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Money, Prizes & Fun Let me ask you all a question. - Do you shop online at all.? Was the answer to that question yes, if it was well if you are a member of e-cashrewards you may be eligible for cash back on your purchases. Cash back sites seem to the in thing these days and e-cashrewards are one of the newest on the scene, starting in October 2005, it has grown from strength to strength over the last 7 months. They now have over 9,000 members. The site has recently been revamped and in my opinion is getting better and better each day in fact I often wonder what the guys in admin will come up with next but more about that later on. With over 900 retailers and cash back schemes at the moment as they are always adding more every week, I would say this has got to be one of the best sites around. In fact if there was a top ten list of cash back sites (I don't know maybe there is) for me this site would be number 1. How the site works is when you shop online if you choose one of the many retailers and go through the link on the site, it then tracks your purchase and calculates the amount of cash back you are due, each retailer is different and offers different incentives. The site is a very user friendly site and registration only takes the matter of minutes and is very straight forward which for me is great as I can't be bothered with lists of questions which really are not necessary. The home page is a nice pale blue colour which for me is great as I can't be bothered with ... 05/05/2006

IF YOU LIKE A BARGAIN THEN COME TO BOBS If like me you are always on the look out for a bargain or even a freebie then this is the site for you. There are lots of bargains and freebies to be got on the web these days and sometimes finding them can be difficult that is where Bobs Free Stuff comes in handy. This is a site that has been set up for members to come and post any website's they find on the web who are offering free stuff. The forum is set up into different sections depending on the type of thing that is on offer some of the different discussions are Personal Grooming Freebies Kids's Freestuff Free Stuff in Shops Free CDs and Videos Free Food, Drink and Recipes And many more. So how does this site really work I hear you asking, well say you as a member come across a website that has free shampoo for instance you would then copy the link to that website and then go into Bob's and paste the link in the appropriate area of the site which in this case would be personal grooming freebies. Then other members will have the chance to apply for some and leave comments on it too. I personally find the site very easy to navigate through which to me is a major issue in any website. Resistration is very simple, it takes around 2 mins maximum and then you can begin to search for your freebies. When you first log in any areas with new posts since you last logged in will be highlighted with a red icon which for me is great as it saves me going through lots of things I have already ... 01/05/2006

FREE FIVERS FOR YOU Free Fivers is another cashback site but like others these are not get rich quick schemes, however, they are a way to make a bit of extra cash. How it works is that you sign up for the site which is very simple and only takes a few minutes. When you join you are given a welcome bonus of £5 and then you can begin to search the site for offers, there are over 700 offers on the site some of which you don't have to spend anything to receive money. The site itself is very easy to navigate through, the shops and offers are all listed alphabetically and along the top of the page there are tabs which take you to other parts of the site such as your account and favourites. Finding a retailer or offer is easy, you can either search the alphabetical listing or use the site's search facility either way it is easy to find what you are looking for, I tend to use the alphabetical listing myself unless I don't know a name of a retailer. Now if you normally shop online for items such as CDs, DVDs etc this can be a great site for you like all other cash sites you earn a percentage of your bill back in cashback. Even if you don't shop online and have a few minutes to spare each day, you can still earn cashback as there are retailers who offer cash for just visiting their sites and you can make approximately 50p per day in recurring or as a lot of people (including myself) call them daily clicks. There are also a few retailers who offer cashback if you visit your site ...

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 31/03/2006

Nivea, just as i remembered as a child

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream When I was a little girl, I always remember watching my mum getting ready to go out and seeing this blue tub which she took some creme and rubbed it into her face, she would always put a little on my face to make me feel special. That cream was Nivea. As I grew older I also used Nivea, perhaps it was because my mum used it and I could say I grew up with it in and around the house as my sisters also used it. Back then Nivea only came in one variety but today it had many different varieties to its range but I still use the original. It comes in all shapes and sizes and for a while I used the tube which is around 99p and is the famous blue colour associated with Nivea, this tube would last me for some time and that is me using it more than once a day. One day when I ran out of Nivea I visited my local Superdrug only to find out they had no tubes in stock so I opted for the small tub which cost around the same price and was the same blue colour with the white Nivea trade mark on it. When I went to use it as I unscrewed the lid off there was a foil covering which I peeled off to reveal the pot of crème, I have to admit to preferring the tub now as I find it a lot easier especially when it is running low you can actually see how much you have left as opposed to the tube where you have to keep squeezing to see if there is any left or not. Anyway I bet you are wondering if this really works or not well I can say for me it does as I only use a very small amount ...

