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Everything that starts with A ... 21/06/2005

Amber's Story

Everything that starts with A ... After almost 5 years together, I thought this was it, Nick and I were over. Things hadn't been right between us for a few months now, we'd been constantly bickering and his pc game playing was driving me up the wall, something had to change in our relationship otherwise one of us would leave the other. Then one Saturday morning in April 2004 I was awoken at 6am with the most excruciating abdominal pains, a bit like period pains but much more 'gut-wrenching', the only way to stop the pain was to curl up into a ball. Nick didn't know what to do, so he suggested I call my mother (an ex nurse) to ask for advice. I apologised for calling so early on a Saturday morning, but once I'd explained what was happening to me, she was more concerned for my health than her loss of a lay in. Her first question regarded my last period, to which I couldn't remember, but thought I was due one very soon, so her immediate thought was that I was pregnant, and that there might be something wrong, i.e. an ectopic pregnancy. I swiftly brushed that idea away as a) I was on the pill and b) our love life hadn't been as active as it'd used to be. So, she suggested I take an aspirin, drink lots of water, go back to bed and go straight to the doctors on Monday morning. By Monday morning the pain had completely gone, and I'd forgotten all about it. That week my Mother was in London with a friend, so we met up for a drink. When we were saying our goodbyes she handed me a brown paper bag, and told ...

Everything that starts with C ... 25/05/2005

Crazy Frog is driving everyone hopping mad!

Everything that starts with C ... Don't you hate it when something enters your subconscious and you can't get it out of your head, like the last song on the radio or a tune someone else is humming? Well according to advertisers that's the competitive world of advertising for you, grabbing consumers' attention is paramount, advertisers have to make their advertisements distinctive and memorable. But do they really have to advertise 3 times in 1 commercial break?!? Just incase you've been hiding in a cave for the last few months, I'll just tell you a bit about the ad I'm referring to. It's for a mobile phone ringtone, called The Crazy Frog by Jamster, the original ad consisted of Crazy Frog pretending to be on a motorbike, making revving noises (much like a Formula One racing car) which become increasingly noisy until reaching a crescendo. Innocent enough, you might have thought. However, that ad was obviously very popular, so they remixed it, added the Axel F theme tune and suddenly 11 million people in Europe downloaded it and Jamster had made over £10Million! I personally find it excruciating, it's on so many times a day, and I'm not alone with my thoughts, over 400 viewers have complained about Crazy Frog, because they too find him irritating and feel it is broadcast far too frequently. According to a report in The Sun a viewer from Sevenoaks said the ad made his "blood boil". Another viewer from Maidstone, Kent, said: "Every time I turn on my TV that annoying tune is blaring out. It drives me ...

Everything that starts with R ... 17/05/2005

RClures Getting to know you challenge by Kerpots

Everything that starts with R ... I nicked this challenge from RClure! Enjoy. 1. What's on your duvet cover? Red, Yellow and Orange gingham 2. What is in the glove compartment of your car? Don't have a car, but it used to be filled with CD's 3. What is the background to your computer screen? A picture of my beautiful baby, Amber, with her Daddy taken on a sunny day on London Fields. 4. What was the last thing you sang? The theme tune to Balamory!!! 5. When was the last time you did a cartwheel? I've never been able to do one! 6. How do you take your coffee? White with one sugar. 7. Last time you went clubbing? There was a time when it was every weekend, all over the country, but now I'm a Mummy so I've stopped all that. The last time, was probably Homelands Festival in 2003! 8. Do you brush your teeth before breakfast or after? After. 9. Sugar on cornflakes or not? Oh yeah! 10. If you could learn an instrument what would it be and why? Piano, I've always wanted to learn, and never got round to it! 11. If you could speak a foreign language what would it be and why? Italian or Spanish because they sound so sexy! 12. What time does church start? God knows? ;o) 13. What was the first exam you took? A GCSE of some kind? 14. Did your parents hit you? Hardly ever, as I was a good girl! But if I was really naughty I'd get a slap across the legs or the back of the hand. 15. Do you wear your watch on your left or right hand? Left 16. What shampoo do you ... 16/05/2005

