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Philips GoGear Mix 4GB 28/06/2012

Philips GOGEAR = Go get one!

Philips GoGear Mix 4GB Brand: Philps ‘GO GEAR’ Price: £25 Colours: Pink, Blue or silver Where to buy: Argos Memory Size: 4GB (Aprox 900 Tracks) Size: 8cm Long, 2cm Wide and just over 0.5cm thick Contents: 1 Philips GO GEAR MP3 player; one set of Philips black earphones Charging type: USB (No cable required) Sound Quality: Good with a range of settings Features: Equaliser; Volume control; Backlight display; Shuffle; Album listing Battery Life: Aprox 13hrs Verdict - Fantastic value for money; a brilliant MP3 This is a fantastic value Mp3 player which is so simple to use. It’s small and stylish, perfect for the gym or to slip into your top pocket. The added benefit, as opposed to the Ipod Shuffle, is that it has a small but easy to see screen which labels the song/ track you’re playing. The MP3 player is an oblong shape with smooth shiny surface and a decent sizes rectangular screen. The plastic is hard and pretty touch against any bumps or scratches. The USB port is located by removing the bottom of the MP3. The bottom remains attached at the side so you don’t have to worry about loosing it. The screen display can be changed to either vertical or horizontal in the settings option. There is only a few main buttons which fulfil everything you need. A simple silver button, pressed once to play the track and again to pause. Around the edges of this button are small smooth tabs. The top and bottom are to adjust the volume and the sides to skip or repeat the track. On the side of the Mp3 player is a ...

Holland and Barrett Extra Strength Oil of Peppermint Capsules 26/04/2012

Fantastic results - now please add some chocolate flavour

Holland and Barrett Extra Strength Oil of Peppermint Capsules Name: 'Oil of Peppermint' Capsules Manufacture: Holland and Barrett Price: £6.45 for 180 Capsules (Each tub contains 90 Capsules but it's a 'Buy one get one for a penny' deal!) Purpose: To support Healthy Digestion No: Artificial Colours, flavours or sweeteners; Starch; Milk; Lactose; Soya; Gluten; Wheat; Yeast; Fish; Porcine How to take: Take 1 or 2 capsules after every meal with water. Swallow whole; if you chew; you'll be left with the taste of Peppermint oil in your mouth for a very long time and it may hinder the results. Capsules: Almost clear; smell and taste of peppermint when you pop them in your mouth; very small and easy to small; quite rubbery. I suffer from bouts of trapped wind to the point where it's very painful and I can go days without eating. I think that this condition is linked to IBS so if there are any sufferers of IBS or trapped wind, then listen up... I have tried everything to relieve feelings of bloating, fullness, constipation; diarrhea- from Wind relief tablets like 'Windeze' or 'Rene Deflatine' to laxatives; gripe water; hot water bottles/ patches. All seem to provide short term relief but never get to the root of the problem. I don't eat too fast; I eat enough fibre; I don't drink fizzy drinks and I don't eat a lot of 'gassy' foods either. It's just one of those things that I am plagued with. So, why did I remain optimistic that 'Peppermint oil Capsules could actually provide some relief? I have read a lot about Peppermint oil capsules ...

Asda Toffee Fudge Muffins 25/04/2012

They might be 'Chosen By You' but they're not 'Recommended By Me'

Asda Toffee Fudge Muffins Name: Asda 'Chosen by you' Toffee Fudge Muffins Price: £1 (pack of 4) (25p each) Nutrition (Per Muffin): 320kcal/ 12g fat Packaging: Plastic push down case; each muffin sits in its own muffin case Size: 8cm tall and 8cm in diameter Suitable for Vegetarians Contains: Gluten; Milk; Eggs; Soya; May contain nuts Verdict: Not as scrummy as they sound These Toffee and Fudge Muffins do sound appealing with a 'Moist Toffee Maple flavour sponge packed with Rich Caramel Fudge Pieces' - truth is, they don't quite live up to the description. The muffins look lovely. They are HUGE with a big golden brown 'Muffin Top' and a soft squidgy base. There aren't many cracks on the top of the muffin which immediately suggests that it's quite dense. They smelt mildly of maple syrup but nothing too tempting. The surface was fairly dry and smooth; not sticky as I was expecting. Breaking the muffin in half, I was disappointed with the inside. It looked like a slab of golden case. Usually, muffins are 'airy' and 'spongy' with lots of little holes in the cake but there wasn't any. This meant that, whilst eating, the cake was very stodgy and difficult to swallow. There was no moisture to it at all. Next, the 'carame fudge peices'? I was expecting the chewy little fudge bits but there were NONE. In fact, the muffins actually contain tiny dots of very soft caramel sauce, not 'fudge pieces'. The caramel sauce was negligible; just a couple of tiny dots that added no flavour or moisture to the ...

