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Down With Love (DVD) 27/04/2005

It's revenge, against men!!

Down With Love (DVD) Hey guys and girls in the Ciao community! Good day to all and especially hello to all you film fanatics out there. I have another film review for you on something I didn't think I'd ever get around to watching or ever want to watch to be honest! It's called: DOWN WITH LOVE ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Ewan McGregor - Robots, Valiant, Big Fish Renee Zellweger - Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Shark Tale, Chicago David Hyde Pierce - Hellboy, Osmosis Jones, Frasier Sarah Paulson - What Women Want, Swimmers, Bug Jeri Ryan - "Star Trek: Voyager", Dracula 2000, The Last Man ***CHARACTERS*** Catcher Block Played by actor Ewan McGregor. The ladies man, man's man, man about town! (Did ya get all that?) Catcher Block is the ultimate bachelor. He's got the pad, with a thousand and one gizmos and gadgets, the charm for the ladies, the smarts, a fantastic job as a journalist for KNOW magazine and an eye for all things feminine! Catchers thoughts are either on his next big scoop or his next encounter with the female species! Barbara Novak Played by actress Renee Zellweger. A happy go-lucky blonde who seems to believe in equality for all women. In her head, women can do everything a man do, maybe even better. She summises that a woman doesn't need love, or a man to be happy and have a successful career. This may be what she likes to preach, but is that what Barbara really wants? Vikki Hiller Played by actress Sarah Paulson. An editor at Banner House ...

Alien Vs Predator (2004) 23/04/2005

Shiny kitchen appliances, battling it out!

Alien Vs Predator (2004) Hi all! Back with another film review. This time it's on one that's not so good for film lovers or even those who don't watch that many. If your curious about my title, then look at one the film critics comments in the review below! You'll soon understand it! The film review is for: ALIEN VS PREDATOR ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Sanaa Lathan - Blade, Brown Sugar, The Smoker Raoul Bova - Francesco, Karol, Avenging Angelo Lance Henriksen - Tarzan II, Madhouse, Out For Blood Ewen Bremner - Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Snatch ***CHARACTERS*** Only a few worth mentioning! Alexa Woods Played by actress Sanaa Lathan. Alexa is a very experience climber. She's had 7 seasons on the ice and likes to climb up the sides of icy mountians. She leads teams of scientists on expeditions on the ice and is essentially responsible for making sure that everyone stays alive on the trip. She's not stupid and likes to be well prepared when she goes on an expedition. But the foundation that she supports has a dwindiling supply of money. But someone puts in an offer to fund her foundation for a full year if she co-operates, kind of like the next character. Sebastian de Rosa Played by actor Raoul Bova. An archaeologist and digger. Sebastian is an expert at languages and deciphering symbols and text. He spends most of his time with a large team, looking for lost buriel chambers and digging sites, hoping to find some treasure that will earn him a good name and some respect. ...

Incredibles, The (2004) 15/04/2005

It's incredible darling! Incredible!

Incredibles, The (2004) Hey guys! After another long spell away from writing, I'm suddenly inspired to write after seeing a shiny diamond appear next to my review on Police Academy! The film I'm going to review for you is an animated film from Pixar with a five star rating from me and it's called: THE INCREDIBLES ***ACTORS*** Craig T. Nelson - The Skulls, All Over Again, The Huntress Holly Hunter - Thirteen, Nine Lives, Moonlight Mile Samuel L. Jackson - xXx: State of the Union, Coach Carter, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Jason Lee (I) - Vanilla Sky, Stealing Harvard, Heartbreakers Spencer Fox (II) - This actor hasn't been in any other films Sarah Vowell - This actress hasn't been in any other films Maeve Andrews - This actress hasn't been in any other films Brad Bird (I) - Do the Bartman, The Iron Giant, Amazing Stories: Book Two ***CHARACTERS*** Robert (Bob) Parr/Mr. Incredible Voiced by actor Craig T. Nelson. He's big, bulky and has super strength. Bob is all for saving the day and innocent lives. He loves being the centre of attention and being a hero, but sometimes, being a hero isn't all it's cracked up to be, as Bob's superstrength, often gets him into trouble and creates alot of rubble and mess. Helen Parr/Elastigirl Voiced by actress Holly Hunter. Helen is a brassy red head with a temper to match. Her power is that Helen can stretch herself to practically any length she likes. She take whatever shape she wants and still go back to looking normal. Violet ...

