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Woolwich Mortgages 22/12/2010

Bureaucratic mess

Woolwich Mortgages I spent ages trying to secure a mortgage with Woolwich - an extemely good fixed rate followed by a base rate tracker for the rest of the term. After a long process where the people you speak to on the phone act as middle men for some clueless approvers in India. The number of times I was asked to resupply the same pay slips, proof of address became laughable as I trudged off to Barclays. Several months later they eventually rejected me for very little reason, they then proceeded to try and charge me a pulling out fee - all very frustrating especially considering the effort. I proceeded to get a mortgage through Natwest (RBS) in no time. I try to avoid Barclays at all costs now. I would not recommend Woolwich at all.

Bugaboo International Cameleon 22/12/2010

so versatile - initial expense seems worth it 6 months on!

Bugaboo International Cameleon We have been very happy with the Cameleon. As with most 'about to be' parents, we were concerned about how much we would be spending on a pushchair (you could get a second hand car for the same price!). However, 6 months on I can certainly say it was worth it as I see other couples struggle with other 'strollers' - raincovers that don't close properly, freezing babies without the comfort of their own footmuff, wheels that malfunction on the grass in the park etc. A great feature of the Cameleon is how you can change which way the baby is facing - when it suddenly becomes windy you can swap it over so easily. With all the snow, we recently bought some snow wheels - c.£60 - which have been ideal for long wintery walks. The raincover, mosquito nets and compartment under the chair come in the package and are very useful and easy to use. As we look to potentially extend the family, the advantage of being able to change the colour etc means that we can get extra usage and indeed it will look brand new, whether for a boy or girl. We thoroughly recommend it!

NatWest Mortgages 22/12/2010

Quick, excellent service. Mortgage complete in no time

NatWest Mortgages After coming to the end of a fixed deal with Abbey, I went on to their SVR rate for several months whilst undertaking an extrension which I hoped would increase my LTV mortgage options. After a nightmare experience with Woolwich, I contacted my own Private Manager at Natwest in Exeter who got the ball moving on a very competitive tracker rate. Within a couple of weeks I had a valuation of the property, mortgage agreed in principal to meet the remortgage I needed and Gordons, Natwest's own solicitors, pushed through the remortgage in no time. The rate was what I wanted and the smoothness of the process really demonstrated extra added value on top of what was a good mortgage product. I will look to stick with Natwest on-going. Stress-free and easy, I highly recommend Natwest.
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