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Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - Geri Halliwell 13/09/2002

Feels like Sex

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - Geri Halliwell You're probably wondering why the title of my opinion seems a little bit irrelevant to the fact it is the song title of track number 4. on the album. What I like about this album is that each song is individual and shows off her talent at the best. Her last album entitled 'Schizophonic' similarly satisfied me, but this one is great...if not better. 'Scream if you wanna go faster' is one of my favourite albums in my collection at the moment, mainly because it contains so many different genres of music, that you can never get bored, and it suits almost any mood that your in, whether it be fun, on the go and exciting...all the way through to upset, sad and angry. She allows no limitations on her voice and her hopelessly catchy tunes are sure to stick in your head. Since splitting with the Spice Girl's, her success has soared far more than any of the other four girls...she is the only one at present with 2 top of the chart albums along with a great video, autobiography and a fantastic range of official merchandise. When I buy an album, I usually tend to look inside the front cover as soon as I get home, you know the little booklet thing where you can check out the song words and various other details. I was very impressed with this one because the song words are set out really clearly for a good old sing along, and next to each song listed is a symbol and the key is at the back of the booklet. The symbols depict what the song is for, as in what mood you ...

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 13/09/2002

It all began in 1859...

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly For a long time now, everytime I have applied my vaseline, a question has stuck in the back of my mind...Where did the idea for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly come from? Then one day whilst surfing around on 'useless knowledge' sites, I found my answer: Robert Augustus Cheesebrough In 1859, when oil was first found in Pennsylvania, Robert was a 22 year old chemist in Brooklyn who had become an expert at extracting kerosene from cannel oil. He realised that petroleum products would be the fuel source of the future so he headed to Pennsylvania to get his piece of the action. He noticed that a colourless film called "rod wax" collected around the pump rods on the oil wells, gumming up the works until it was removed. He also noticed oil workers who would slap the stuff on a cut, instead of a bandage. Not only did it stay on the skin and stop the bleeding, but it seemed to help cure the wound. Robert returned to Brooklyn with some rod-wax and spent months creating a clean form of rod-wax which he called "petroleum jelly". He began making so much of this stuff that every beaker in his laboratory was full, so he threw out all of his wife's flowers and filled the vases with his creation. After awhile, he added the popular medical term "line" to the word "vase" and he called the product "Vaseline Petroleum Jelly." My guess is that Mr. Chesebrough was a very wealthy man. The best use of Vaseline, had to of been by the one and only Mr. Chesebrough, himself. He ...

Cantaloupe, London 10/09/2002

Ultimate Chilling Venue

Cantaloupe, London The 'Cantaloupe' pub is situated in Hackney. You may think that Hackney isn't classed as such a 'good area', but if you haven't been there recently, then you wouldn't know that it is currently undergoing a lot of redevelopment and is set to be a brilliant place. The first rough-edged former warehouse to inject life into Shoreditch's bar/restaurant scene was the Cantaloupe. It still attracts a huge crowd to this day, mainly because there is a raised restaurant area, which serves delicious food for relatively cheap prices. The cuisine there is of Spanish and North African origin. It's a trendy eatery just off the square mile. The staff are friendly and it's well worth a visit, so drop in for a tapas. All of their meats and eggs are free range, so you can feel assured of good quality. Feel assured. The times that the pub is open are: 11.00am - 12pm midnight - Mon-Sat and 11.00am - 11.00pm Sunday. There is no charge to get into the pub, it is completely free and seeing as the prices of both drinks and food is reasonable, you have no excuse! The Evening Standard has even rated this pub as 'top quality', making comments such as 'You could easily pay twice as much in the West End for food and drink that wasn't nearly as good'. According to Time Out magazine, in 1997, it was rated as one of the 'top bars'. Cantaloupe is really easy to get to, many buses stop right near it, or it takes only a ten minute walk (more on the way back if you're completely plastered) to get to Old ...

Claire's Accessories (Shop) 10/09/2002

My Favourite Shop

Claire's Accessories (Shop) Claires accessories is one of my favourite shops ever! They have so many branches of shops in all of my local shopping centres that it is hard to escape them...not that I'd ever want to! The things which they sell are so imaginative and well thought of, such as groovy scooters and gorgeous key rings that light up and make sounds! Their range of hair accessories is awesome, in most of the shops I have been in, at least 2 walls have been covered in bobbles, hair clips and scrunchies! Their make-up range is also brilliant, full of wild and wacky colours of lipstick and yummy smelling lip-glosses. They have things suitable for all ages, although the shops main focus is on children and pre-teenagers. For the young ones there are Barbie play sets and for the teenagers their are pop star style items. Regularly they have a sale on in the shop and on my last visit there they were doing great offers such as 3 products marked with stickers = £2.00 or £1.00 each products, and 5 items = £3.00! At such good 'pocket money prices' the shop is extremely appealing to the younger generation. The staff in the shop are really friendly and willing to help you as much as they can. The only down side of the staff are that they are very pouncy or pushy and as soon as you enter the shop they shove a basket in your face and say 'here you go, have a basket!' The staff do get involved though and certainly look the part by dressing up in outfits relevant to the time of year..such as on ...

