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Dancing with the Virgins - Stephen Booth 15/12/2011

Dancing with the Virgins, murder, mystery and a lot of detail

Dancing with the Virgins - Stephen Booth Stephen Booth – Dancing with the Virgins I have only recently started to read books by Stephen Booth, I had seen them on the shelf but was never inspired enough by the blurbs or the cover, which in this case I was judging the book by. Then on a recent trip to the in laws I saw that my partners mother had the complete set and when asked rated them highly. I still had some unexplainable scepticism but with money being tight and the chance to have access to a whole load of books was too good to miss. I did first read the first book in this series, Black Dog, and although I felt it was a bit slow overall it was a good quality book and I wanted to keep on reading the series and give the author a fair chance. “Dancing with the Virgins” is set in the Peak District, in this case literally in the hills that are more or less the middle of nowhere. The book starts with us following a park ranger and his travels in the wilderness on his first day solo in the job, we then quickly change and start following the story of a youngish woman as she is cycling through those same hills on what for her is a regular trip. She likes to visit a certain spot in the hills called the Nine Virgins and I don’t think I am going to spoil anything for anyone by stating the obvious that she is murdered (I’ll leave how a mystery) and is found by the previously mentioned park ranger. This book actually has a pretty good and quick start compared to the opener of the series as I struggled to get going with ...

Upper Deck Jungle Speed 11/12/2011

Jungle Speed - Are you fast enough

Argos Value SMB177K4H-P 11/12/2011

Argos Value MIcrowave, well it heats stuff

Miele CAT DOG TT5000 11/12/2011

Miele Cat & Dogs will be sucked away

Procter & Gamble Old Spice Aftershave 10/12/2011

Ye Old Spice Aftershave

Hugo Boss Boss Soul Eau De Toilette Spray 10/12/2011

Hugo Boss Soul - Are you the boss

Pritt Glue Stick 06/12/2011

It is a glue that is a stick, Pritt Stick

Pritt Glue Stick A Prittstick, a glue that is a stick. Can’t say I know who thought of this idea but whoever they are they are very clever and probably very rich. For those who don’t know a Prittstick is a glue, really only for use with paper, that comes in a solid form rather than a liquid form, this means less mess and less glue all over the place right? Well in practical terms the glue does work, you twist the stick and the glue comes out of the top, you then rub this on the paper that you want to stick down, normally I find you need to use quite a bit, you then apply pressure and it sticks to the paper. The individual sticks, no matter what the size, seem to last for a lot of sticks and just seem to keep on going and going, so as long as you keep a spare one you should have plenty of glue to keep you going. I do however have a few issue with Prittsticks: 1) This is a big problem in my opinion, the glue doesn’t stick that well. I have had to stick lots of things down over the years with this stuff and would not use it on anything other than paper and even then I have had problems of things just dropping off after a while. Do you think that glue should only work for a little bit? I don’t but this is fairly cheap glue that isn’t advertised as long lasting. 2) You still end up in a mess. Doesn’t really matter what I am going with this but I still seem to end up getting in a mess, I get glue all over my hands and all over the desk, so I don’t think I would really call it all that ...

Birdman - Mo Hayder 04/12/2011

The Birdman - much scarier than superman

Birdman - Mo Hayder The Birdman by Mo Hayder: I have to admit that I had never even heard of Mo Hayder until earlier this year when a colleague at work, knowing about my fondness for crime – thriller books , recommended and lent me the Birdman to borrow. Just a little warning, in case you can’t guess, the Birdman is nothing like you super hero’s Superman or even Spiderman and there is no science fiction or content suitable for children. Right so warnings out of the way Birdman is as mentioned a crime novel that is based around modern day South East London, an area that I am actually becoming acquainted with due to my partner having roots there. So even despite the gruesome nature of much of the book it was quite nice to hear of places that I had heard of or even driven past, clearly this will not be the case for most people and as with most good books you will still really enjoy even without a visit to the area. I’m going to mention a bit more on the location but only to say that it is a good location for a murder book, London in general I think is a much better location than out in the stick and I think it helps set the fast pace of the books and keeps the momentum going throughout. The main character in the books for which this is the first in the series is a detective by the name of Jack Cafferty, whom, like all brilliant lead characters in pretty much every decent book has a past. What Mo Hayder does not hide from you in the Birdman is the nature of a lot of his past, that is to say ...

Philips Nivea Rotary Shaver 04/12/2011

Nivea Shaver - Best electric one I've used

Philips Nivea Rotary Shaver These electronic shavers are not cheap and I picked mine up one year for Christmas from my parents and whilst this was not my first electric shaver it was my first with the most built in cream release. First impressions I remember that I was expecting big things from it and on opening the box I was not disappointed. As you would expect with Nivea products this is of high quality and everything looks great. I guess with a shaver you shouldn't have to talk about how easy it is to assemble but I think here it applies, there are many different bits and bobs but they all clip together easily and the instructions are clear and concise. The shaver did come with some charge but I didn't want to shave straight away so stuck it on to charge. One word of warning that when charging this is bulky, when living with my family I had to charge this in the bedroom as it took up too much space in the bathroom. When charging it has three green lights on the front that light up, three lights means fully charged, on the stand you also have an indicator displaying whether the lotion bottle is empty or not (red means empty) and this is added to the shaver at the same time as charging and normally only takes a few seconds to top up and can be done manually so you don’t have to take the whole thing on holiday. Shaving Of course the most important thing is how it shaved. At the time I had never used a non-electric shaver so the only comparison I could make was to other electric shavers. When fully ...