Bernard Matthews Sage and Onion Turkey Slice 24/04/2012

Sage and Onion - SAVE ME SOME!

Bernard Matthews Sage and Onion Turkey Slice Name: Bernard Matthews Sage & Onion Turkey Breast SlicesPrice: £1 for a pack of 5 slicesWhere to buy: Most commonly in IcelandNutrition (per slice): 21kcal/ 0.4g fat/ 0.4g saltMade with 100% British Turkey BreastAllergy Advice: Contains MilkVerdict - YUMMMMMMMM! Christmas Dinners are sorted forever! This product has to be my favourite out of all the Bernard Matthews Deli Meat range. The Turkey is so much more flavoursome than the Chicken slices. The Sage and Onion Turkey Breast slices however, come out tops on just about everything! The packaging is the simple plastic case with the peel back plastic. It's not resealable so it won't keep the meat fresh but to be honest, the turkey won't last long as there are only 5 slices in a pack. As soon as you open the pack, you can instantly smell the strong scent of sage; just like sage and onion stuffing. The meat is slightly off white with lots of specks of green sage. The turkey slice is about 12cm long and 8cm wide (same as the Chicken Slices - see my previous review) and of a nice thickness to be call a 'slice' rather than 'wafer thin'.The turkey is particularly nice if you roll it up. I eat it straight out the pack if I'm hungry and need something quick before getting back to work.The meat is smooth and slightly 'wet' but this makes it very moist and has a 'melt in the mouth' quality - There are no grisly bits of fat.. The flavour is very strong. If you like sage and onion stuffing balls with your Turkey then this is for you - ...

Waitrose Chocolate Muffins 17/04/2012

Can't say Nuffin' against this Muffin

Waitrose Chocolate Muffins Name: Waitrose chocolate muffins (double chocolate) with Milk chocolate chunks and dark chocolate chips Price: £1 (usually £1.39) Pack: 4 per pack; packaged in a simple cardboard case with plastic wrapping over the top. Each muffin is in a muffin case but not individually wrapped. Nutrition (per muffin): 282kcal/ 14.8g fat/ 23.1g sugars Size: 6.5cm in diameter and 5cm tall Appearance: Dark brown and glossy topped muffin. Very few amount of cracks on the surface. Light to hold and spongy to touch Smell: Vaguely of coco powder but not much scent The muffins looked appealing with a nice shiny smooth top and minimal cracks on the surface. They were light to touch and crumbly as I peeled to muffin case away. Breaking the muffin in half, I found the muffin slightly sticky on the top and the sponge was very airy. There wasn't much evidence of the chocolate chunks or dark chocolate chips, mainly because they were the same colour as the chocolate sponge and because they were buried within the layers of the sponge. Taking a bite, the sponge was very light, moist and easy to chew. The muffin had a satisfying taste of chocolate but not enough to call it indulgent. The milk chocolate chunks however were truely delicious. They added the real creamy chocolate flavour and they were soft and chewy to pick out and eat. There was a generous amount within the muffins but some of the muffins contained more than the others. As for the dark chocolate chips, these were a lot smaller and ...

Mcvities Caramel Chocolate Digestive 12/04/2012

I probably wouldn't 'Chew', sorry,' choose' this again

Mcvities Caramel Chocolate Digestive Name: Mcvities Caramel Digestive biscuitsDescription: Milk chocolate Digestives with a layer of caramelPrice: Around £1.50Pack size: 18 biscuits per 300g packNutrition: 80kcal/3.6g fat per biscuitOther: 100% BRITISH wheat; Suitable for VegetariansVerdict: Mixed feelings It was inevitable that the humble chocolate digestive biscuit; a firm classic and favourite, would undergo a bit of renovation.Mcvities Chocolate Digestive Caramels are a typical chocolate digestive biscuit but with a thin layer of caramel just beneath the chocolate. The biscuit is 5cm in diameter (slightly smaller than an average digestive) but thicker at 0.5cm. It smells the same as a normal choc digestive, if not a little sweeter with that 'condensed milk' scent. The chocolate is as shiny and smooth as usual and the biscuit still has the lovely 'sweet biscuit' smell. The only difference is the texture. The caramel is chewy, like that in say, a Cadbury Boost bar. Not as chewy as a Cadbury Chomp but still enough to make your teeth do some work. The chocolate, being soft and melting in the mouth, combined with the crumbly biscuit, help to make the chewing of the caramel easier and prevents it becoming stuck in your teeth. It does taste sweeter than a normal digestive biscuit and I have mixed feeling about the taste. The caramel taste isn't too prominent until after you've swallowed it. It doesn't really taste of caramel; more like condensed milk (as this is how caramel is made). It is nice but I think I prefer ...

