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Hi, I'm Kee, and the first thing I usually do is explain that its not my fault about my name, and yes, you do spell it like that. Lets see, I live with my fiance and some mates in a big student house where we argue, make a mess and have parties (u...

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Doctor Atkins 13/11/2002

The weight falls off

Doctor Atkins OK, I've read the opinions and comments about The Atkins Diet, but I feel that a lot of people still don't really understand this diet. The Atkins Diet is huge in America, and is starting to hit the UK. The Atkins Diet is a low carbohydrate diet. I could go into a very lengthy description of how it works but I will try to keep it basic. Basically, Carbohydrate is what gives us energy. We burn Carbs to keep our body going. Therefore, when we exercise, we will use carbs first, and then the fat that we eat, and finally the fat that is stored in our body. Therefore, the low carb diet is designed to cut out step one of the process, jumping straight to burning fat. If we don't use all the carbs that we take in, these carbs will turn to fat too! In addition, the fat and protein that we take in on this diet react in some way (I'm not sure of the specifics) so that the fat we eat is not stored in the body! This means that on the low carb diet, when we exercise we basically jump straight to step three: burning body fat for energy! Now, the diet goes as follows: First 2 weeks: You are not allowed to eat more than 20 grams of carb per day... this sends your body into 'Ketosis', changing the way your body works so that it burns more body fat as energy. Recommended foods are: As much as you want of: Any meat including poultry Cheese Eggs Fish You can also eat small quantities of low carb food such as brocolli, courgettes, butter, cream, strawberries ...

Original Source Pure Mint Shampoo 13/11/2002

The most refreshing shampoo in the world... ever

Original Source Pure Mint Shampoo I had tried Original Source Orange products and loved them, but I'm not too keen on the smell of mint, so I had given all of their mint products a wide berth until recently. I might not have ever experienced the bizarre experiance of this shampoo, had it not been for the 8 25ml free samples that Original Source are giving away on their website. Knowing a good freebie when I spot one, I worked my way through ordering the free samples, and, once I had received all eight, began trying them. Admittedly, I left the mint shampoo until last, as I had convinced myself that I would not like the smell. When I opened the sachet, an almost overpowering smell of mint enveloped me. They are very proud of the fact that they only use natural oils in their products (peppermint oil in this one)and this sure smelled like the real thing! Don't bring to mind the smell of mint sweets, or chewing gum, this is the smell of real mint, just like the stuff that grows in your garden, that you think is a nettle until you pull it up and smell the scent of mint on the air! Make this 10 times stronger and fresher, and couple it with the most refreshing sensation on the nose (yes, it'll clear out your nostrils and leave you breathing clearly) and you may begin to imagine how this smells! My brain was startled by being woken up so abruptly and so still wasn't sure whether this was a good thing, but I proceeded to squeeze out the strikingly green shampoo anyway. As I rubbed the ... 11/11/2002

Cheap, but not for the computer beginner I'm going to try to keep this review very factual to give a fair overview of this website, as it has a lot of pros and cons. is argueably the cheapest way of buying computer components. It is only available on the internet, so if you don't want to buy over the internet, you won't be using them! The front page of the website features some of the best deals that they have on offer at the time, although they have far too many fantastic deals to fit on one page! Once you have signed up for an account, you will receive approximately one email per fortnight with top deals and unusual objects (eg latest email for me was promoting modifying products... lots of blue neon on cases and the like!) When you want to find a product, you can search by brand or category from the menus on the main page, which will bring up a page with some of their best sellers. Clicking on 'show all in this category' will bring up the full list, and a feature I find very useful is the 'sort by lowest price' option! Each item is clearly marked by how many they have in stock, or the time it will take to come into stock. This is where I offer my first word of warning. If an item is out of stock, none of your order will be despatched until ALL items are in stock. If an item is low on stock, it could be out of stock by the time you finish placing your order, so the same problems occur. When you order a product from, you can only order online, so you need to order using ...

Lite-ON CD-RW 40r 32w 12rw OEM + NERO 11/11/2002

My favourite bargain of the year

Lite-ON CD-RW 40r 32w 12rw OEM + NERO I think I have a magic touch. Not a good one. I simply touch a CD drive and it stops working. CD ROMs, Writers, Re-writers and DVD drives start acting strangely in my presence. Until I discovered Lite-On! When my top branded and rather new CD-ROM drive starting throwing small shards of CD at me at 48 speed (ouch), and my Re-writer had got to the point where it laughed at me even if I tried to write at 2 - speed, my reluctant boyfriend handed over his brand new Lite-On 32(W)x12(RW)x40(R), still in its box. The Drive looks like any other CD drive and is easy to fit using the enclosed screws and your existing IDE cable (NOTE: This drive does not come with its own IDE cable). Also included in the box is a sound cable to connect to your soundcard to hear audio straight from the CD, 2 blank disks (1x Writeable and 1x Re-Writable), Nero (CD writing software) and a scrap of paper with 4 sentences on how to fit the drive. The instructions on fitting the drive are poorly written and incomplete, so unfortunately it is recommended that you know how to fit the drive (or know someone else who can do it) before you buy the drive. Anyway, assuming you can fit the drive into your computer and set the bios to detect it, the drive is a dream. The bundled Nero software is argueably one of the best on the market, and it comes free with this drive! Nero is relatively easy to use, as it has a wizard to guide you through making a CD, although some prior knowledge is required to ...