Police Academy (DVD) 30/03/2005

An institution full of slapstick comedy and cops!

Police Academy (DVD) Hey fellow Ciaoers. You know me best for my film reviews and I love to do them. I'm on a film streak at the moment with one of my "it makes me laugh" films. Seeing as it makes me happy, I thought I'd do a review on it! It's a golden-oldie and it's called: POLICE ACADEMY ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Steve Guttenberg - Zeus and Roxanne, 3 Men and a Little Lady, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead Kim Cattrall - Sex and The City, Crossroads, Ice Princess G.W. Bailey - Scorcher, Jesus, Soloman Bubba Smith - Fist of Honor, Holy Matrimony, My Samurai George Gaynes - Stepmonster, The Crucible, The Fantastic Four Andrew Rubin - Tell Me That You Love Me, Roughnecks, Sunnyside David Graf (Now sadly deceased) - The Brady Bunch Movie, Rules of Engagement, The Cactus Kid Michael Winslow - Crimebusters, Buy & Cell, Gremlins Bruce Mahler - The Perfect Storm, Funland, Scary Movie Donovan Scott - Fish Don't Blink, Uh Oh!, Psycho III Marion Ramsey - Police Academy films: 2,3,4,5 and 6 Scott Thomson - Twister, Jack Frost, Mr. Jones Brant von Hoffman - Dudley Do-Right, Guarding Tess, The Granny ***CHARACTERS*** There are a lot of characters in this film, but they are all so involved in the film, it's just rude not to do a piece on all of them. If you get bored, just skip to the plot! I won't take offense! Cadet Carey Mahoney Played by actor Steve Guttenberg. The troublemaker and comedian. Mahoney is the joker of the academy. You can't pull a fast one on ...

Where The Heart is - The Complete First Series (DVD) 21/03/2005

Angels do find us in our hour of need.

Where The Heart is - The Complete First Series (DVD) Hello to Ciao! Hope you guys are rocking away in your little world, but I hope you've got time to read my modest review of a film that has grown on me and that I've grown to love. It's truly inspirational to me and I want you all to watch it! But first I wanted to review it. It's called........ WHERE THE HEART IS ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Natalie Portman - Cold Mountain, Closer, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Ashley Judd - De-Lovely, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Twisted Stockard Channing - Life or Something Like It, Anything Else, Jack Joan Cusack - Raising Helen, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, The School of Rock James Frain - Spartacus, Armadillo, Path to War Dylan Bruno - Saving Private Ryan, The One, Going Greek Sally Field - Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, Forrest Gump, Mrs. Doubtfire ***CHARACTERS*** Novalee Nation Played by actress Natalie Portman. Novalee is a quiet girl with a dream of watching the sun go down and drinking chocolate milk under one of those table unbrellas. She's never asked for much in her life, just a little luck but ever since she was born, she hasn't had much. 5 seems to be her unlucky number, wherever she goes, whatever she does. When she sees a 5 come up, something always goes wrong. But Novalee has strength to overcome her troubles and can always make something out of nothing. Novalee loves photography, she takes pictures of everything to remind her of memories past. Lexie ...

Coming To America (DVD) 17/03/2005

The first impression is usually the correct one.

Coming To America (DVD) Hey guys! I've been stuck inside watching loads of movies as the weather has been too foul and too cold to do anything else, so I decided to review one of the ones I'd watched after my sister had recommended it to me! It's called..... COMING TO AMERICA ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Eddie Murphy - Daddy Day Care, Doctor DoLittle, Trading Places James Earl Jones - Robots, Santa and Pete, The Lion King Arsenio Hall - Harlem Nights, The Proud Family Movie, "The Real Ghost Busters" John Amos - "The West Wing", The Watermelon Heist, Die Hard 2 Madge Sinclair (Now sadly deceased) - "Me and the Boys", The Lion King, The Orchid House Shari Headley - The Preacher's Wife, Johnson Family Vacation, A Woman Like That Eriq La Salle - One Hour Photo, Biker Boyz, Inside Out ***CHARACTERS*** Prince Akeem/Clarence/Randy Watson/Saul All played by actor Eddie Murphy. But principally Eddie plays the main character of Prince Akeem. Prince Akeem is an upstanding gentleman. He always treats a lady with respect, is an experienced fighter and has everything a man could wish for, but does he? Akeem is bored with his lifestyle, never seeing new countries or meeting new faces and most importantly has no one to share it with. Akeem's view of a woman is that she should be able to think for herself, someone with character and personality, someone intelligent and can stand up for herself. He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with a woman he doesn't love or even ...

