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Ikea Linnmon Table Top 29/10/2017

A great table at a cheap price

Ikea Linnmon Table Top Deciding last minute, before I began university a month ago, to convert my spare room into an office, I was in desperate need of a desk as quickly as possible. Being a last minute decision, on top of having two children, my budget was extremely tight. Luckily I came across this lovely looking table for a great price! Price and availability This table top is exclusive to ikea. It can be found online and in store for a varying price, dependant upon size, colour and the legs in which you choose to combine it with. The specific table I chose was one that measures 120 x 60 cm, with its colour labelled as "White white stained oak effect white". This size and colour is priced up at £15 for the table top, with the legs costing £2.50 each, so a total of £25 unless you opted for different legs. Colour combinations for tables measuring 120 x 60 cm - *Black-brown black *Black-brown blue *Black-brown white *White *White black *White blue *White white stained oak effect beige *White white stained oak effect black *White white stained oak effect silver colour *White white stained oak effect white All of these colours are priced at £25, which includes the table top and legs. In store, you can purchase the table top without the legs, so different compatible legs can be added for varying prices. Though, the only other compatible legs I found, which were cone shaped, were £5-10 per leg, rather than the £2.50 each I paid. The colours stated all indicate different parts of the ...

JML Simply Straight Straightener Brush 14/08/2017

Better for thinner hair

JML Simply Straight Straightener Brush I thought this brush was a brilliant and innovative idea, which is an opinion I still stand by despite not being entirely satisfied with this product. It works well, but just not as well as ordinary hair straighteners. Pricing and availability This product seems to be available from a wide range of places, both online and in store. The official JML website seem to stock it at the highest price, costing £52.98, though they're currently on offer for £29.99 which seems to be the price that most other stores are selling it for. This straightening brush is readily available on Amazon on Ebay, priced anywhere between £19.95 and £29.99, with £19.95 being the cheapest I've found the product. However, there are quite a few up for bidding aswell, so there is the potential to obtain it even cheaper. Tesco's and Argos are both currently selling them for £19.99, and Wilko are selling them for 4 pence cheaper at just £19.95. Wilko is the store in which I made my purchase. Packaging The brush comes in a small white box which I personally found useful and informative, but also unattractive and unappealing. If I wasn't already searching for a product like this, I would not of been drawn to this packaging. The words "simply straight" are printed in black text on the top left of the box, with "as seen on tv" printed above this besides the JML logo. A photograph of the product fills the entire box, but is positioned diagonally so that it begins on the bottom left corner and finishes on the ...

Argos ColourMatch Satin Stick Floor Lamp 10/08/2017

A product that really lights up the room

Argos ColourMatch Satin Stick Floor Lamp This is a lamp that is simple in design, yet influential over the character of a room. This products minimalistic appearance proves effective in the sense that it will work well with any style of room - and with a variety of different colours to decide from, you can rest assured there's one suited to your chosen colour scheme. Pricing and availability I purchased my lamp from Argos for £24.99. Amazon seem to have them for sale too, but at the inflated price of around £44.99, making Argos the much cheaper option. However, it doesn't come with a bulb and so this needs to be purchased separately which is an additional cost of anywhere between £6.99 and £26.99 if purchased from Argos, though I bought mine from the local store at the end of my street for around £4.00. Packaging The colourmatch satin stick floor lamp comes in a square white box, with colourmatch written across it in multicoloured text. On the front of the box is four different coloured squares, with the lamp portrayed inside each one. This provides effective marketing, in my opinion, as it shows potential customers how this particular lamp would look in a variety of different colour schemes, allowing people to make a decision on whether or not it will complement their style of room. The lamp is disassembled inside of the box, so to reduce packaging and increase the ease of transportation. Cardboard pieces and bubble wrap protect the product inside, keeping the pieces separated and protecting the product ...