Cadbury Buttons 18/03/2006


Cadbury Buttons Right I make no secret that I am addicted to chocolate especially Cadbury's chocolate. So when I was feeling peckish one day and all there was in the fridge was a small packet of chocolate buttons I just had to have them. It was the 40g pack which to be honest I was glad as once I start eating these I cant stop. The pack measures approximately 4.5"x 3" and is the usual Cadbury's purple colour. These packs have changed so much over the years, I remember you would always get a nursery ryhme on each packet but now the pack is straight forward which is also easy to understand. The front of the pack has the famous Cadbury's logo on it with a picture of a chocolate button which has some sketching around it to make it look like a cat. The reverse of the pack has all the usual information such as ingredients and nutrition information. I wont bore you with the ingredients but I will tell you that each 40g pack holds 170 calories which if you are on a diet I suppose could be classed as a treat for you. As soon as you open the packet the smell of Cadbury's just hits your sense of smell which for me makes me just want to dive into the packet and pull one out. Each button is about 2cm in diameter and is very thin Cadbury's chocolate which really doesn't last long once you put it in your mouth but you can still savour that creamy chocolaty taste of Cadbury's which personally makes me melt anyway. There is not really much eating in this size of pack but don't ...

Swizzel Love Hearts 14/03/2006


Swizzel Love Hearts Swizzels Love Hearts are a sweet that has been on the market for many years in fact dating back to the early 1930s. They can be bought in all supermarkets, convenience stores and sweetshops for around 30p a tube. You can easily recognise them on the shelves by their distinctive twist wrapped with a brightly coloured wrapper with the words Love Hearts in large red letters. Above and below the writing there are pictures of tiny love hearts with different sayings on them such as email me and trust me, I must say the sayings have changed since I was a child lol. The pack also lists the ingredients which are very small to read but I certainly can make out the huge amounts of E numbers in them. So untwisting the pack there is approximately 28 round sweets which measure nearly 2cm diameter. The sweets are different colours which are purple, orange, pink, yellow and green and each have a nice saying on them the one I always remember was I Love You and Marry Me but today there are such messages as Email Me, Page Me or Text Me I suppose we have to move with the times. I have tried to smell one to see if I can describe the smell but all I can say it they smell sherbetly. When you put one in your mouth they begin to fizz away and all taste the same despite the different colours. If I am honest I would say that these sweets are somewhat like sherbet that has been hardened and shaped into a circle, I am sorry but that is the only way I can actually describe them. ...

Connect 4 08/03/2006


Connect 4 My son dragged this out of the cupboard last night so I thought it would be good to review it today. This particular game we got for him at Christmas but I remember having it many years ago and it is still as much fun now as it was then. Connect 4 is a game of skill and concentration but I do warn you it can cause tantrums too lol. It is designed for 2 players 7yrs and up although if you do have a clever 5 year old there is no harm in letting them have a go. It is part of the MB games range which I really like buying as the instructions as with all MB games are on the the inside of the lid so they cant get lost but to be honest it is a game that is easy to pick up and you won't need the instructions for long. Inside the box is a grid which is placed on a base, the grid has 44 holes in it. Also in the box is 42 counters (21 red and 21 yellow), they are the size of a 10p and also resemble casino chips. Setting up the game is easy just click the grid into the base and separate the counters, decide who is going which colour and most importantly who is going first, this can usually be the cause of the first tantrum. Now the aim of the game is the first player to get 4 of their colours in a row without being blocked by the other player, now the 4 in a row can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, I have heard of some people saying they play for 4 in a square but for my son I think we stick to the straight lines for now. The winner is the first one to get 4 in ...

TV Choice 05/03/2006


TV Choice Not being one for buying a lot of newspapers, but I hate not knowing what is on the TV each day so I opted to buy a TV listings magazine. I remember years ago when I was a child the only two listings magazines out was TV Times which gave only ITV listings and Radio Times which gave only BBC listings but in the age of Satelite TV more and more listing magazines were coming onto the market so there was a lot of competition around and the two began to list all listings. Anyway enough of the history lesson and on with my review. I needed to find a listing magazine that not only was cheap in price but was a good read and easy to navigate around. So off to the newsagents and I found TV Choice, this magazine has always been cheap but at this moment I am writing the review it is 33p. The front cover almost every week is dominated by a top story in one of the big soaps with other smaller headlines of what we can expect in the magazine which I actually like this. When you open the front cover you get a detailed contents list with is in sections such as listings and then special features, there are further soap storylines here. The next few pages are the special feature pages but they are put into categories such as drama and entertainment and there is also a kids zone which I think is great as it makes this magazine into a family magazine, my son often reads the kids zone section which pleases me as I like to encourage him to read different things. There is ...