humour - humour 30/05/2001

The things that drivers do

humour - humour This is a list of things that road users do that *really* get me mad. It has nothing to do with a web page, but I couldn't find an appropriate category to submit it to, and I've had no response when I submitted it via 'product not found'. Therefore, I am submitting it in this category purely because I hope it will make you laugh! Right, lets go. Here is my list of things that *really* get me going! # Drivers who see traffic lights turn red in front of them, but don't stop... I always set off as soon as the lights go from red to red-amber, and just today had a car screech to a halt an inch from my car (my boyf's car actually) to the right of me. # People who charge past you at 100mph on the dual carriageway and then slow to 50mph when it turns into single carriageway. *rants* (I regularly use a road like this and it happens every time) # People who cut across roundabouts when you are going up the inside to turn right (another pet hate, as I have to turn right at a roundabout to get from town to home and always seem to get cut up) # People who drive at the same speed for miles, regardless of the road. For example, 50mph down the straight bit... and 50mph around the hairpin! # People who turn out of car parks the wrong way down a one way street... if you can't read, you shouldn't be driving! # People who think they can beat me away from traffic lights just cause I am female and have an old car... its never gonna happen, face it lads :?) # People ... 14/05/2001

The pros and cons of free music After reading a few recent ops about Napster where people think it is amazing and degrade anyone who thinks differently, I have to add my short opinion. For anyone who hasn't heard of Napster (and I doubt there are many of you since the recent press coverage), I'll quickly explain it. Napster is a site who join people together so that they can swap MP3s (music). They do not hold the MP3s on their server. What happens is that everyone who logs on has a folder which they share with the rest of the Napster users, in which they can choose to put MP3s for other people to copy from them. It is easy to use, once installed, you just start it up and you're in. they have a search page where you can search for a keyword (ie artist/songname) and when you hit the search button, it displays any matches to your search, along with information such as the file size and the access speed. If you choose to download a song, you simply double click the one you want and you are transferred to their download section. I have found that often the download doesn't start, presumably due to the 'other end', but if it starts ok, you are presented with the download spped and the percentage completed. Bad things include the other end logging off (wasted time :?() or your internet connection dropping. The problem with this is that when you connect to Napster, you are put onto the fastest available server, so you cannot gaurantee to get back to the same server to resume the download. I am ...

Manchester, MAN 14/05/2001

The two faces of Manchester airport

Manchester, MAN Now, how on earth do I write an interesting opinion about an airport? I'll give it a go. We went to Tenerife with JMC in February from Manchester airport. My parents were flying out a week before us (lucky things) so I was persuaded to drive them up there to save money on the parking. The first thing that I will point out is that Manchester airport is brilliant to get to from the North or South (M6) but a nightmare from the East, such as Lincoln (tiny windy roads across the Penines where the hills just about killed my poor little car loaded up with parents and their luggage). Upon arrival at the airport (which was clearly signposted and therefore easy to find), we quickly found our way to the drop off point, and subsequently to the short term parking about four hours before the flight was due to leave. Quick note; short term parking is about £1 per hour... ouch! Anyway, we found our way straight into the correct terminal (2) which was very smart and clean, and very deserted at about 2pm. A nifty little device is the hand luggage gadget. You put your hand luggage into a tray which is the maximum size for the hand luggage and it weighs it so that you can check it out before you create big queues at check in! Much fumbling around as my parents try to repack their luggage because they had packed their joint weight and size allowance into one bag. *tuts* Anyway, as the check in started on their flight, my parents joined the rapidly growing queue and everyone ...