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup 19/05/2017

Mess free training cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup My 19 month old daughter was forever trying to drink from "big girl" cups, wanting to copy her mommy and older siblings. However, this mommy wasn't too happy with the soaking wet shirt and puddle on the floor every time I attempted to carefully aid her in drinking from a cup. These attractive little training cups, part of the 'munchkin' brand, were the perfect solution! Price and availability Looking only at original prices, the cheapest I've managed to find these cups for is £4.85 from a website known as iherb, with eBay following as a close second with prices as low as £4.89. However, sainsburys are currently holding a sale which includes these cups priced at just £4.00, with the original non-sale price marked at £5.00. Boots also stock these cups at a price of £4.99, with the actual munchkin website selling them at the highest price of £5.50. I feel that these training cups are worth every penny, even with the price at £5.50, as they're attractive, convenient, mess-free and give toddlers a sense of maturity. I bought mine from sainsburys for £5.00, before the sale, and have always been more than happy with this purchase price. Structure, functioning and appearance Structure - The miracle 360 trainer cup consists of a plastic bottle body, plastic lid with handles and a rubber valve. The lid, containing many little holes, simply twists on and off the bottle, with the valve attaching firmly onto the lid. A raised circular area in the middle of the valve, printed with ...

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks 17/08/2016

Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks This is one lotion that I found to truly work. Though I don't believe this product minimises your stretch marks in size, it does reduce the purple colour of them making them the same colour as the rest of your skin, so far less noticeable. Price and availability I purchased this lotion from Asda for £3.50, whilst out shopping one day. It's a 250ml bottle, so a really decent size, especially for that price. It's also available from boots for £3.35, superdrug for £3.99 and sainsburys for the most expensive price of £5.00. This massage lotion is also available from a multitude of online stores such Amazon, which sell it from anywhere between £3.50 up to £5.50. I've also seen this product for sale in a selection of pharmacies such as Lloyds pharmacy. Palmers Once known as E.T Browne drug company, this family run business has been under new ownership since 1971, which is where the Palmers range was born. As a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, Palmers have used cocoa butter as their main ingredient for over 40 years. Farmed in an ethical and sustainable manner, Palmers import their ingredients from Ghana, insuring they receive and use only the highest quality cocoa beans. Palmers is also against animal testing. Palmers massage lotion for stretch marks The bottle - appearance The bottle is white and smartly presented. Rather than having any form of fun, intriguing appearance, it possesses more of a medicinal sense. The front of the bottle features the silhouette of ...

Munchkin Click Lock Trainer Cup 05/08/2016

The perfect step up from a bottle

Munchkin Click Lock Trainer Cup This review is for the Munchkin trainer cup, a previous version of this particular cup. However, I've been enabled by Ciao to post the review here. This is a bright and attractive sippy cup, that is correct in declaring itself leak proof! I purchased this as I love the brand, and I was correct in trusting it as it's a top quality cup that my daughter and I both adore. Price and availability Browsing around, I've found this item for sale from between £2.99 and £4.00, with the most expensive being Superdrug and the least expensive being Kiddicare. Personally, mine was purchased from Asda for roughly £3, though I'd of had no problem paying the extra £1.00 as it's truly a great quality cup, by a brand that I trust (munchkin). It's also available to order from a variety of online shops such as,, eBay, and Whereas eBay had the cheapest alternative of £1.94, it bumped up the price by asking for an additional £3.99 for postage, deeming it more expensive than any of the other listed stores. The cup Appearance - There is a range of different colour combinations that this cup is available in, including the green, orange and blue pictured here. Some are more aimed at girls, some are more aimed at boys, if you choose to go by stereotypes at all. The cup I own is pink, yellow and green. The actual bottle is a bright pink, whereas the handles and the section of the lid that screws onto the bottle are yellow, leaving the teat and very top of ...

Scribblenauts Unlimited (Nintendo 3DS) 27/06/2016

What can I think up next?

