kids party of sleep over so the kids have something to munch on and they are also go to hand out if any comes unexpectedly. Give them a good, you can use any chocolate even white chocolate is nice on them although white chocolate does not look at nice at the brown or ...

Seven Pounds (DVD) 26/01/2009

Seven Pounds DVD

Seven Pounds (DVD) Seven Pounds This is a very touching story and you will need some tissues. It is about a young man who gets engaged to is girlfriend and she is killed in a car accident, (this is the opening scene) but unfortunately he causes the accident and kills 7 other people too. He can't forget this and helps other people in need anyway he can, especially the really ill ones. He falls in love with one of the people he is trying to help. There are three people he wants to help one are a young lady with two children who is in a violent relationship and is in a bad way. One is blind and one is in need of a heart transplant. (The average heart is 7lb in weight hence the title) Unfortunately, I can't tell you much more otherwise you will no what happens, and you won't need to watch it. He needs to help these people to make up for the seven people that have been lost; this is the only way he can come to terms with the lost of his loss. Will Smith is the main actor in this as usual takes a fantastic part and he makes the film what it is. It is a very sad story but you can see why he does what he does at the end it all comes together. The start of the film is quite slow and not a lot happens because you are trying to work out why he is doing what he is doing, but you need to give it chance it is good. ...

Ghost (DVD) 23/01/2009

Ghost DVD

Ghost (DVD) This is anothor one of my favourites. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost. This is a very touching story. Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Demi Moore (Molly) and Whoopi Goldberg who won Oscars for this film They are on a night and out sadly sam is stabbed, but they his ghost immediately appears and you see him running after the thugs that killed him. He doesnt realise straight away that he is dead, but one he realises he tries to find someone who can help him. This is where Whoopi comes in, she apparently can connect with the other side, she thinks she cant but she can. Sam goes to her place where so does the readings for other people, and tries starts talking to himself, Whoopi who in the film is called Odma Brown (forgive my spelling) heres him and she saids "who said that" sam realises she can here him and says can you here me and she replies yes. This is where it all begins. She tries to ignore the fact the she can communicate with Sam, but Sam will not leave it there and he keeps her up all night singing "I am henry the eigth I am". She agrees to help. The next morning they go and look for Molly but she doesnt believe in spirits and Sam finds it hard to convince her that he is actually there, he tells Whoopi to say things that only they can remember and nobody else. Molly does think there is some truth in it but in convinced otherwise by a close friend/relative (male) that it is all stupid. But the reason Sam is there to help is because Molly is in ...

Dirty Dancing (DVD) 23/01/2009

Dirty Dancing DVD

Dirty Dancing (DVD) This is one of my favourite films that Patrick Swayze has ever done. I think his dancing alone says it all. When I fisr saw this I immediately loved it. The three main charater in this film are Patrick Swayze of course, he plays Johnny, Jennifer Grey, (Baby) & Jerry Orbach (forgive me if I have spelt this wrong). It is based around a summer vacation, and Baby watches Johnny and his partner dance, and she falls in love with Johnny. Unfrotunately Johnnys partner is taken sick, and they have a dance performance coming up and Johnny does not have a partner. Baby who has got to no Johnny a little bit and his partner, is asked to dance with Johnny. It take hours to train her, and the Johnny nearly gives up on Baby, but the she seems to all of a suddne grasps it. Babys parents are not amused with the situtation and refuses to let her dance with him, but even though though they disagree Baby still sneaks out to learn her dance with Johnny. At they end they do there dance that they have been practising and they do it beautifully. This is a lovely film but it is not for the young ones, I was say 12+ to be honest although on the DVD box it states 15+. The running time is 1hr 45 mins and it was fist released in 1987. It is a great film and would recommend if you havent seen it yet. You will really enjoy it. Another one for Patrick Swayze Fans ...

North And South - Series 1 (DVD) 21/01/2009


North And South - Series 1 (DVD) I watched this when it was first on TV but since then have bought the books all three series. I have watched this book in full now and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of it as I did the first time I saw it. The story is based around the North and the South and two friends who meet at West Point (army). Orry Main - Patrick Swayze and George Hazzard (James Read.) Over the years they become very close friends, but unfortunately George does not agree with slavery which, and Orry's family have slaves. George's sister Vergina is totally against it, and unfortunately it tears a wedge between them, although he doesn't agree with what Orry's family does, he has a lot of feelings for Orry and finds it very difficult to keep away after they have fallen out. To make thing even more difficult for Orry his sister Bret has fallen in love with George's brother Billy Hazzard, and she is looking for permission to marry him, but, due to the argument between Orry and George he feels that it would be a mistake to let Bret marry Billy for this reason. Vergina has strong feelings about slavery and is trying to push for it to be stopped and thinks it would help if she marries Grady which is one of Orry's slaves, although she fell in love with him. The marry legally, and unfortunately Grady gets killed, and it turns Vergina mad. She is put into a mental asyhlum for a while. The other part of the story is love as well as war, George marries a Irish girl and Orry falls ...

Stage 84 (Bingley) 12/12/2008

Stage 84

Stage 84 (Bingley) My daughters have been going to various stage schools for over 3 years now, ans since they have started Stage 84, they have come on so much. My eldest does tap ballet and modern and in 13 weeks she has taken her tap and modern exam and got a honours in both of them, we are very proud of her. This is by far the best stage school in yorkshire, there is plenty happening and your child is put forward for various parts and auditions where required. This has been open now for 25 years and Mrs V Jackson has a very good name. All her children and polite and well spoken. My youngest also received a plaque this year for being the most promising student of 2008. The school is in Idle and they do singing choir drama workshop speech and drama ballet tap modern performing arts. Each class is fantasic my girls do drama workshop and performing arts. Performing arts is dancing and performing in Alahmbra every year. The girls love it and cant get enough of it. If you want you child to go somewhere in a dance school i could honestly say that this is the one. If you ring Mrs Jackson on 01274 569197 and request application pack, all the details of award etc are in there ...

Royal Park Hotel, Elenite 10/12/2008

Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel, Elenite Royal Park Hotel When went her the year 2008 in August for 2 weeks. The first impressions of the hotel is, it look lovely and clean. Well I couldn't be more wrong. The hotel is nice, but it is very tired looking. It is situated on its own beach which is good, and they were always plenty of sun loungers, which was good considering the amount of people in the hotel. After a few days, I realised why. Which I will explain further down in the review. Firstly, I will explain the layout of the hotel. You walked in the a very large reception area which high ceilings and winding staircase which when up to the second floor bedrooms which is where we were. There were also bedrooms downstairs. When we arrived at 2.30 am in the morning we were all tired as you can imagine as we were delayed going out. We arrive to a massive queue for the rooms to check in. We didn't get to our rooms until 5.45 am, and my two young girls where shattered. This was annoying after waiting around in the airport, when having to wait again, but we let this go, as there was a coach load of people who had checked in before us. When we arrive to our room, we have asked for a sea view, which we didn't get even though we had paid for them, we got a view of the gardens, which was nice but not what we asked for. We didn't get a refund. This was the least of our problems, we had no towels or toilet rolls in our rooms and when we went to reception they pretended they didn't understand what ...
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