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25 11/11/2005

My Cat, my problem? Not any more!

Aloe vera for cats 17/08/2005

Aloe Vera for cats/pets and even humans!

Pet Behavioural Problems 19/12/2004

Pets and human psychology

Usually when I tell people that I’m a pet psychologist, I get strange looks. ‘Pets don’t need shrinks’ they tell me. ‘No, they don’t’, I reply, ’their owners do though in some cases...’ Unfortunately most pet owners treat their pet(s) like children. They tend to pamper them often to the point of excess (with results to have now a generation of obese cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, etc) and to get annoyed when their ‘cute pets’ behave like normal cats or dogs (dogs and cats being the most common problem-related pets). Although there is no doubt that in most cases (at least in this country) pet owners adore their pets (far too many seem to be sharing their bed with their cat's) or dog(s) and to remember their birthdays instead of their human partners) they usually end up with spoiled and bad behaved “four legged children” , and this is where usually the problems start to emerge. Quite often I come across ‘distraught’ pet owners who seem to be at the very end of their patience because of the ‘mad’ behaviour of their cats or dogs, etc. In many cases though the problem is not really the pets themselves but their owners who they never trained their beloved cat or dog properly when they were young and as result now they have become the dominant figure in the household, demanding attention all the time. People quite often seem to forget the ‘basics’ when they decide to add a cat or dog to their family; that the new member is not a person but another species, which sees the ...

Sharp GX20 09/08/2004

An unexpected decent camera phone

Polaroid Pocket/ I-ZONE 18/12/2003

Two small for me and my cats

Polaroid Pocket/ I-ZONE Recently I was given as a present one of these Polaroid cameras the I-Zone and to my luck it was just after I had bought myself the other one, the JoyCam. The reason that I had originally decided to buy the other one was the size of the photos and the fact that you couldn't ‘stick’ them almost everywhere...Well, it sounds great if you are 10+ something but I don’t really think that they would have understood my new craze at work...having my desk and computer decorated with little sticky photos of my cats will enhance the place though! The I-Zone camera is great for kids who enjoy ‘decorating everything’ and as the camera is very straight forward and easy to use it can be the perfect gift in ‘sticky’ situations. Its features include automatic flash and focus, flash-ready light with power on/off switch which does help to extend the battery life as it turns off automatically after you’ve taken the photo. It takes two 2 AA batteries which normally would be included along with a 6 shot film (cheapskates! as you can get a packet of 2x12 normally). It has a focus range of 2 to 8 feet according to the instructions but I always tend to take pictures from a very close range as I know how small they will come out. The flash is also automatic. It is a rather compact and portable camera that indeed takes instant mini-photos that can be stuck anywhere. But I did find these mini photos to be very “mini” for my liking. The quality isn’t that bad, although it did fail ...

Polaroid Joycam 15/12/2003

A camera that’s really easy to use

Polaroid Joycam I was amazed how simple it was to use this instant camera as sometimes things that are supposedly ‘easy and friendly’ to use can be a bit complicated… I like taking pictures and I do have a few cameras digital or otherwise but I thought I’ve tried an instant one for those ‘fun moments’ (when my cats look really cute and I want a picture so I can show to friends and colleagues how cute my cats are really are…sad!) …Besides I’ve never had an instant camera before… So I’ve decided to buy the JoyCam, especially when I saw the price of the camera (£14.99) and the price of the film at Tesco (£4.97), after I was warned of how expensive these gadgets can be... 50p per photo I thought wasn’t so bad after all (my cats worth every single penny)... before I get fed up with the new toy…. since you don’t need to take the film for processing and there is no need for batteries and with a flash too! But little did I know that I would be given as present , at the same time, a Polaroid I-Zone Camera (6 Shot which comes with free film and two batteries, and a couple pounds more expensive than the JoyCam). What I wasn’t expecting was the size of the JoyCam as I bought it online and I thought that it would be smaller than it actually is. It arrived inside a big box on a blue plastic bag and along with the instructions there was also a carrier case which I thought that it could fit my CD walkman perfectly…not so sure about the grey colour though. The camera itself is quite big as said ...

Virtual University 03/07/2003

Online learning the easy way

I do like learning new things and I’m always on the lookout for courses that don’t involve dragging yourself into to classes, which either can be done on line or at home on your own time and space. I’m one of the many that works full time, has a family and always try to balance learning with reality. But as many might know, online or distance learning is not cheap. The attitude usually is that if you are working full time then you can afford to pay for your learning. So a lot of online courses are rather ‘touchy’ when comes to price tags and sometimes don’t deliver what they promised. There is a great variety of courses offered by many universities and colleges such as the Open University, which, don't get me wrong are great, if you want to aim higher and go all the way for a degree. But at the same time they can be very time and money consuming. Besides I don’t think I have the patience to wait for six years for a degree to tell the others that I have learned something. (Of course there are those new short courses which last to 12 weeks but even so at £95 per course still I find them expensive and longlasting..) My point here is that they are a lot of choices but unfortunately most of these choices are rather expensive… So when I came across to the Virtual University website accidentally I was very impressed with the variety of the subjects they were offering such as: internet and web design (HTML, web page design, javascript, web graphics/exploring the Web), ...