Starburst (Fruit Chews) 03/03/2006


Starburst (Fruit Chews) Starburst fruit chews now for any of you who don't know these actually used to be called Opal Fruits and they had a catch slogan which was "Opal Fruits made to make your mouth water" the idea was if you were thirsty you would chew one of these sweets and your mouth would feel refreshed but I remember it only made me want to each more lol. They changed the name to Starburst a few years ago in order to fit in with other countries. Now apart from the name in my opinion nothing has really changed, they still come in bright yellow packaging with pictures of various fruits on the front of the pack. They can be bought in a single tube (even though the pack is square lol) or a multi pack of 4 or as I have bought today a 200g pack. The pack cost me £1.09 from Tesco, I am sorry I didn't take note of the other pack prices. Now the back of the pack tells us that there are 4 different flavours in the pack which are Lemon-Lime, Strawberry, Orange and Blackcurrant. It also tells us that they are made with real fruit juices but is that the case I wonder well yes in fact there is 7.7% real fruit juice and the rest is artificial flavourings and colourings I'm afraid. One thing I like about this pack is that it is pretty basic there is not too much information for instance some sweets gives you the information in several different languages which takes over the packaging but here apart from the colourful front the back is pretty basic still yellow in colour with all the ...

Shameless - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 01/03/2006


Shameless - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) Ok here is my first DVD review, I hope it goes well. I have chosen Shameless as I have just finished watching the new series and decided to watch the first one on DVD again. Shameless comes in a two disc box and I was given it as a gift but I think you can buy it for around £14.99. Shameless is about the Gallagher family who live in an area called the Chatsworth Estate in Manchester. Each episode is opened by Frank Gallagher (the dad) giving a run down on the main characters of the series in a way it's good as it lets you know who is who but to be honest after a few episodes it can get a bit annoying. So lets introduce the characters then. Frank Gallagher - David Threlfall Frank, I suppose he is the main character you rarely see him sober and out of the pub, he is a single parent who claims to have brought his family up single handed since his wife walked out on him to be with her female lover but in all honesty it is the oldest daughter Fiona who has brought them up. Fiona - Anne-Marie Duff Fiona, the oldest daughter and since her mother left has stepped into her shoes looking after the rest of the family and to her the family comes first. She is first on hand to get them out of trouble. Lip - Jody Latham Lip is actually called Philip but because of his loud mouth and the cheek that comes from it he is nicknamed Lip. Lip I would say apart from Fiona is the most sensible member of the family. Ian - Gerard Kearns Ian is in ...

Cravendale Milk 27/02/2006


Cravendale Milk Ok this is a perfect situation where advertising on TV does work as I remember seeing the advert for Cravendale which states that it is so good that the cows want it back, I would see it in Tesco but always thought it was a bit more expensive than my usual milk, a 2 litre bottle will cost you around £1.25 but one day I decided to buy one and see what the difference was. Why was it so expensive I wondered, well the reason is that whilst other milks use the pasteurisation method to kill the bacteria, Cravendale filter their milk which makes the milk last longer than other milks. Which means that an unopened carton of Cravendale will last 20 days rather than around 5 days of normal milk, and once opened Cravendale will last 7 days as opposed to 3 days with normal milk. So when you take that into consideration perhaps Cravendale isn't too expensive after all. I often find myself having to throw milk away after it has past its sell by date. Cravendale is sold in the same white plastic shape two litre containers as most milk but it is not clear in order to keep the light out which apparently is what makes it last longer. It comes in both skimmed and whole varieties. So does it differ in taste, well as I open the carton and pour some out it certainly is the same colour as milk but does it taste the same, well I think it tastes the same as ordinary milk. I always buy skimmed milk and done the same with this. The great thing about this is that it has no artificial ...

