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About me: It has been lovely being here since 2008 but I've just read the new product proposal guidelines. Clearly Ciao have no idea of the way people shop in the UK!

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ladyofflame Pfft.
fluffy27 Yay! I won Product of the Week! :D
bettyboo47 Thanks to everyone for all the brilliant reads and rates, and for making me laugh with your comments!!!!
kiss_me2070 A huge thanks for all the reads, rates and comments. It's much appreciated :)
basketofbuttons why cant I post a review - it's gone weird x
sharper_fin I'm Shaun Finnie, a freelance writer from Yorkshire, and I get confused when Ciao ask us to write for competitions about things that we don't own.
Budandstella Eat your pudding first.. Life's way too short .. Thank yous all for read and rates!
kattwig Working from home on my own business and busy blogging so trying to be as active on here as possible! Thanks for all the read/rates. Blog - :)
CiroDimarzio No information
mumsymary Just in case we wake up tomorrow and find Ciao no longer here may I say So long and thanks for all the fish
Olg_SweetPea Hi there I've a 4year old son and a cat. Im from Yorkshire,UK.I'm fairly new to ciao I was a member during the skint college years. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and can only work part time so I'm taking the fight to the skint years again Kachow!
Gozzil I've recently discovered review sites and I'm enjoying them! I suffer from a chronic illness and can't currently go out to work so I'm trying to make a little bit of money from my armchair, so thanks for the ratings and comments
EurekasLaw No information
soccerandlax No information
frankieb1992 Hi thank you for rating my reviews I try my best to rate back hope you enjoy reading them xx. So much to review so little time
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