Scribblenauts Unlimited (Nintendo 3DS) This is a game that revolves around puzzle and strategy, bringing out your sense of creativity. Suitable for both children and adults, Scribblenauts unlimited, which was released in 2012, promises an unlimited amount of fun. Price and availability This 3DS game is available in-store from a variety of places, such as GAME and CEX. It's also available for purchase online from websites such as Amazon and the official Nintendo page. Browsing around I can see that the prices range from £9.80 all the way up to £34.99 if purchased from the Nintendo store. CEX is an ideal place to visit if you don't mind a pre-owned version. They will buy Scribblenauts unlimited 3DS from you for £5, and they sell the game for £12. The case The game is presented in the standard Nintendo case - White, square and opens to guides and instructions on the left, with the game held in place on the right. The front cover is illustrated with cheerful, bright, eye-catching pictures, consisting of a variety of things found within the game. At the front is Maxwell, the character you play, writing in a book. Besides him is a bag with a star protruding from it, whilst behind him is a whole world full of things from pyramids to robotic dinosaurs. At the top of this picture is the game title, "Scribblenauts unlimited", which is capitalised and brightly coloured in white, blue and orange. In the bottom right hand corner you can find the Warner brothers trademark, with the age restriction placed on the bottom ...

Nicky Soft Touch Toilet Tissue 27/06/2016

2 ply and super soft

Nicky Soft Touch Toilet Tissue I can't believe I'm about to review a brand of toilet tissue, but here it goes. I don't have a brand that is normal for me to buy, I'll buy whatever is on offer or whatever I can find cheapest, so I'm always testing different brands. Price and availability This product used to be available in Tesco's and Wilko's, but looking now it seems they no longer stock this item. They can be purchased from the staples for £6.98, but are only available in packs of 36. This large size seems to be the only readily available version of this product, with Amazon also selling it in packs of 40 for £12.00. Personally, I purchased mine from my local one stop at the end of my street. Here I paid £2.00 for a smaller pack of 9 rolls. Packaging This toilet tissue comes presented in simple plastic packaging, which is no larger than it physically needs to be. I'm not sure if it's possible to recycle this material, but I normally just throw it in with the household waste. The packaging is contracted from thin, partially transparent plastic that enables you to view the toilet roll inside. The top half is entirely transparent, whereas the bottom half is coloured a sky blue. The 'nicky' brand name is printed boldly atop this blue section, in white writing that is published within a blue and white gradient oval. The bottom left hand corner states the type of toilet tissue this is - 2 ply, soft tissue. Whereas the statement 'soft touch' is the main feature of this packaging, as it is printed largely ...

Vera Wang Rock Princess 23/06/2016

Fit for a princess.

Vera Wang Rock Princess I love the style and design of this bottle, which takes a previous vera wang princess edition and includes a darker, more mysterious demeanour. Perfect for those precious princess', who desire something a little more dark and exciting. Price and availability I received this as a Christmas gift, so I'm not entirely sure where mine is from. However, looking around I've found it available from an array of stores, including Tesco's, TJ Hughs, Amazon and The prices range from roughly £19.00 to £20.00 for a 100ml bottle, with tesco's selling them for £19.19. Packaging The bottle of perfume comes presented in a black cardboard box, suitable for recycling, which is designed in a similar manner to the bottle. The brand name and product name are printed onto the front of the box in silver text - Vera Wang Rock Princess. Vera Wang is written in plain, capital letters, whilst Rock princess is written in a fancier, more elegant font. This text is surrounded by a scribbled heart, coloured silver with hints of pink, with a silver crown resting ontop of it. The size of the bottle is printed in the bottom corner. The back of the box is printed with useful information. The bottle This perfume bottle is constructed from glass. The front facet contains the text Vera Wang Rock Princess in the same style as on the front of the box. Although this entire heart shaped bottle is both black and simultaneously see-through, the front section also contains blotches of ...

Pears Hand Wash 22/06/2016

Cheap price, great quality.