Snappy snap fish! I discovered this website recently, signed up, placed my first order and have been quite pleased with the outcome. I'm talking about - it's an online digital photo processing service, which gives you an account where you can store an unlimited amount photos, which means you can then share these photos with friends and family straight from your pc, and if they really like the pics, they can also register and order photos from your photo album for themselves. They are also now a division of Hewlett-Packard, which to me is one of the most trusted brands around, so I feel I'm getting something of great quality. The website itself is very easy to navagate, you have 4 main screens Home, Photos, Store and Account. Home displays your most recently added photo albums and links to the other pages. The Photos page obviously displays your photo albums and allows you to add more if needs be. The Store page is where you can purchase things like mousemats and mugs etc then the Account page shows you all your details, addresses, order details, special offers etc. It's free to register, and the price per print is pretty decent (see below). I registered and received 20 free prints as an introductory offer, so I placed my order paying only 99p for p&p, on a Thursday and by Friday they'd arrived. They were of excellent quality, and I shall be using them from now on for all my digital developing. Also, if you register and recommend a friend, when they register you ... 10/05/2005

Thank you for shopping at was recommended to me by a friend a few years ago, since then I have purchased many plants inc. Grasses, bamboo and climbers, 2 battery powered globe outdoor lights, a large bag of compost and 6 pots in varying size and prices, and found them very reasonable! All of which have arrived within a few days, and have been of sound quality. Living in London it's pretty hard to get hold of these sorts of materials without a car, so I have found shopping at a dream. WHO ARE THEY Crocus was launch in April 2000, and since then they've grown into the biggest gardening website in the UK. DELIVERY CHARGES Is a flat fee of £5.95, unless you are ordering just seeds which is £1. RETURNS POLICY You can return items within 28 days providing it's not something you've tried out and not liked i.e. like buying a dress, wearing it for a party and then deciding you no longer want it. Some of their products are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Plants are all 'insured' for one year after you've bought them. MY EXPERIENCE All plants have been delivered safely and have been healthy and in one piece with helpful tips. The pots I ordered however, were wrapped in bubble wrap but still managed to break. I sent an email to the customer service team who were extremely helpful, told me to keep the broken pots to use as crocks and would send me out another order asap. They kept me up to date by email on how long I would expect my order, with very polite and ... 10/05/2005

Must see on screen A friend of mine directed me to "as seen on screen" ( last year, as she'd seen a coat which she said would suit me. I logged on, and within minutes I'd found the exact coat she had described, fell in love with it, and purchased it there and then! has now made an extra 8 or more new visitors thanks to my friend's recommendation!!! Since then I have made a few more purchases! Including some delightful jewellery for me, 3 t-shirts for my boyfriend and some accessories for my niece, who have both been thrilled with their presents! The jewellery was just costume stuff, but it hasn't lost it's original shine which I am surprised at because judging by the price (very cheap) I'd expect it to discolour or break very quickly. The t-shirts I bought my boyf were fantastic quality, not the thin material you'd expect but a really nice thick cotton/linen and wash really well, again not loosing the original colour. The idea for celebrity inspired fashion at affordable prices was created in 1999 and As seen on screen was launched in 2000. It is now one of the top 3 online clothing store in the UK. You can mimic the style of some of the following celebrities: Victoria Beckham Sienna Miller Sarah Jessica Parker Kylie Minogue Kate Moss Joss Stone Gwen Stefani Britney Spears David Beckham Or go straight for the designer stuff, such as: Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sixty FCUK, Lipsy Boxfresh Playboy Bench Birkenstock Peter Werth and loads more. ... 10/05/2005