My Ciao'ing 09/03/2005

My 100th review. How time flies when you Ciao!

My Ciao'ing Hey guys! Another long spell away but I'm back with my 100th review! 100 reviews of pure waffle, kinda makes you think what I'm going to write in this one! Well I decided to do this review and give you an insight into what I think of Ciao, 100 reviews later! [1] Full name Leila R******. Can't say my full name now can I just in case there are crazed psycho axe murders out there in the community. I'm only kidding, I'm sure your very sensitive crazed psycho axe murderers! LOL. I have no middle name (thank the lord!). My first name comes from being named after my grandmother who had the middle name of Daisy! Yuck! Mom and Dad didn't really see the point in giving me or my sister a middle name! Suits me! Makes filling out forms a dream come true! [2] Ciao Username LR17. How original am I. What inspiration I had for that folks! The LR part standing for my initials and the was a space put there for no particular reason. 17 was the age I was when I joined Ciao. 2 years on and I'm still not fed up of this place. That's gotta mean this site is cool! [3] Date when you joined the Ciao community: I joined this totally addictive site on the 05/06/2003! [4] Why did you join Ciao? Why did anybody join? To earn money! I never used to go on a website like this to chat to anybody as most people I came across used foul language or wanted something else (if you know what I mean!) I soon realised that this site was not a "get rich quick scheme" but by that point, it didn't ...

Stepmom (DVD) 24/02/2005

Be there for joy, tears and each other

Stepmom (DVD) Good day to the Ciao community. I'm back with yet another film review! (What can I say...I'm addicted!!) Now there are not many films that can make me cry, with the exception of Titanic and lets be truthful here, I think we all cried at the movies when we saw Jack sinking to the bottom of the ocean. However, instead of writing a review on Titanic, I'm going to do one on: STEPMOM (and this did make me cry! I'm such a softie! hehe.) ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Julia Roberts: The Mexican, Ocean's 11, Erin Brockovich Susan Sarandon: The Banger Sisters, Alfie, Shall We Dance Ed Harris: The Hours, Enemy at the Gates, A Beautiful Mind Jena Malone: Corn, American Girl, Cold Mountain Liam Aiken: Sweet November, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, I Dreamed of Africa Now on to the fun parts yay!! ***CHARACTERS*** Isabelle Kelly Played by actress Julia Roberts. Isabelle is Luke's girlfriend. She loves Ed very much and wants to do right by him and his family. A very successful photographer, Isabelle is faced with some difficult choices whilst dating Luke. Isabelle doesn't want to upset or disappoint anyone, but at the end of the day, she won't take crap and just wants to be treated with respect, trust and dignity. Jackie Harrison Played by actress Susan Sarandon. The mother to two children and ex-wife of Luke. Jackie is very protective of her children and thinks the world of them but won't trust them in the hands of any other ...

Everything that starts with W ... 14/02/2005

Hippos, PMS, stretch marks and gravity.

Everything that starts with W ... I have decided to dedicate this review to Redbitch. After reading her review which was submitted on the 12th of this month, I was in hysterics. Her review was about the five things that plague a womans life and things, that blokes just don't get, so I've decided to do my own version because I'm in the mood for a rant. Redbitch (Karen) had five subheadings: BOOBS GREY HAIR EYEBROWS PREGNANCY PERIODS So here I go...I won't use all of them and I'll put in a few of my own in a slightly different order. ***PERIODS*** Ok fellas, pay close attention here. Periods are not funny nor choose to be around a woman with PMS you'd better make damned sure there is nothing heavy or sharp in the room that can be thrown at you. Your insurance will not cover pre-menstrual mood swings. We're bitchy because we're in pain and if you want something done, you've got more chance of negotiating with a terrorist than a woman with PMS. It is my firm belief that if men had to go through what women do each month, they would have found a cure for it decades ago, but alas, a woman will never get that lucky. ***EYEBROWS*** My boyfriend has recently learned in a painful way that women do not like to be told they are turning into a werewolf, simply because their eyebrows haven't been plucked for 12 hours: MY BOYFRIEND: "What's up with those things?" ME: "Whaddya mean?" MY BOYFRIEND: "Well I hate to say it but if you don't stop those ...