Bernard Matthews Chicken Breast Slices 11/04/2012

Matthews isn't Chicken when it comes to making quality food

Bernard Matthews Chicken Breast Slices Name: Bernard Matthews Chicken SlicesWhere to find: Most supermarkets down the deli aisle and many smaller shopsPrice: £1 in Iceland - possibly slightly more in the supermarkets (5 slices)Packaging (100g): Sealed plastic tray with a red peel back top (to distinguish from the turkey breast slices) - Stays freshNutrition: 23kcal/ 0.8g fat/ 0.4g salt per slice (115kcal/ 4g fat for the pack)Allergy Advice: Contains Milk Description: 'Slices of reformed chicken breast with added water, starch and milk protein. Cooked and ready to eat Verdict: Lovely, fresh tasting chicken instantly. Made from 100% Chicken Breast Meat Bernard Matthews is commonly associated with Turkey but he sure does make tasty chicken as well. I tend to usually opt for Turkey but I fancied a change. I buy a pack for lunch and munch it as it comes. It's a quick, convenient and healthily lunch/ snack for just £1. Of course, it would makes a lovely chicken salad or sandwich. The slices are of a nice thickness, whilst still being labelled as 'slices'. They are not the wafer thin type, of which, are very salty and 'wet'.The chicken does smell a little when I peel back the plastic on the top of the packaging but this doesn't represent the taste. The meat is a nice shade of white with brown edges. The meat is oval shaped and approx. 12cm long and 8cm wide. The chicken is slightly 'wet' to touch, but not greasy wet as with the 'wafer thin' types of meat. The taste is very flavoursome. It really does taste of pure ...

Glade Sense and Spray Air Freshener Spiced Apple and Cinnamon 06/04/2012

The little device that says 'you smell'

Glade Sense and Spray Air Freshener Spiced Apple and Cinnamon Manufacturer: Glade Type: Motion sensor air freshener (it picks up movement and then released fragrances) Power: 2 x AA batteries Fragrances Available: Fresh Linen; Apple Cinnamon (xmassy); Warm Vanilla; Powder Fresh Price: £3.99 in Savers (but some places will be considerably more) My friend has just about tried every plug in, spray, motion sensor, candle, oil, joss stick...(you name it) available in our shared accommodation. He does have an obsession with them and usually, I don't see the point in placing 5 different types of air freshener in a room as you never know which one is the best. Finally, I think we've found ONE that ticks all the boxes. Glade 'Sense and Spray' does as it says- It's a motion activated Air Freshener designed to release fragrance when someone walks by. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries which force scent out of the spray canister, hidden beneath a product that looks like a giant white flower petal. The product is 15cm tall, 4cm thick and about 6cm wide. It is shaped like a petal, with the narrow end towards the top where there is a dip and small hole for the fragrance to be released. On the front there is a 'tadpole' shaped button with an orange light. This is the sensor that picks up the movement (or you can press it for instant release). It does look nice and is not something that is noticeable. Thus, the surprise some people get when they suddenly hear a little squirt as they walk by. Glade S&S is easily to set up. It comes in a plastic ...

Ebuyer Sports Direct 'No Fear' Headphones 04/04/2012

I have 'No Fear' when it comes to buying these

Ebuyer Sports Direct 'No Fear' Headphones Brand: Sports Direct - 'No Fear' HeadphonesType: Retro - over the head and earColour: Available in: Pure black: Pure white: Purple & Black; Pink & Black; multi Green, yellow & Red; Yellow & BlackPrice: £9.99 (rrp £29.99) Includes:Volume control (on the wire cord)40mm speaker driverAdjustable 1.5m cord3.5mm plugTurbo BassSpeaker: 40mmRated Power: 100mW This is the second pair I have bought of these Headphones because I LOVE them so much. The first pair (my beloved Purple and Black pair) were ruined because I blew to speakers. I would lower them around my neck and turn the speakers onto full, as well as the highest notch on my IPod so that I hear the music and chat at the same time. I have learnt my lesson. I love the Retro look of these. The shiny, chunky, plastic black ear covers with a bright, soft sponge filled padding around the ears. The inner part of the ear cover is netted. I find these a lot better for my ear because the sound is over the whole ear rather than directly inside the ear canal as with 'Earphones'. I find I never get Tinnitus ear ache with these. Moreover, the padding makes these extremely comfortable wear. The frame of the Headphones is made of strong wire, covered with black (+ whatever colour you choose) stitch leather for comfort. Despite this, the Headphones are incredibly light weight. You really do not feel as if you are wearing them. The Headphones are easily adjustable. You simply slide the ear covers up or down for the best fit yet ...