Kos (Greece) 09/09/2002

Kos Travelogue

Kos (Greece) Here is my travelogue of when I spent a week away in the Greek Island of Kos with my two best friends, Amy and Joanna. Day 1 - Thursday, 28/6/01 Arrived in Greece at 5:15am in the morning. Went and watched the Sun come up with Jo, very beautiful. Had to go to a rep meeting at twelve (noon!) with a VERY enthusiastic rep. Not the thing one wants when one is feeling like a dead slug! Had a swim in the pool which was very cold, but that is what you want when it is so hot. Slept through most of the afternoon so I had no idea how hot it got! Had a very nice meal at a restaurant about two hundred yards from the apartments. While we were eating a man came round selling lighters. According to Amy, this is how deaf people make a living here. The only support they get from the government is the lighters and a little card so they can sell them. NOT taught how to communicate at all. It really brought home to us how lucky all of us really are. After dinner we called in at an Internet cafe (there was two in Kefelos alone!) and sent an e-mail home. Quite expensive (about four pounds for one hour) but I think it was worth it. Didn't know if they would reply, knowing my parents computer knowledge! Was quite able to sleep that night, despite sleeping most of the day. It was very hot, though which means it took me a long time to "drop off". Fortunately, no mosquito attacks. Day 2 - Friday, 29/6/01 All still rather worn out from yesterday, so not much activity that day from room ...

General: Morocco 08/09/2002

Travelling in Morocco

General: Morocco It all started late one night... Because Kathy and I were the last two people to order our tickets from, we ended up on a 7:30 AM flight from Heathrow to Madrid. This necessitated catching a 4 am bus from Oxford. So, not having slept a wink, Katherine and I met at the Oxford bus station at 3:45 am on the morning of November 30. Although these travel arrangements were less than ideal, they did at least allow me to verify that the kebab vans are, in fact, open past 3 am. When we got to Heathrow, we had about an hour to kill before our flight, so we went to an airport cafe. Kathy had crepes. I, working on the theory that breakfast is what one has after one has slept, decided that no type of food would be inappropriate for me at this point. So I ordered the "breakfast pasta" which consisted of (seriously) linguini with bacon and cheese in an olive oil sauce with a fried egg on top - strange combination! On the flight to Madrid, Kathy was seated about 10 rows ahead of me. I was one row ahead of the three most obnoxious people on the plane. In fact, they were the most obnoxious people over the age of three that I have ever encountered on a plane. I found out later that Kathy could hear their conversations just fine from her seat. I got less sleep than I had hoped for on the flight. Once in Madrid, we grabbed our bags (the first 2 off the plane!), put them in storage, and headed into Madrid. We went into the national library, but they told us we ...

BBC1 - My Hero 08/09/2002

Thermoman to the rescue

BBC1 - My Hero It was just after Eastenders had finished, I was sitting in front of my TV in the lounge eating my tea and wondering what would be on the box next. Then the announcer said that coming up shortly there would be a new series of 'My Hero'. I'd never heard or seen about it before but when the show came on the music sounded more like a game show to me. The first scene of the show I was watching started out in the living room and a joke was cracked about how 'Thermoman could fly way into the clouds but yet he didn't know what the meaning of God was'. It was then that I realised it was a comedy show. I noticed straight away that one of the characters seemed familiar - now where had I seen him from? A soap? Vicar of Dibley?...along those lines..ummm? I know - Father Ted! The man that plays 'Dougal' in father Ted (real name: Ardal O'Hanlon) plays George Sunday in 'My Hero'. He is also known as Thermoman, but only to people who know him really well. If they don't know him, then his magic powers are not to be revealed, they must be kept secret. My Hero is set in the town of Northolt. In the next scene something happened where a volcano was threatening the other side of the equator and the superhero Thermoman had to rush off and deal with it, so he rushes off to save the world! His girlfriend in the show is called Janet Dawkin's (real name: Emily Joyce). Emily Joyce used to be in a show called Grafter's about 3 years ago. You can tell that she gets really fed up with his ...

Marmite Yeast Extract 08/09/2002

Mmmm Marmite

Marmite Yeast Extract My favourite food in the world has to be marmite. It is so delicious, that once you have placed it on the tip of your tongue, it makes your tongue tingle and go numb before giving off the most glorious taste. Some people love it, some people hate it. I'm one of the one's who adores it!! Not only has it got a wonderful taste, but the nutritional values are superb too. This means that you can eat as much as you want of the stuff and still be healthy - what a great way to live! Marmite was first introduced to the shops in 1902, one hundred years ago. This was in the same year as the Coronation of Edward VII. It started being made in a factory in a small place called Burton-on-Trent (centre of the British brewing industry, where all of the yeast was readily available). Marmite is a registered trademark of CPC International Inc. It is made by different companies in different parts of the world, and often to a different recipe. By 1907, the popularity of marmite had increased, meaning that a new factory needed to be opened, and this time they opened it in London's Camberwell Green. By the outbreak of the First World War, marmite was already very established. By the 1930's and 1940's people became more aware of how important certain vitamins are in our diet and therefore began to buy more marmite. Also in 1930, marmite cubes were launched. By the Second World War, people were using the marmite sparingly because of al of the rationing procedures taking place. Then in the ...
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