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Birds Angel Delight Butterscotch 03/05/2010

Simply Delicious Angel Delight

Birds Angel Delight Butterscotch Angel Delight... How much more perfect can a desert get? The sweet taste of butterscotch and a lovely creamy texture. I have made so many of these delicious deserts in my time and I can't say that I have tasted many better foods. They only take 20 minutes to make and all you require is some milk, an Angle Delight mix and some milk! I would recommend this treat to anybody in the entire world. My Nan even loves them! I have never met one person who hasn't enjoyed a nice Butterscotch Angel Delight. Just one packet can make a lot of servings and having the powder yourself enables you to get the milk-butterscotch ratio just right. In my experience there is not one single person who doesn't like this desert

The Palm Island Resort, Palm Island 03/05/2010

Pure Paradise = Palm Island Resort

The Palm Island Resort, Palm Island Fit for: *Honeymoons *Family Holidays *Adventure Holidays *Relaxation and Chilling Holidays There is nowhere more perfect in the entire world. I have been to Palm Island twice when I was 9 and 16. Both times there were endless amounts of activities to do. Whether you want to go on a catamaran cruise around the surrounding islands, try your hand at sailing, take a kayak out on the pale blue ocean or just chill by the pool, Palm Island Resort has it all. In my opinion it is heaven on Earth. The service is incredible. The food is divine. The rooms are spotless. And best of all, the beach is pure Caribbean sand. There are no pebbles anywhere along the private beach. There are hammock positioned between palm trees around the island. There is a trail around the island which only takes 1 hour in total, or less if you choose not to admire the gorgeous view. All I can say is. If you have a chance to go to Palm Island... Go!

Sony VAIO VGN-FW11ZU 02/05/2010


Sony VAIO VGN-FW11ZU I am writing on one of these machines right now and I have to say I'm not particularly impressed with it. I have had this laptop for just over a year and it still confuses me a lot. I broke the first hard drive within 1 month by merely putting a mug down next to the mouse pad and so it is not particularly robust. The computer is very heavy and difficult to transport even on a train and due to the short battery life it requires charging every 2 - 2.5 hours. I have never seemed to be able to get the camera function to work or even in fact found an application for it. On the plus side, the laptop works relatively quickly and looks fairly stylish. The keyboard is easy to type on and the screen is very large. 02/05/2010

Dull, irritating, de-humanising. But strangely hypnotic In my opinion is where people first started going when they were a bit bored and wanted to see if any of their friends were available. Now it has turned into a kind of perverted stalking site where anybody can request friendship with anybody across the world. People can impersonate others and steal identities. They can see what anybody they know is doing just by clicking a button. Even though Facebook doesn't literally satellite track each of its members, most users put forward that information voluntarily by posting statuses such as : 'Kelly's going to the beach'. By merely looking at previous messages and posts, I can guarantee that any stalker, pervert or even just cautious parent could track her whereabouts 24/7. Also, now that there are Facebook applications for mobile phones, people can update while on the move: 'Kelly's AT the beach'. Being given all of these opportunities to update what you are doing so that everyone can see does not sound particularly appealing when you say it how I just have but there does seem to be some kind of appeal to basically putting your life onto a networking site. Although I am against social networking sites, I also find myself looking at friend's pictures on Facebook and I really don't understand why this website is so hypnotic. It is addictive. I think that social networking will become too widespread and soon normal interaction will be difficult for young people. Imagine going out to work with real people having ...

PRS SE Paul Allender PB 02/05/2010

Best guitar ever made

PRS SE Paul Allender PB I received this guitar for Christmas a few years ago and it has never lost its shine. The system for changing strings is very simple and takes me less than 60 minutes to complete a re-buff which I do every 4 months roughly. The guitar looks awesome with any colour strings on it. At the moment I have neon pink strings on it but I am thinking of going for green or red soon. It has an easy electric system for selecting pick up and volume. I have had absolutely no problems with attaching it to an amp as you can get with some guitars. The sound it gives is amazing and wouldn't go amiss at a professional rock concert. Basically, I think that this PRS is amazing and it suitable for an intermediate or expert guitarist. There are 24 frets instead of the standard amount

Toyota Previa 02/05/2010

Practical family car

Toyota Previa My parents owned one of these cars for 10 years before selling it to my older cousin when we no longer needed it. The Previa is a handy and comfortable car which can carry 7 people and many pieces of luggage. One time we managed to fit 5 people and 8 suitcases in our machine on our way up to Heathrow. In my opinion that car can survive anything. We were shunted and hit more times than any car should be in its life on the road but that never stopped it from getting us where we needed to go. The handling get slightly more difficult at higher speeds but nothing an experienced driver can't cope with. Most models of the car have tinted windows at the back so that children can get to sleep easily if you are going on a long drive and the rear doors slide to prevent anybody getting too excited and swinging the door into another car. Pity it isn't the same in the front two seats as I gave it many dents in my time by merely forgetting I was sat in the front seat. There is also a cd player for 6 cds located under the front passenger seat which is easy to work.

Hold Me Down - You Me at Six 02/05/2010

YM@6 = Totally Awesome

Hold Me Down - You Me at Six As an original fan from before they were famous, this album completely shapes the music that the boys have been working towards over the years. In my opinion it could not reflect their personalities any better. My cousin is friends with Dan (the drummer) and he has said that out of all of the albums this is the one they are all most proud of. I think that anybody who doesn't enjoy this album should be held in a mental institute. I would recommend going out and buying this album immediately if you have even slightly enjoyed any of YouMeAtSix's previous songs. The lyrics are inspiring and have so much meaning and feeling attached to them. My favourite is : 'There's No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity'

Le Pic Blanc, L'Alpe-d'Huez 02/05/2010

Comfortable and convenient

Le Pic Blanc, L'Alpe-d'Huez Hotel Le Pic Blanc I can honestly say that my stay at Hotel Le Pic Blanc was one of the best experiences of my life. I stayed there for just over a week at the end of ski season 2010 and I can't think of any way that the hotel could have been better suited to a ski resort. The rooms were slightly worn but comfortable nonetheless. The food was cooked to a great standard and the menu was good most nights. There is also a choice of children's menu for any fussy eaters like my little brother. The breakfast gave a variety of choice before hitting the slopes and the staff were a joy to speak to. The hotel is a two minute walk away from the nearest shops and cafe where there is a variety of ski rental shops to choose from. The main lifts which take you up the mountain are just a 5 minute walk away. There is a locker room in the hotel where all ski equipment can be safely stored behind a combination lock. I would recommend Hotel Le Pic Blanc to anybody who was planning to visit Alpe D'Huez for a skiing holiday.
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