Deal Or No Deal 26/02/2006


Deal Or No Deal Deal or No Deal was introduced to our screens last October and is introduced by Noel Edmonds who shot to fame in the 70s as a radio DJ and host of the Saturday morning children's show Swap Shop. He then went on to do shows such Telly Addicts and House Party. You can find Deal or No Deal on Channel 4 Monday to Friday at 4.15pm which is inbetween Countdown and Richard and Judy. You can also see it on Saturday at around 5.15 but I have known times to vary on Saturdays. The show has 22 contestants on it but only 1 of these can go on to play the game. Each contestant has a red box with a number on it from 1-22 and inside these boxes there are money values starting at 1p and going up to £250,000. None of the contestants know what is in their box as they pick them at random. There is only one person who knows what is in each box and that is the independent ajudicator who puts the amount in the boxes and then seals them. Now as I said earlier there are always 22 contestants on the show and at the beginning one is chosen at random to come and join Noel at the table and play the game. The object of the game is to walk away with the most amount of money as you can and to try to defeat the banker. In the first round the contestant has to pick 5 boxes and hopefully stay away from the bit amounts of money, after the first 5 boxes are opened the Banker will now call to offer a cash alternative to the contestant and this can vary to what amounts of cash are left on the ...

Burtons Wagon Wheels 25/02/2006


Burtons Wagon Wheels I remember the first time my mum gave me a Wagon Wheel many years ago, I thought I was so special for to be given this huge biscuit. Sadly when I take a Wagon Wheel in my hands now it doesn't seem as big but probably that's because my hands have gotten bigger lol. You can recognise these on the shelves by their long red packaging with a picture of a wild west cowboy in his wagon. Now the packet I am reviewing is a special offer packet which has 50% extra free so this review could differ from other members description. The 50% deal takes over the paket basically with its red lettering written on bright yellow background, but the picture of the cowboy is still the same on all packs. There are 12 biscuits in this pack rather than 6. Each Wagon Wheel is individually wrapped and has the same picture of the cowboy as that of the front of the pack. It gives a bit more info on the individual items in that it tells us that it is even better taste with more chocolate. Each biscuit also has a best before date on them as with all the ingredients and nutrition information. Now the description on each biscuit also says "Delicious mallow biscuit with a real chocolate coating" now lets put that to the test and taste it shall we. The pack is easily opened by tearing the top, as I tear it open I can smell a slight chocolatey odour and am faced with a round chocolate coated biscuit. Each biscuit is 3 inches diameter. As I bite into the chocolate I come bite through a ...

Mr Pop 23/02/2006


Mr Pop This is a game that my son got for his Christmas, we had it out last night so I thought why not write a review on it today. I have to say that I actually remember having this game when I was younger so for it to be on the market for all this time must mean its still a popular game. Mr pop is a game of skill and timing which for a child I think it is a very good thing. It is made by MB games who to me are a well known name in games so I feel that I can trust them. The front of the box shows a picture of the game being played by two children and tells you that it is for 1 or more players aged 4 years and over. The good thing about this game is that unlike a lot of games the child can play this on their own which I usually find my son doing as its not always that we feel like playing games at the times he does. As with all MB games the instructions are on the inside of the lid so one thing that can't get lost unless the box is destroyed. Now it comes with the face and the base and 25 playing pieces and a sheet of labels. The downside is that when the game is new it is flat packed and you have to put all the stickers on the pieces so if you are buying this as a gift for a child do what I done and make them all up before wrapping up it saves time and tantrums on the day. There are also 9 picture cards in the box which are in 3 different colours. There are 9 picture cards in 3 different colours which are for difficulty levels as below so depending on your ...

Nestle Aero Bubbles 21/02/2006


Nestle Aero Bubbles I have always liked Aero especially the mint flavour and when I noticed these on the shelves I just had to have a packet. You can recognise these on the shelves by their rectangular packet which has lots of green bubbles floating against a white background. Underneath the Nesle logo in the corner the word Aero is written in large white letters, with the word bubbles written underneath in smaller letters but this is split in that the bottom half of the letters are brown and the top half of the letters are green. Written underneath all this the words "Have you felt the bubbles melt" written in small white letters. Turning the pack over you can see that the colour is the same and has the usual information such as nutrition which basically each sweet has 16 calories and 0.9g fat. Ingredients include Milk chocolate Sugar Vegetable fat Whey powder Skimmed milk powder Cocoa butter Colourings - E100 & E133 If the above doesn't put you off then lets see what they actually look and taste like. The pack is easily opened by tearing the top apart which you are then hit by a fresh minty smell. Each sweet is a round ball and is green and brown in colour, The outside of the sweet has a smooth texture but as you bite you feel like you are biting into a normal bar of mint aero and you can feel the bubbly texture against your tounge but to tell the truth I cant taste any difference at all. Now these come in two sizes 42g which you will pay around 40p for ...
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