What's good about La Redoute I have been a member with La Redoute for a while now, I have ordered many items of which I have been generally happy with. THINGS I HAVE LIKED The quality of their underwear and swimwear is excellent, it's all very reasonably priced, where very comfortable, and looked great! In fact all my bikinis are Redoute's and I bought them back in 1999 when I went to Thailand and they're still going strong now! More recently I've ordered baby clothes, which arrived in super quick time, were fantastic and great value for money. I bought a pair of cord dungarees, a cardigan and some tights and the whole order came to £14 (some items were in the sale, but they were reasonably priced in the first place). All items are really soft and gentle on my daughter's skin, and come up really well in the wash. The free gifts tend to come round every 3-4 months, so if you're thinking of placing an order and haven't had an offer for a while, it might be worth holding off until it comes through (or checking the website). I've had a few really nice items free of charge, they're usually bags of some kind, I've had a Reebok holdall, a large suede holdall and the latest offer is a really cool picnic rucksack with essentials inside! THINGS I HAVEN'T LIKED I didn't have much luck with their shoes, the quality was a bit cheap, they were hard on my feet - no lining, and the heel cap fell off after 4 wears, but I sent them back and they offered a refund, but I liked the shoes that much that I ...

Cow & Gate Baby Drinks 03/05/2005

Cow & Gate Baby Drinks

Cow & Gate Baby Drinks At around 4 months, I was eager to get my daughter to drink something other than milk. She didn't take to plain cooled boiled water, so I decided to give C&G's baby drinks a go. There are three choices available: 1. 125ml Priced at £0.38 (at my local Tesco's prices may vary elsewhere) Ready to drink Comes in a glass jar Available in 4 different flavours: • Summer Fruits • Apple & Pear • Apple & Blackcurrant • Apple & Orange All of these have added vitamin c, have low acidity and are free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. 125ml of these drinks provide at least 70% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for infants. I have tried the Apple & Pear with my daughter, as a first taste test, she liked it but found it quite difficult to feed from a spoon, which was recommended on the side of the jar, so I then tried to use a training beaker (also suggested) but again, she was too little to use it, so I used a bottle - even though it says not too. Once she has the hang of a beaker I will return to using that. 2. 175ml Priced at £1.35 (at my local Sainsburys prices may vary elsewhere) Concentrated Comes in a glass bottle Available in 4 different flavours: • Apple & Pear • Pear & Peach • Apple & Blackcurrant • Summer Fruits As before, all of these have added vitamin c, have low acidity and are free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. 125ml of diluted ...

All About Me 20/04/2005

Kerpots = Kerry Potter

All About Me 1. WHAT TIME IS IT? 21:29 2. NAME? Kerry Potter 3. NUMBER OF CANDLES ON LAST BIRTHDAY CAKE? 27 4. HAIR COLOUR? Blondey/brown 5. TATTOOS? None. I've had a few henna ones, but they've always effected my skin, so I'm too scared to get a real one. 6. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOB ON A SCALE OF 0-5? 5 (being love it) because at the moment I'm on Maternity leave looking after my first baby - Amber. 7. FAVOURATE COLOUR? Green 8. HOMETOWN? Portsmouth 9. CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS? Unmarried, but cohabiting with boyfriend Nick (of 5.5 years) and Daughter Amber (nearly 6 months) 10. FAVOURATE FOOD? All things Thai 11. BEEN TO AFRICA? No...been to Thailand though! 12. BEEN TO CAMDEN? Yes, 3 weekends ago. 13. LOVED SOMEBODY SO MUCH IT MADE YOU CRY? Yes, my daughter - she still does, I can look at her sometimes and she'll smile at me, and tears fill my eyes! Aaaaaaaaah 14. BEEN IN A CAR ACCIDENT? Yes, but not injured AND it wasn't my fault! 15. CROUTONS OR BACON BITS? Neither - both give me heart burn! 16. SPRITE OR 7-UP? 7-up. 17. FAVOURATE MOVIE? Used to be Trainspotting, then it was Lock, Stock & 2 smoking barrells and now....probably Amelie 18. FAVOURATE HOLIDAY? Spending time with boyfriend (and baby next time) in his Mum's villa in Malaga 19. FAVOURATE TOOTHPASTE? Aquafresh - it's the red, white and blue that does it for me! 20. FAVOURATE RESTAURANT? Thai Corner Resturant, Highbury Corner, London, ...

