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Samsung Omnia 7 12/08/2011

Samsung Omnia 7 (i8700)- The Ultimate Windows Phone?

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 09/08/2011

Windows Phone 7- The new iOS?

Ibanez AFS75T-NWB 30/05/2011

Ibanez AFS75T-NWB- Wow. Simply wow.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus 27/03/2011

Office Pro Plus: A fantastic product, but watch out for the cost!

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Now, first let me say that regardless of the features, the massive price tag is, for myself and many I have spoken too, simply too much. Maybe better value than the lower suites, like Professional or "Home and Student" (A concept I'll get on to later), but very expensive nonetheless. So I'll get my only major quarrel out of the way early. Cost Massive. I would not wish to spend "£386.99" on this suite. But the trouble is mnay would have to. For example, I am a Year 11 student, and I require this software to suit my needs. Many would argue there's open-source software available that does the same, but it's really not the same as Office. I don't believe anything is, including Office:mac. Workarounds Many students will have paid a lot of money for Office when it was simply not necessary. This suite is available from Microsoft and Microsoft Gold-Certified retailers online for as low as £40! Simply being a student in K-12 (or primary and high school for those UK readers) and holding a school ( or .edu) email address is enough to qualify. So in short: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! LOOK AROUND FOR DEALS! OK, now that my major concern is through with, I'll go on to the good bits! Overview The 2010 suite is far more advanced than it's predecessor, Office 2007. Overall, the interface is uniform and sleek, with every program in the suite boasting the new 'Ribbon' interface (as opposed to just PowerPoint, Access, Excel and Word in 2007). The Professional Plus suite consists of the ...

CGP Revision Guides 27/03/2011

CGP Guides: Cheap, easy-to-understand and full of useful facts

Packard Bell Easy Note MX45-T-053 30/12/2009

Packard Bell Easynote MX45- Really worth the £550?

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