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Philips HD 7810/60/61/69 Senseo Black 28/07/2005

Fresh Coffee in an instant!

Philips HD 7810/60/61/69 Senseo Black I first saw the Philips Senseo Coffee machine advertised on TV. It was round about Christmas time and I was stuck on ideas of what to get my Mum and Dad who seem to have everything going!! The colour and style of the machine originally attracted my attention - the blue colour goes perfectly with my parents kitchen!! Of course this was not the only reason to be attracted to the machine. With promises of freshly brewed creamy coffee, I decided to make this top of my list! Style The machine is quite large but fits into a surprisingly small space (it is not too wide and relatively tall so fits in a narrowish gap!). It is sleek looking and really does look great. It's available in a few different colours -blue, black and white! It's easy to clean with dishwasher safe removable parts. Is it worth the money? At £49.99 (from Argos), I certainly think so (if you like coffee of course!!) - the coffee is really yummy and has that great coffee smell! The machine heats up very quicly and I reckon it's faster to use the Senseo machine than to boil a kettle! (brews in about 30 seconds) We bought ours from Argos and got 5 packs of free pods with the machine (although I'm not sure whether this offer is still on! The coffee is great and each cup of coffee has a kind of foamy, creamy layer on top. The only disadvantage with the actual macine is the size of cups it can hold - we had to buy some smaller cups to use it!! Coffee Pods I have found these relatively easy to find ... 27/07/2005

A fantastic site for all your beauty needs! If you like salon products then look no further than General info! After going to my hairdresser, she recommended the Kerastase range of products. She was willing to sell me the products - at extortionate prices of course. I was really tempted as my hair felt so nice but decided I would try to find it cheaper elsewhere! I was very disappointed when, as I trawled internet sites, I could not find it much cheaper than my hairdresser was going to ask me to pay...until I came across Discount! When you join up to the site as a member you receive a discount off their products (around 15% in most cases). This meant I was able to but luxurious products at much more reasonable prices (a tub of 150ml kerastase conditioner cost me £11.90 rather than £14 which was the cheapest I have seen it being sold elsewhere.) Value? I don't know whether all products can be bought cheaper on this site, but certainly those I have looked at are - namely Kerastase and Wella SP range. Postage & Delivery Although there is a postage charge, if buying a few items (£2.50 +55p per item), this quickly makes shopping on this site worthwhile (and if you're like me you'll end up just buying that extra bottle - just to test it out!!) In fact - that is one problem I've ocme across - the site is just too tempting - all those salon brands at very reasonable prices. (such as Aveda, Kerastase, L'oreal Professionelle, TIGI, St Tropez, Fake Bake, Paul ...

Callaway Big Bertha Series Golf Balls 27/07/2005

Callaway Big Bertha Red Balls

Callaway Big Bertha Series Golf Balls Being relatively new to the game of golf, I need as much help as possible in getting my ball to go further! My partner introduced me to Callaway (he is obsessed by the game and only Callaway stuff will do for him!!) As a lady golfer I have tried many of the golf balls designed specifically for lasies, and although I found these to be good, my partner eventually persuaded me to try Callaway. As some Callaway products can be pricey, I decided to go for the Big Bertha Balls (Red for distance) which seem to be a little more reasonable than some of the other Callaway Balls. Cost me £17.99 for a dozen. Although they weren't miracle makers, my distance has definitely improved - reckon they go a good 10 yards further which is a big thing for me! I will definitely continue to use this type of ball and would recomment it to others also! ...

PolyPad 27/07/2005


PolyPad I bought a PolyPad after my pony had had a few problems with her back. Her old saddle used to rub a little leaving bare patches. The PolyPads come in 2 thicknesses and 2 shapes and are available in most equestrian outlets. I find them a muct for general riding and hacking. My pony no longer has bare patrches on her back and has not complained of a sore back since using the polypad. Polypads are easy to clean (I just shove mine in the washing machine) and mine seems to have lasted forever! I have had one of them for 3 years and it came up like new recently when I washed it! They are available in various different colours. I have a couple - one is navy with red binding and the other is navy with gold binding. The only slight negative aspect, is that in summer I find my pony sweats up a fair bit - I tend to use a lighter numnah on hot summer days (not that we have many of those!!). ...

Kerastase Nutritive Masque Oleo Relax 150ml 27/07/2005

Kerastase Oleo Relax Masque

Kerastase Nutritive Masque Oleo Relax 150ml I found this to be one of the best products I have ever tried for my hair. I usually have frizzy, dry and somewhat rebellious hair, but this really did leave my hair feeling soft and managable. I even had comments from friends that my hair looked to be in really good condition. I did not find that this made my hair greasy, although I think that it would be too much to use it on every wash (and too pricey!!). I tended to use it once a week to give my hair a treat. The only down side is the price, but I think that for a treat this is just the thing to give your hair a lift (or a smooth down in my case!!!) Directions of Use: Apply 1-2 walnut sized amounts to towel dried hair leave on for 10-15 mins Rinse I tend to buy all my Kerastase items from As a member I find their prices to be very reasonable. This product cost me £11.90 & postage (for 150ml) - I haven't seen it cheaper than £14 elsewhere! ...

Wintec Saddle 26/07/2005

Wintec 2000 Saddle with CAIR

Wintec Saddle I bought a Wintec saddle for my 13.2HH pony. Her old saddle was looking rather worse for wear and I felt I change was needed. I was a bit sceptical about buying a synthetic saddle as I have always had leather saddles in the past. Obviously the synthetic saddle are not 'made to measure'. I thought this would not be a problem as much of the advertising says with the easy gullet system, the saddle should fit any shape. However, I did not find this to be the case. Even on the widest setting, the saddle was too small and often slipped to the side ( I was unable to mount off the floor without the saddle slipping!) I was very disappointed as I had spent money on buying a gullet gauge to see which size my pony needed. The gauge showed that the size I picked should have fit, however this was not to be the case! I do, hoever, have a few friends who do own a saddle like the one I purchased and who have had no problems. I must admit, the saddle was extremely comfy and very easy to look after. The CAIR system sounds very good as it is supposed to fit the countours of your horses back. I would imagine this would be a good buy if you can manage to get it to fit your horse as it is durable and not too pricey! ...

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner 26/07/2005

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Conditioner

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner I'm normally a bit of a sucker for Kerastase products but thought I would try out this for a change as a mate had recomended it to me and her hair looked great! Compared to many comditioners this may appear a little prices, however, against Kerastase products I actually found it to be very reasonably priced! I found that my hair looked mega shiney after using this combined with the shampoo and serum in this range. Although my hair did go a little greasy sooner than normal, it was not excessively so. My hair was quite damaged from bleaching and when I decided to go back to brunette this seemed to do wonders. I would recommend this to anyone with brunette hair. My hair is quite long and tooked shiney right to the ends. ...
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