Cow & Gate Baby Food 06/04/2005

Sunshine Banana Breakfast Cereal

Cow & Gate Baby Food I have just started the weaning process with my 5 month old daughter, I've been giving her a rusk mixed up with milk or water for the past two weeks, which she's taken to really well. But this morning I'd run out of rusks, and decided to use the free sample of Cow & Gate Sunshine Banana breakfast cereal, which I had in my bounty pack. It sounded great, NO GM ingredients, with added essential vitamins and minerals, gluten free, milk & lactose free, egg free, no added soya, suitable for vegetarians and no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, suitable from 4 months. All I had to do was mix it with some of her usual milk. Firstly, it said to mix 2 tablespoons (approx 10g) of this banana powder mix with 2 tablespoons (approx 30ml) of baby's usual milk, but that made a lump of "stuff" which resembled dough, so I kept adding more milk, until it was the right consistency....another 50ml's!!!! Which meant I had a huge bowl full of breakfast cereal! Then the smell, it's really hard to describe, certainly nothing like bananas, but I guess that's better than smelling like the artificial banana smells some products have, but it really wasn't pleasant. Taste, I have to admit I wasn't willing to try it, and I did wince when I gave my daughter her the first spoonful, but to my surprise she took it, seemed to like it and was rather excited about the next mouthful! So I suppose, looks...and smells can be deceptive, but she won't be having anymore, it feels so ...

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium 12/03/2005

Ocean Wonders

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Having bought a non-music playing mobile for our baby before she was born, we decided to buy her a musical light show, once she arrived as she uninterested in the other one. We tried a few, which where too noisy or didn't do much, until we tried the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium. It’s fantastic, it plays soothing music to help our baby to sleep and also has mesmerising sounds of an aquarium, softly glowing lights, flowing bubbles and swimming fish. It has : 3 aquatic sounds: ocean waves, falling raindrops and babbling brook. 3 soothing songs which you can have on play once, 5 minutes or 10 minutes Soft lights which fade in and out A power & volume control A clam which opens up when baby bats roller ball which is great for eye-hand coordination A starfish which spins when baby presses lever Swimming fish (the mechanics of which can be a little noisy) Development benefits: Soothing music and rhythmic aquatic sounds can promote relaxation. Watching lights, bubbles and moving fish can stimulates visual skills. Can strengthen auditory skills with the aquatic sounds and soothing music. To prevent entrapment of baby's head or limbs, keep distance between the bottom of the mobile and the cot mattress at least 7 inches (18cm) - it comes with a handy little cardboard tape measure to help you judge this. Suitable from birth Requires 4D alkaline batteries Approx £23.99, available from Argos, John Lewis, Toys R Us etc. For a demo click on ... 11/03/2005

Snappy I discovered this website two weeks ago, I've signed up, placed my first order and am really pleased with the outcome. What am I talking - it's an online digital photo processing service, which gives you an account where you can store an unlimited amount photos, which means you can then share these photos with friends and family straight from your pc, and if they really like the pics, they can also register and order photos from your photo album for themselves. It's free to register, and the price per print is pretty decent (see below). I registered and received 20 free prints as an introductory offer, so I placed my order paying only 90p for p&p, on a Thursday and by Friday they'd arrived. They were of excellent quality, and I shall be using them from now on for all my digital developing. Also, if you register and recommend a friend, when they register you receive 10 free prints - can't be bad! It's really easy to use too, you can download photos straight from your camera or pc, store them, edit them, create gift cards, mugs, posters, t-shirts, mouse mats etc etc... I've only bought a mouse mat which is brilliant, it's material though so may get dirty quickly, I haven't bought any of the other items so can't tell you about them, but the photos themselves are great. A few people have commented on the fact that they don't have a digitial camera, this doesn't really matter, because if you have a friend who does, and they send you photos via ...