Pears Hand Wash I frequently change the soap in my bathroom, but this is one of my favourites so far. Presented in a simple, yet elegant container, this handwash is gentle and kind to skin. Price and availability I purchased this liquid handwash from Superdrug, paying around £2.00, although they are currently hosting a 1/3 off sale on selected pears products. Therefore, this particular handwash is available for just £1.39. However, I was happy to pay the full price of £2.00, as it is a top quality product and a fairly long lasting handwash. Pears mild and gentle handwash is also available from a variety of other places, all that sell them for around the same price of £2.00: Amazon, Sainsburys, Ocado, Tesco's and waitrose. Ocado and waitrose both offer free shipping, if in-store collection isn't an option. Amazon, though I found them to be slightly more expensive, also sell multipacks. Packaging The bottle comes with a simple, thin piece of plastic wrapped around its middle. It doesn't come presented in a box or anything containing advertisements or information, just plainly and simply a small piece of plastic packaging. The bottle - Appearance - This Pears handwash is contained in a bottle that is manufactured from transparent plastic. The bottle itself is 13.5 cm tall, 10 cm wide and 4.2 cm deep. The soap that makes pears a recognisable company is their signature transparent orange bar, which is oval in shape. This soap is what I'm reminded of when looking at this handwash, as the ...

Quick Step Uniclic Flooring 21/06/2016

Amazing quality laminate flooring

Quick Step Uniclic Flooring This flooring is laminate, but is of such high quality that it has the appearance and texture of a real, authentic wooden floor. It has completely altered the feel of my house, filling it with a warm charm. Price and availability The flooring I purchased was Andante's natural oak effect. I bought mine from B&Q for £30.96 per pack, with each pack containing 8 boards. Aside from B&Q there are a variety of online stores from which you can purchase this flooring, including Amazon, though I've found it to be more expensive here, costing around £37.99. I've also found it for sale from theflooringstation, woodenfloorshop and flooringmegastore, all of which are online websites. Packaging The boards come in packaging that is composed of both cardboard and plastic; a transparent plastic top that enables you to view the boards, with light blue cardboard sides to ensure the flooring is secured with care. The uniclic logo is printed in white and dark blue at the center of the side of the packaging, with the quickstep logos printed at either end. The quickstep logo consists of white writing, written boldly atop a dark blue rectangular background, with three diagonally positioned red stripes printed besides the text. The top of the packaging, which is thin and transparent plastic, has a photograph printed ontop of it, allowing you to see what the flooring looks like once it is laid. The Andante logo is visible just below this. The flooring - Appearence - This flooring is within the ...

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Ionic Straighteners NSS087 16/06/2016

The only thing to control my lion mane.

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Ionic Straighteners NSS087 These hair straighteners are beautifully presented, with an attractive colour scheme and a multitude of useful features. Price and availability These straighteners are available from many stores, including tesco's, Argos, Amazon and the official Nicky Clarke website. They range anywhere from £20 up to £27.99, with the Nicky Clarke site selling them for £24.99. I purchased mine from tesco's, being the store I found them for at the cheapest price of £20. Packaging This beauty essential comes presented in a rectangular box. The box is grey and purple - the front facet is grey, with a picture of a straight haired girl to the right, whilst the top facet is purple with "frizz control" written boldly along it. This statement is written in white on the top, but is also written in slightly smaller text on the front of the box, in purple. Aside from the illustration of the model, which portrays the capability of the straighteners, there is also a photograph of the actual product. This allows you to get a glimpse of the item without removing it from the box. The rest of the box, which is constructed from cardboard, is covered with an array of useful information and trademark logos. The actual straighteners come in a plastic packaging, so to prevent scratches upon delivery. The straighteners - appearance I love the appearance of these straighteners. The main area is black, with the metallic ironing area being purple. Other parts are also purple, such as a ring just before the ...

Tesco Stainless Steel Egg Timer 13/06/2016

No more spoiled eggs!