Epson Stylus C62 19/06/2003

It spits and it is very fast

Epson Stylus C62 I bought my first printer ages ago along with my then new computer. I had till recently a canon sj series, a printer and scanner and I’ve paid then, over £200, a lot of money for me then and even now…but then I believed that a expensive printer was for life. How wrong was I? What a completely pile of rubbish that purchase was! Sooner than I have anticipated I started having problems. It was ‘eating' ink even when I wasn't using it, so I had to change the cartridges on a weekly basis, the quality of the prints was a disgrace, the noise was making was freaking out my cats and it would take for ever to print just a single paper without any images…I used to print everything in black and white to save time and money as the black cartridge was cheaper but with no real results. It also loved to eat the paper and I had to keep the paper straight every time I want to print something and couldn’t dream of printing anything that it will needed more than one page… It was a waste of money and space but I kept it, and pretended that I had a printer. So I was doing all my printing at work till I’ve decided that I really needed a printer since I had assignments for my course to print and digi photos which I couldn’t do at work….But my problem was that I couldn’t seem to afford one…. So I wanted to find a decent printer at a very reasonable price, really cheap actually that I could afford, a printer which will print decent photos and that won’t eat ink faster than I eat my ...

Nivea Skin Firming Complex Body Moisturiser 17/06/2003

Nivea and you've done

Nivea Skin Firming Complex Body Moisturiser Nivea lotion wasn’t my kind of subject for writing an opinion as quite a few already have brought into light all the good and the bad points (if any!) there are to say but I thought it won’t hurt to add my opinion with all the others as Nivea skin firm lotion it is really good product which makes it worth it paying the extra pennies. My family have always used Nivea for almost every part for the body you could use a body lotion at. For the hands, after the bath, after the sun when we went back home looking like roasted chicken after hours and hours in the sun, etc, etc…. In those days there was only one Nivea product that we were familiar with and that was the metal blue tubes or boxes like, in small (for your handbag), medium and large size. But now days there is a range of products from the familiar body lotions to facial creams, anti-wrinkle and body sprays…and I must admit I have tried almost everything…with no complaints! But from this endless list it is their body firming lotion that I use on a daily basis for many reasons. First of all and simply because it is a Nivea product which I trust and I know it will give me results. Also because it really works and it will make your skin feel and look softer, smoother, firmer as well as conditioned and in a great shape all day long (apparently it has something to do with Coenzyme Q10, which will help your skin get firmer but I don’t go for this kind of scientific mumble jumbo myself so I didn’t really give it ... 11/06/2003

My three reasons for shopping at Amazon is one of those famous online websites which everybody seems to be familiar with and either likes or really loathes... There are a lot of reasons why I’m buying almost everything from Amazon and it isn’t just because I can be bother to go out in the real world and do some reality shopping (OK!, maybe it is one of the main reasons). But since plenty things have been written by many members of ciao about the goods and bads ot this website I’ll try to justify my reasons for deciding to say my piece of mind as well. was one of the first two websites which I started using and trusted to buy things on line when the ‘online’ craze started becoming contagious. It was an easy and convenient way to buy, mostly at that time books and CDs without getting out in the open air and rain. It is like a ‘supermarket’ online, where you can buy almost everything, except from your groceries of course but then given time you never know… You can click on their sections of books, electronics & photo which includes from cameras to computers & peripherals, portable audios, etc, music, dvd & video sections, software, pc and video games, their new kitchen & home section, kids and toys, travel and gifts. Then of course you have the browse option for each subject you want, the recommendations on new releases and of course the best places for cheap things; the auctions, used and zshops. Although sometimes the used items price is higher than the new one, which I find ...

Top 10 Websites 09/06/2003

My top ten this time of the year

The original idea was that I should write a separate opinion for each of these websites but then I realised that I might have to spend too much time which I don’t seem to have these days. So instead, I’ve decided to make a list with the top 10 I visit frequently and not necessarily in this order. But being one of those who discovered the joy of surfing when the wide web was still in nappies there are a lot more which are missing from the list (just the thought of it… the amount of websites I have visited!. Anyway as my first choice I will name ciao ( as I do seem to spend a lot of time, almost on daily basis, lurking there, not only because I find it very interesting and informative place for opinions on almost everything but also because you get the chance to say ‘your mind’ about almost everything and get paid for it and especially because you get the opportunity to write and be read and criticized. Everybody here is very helpful and the whole website gives a warm feel of ‘being at home’. My second site has to be not only because it is great site where nowadays you can buy almost everything on site but also because I have being buying from there since the very start and I’m still getting the same great service and products that sometimes I can’t seem to be find anywhere, especially reference and special interest books. The only drawback is the postage which sometimes seems to be more than the actual price of the product you are buying but then ...