Wilkinsons Everyday Value Furniture Polish 04/04/2012

Your furniture may be 'PoLish' but this is British Value at it's best

Wilkinsons Everyday Value Furniture Polish Name: Wilkinson's Everyday Value Furniture PolishPrice: £0.31p!Look: Bright Yellow spray canister with bold black title - you can't miss itValue for money? - Absolutely I do not understand why people pay up to £1.50 on furniture polish like 'Mr Sheen' or 'Pledge' when there is great value out there for £0.31p. My only guess it that you do not like the smell of 'proper' polish and by this, I mean, 'walking past a fence that's newly painted' smell. I happen to love it but for some people, they like to polish with the smell of 'Summer Blossom' or 'Cool Breeze'. I am not sure if it's worth reviewing. If you are reading this wondering whether it's wise to go out and spend £0.31p then perhaps you are a little too precarious with your savings? At the end of the day, polish is polish. If I had to apply this product everyday just to keep my surfaces clean, for the sake of £0.31p, I can stock up on 3 cans. In saying this, the product is very good. You only need a little bit on your duster and it goes a long way. It helps to use the proper yellow dusters because they absorb the polish so you can simply use the same cloth over different surfaces without having to spray again. The polish smells quite strong when you spray it and the smell does linger on your hands a little (without any painful reactions) but the smell of polish does fade almost immediately on the surfaces. This can be seen as either a positive or negative aspect. Either you get clean surfaces without the 'polish' scent, ...

Ebuyer Sports Directs 'No Fear' earphones 02/04/2012

These weren't 'Sound'

Ebuyer Sports Directs 'No Fear' earphones Brand: 'NO FEAR' by Sports DirectPrice: £3.99Contents: 3 sets of silicone ear bud covers (Small, Medium, large); IN- EAR phones with 1.5m tangle free rope cord; volume control attached; 3.5mm plug (fits most mp3 players and Ipods)Speaker: 10mmRated Power: 60mW I bought these earphones as a quick, cheap replacement for my other crappy ones that broke whilst I was jogging. I wanted a pair of earphones that would stay snug in my ears without falling out whilst I was working out and thought the varying sizes of silicone ear bud covers would surely do the trick - They didn't. LookThey look pretty cool. Nothing amazing but for a pair of 'In-Ear' earphones, it's not really about the look (that tends to be more for Headphones). You can buy a range of colours from white, red, blue or the multi-coloured types with green body, red rip and yellow silicone ear bud covers (I chose this version to stand out). The SoundI wasn't too bothered about the sound quality as I just needed a quick fix replacement and I knew that for £3.99 that were not going to be anything special. Indeed they were not. The Sound is quite muffled. Fortunately there is a volume control slider attached to the cord so you can wack this up to full and alter the volume on your mp3 as well to create a good audio level. The volume control slider was appealing for me because it means I can alter the volume whilst cycling, running or working out without having to whip out my iPod Touch. FitThey really are terrible for keeping ...

Iceland Good Choice Barbecue Chargrill Chicken Breast Fillets 01/04/2012

Not the BBQ chic-KING but nice enough

Iceland Good Choice Barbecue Chargrill Chicken Breast Fillets Name: Iceland BBQ Chicken breast filletsPrice: £2 pack of 6Where to find: Frozen meat aisle Verdict: Tasty and cheap but not very 'meaty'Nutrition: 125kcal/ 6g fat per fillet The fillet of chicken is average size at 11cm long. Unfortunately the fillet isn't chunky at only 2cm thick. The BBQ glaze is red and sticky providing you don't overcook it. If you overcook the chicken, it turns caramelised which isn't a bad thing but it loose the flavour a little.The glaze is sweet rather than spicy and traditional BBQ. The glaze only covers the top of the chicken but it's enough to give it a nice flavour. It also smells nice; quite smoky. The chicken itself tastes nice and is very juicy but it's evident that it isn't quality meat. It appears to be minced chicken (like a cheap chicken nugget), rather than the fresh kind of chicken you get from Birds Eye Chicken Grills or KFC, where the chicken flakes away in strips as you cut into it. The meat is soft and the juiciness probably comes from added water content. It does have a descent bite to it and melt in the mouth. The glaze gives it the sweetness that it needs as well so no complaints here. The only aspect I was slightly worried about was how grey the chicken meat looked. I mean grey. It had none of the fresh white appearance of fresh or good quality frozen chicken. Also, when eating it, there is the odd little lump of fat (it's quite rare). Still, it's enough to put me off and make me cautious eating the rest of the chicken. The ...