Tesco Stainless Steel Egg Timer This is a product that is useful for people of all levels of kitchen knowledge. It makes cooking just that little bit easier, but is also an attractive addition to any kitchen. Price and availability This product is available for an array of places, online and in-store, such as EBay, Amazon, John Lewis, house of Fraser and tesco's. I made my purchase from tesco's for a total of £4. I've seen this price vary slightly, though never reaching too high - John Lewis, for example, sell them for around £6.50. Packaging This utensil comes presented in a transparent box, that is composed of thin plastic and is just big enough to fit the timer inside. There is a white cardboard insert placed inside the bottom of the box, running up the sides to represent a label. The label is white and simple, with the product name written clearly across the front and "60 minute timer" printed in a red circle to the right. There are tabs on the top and bottom of the box, also transparent plastic, which can be easily lifted up to open the box and remove the product. Despite the simplicity of this packaging, which is not at all appealing, it is simultaneously highly effective: you are able to view the egg timer from all angles due to the transparency of the box, and the small size of the label. It also minimises wasted packaging to be sent to a landfill, as it is only as big as it needs to be. The product - Structure and appearance The stainless steel egg timer is smartly designed, presented in a ...

Yankee Candle Mandarin Cranberry Scented Jar 11/06/2016

My gosh, it smells so good!

Yankee Candle Mandarin Cranberry Scented Jar I love this product so much, I have two of them! One I purchased for myself and another was purchased for me at christmas, by a friend. Price and availability Both of my 623g jars were bought from clintons for roughly £21.99, but they are available from a selection of places for similar prices. Yankee direct is possibly the best place to go to order these, with the prices being as follows: 623g - £19.99 411g - £17.99 104g - £8.54 12 tea lights - £6.64 Wax tart - £1.42 Sample - £1.71 They're currently having a 5% off sale, with the above list being the prices with this offer. Overview This is a candle that smells indescribably delicious, I'm a huge candle lover and I've never had anything that smells so good as this. Though, being a candle under the Yankee brand name that is highly trusted and respected, what do you expect! Presented in a clear jar, containing 623g worth of bright red candle, you will have endless hours of burning time. I bought one jar for myself, when I was purchasing a different one for my mother, and then a friend of mine happened to buy me the same one for Christmas. Not that I mind! One of them I have not yet used, whilst the other one still containes over half of the jar after 10 months of use. I do feel that it has a slight Christmas theme to it with the mandarins, and of course the red colour theme! But it definitely works outside of Christmas too, and I don't feel that it's of a Christmas scent - when I think of Christmas scents, I think pine ...

Morrisons Little Big Comfy Dry Nappies 10/06/2016

Finally! We found the perfect nappies!

Morrisons Little Big Comfy Dry Nappies Since my daughter was born 8 months ago, we have quite possibly tested every brand of nappy going. However, these are by far the best. Although a few other brands were quite good, these are the only ones that tick every box. Price and availability These nappies can be purchased, of course, from Morrisons. A large pack of 40 nappies typically costs around £3.64, which is extremely cheap considering I've paid between £7.99 and £9.50 for the same amount in different brands - Pampers, for example. However, regardless of this cheap price, there are still regular offers available with this brand. There is one that is currently ongoing, which allows you to buy 3 packs for only £10. That's 120 nappies for just £10! We fly through nappies, so offers such as this are always welcome. Packaging The nappies are stacked neatly ontop of eachother, then presented in a long plastic package. Although the material of the packaging is unfortunate if you're an environmental enthusiast, but it's pretty unavoidable considering this material ensures that the nappies remain clean. The front of the packaging is illustrated with a large photograph of a mother holding her baby, who is wearing the little big nappies. Below this is a green box containing a small quantity of information, that gets straight to the point: "for soft little bottoms". There is also another set of nappies in the brand which are for "wiggly little bums!", which I also found to be of great quality. The bottom left corner of ...
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