Savlon Skin Healing Cream 04/12/2011

Savlon - A must for all first aid boxes

Savlon Skin Healing Cream Savlon Right now then… who growing up fell over and scraped their knees? I know I did and not just a few times but all the time and my Mum would come up to my teary eyes and go “don’t worry we’ll put some special cream on it and it’ll all be better”. I think that this special cream should be kept in all good, well actually all first aid boxes. I was actually prompted to write this review after falling over and scraping my knee. So what is Savlon? Salvon is an antiseptic cream, this is to say that it is a cream that helps to prevent infections and aids the recovery of the skin after scrapes and whacks. So clearly having the antibacterial properties that it does it is great to use on cuts as a first line of defence, sure it stings a little when you first put in on but now I am a grown up I realise that actually it doesn’t sting all that much. I actually tend to go to this first above anything else, if I have a little spot or someone has a rash or I have been attacked by the playful cat I always turned to Savlon first. When you first squeeze Salvon out of the tube you get a very distinctive smell, it is not an unpleasant smell but it certainly doesn’t smell of roses, I for one think the smell is ok and maybe because it is what I grew up with actually think that this is exactly what something that I am going to rub onto an open wound should smell like. The produce itself is a white cream, white is a very good colour for this product as you instantly think it must be ...

The Mermaids Singing - Val McDermid 03/12/2011

The Mermaids Singing - A great gruesome tale

The Mermaids Singing - Val McDermid Val McDermid – The Mermaids Singing: I had heard of Val McDermid a long time ago and I am sure I can remember reading one of her books a while back, A Distant Echo was, I think the name of the book. I was sure I could remember it being a really enjoyable read but at the time I was engrossed with some of my other favourite authors like Michael Connelly and Jeffery Deaver. However a few years passed and my backlog of books disappeared and I felt it was time to revisit Val McDermid and after doing some research I discovered that this was the first book in a series. This book, entitled, “The Mermaids Singing” has nothing to do with mermaids and it definitely aimed at an adult audience and I would only recommend it to those that enjoy crime thriller books and I have recommended this book to several people who have all enjoyed it. “The Mermaids Singing” is set in the North of the country (England) in a town called Bradfield and is centred around the character of Tony Hill, a clinical psychologist who is known for his expertise on studying serial killers, though captured serial killers are his really area of prowess. The back of this book states (also the first lines) “You always remember the first time. Isn’t that what they say about sex? How much more true it is of murder” not only do I think this helps draw the reader in but I also think that this is the case for Tony as he tackles his first serial killer outside of the confines of a prison. I think this is a good way to ...

Worst Case - James Patterson 01/12/2011

The worst case is that you'll finish this in 2 minutes

Wii Sports (Wii) 22/11/2011

Wii Sports, bowling in your living room

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 20/11/2011

Mario Karts, a game for all

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) Mario Karts: I don’t usually play games like Mario Karts as I tend to find them too childish and not challenging enough but on the odd occasion it can be great fun, especially when you have little ones running around and people who just can’t play games (like my Mum). Gameplay: Here is where, at least at the time, the Wii was novel, you played this game but turning the wheel (Wiimote), this of course results in a different and much more interactive experience than playing a similar kind of game on the PS3 or 360. Personally I do like being able to steer like this, although I feel that the sensitivity of the Wiimotes means that you aren’t in as much control as you would like and luckily, at least for kids, driving ability is real life is not reflective on the Maria Kart Tracks. Being a Wii game the graphics aren’t supposed to be fantastic but they are actually not too bad. During the course of a race you will have the chance to pick up weapons, much like in Wipeout and Blur on the PS3, however you will find that in this game the weapons are very much geared towards keeping everyone close together, so that if you are at or near the back you will get a bullet pick up that allows you to fly fast through the air whilst if you are at the front you might get a couple of bananas. The weapon system is good and it is easy to fire forwards or backwards and it is useful for rubbish people however if like me you are super duper competitive you might not like the fact that someone ...

The Simpsons Men Homer Head Slippers 16/11/2011

The Marmite of Slippers

The Simpsons Men Homer Head Slippers Homer Simpson, stick you feet in his mouth slippers: Years and years ago now I went to Florida and the Magic Kingdom and I bought a fantastic pair of Mickey Mouse slippers that were huge, they were nice and warm however they degraded far more quickly than I could raise the money to go back to America to buy another pair (still laster several years). Anyway when they were shot to pieces I was left with the dilemma of what to get to replace them as I couldn't find anything exactly like them in the UK. My search of the net led me to this Homer Simpson slippers where basically you stick your feet into his mouth to shut him up. As a big fan of Futurama and a fan of the Simpsons these did appeal to me. The slippers are big yellow things with great white eyes and a few strands of hair. These slippers are also huge but again are snugly and warm which is a must with my cold feet and have about the same lifetime as the Mickey Mouse ones (I am on my second pair). To be honest they are a bit clumsy and if you are liable to falling over then I would recommend against getting these. If you are looking for hard wearing, waterproof slippers than will last you trips round the garden then these are now for you, they will tear and rip quite easily from that and the cushioning offers almost no support from that, however my first pair stayed at home after I moved out and the dog has had them as a toy, that was a year ago and the slippers are still suitable for me to wear on my frequent visits ...
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