Alpro Soya Light Unsweetened 26/03/2012

Soya Light; It's awwwwright

Alpro Soya Light Unsweetened Nutritional Info Per 100ml22kcal2g Protein0.1g Sugar (Most Soya Milk are high in sugar; particularly Sweetened versions)1.2g Fat (The lowest of all the Soya Milk products)1.2g Fibre122mg Calcium (The same as ordinary milk)Hulled Soya beans (4%) Carton size: 1L (Chilled)Price: £1.34 Being Lactose Intolerant is tough. I wouldn't be buying Soya Milk for any other reason as the taste will never compare to good old milk (even only 'good old milk' didn't cause my stomach pain!). I could of course buy 'Lactofree' which is semi Skimmed milk with Lactase Enzymes so it tastes EXACTLY the same as Semi Skimmed milk with the same nutritional value as normal milk. I bought Soya milk because it's less expensive (for the Long-life supermarket own brand anyway). However, this only turned out to be 10p less than Lacto Free so I'm not sure if it was a money saving purchase? TasteSoya is not made with milk at all. Soya 'Milk' is actually Water and hulled Soya beans (4%). It's an excellent source of protein, Calcium and vitamins, which most miss from being lactose intolerant. It however, isn't traditionally the nicest tasting drink which is why many shun it's health benefits. Plus, there's 0 Cholesterol in all the Soya Milk range.Soya Milk does have that slightly 'tangy' taste to it. The Soya Light however is less tangy. It's thinner than the UHT versions, of which, have a creamier disposition to them (consequently resulting in a sharper taste- not good in tea!). The Soya Light milk is actually ...

Supersize Vs Superskinny 11/03/2012


Supersize Vs Superskinny Supersize v Superskinny is a Channel 4 Documentary that brings one overweight person and one underweight person together in a diet swap. The pair live in the 'feeding clint' and have to eat exactly what their opposite eats in a typical day/ night/ early hours (in the case of the 'Supersizers'). I find it fascinating. Not only does it aim to teach a valuable lesson to both contestants as each learn that they can eat more/less, the documentary also touches on the ever growing issues of obesity and eating disorders. The first 3 series follow a group of anorexics and with the help of Ursula Philpot (dietician). They are supported and challenged to overcome their fears. The show also looks at obesity. The Supersizer is sent off to America to visit and morbidly obese American to see how they struggle and shock them into change. The show is hosted by Dr Christian Jessen; star of 'Embarassing Bodies; Embarrassing Illnesses etc...' Jessen is perfect. He doesn't feature constantly; he is more sideline, initially greeting each SuperSize and Skinny, weighing them, having a general chat about their health and the implications of their diet and then bringing the pair together. He always has a one to one chat with each, to show them to dangers of their diet to spur them on, usually mid week when emotions are running high. Jessens offers the support that they need and this show really teaches the audience the importance of a healthy diet in an interesting way. The show is educational. ...

Gosh The Original Chatimals Talking Hamster Max 14/01/2012

'Chatty, happy, animated and fun'

Gosh The Original Chatimals Talking Hamster Max Type: InterativeManufacture: Dragon-iPrice: 7-12Age range: 5 Battery type: 3x AAA (good battery life - depending on the brand you buy)Ease of use: Very simple (or 'simples' if you have the Merkat version)Range: Hamster; Bear; Merkat (variation of colours)Website: amusing interactive Christmas Present ( Hamster again as I love them). Chattimal is an entertaininginteractive toy that repeat back what you say in a squeaky little voice (for the hamster at least). The toy stands at slightly over 15cm and is made of soft Polyester Fibres. It's quite cuddly aswell though the base is plastic and contain the on/off switch and battery compartment (3AAA). The toy is very simple to use. When switched on there is a little red hand symbol switched into one of the pawsof which contains a button. Simply - 'Press my paw and talk to me when the red light is on').You do not have to be necessarily in close range of the toy for it to pick up the sound; nor do you have to speak into any particular part but it repeats the sound more clearly is you are in closer range. The recording is excellent and you can clearly hear every word.You can record for about 10 seconds before it automatically repeats what has been said back to you in a high pitched squeaky little voice. It's quite funny as the little mouth moves to look like it's talking. The toy stops repeating as soon as it's finished the recording and automatically the red light on its paw come on to start recording anew.To ...
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