Sure 24H Deodorant Cream 06/05/2001

Don't waste time flapping your arms about

Sure 24H Deodorant Cream Lets face it, I've never been a fan of flapping my arms about for ages after I've put on my deodarant. My Mum has always used roll-ons and I will admit that they last loads longer and therefore work out cheaper, but it is so boring waiting for them to dry! I mean, who has 10 minutes free in a morning to stand around waiting? Not only that, but you think its dry, put on your top and it sticks to your armpit :?( For years I used aerosols which used to make me sneeze like mad and leave your armpits looking furry. About 2 years ago I gave Sure cream a try. It dries instantly and is completely invisible. It comes in a container about 3 or 4 inches tall which contains a cream. The cream is quite solid so it doesn't come out if you tip it upside down, but then again, it sometimes gets in the lid if you get it too hot (like if you take it abroad). On the other hand, if you get it too cold, it goes solid and you can't get it out. The cream is contained below an inner cap with sqiggly holes in (lots of ~ shaped holes). To apply, you are supposed to press a clicky button twice, which raises up a platform inside, dispensing the correct amount of cream through the squiggles. You then rub the container on your armpit until the cream is absorbed into your skin. It it not too expensive and lasts for months. I play some violent sports and it is not only effective in keeping you smelling nice but it also keeps you drier than any other deodorant. It comes in a variety of ...

Speed Cameras 05/05/2001

The Need For Speed

Speed Cameras This is kind of a reply to some other opinions I have read on this subject. Opinions I have read vary in whether the writer agrees with the speed limits in this country and also whether they agree with the use of speed cameras. Firstly, I would like to say that I agree with the speed limit system. That isn't to say that I don't break the speed limit... I do, in fact I usually have a personal limit of around 10mph over the speed limit, mainly due to the old age of my car. (This is on main roads, not 30 limits) If I had a newer car, I admit that I may even do more than that on the motorway. The fact is, I would be the first to admit that I am in the wrong, and I would hold up my hands and take whatever punishment I was given if caught. The speed limits in this country are set for safety. In urban areas this is usually around 30 or 40mph and are set mainly for the safety of pedestrians. Obviously in the coutryside or on the motorway, this limit is raised to 60 or 70mph and is set for the safety of other road users. These speeds could obviously be reduced to make the roads safer, but I think that the UK have got the balance between safety and practicality just about right. As for speed cameras, I have mixed feelings. Obviously there is the part of me who hates them and is terrified of getting caught and fined (or given points), as I don't have the money to pay fines and higher insurance. Therefore I agree with an earlier opinion where it was suggested that ...

Benylin Chesty Coughs Non-Drowsy 04/05/2001

Ooo it tickles

Benylin Chesty Coughs Non-Drowsy The name Benylin has always meant good quality to me, and when you're ill with a cough, it is the nicest sight you can see. As well as the non-drowsy version, they make an original version and also both versions for a tickly cough too. I have always used the original (drowsy) version in the past for chesty coughs and it always helped me to drift off to sleep comfortably. When I started working, I tried the non drowsy version throughout the day and found that it works almost as well. Unfortunately, removing the ingredient that causes the drowsiness apparently affects the effectiveness of the medecine, but I find that it is still superior to other cough remedies that I have tried. When you take it, I find that it may make you cough a bit more for the first couple of minutes, but then the cough seems to fade out until you can just about talk normally! It's not a miracle cure, but it helps you to function almost normally. The down side is that it tastes absolutely disgusting so you may want something nearby to take the taste away when you take it. I can't describe the taste, but it is certainly not addictive and I don't think it has changed in the last 15 years. With it being a liquid, you can really feel it working straight away! As you swallow it, you can feel it tingly and warm as it goes all the way down your poor sore throat. The dose is 2 teaspoons (10ml) so a bottle will usually last for much longer than your cough does, making it good value for money. ...

Nokia 3210 04/05/2001

Mmmm sexy phone

Nokia 3210 Mmm, sexy phone, well, so I've been told! Apparently the smooth curves of the 3210 with it's 'busty' shaped top half, slimming abruptly halfway down has been likened to a sexy woman. Being female, I don't see it myself, but it is definately very elegantly shaped. The Nokia 3210 is actually one of the cheaper handsets available on most networks at the moment. On One 2 One, the Nokia 3210 is a measly £19.99, and only cost me £4.99 when I traded in my 'brick' (Nokia 1610). The phone is very slim on the bottom half and slightly wider at the top where the screen is (see accompanying logo). It only has 3 buttons in addition to the regular numeric keypad, in keeping with the sleek stylish look. Actually, I don't think the above logo does it justice, it looks much smarter with a silver case. The fronts of the Nokia 3210's are interchangeable and are very widely available for around £5. This means that you can personalise your phone to whatever colour or pattern you desire. Personally, I think my phone came with the best cover, it is a brushed steel effect and really is my ideal colour and texture. All the numbers etc on the buttons appear black, but as usual on a mobile phone, they light up green when you use the phone. The Nokia 3210 uses smart text messaging. This can take a bit of getting used to but saves time in the long run. Basically, when you write a text message, you only press each button once regardless of which letter you want, and the phone figures ...

Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast) 04/05/2001


Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast) I'm not usually a fan of console games, or any games for that matter. However, one day, I idly picked up a dreamcast controller belonging to my friend and had a go on the game which was loaded... which happened to be crazy taxi! The idea is that you drive a taxi (duh!). In the arcade mode, the plan is to earn as much money as possible in the time limit. You pick your car and driver and start the stage with nobody in your car. People requiring a taxi can be seen easily by the coloured logo above their heads and a coloured circle surrounding them. The radius and colour of this circle tells you how far that person needs to go. There are always plenty of people needing a taxi! To pick up a fare, you simply drive into the coloured circle surrounding the person (preferably without running them over; oops!). As soon as you stop the car, the person will run over, jump in, and tell you where they want to go, along with some gesticulating and lots of cries of 'go, go, go!'. This is where you have to give them the ride of their life. If you can scare them (jump hills, skim passing cars, turbo accelerate, skid, cut across fields etc etc), they will give you extra money. If you mess up your tricks and crash... well... needless to say they won't be giving you any bonuses. If you get them to their destination within their time limit, you get a cash and time bonus.. if not, they may jump out of your car at high speed! As soon as you drop off one passenger, you need to grab ...

Articulate 04/05/2001

The laughter game

Articulate This game really should be named 'The Laughter Game' or 'The I'm Going To The Toilet Right Now Before I Wet Myself Game'. The title doesn't give much away, but the game is fantastic! At least four players are required to play the game as there is a minimum of 2 teams with at least 2 players in each team. There is no maximum on the number of players, in fact, the more the better. The game consists of a simple board with a spinner in the middle, some pieces for the players to move around the board, an egg-timer and lots of small credit-card sized cards. The board is really simple. Start to finish is simply a load of long triangular shaped 'squares', each containing a category. Players all start on the same space, and moves are made at the end of each turn depending on how many points the team scored in that round. Each space contains a category, such as People, Places, Objects etc. At the start of each round, one member of a team takes a card, and depending what category their piece is on, they describe the word on the card corresponding to that category to the rest of the players in their team. As soon as the team guesses the word, they take another card and continue for 30 seconds. They then move the number of spaces which corresponds to the number of words correctly guessed. (At this point I would like to point out that the describer is only allowed to pass once per round, which can prove amusing when they haven't got a clue what the words mean). There are rules ...

Tampax Tampons 04/05/2001

My most hated product

Tampax Tampons I hate them. I really do. I had forgotten how awful they are until I got caught out one day and was forced to buy some in a corner shop that did not stock Lillets. The traditional Tampax are tampons with an applicator to help insert them. The idea is that you cannot possibly put them in upside down due to the applicator and they are supposedly easier to insert than non-applicator tampons, especially for new users. The applicator is formed from two cylinders of cardboard, one surrounding the tampon and a slightly smaller one protruding from it. This means that when you insert the larger end and push on the smaller end, the tampon is inserted into the correct place. The whole lot is wrapped in thin paper and is about twice the size of a lipstick. Not exactly descreet when you try to smuggle one through the pub to the loos. Now I will admit that I would prefer tampax to towels, as they are supposed to keep the flow inside your body until you choose to change them. Unfortunately this is not how I find them. I have a heavy flow and I find that even the Super size Tampax leak within about half an hour of inserting one. This is because they expand lengthways, letting liguid escape down the sides, unlike Lillets which expand widthways and prevent leaks. As well as the leakage probelms, I hate the applicators. I find that I can't really feel how far in I have put them and then if I'm not careful, I end up pulling the whole lot out again when I try to remove the ...

Tenerife (Spain) 02/05/2001

Hot hot hot

Tenerife (Spain) I've not been on many package holidays and although I knew that Tenerife was a popular holiday destination, I didn't even know where it was. In January this year, I was offered a free holiday in Tenerife and my boyfriend offered to pay for himself to come with me. I knew that I would be on a very limited budget but decided to give it a try Tenerife is in the Canary Islands which are off the West coast of Africa. The canary islands are part of Spain, but in duty-free terms are classed as part of Africa which can get confusing. This means that you get 'out-of-Europe' duty free allowances (i.e. 200 cigarettes per person) at the airport. Unfortunately I have since found out that if you go to Europe, although you can't buy duty free, cigarettes are cheaper abroad than they are in the airport, and you can bring back 800 per person :?( Actually, they are also cheaper in the canary islands, so I advise not buying duty free - wait until you are out there, and the same goes for alcohol. Now, I went to Playa Las Americas in Tenerife and stayed in the Apartments Barranco which is a 2 story self catering complex about 5 minutes from the beach. The apartments had a spiral staircase up to the bedroom so I would advise sleeping in the living area if you've been out drinking! There was a small private swimming pool available, but it was freezing so we didn't use it. The area is off the main strip (although only 2 minutes walk away) but is still quite noisy due to Karaoke ...
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