123 Baby Tigger and Me 11/03/2005


123 Baby Tigger and Me I'm not a huge fan of Pooh & Friends, but my daughter was bought the 123 Baby Tigger & Me as a gift, so I endeavour to use it, and she seems to enjoy it. What is it: It's an activity gym/mat which develops with your child. In the first stage, you lay your baby on Tigger's tummy (which in my opinion is lacking filling i.e. beans or stuffing, as it's a little flat) then Tigger's tail slots into his hand and acts as an overhead gym which has 3 removable brightly coloured dangling activities, a flower with crinkle leaves, a butterfly mirror and a soft squeaking turtle all at arms reach. My daughter especially likes the mirrored butterfly as she can see herself in it! The next stage, Tigger's tail can be re-positioned so that baby can sit up to play with the activities. Then as your child grows, the activities can be removed so your child can drag poor Tigger wherever he/she goes! As I mentioned earlier, Tigger's tummy does feel a little flat, so he can be quite floppy, and also because his tail is weighed down with the activities it's can be a little difficult to keep him up right, but as soon as you lay your baby on his tummy he's supportive enough, and won't fall over. I noticed from the other reviews, that people have complained about not being able to store him away, I keep him out all the time so don't have a problem with that, but if you needed to put him away you can take his tail out of his hand and roll him up, however he'll be quite bulky, he could ...

Nuk Nasal Decongester 24/02/2005

Baby Nasal Decongester

Nuk Nasal Decongester I found myself looking at this strange contraption in my local chemist, it had a small nozzle attached to a squeezey rubber bulb, and was called the NUK Nasal Decongester. At the time I thought it was yet another consumer gimmick.....until my baby daughter had trouble breathing through a snotty nose at 2 months old. Obviously being at an age where I couldn't teach her to blow, I thought I'd give it a go. It's really useful once you get the hang of it. Obviously baby is going to wriggle around as soon as you gently hold it's head still and place something around it's nostril. (This sounds cruel, but you have to be to be kind) but believe me it's worth persevering. The decongester has a wide nozzle which you gently hold to one nostril (it's wide enough so you can't accidentally insert it into the baby's nostril) and it's made of smooth plastic to prevent causing soreness, so it's really difficult to cause any harm to your little one. Directions: Squeeze rubber bulb (away from baby) and then gently hold nozzle to one nostril (do not insert the nozzle into baby's nostril). Gently hold baby's other nostril with your fingertip. Gently reduce pressure on the rubber bulb thus extracting the 'mucus' (snot to you or I) into the nozzle. It's also handy to have a hanky to hand at this stage! After use clean rubber bulb and nozzle thoroughly in warm water, this can be sterilised. This can be used from birth, and costs approx. £3.39 from your nearest chemist. ...

Mothercare Luxury Bath Support 07/01/2005

Bathtime fun!

Mothercare Luxury Bath Support A friend of mine bought me the Mothercare Luxury Bath Support when my daughter was born in November, and it has helped me no end with bathing her, I don't know how I managed beforehand! It's a simple design made from a metal frame with a toweling cover which is removeable for washing. You fill the bath first (approx. 2 inchs) with the right temperature water, and then place the bath support in the baby bath (or main bath when baby is older). Baby then sits comfortably supported giving you two hands to wash him/her. Priced at £8 and is available on Suitable from birth to 6 months. I said the material can sag a bit as a disadvantage, but it doesn't sag hugely...and anyway, doesn't all material sag when wet? ...
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