Hellboy (DVD) 12/02/2005

Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind.

Hellboy (DVD) Greeting fellow Ciaoers! Been away for a short spell, but back in full force and with another film review. But like so many others, it's a review on another popular comic book.... HELLBOY (2004) ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Ron Pearlman: Blade 2, Star Trek: Nemesis, Looney Tunes: Back in Action Selma Blair: The Sweetest Thing, Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde Doug Jones: Men in Black II, Stuck On You, The Darkling David Hyde Pierce: TV series Frasier, Down With Love, John Hurt: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Captain Corelli''s Mandolin, Owning Mahowny Karel Roden (I): The Bourne Supremacy, Bulletproof Monk, Blade II ***CHARACTERS*** Hellboy Played by actor Ron Pearlman. Hellboy came into the world in a rather unexpected way. His most distinguishing feature would be that he is bright red....all over. Other features include: horns: which he shaves in order to "fit in" a little more (if that's possible), a tail (also bright red), a right arm that's made from stone....(weird I'll make a little more sense later.....) and super-strength. Hellboy could double up as a stop sign for a set of traffic lights, but his job requires the talents of more unique skills that only he has. He loves his father, but doesn't get on with him that well and has a romantic attachment to our next character.......... Liz Sherman Played by actress Selma Blair. Liz Sherman (now known as Liz) would be the love interest for Hellboy. Although she looks ...

This Year In View - 2004 25/01/2005

Foghorn Leghorn, ponchos, Brad Pitt and tsunamis

This Year In View - 2004 Hey guys! This challenge seems to be a huge hit at the moment with Ciao members! It was set by Lauzc69 so if you want to have a go at it, copy and paste the questions and do it yourself! Give Lauzc69 a buzz if you do do it though, she might want to read your answers! So here goes nothing! 1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before? I passed my driving test! About time too, as I'd already failed it once! I started a degree as well, to pursue my ambition of being a music teacher one day......scary and it's going to take me forever! 2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for this year? I can't remember making any new year's resolutions to be honest. I've got the memory of a fish you see, it goes in about three seconds. I usually don't make new year's resolutions anyway on the basis that I know I'll never stick to them! I have decided to break with tradition this year and say that I'll be more responsible with money! Christmas wiped me out and then there was the January sales......another resolution would be to watch my weight! 3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Yes, my friend Nicola gave birth to a 7lb baby boy named Matthew. He is the cutest baby I've seen yet and he'll be one years old in February. 4. Did anyone close to you die? Sadly yes. My friend Elaine who died in November last year. She was 50 years old, much older than me, but was one of my best friends. The kindest, sweetest person you could ever ...

Groundhog Day (DVD) 15/01/2005

1000 people, waiting to worship a rat......

Groundhog Day (DVD) Hi guys! You know when your a little down and want something to cheer you up? Well I've come down with my sister's flipping flu bug and I'm feeling awful at the moment, so I decided to put a movie on that always makes me smile.......and then I suddenly realised that I hadn't even done a review on it, much to my here's my review on............... GROUNDHOG DAY ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Bill Murray - Ghostbusters 1 and 2, Lost In Translation Andie MacDowell - Muppets From Space, The Last Sign, Four Weddings and a Funeral Chris Elliot - Scary Movie 2, Osmosis Jones, There's Something About Mary ***CHARACTERS*** Phil Conners Played by actor Bill Murray. Phil is a self-centered, ego maniac who seems to be in love with himself. He has the ability to make people laugh when he wants to, but most of the time, he comes across arrogant and self-absorbed. Phil is a weatherman for Channel 9 Pittsburgh and even in his job, his sarcasm reigns supreme. What this man needs is a good hard slap in the face to bring him back to reality. Rita Played by actress Andie MacDowell. Rita is the kindest sweetest person you could hope to meet. She is a producer for Channel 9 but wishes she could be more. Assigned to Phil, Rita is another one to be on the receiving end of his sarcasm. Rita seems to see the good in most people which surprises Phil. Larry Played by actor Chris Elliot. Larry has a number of tasks. 1 = annoying Phil. 2 = driving the van with all the ...