Sony MiniDisc recorder 02/06/2003

Small smart and Sony

Sony MiniDisc recorder The reason that I’ve decided to write an opinion about this Mini Disc isn’t only because I think it is a great nifty little thing and it has become an important part of my daily life, but mostly because after going back to the old days of playing tapes I’ve realised how much it had changed my perception about portable personal stereos in general and how awful good tapes sound in the greatest and best quality walkmans… I must admit I’ve seemed to spend my last pennies in new gadgets in general and before I’ve got my Sony MZ-N707 I was in between minds. I have heard people praising it and saying that the quality of the sound is so good that you’ll throw away your CDs (not very likely) and others which they were arguing that it was a waste of money as you can’t replace the actual CD with a mini version…. But the fact was remaining that CD players no matter how small they are they still look huge and bulgy in comparison with MD players. They skip (how annoying), you can only play one CD at a time, you can’t record on a CD more than once, etc. etc…While on the other hand normal walkmans, well they sound pretty awful and they couldn’t never compete against a CD or Mini Disc and most important they don’t last very long…the amount of tapes that I have destroyed in my life…. When I’ve got my Sony mini disc player I wasn’t 100% convinced that I wasn’t making a big mistake and wasting my money in something that I will get bored with after a few weeks. But boy am I glad that I ...

Nokia 6510 30/05/2003

Too small for any proper use

Nokia 6510 I wasn’t planning to write anything about mobile phones not only because a lot of people have said their opinion but also because they become ‘old news’ faster than you can type…but I had second thoughts and decided to express my opinion on my recent one and in general on those little phones that everybody seems to have these days... I got into the mobile craze early when the headsets were still huge, heavy and analogue with a very crap reception. My first phone was so big that it wouldn’t fit in my handbag and I was very pleased when it got stolen and I had it replaced.. At the moment I’ve got a Nokia 6510 which I’ve got from Vodafone (my service provider) a couple of months ago at a very good price! Less than £10 with delivery included. Before I had an Ericsson T20e which at the time I thought it was really compact with a lot a features and very easy to use. The best thing of course was the flip which made it easy to answer and finish calls. Also I liked the gadgets that I could added to it like MP3 player and a very cute small keyboard for easy texting and emails which I’ve only used twice since I couldn’t be bothered to attach it every time I wanted to send a text! I guess I just like buying things that I don’t really need or use! The only thing I didn’t like about that phone was the small antenna thingi which it poked me when I had in my pocket. So I’ve decided to replace it with something different and smaller if possible…and I’ve ended up with the Nokia ... 28/05/2003

Shopping from work or home and pay when you like Quite while ago I wrote my opinion about a catalogue company as at that time I used to buy a lot of things from catalogues and online But that novelty quickly worn off as I found myself paying more than I could afford... So after going through a period of staying away of catalogues and online ordering and as summer was approaching fast, suddenly I got the itchy again for shopping from the comfort of my PC. My excuse is that I lead a very busy life, working full time and studying part time as well and with a very limited budget and no time to go around shopping. So I prefer to do everything in front of my screen if possible. So when a few weeks ago I went to my local Argos store I picked up one of their catalogues, not even realising that it wasn’t a normal Argos catalogue and when finally, a few week later I found the time to had a quick look I was surprised and amazed. Not only it had fashionable clothes, shoes, lingerie but also the prices looked very affordable and most importantly, you could order on line as well. So after spending a while browsing on their website I ended up ordering a couple of items for which I paid straight away with my debit card. This was what made Argos Additions for me a hit, the fact that I could buy what I could afford and not have to buy and pay later or wait for your monthly statement to make a payment. You buy something when you’ve got the money and you don’t end up paying more on interest than the items you’ve actually bought and by ...

Che-ez! Snap - digital camera 27/05/2003

Che-ez Snap Ultra compact very cute handy camera

Che-ez! Snap - digital camera I’m not an expert when it comes to digital world but I do enjoy taking pictures when I get the chance. I have a decent normal camera and I spend a lot of money developing films. I like taking pictures of nature, places, and animals and in particular of my two cats. I have wasted film after film on my cats and what I found annoying isn’t so much the money I’m spending but the fact that my photos not always come right or they don’t come out at all, which you don’t really know until you’ve developed the film. So when one of my friends bought one of those very tiny digital cameras and he showed my how easy was to use, to save and play with the photos on your computer I’ve decided to get one. The price is reasonable (around £40) and the quality perhaps not great but adequate enough for ‘fun pictures’. But my problem was which one to get as there are so many around all doing something special (none of these gadgets makes coffee or tea yet though…). So when I’ve decided on the Che-ez! Snap it wasn’t so much the features but the fact that it has a rechargeable battery built in which means that it is also charged through the USB connection. And in the real world that means you don’t have to buy batteries all the time. According to the manufactures you can recharge it about 500 times and after that you need a new camera. The other thing was the size, so small and practical just 5x4x2cm in size. The Che-ez! Snap can take 26 images at 640x480 or 104 at 320x240. It ...
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