Remington CS3000 Ceramic Hair Straightener 12/01/2005

Hooray! My hair won't look like a poodle's bum!

Remington CS3000 Ceramic Hair Straightener Hey guys! Back today, reviewing more things I got for xmas and something that has saved me from having bad hair months (not days.....months) and makes my hair look fab......ladies and gentlemen, may I present........ REMINGTON CS3000 CERAMIC HAIR STRAIGHTENER Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa (That's just because I think it's so wicked!) Now I am a natural red head and wouldn't change my colour for the world, but I would change the thickness of it! No matter what I do to it, it's always thick and wavy, regardless of frizz-free shampoos, hair serums and other hair products! There is not a single day that goes by when my hair is straight. It usually has a huge kink in it or it sticks out and on some days, I can look like Sonic the bleeding hedgehog! My hair can go quite curly, when I'm in the mood and can be bothered to put the effort in, but you know when you feel like a change...well I felt like one. Everyone says that people who have straight hair want curly, and people who have curly hair want straight. Well I would say that is true, but in my case, it was half straight and needed some help. AND SO THE STORY BEGINS...... My older sister bought home a pair of straighteners as she didn't have any. They worked really for her and she said it was really quick to straighten her hair. Being a bit skeptical, she said I should try and see what I thought. Bear in mind, my hair goes down my waist, I wasn't so sure, but gave it a go. ***WHAT DO THESE STRAIGHTENERS LOOK ...

Hitachi KC55 09/01/2005

No more zzzzzzzzz for me!

Hitachi KC55 Absolutely ages ago, I had this massive stereo system, with two massive speakers and I loved it! It could have 3 CD's in at one time, a radio a 24 hour digital clock and a tape player......but wasn't to last! After a little while the CD player wouldn't work anymore, the antenna for the radio was too flimsy and broke off so I could play the radio so the only thing that was left was the casette player and the digital clock that glowed in the dark! Now I've wanted an alarm clock for flipping ages. I could have asked my stereo to wake me up when it could still play CD's but this was rubbish the only thing that woke me up was the sound of the CD's going around in the flipping machine! I had been relying on my mobile phone to wake me up, which has so far worked, but I wanted something better. So I trashed my old stereo and trotted off down to argos when the sales were on to see what I could find and came across the: HITACHI KC55 ALARM CLOCK RADIO ***WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?*** In a word....podgy. I know that is a really odd thing to say about an alarm clock radio, but look at the picture above! That is podgy to me! The clock is a good size, you can get both your hands around it and is not that heavy. It is grey in colour all over, except for the front which has a black face so the time on the clock stands out better. Also on the front of the face is the band selector. This is when you want to tune the radio to a specific station. On the top of the clock ...

The Day After Tomorrow (DVD) 07/01/2005

The future, a taste of what is to pass.

The Day After Tomorrow (DVD) Hiya Ciaoers! I'm back today with another film review that I hope you'll like. I swear my mom is going DVD crazy since my dad bought her a DVD player for xmas! She loves the flipping thing and is buying DVD films left, right and centre.......including the next one I'm about to review..... THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW ***ACTORS AND ACTRESSES*** Dennis Quaid - The Alamo, Cold Creek Manor, Dragonheart Jake Gyllenhaal - Bubble Boy, Moonlight Mile, Highway Emmy Rossum - The Phantom of the Opera, Nola, Mystic River Sela Ward - Runaway Bride, Catch a Falling Star, The Badge ***CHARACTER PROFILE*** Professor Jack Hall Played by actor Dennis Quaid. Jack is a professor who studies and creates models that monitor the worlds weather conditions and any change in them. Unfortunately, being so wrapped up in his work has taken time away from his son and his wife. A bright and intelligent scientist, who is dedicated work, at the end of the day, his family is what matters to him the most. Sam Hall Played by actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Sam is an extremely bright 17 year old kid. Slightly resentful at the fact his father can't be bothered with him, Sam focuses on his studies and turning the head of a particular lady friend. Deep down, he cares about his father as well as is slightly annoyed when people make fun of him for being so smart and think that he cheats on exams. Laura Chapman Played by actress Emmy Rossum. The love interest for Sam. Laura wants to travel the world ...
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