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Fun and you earn money as well Well I never thought when I joined Ciao that I would have fun and earn money as well. I realy enjoy writing the opinions and I enjoy even more reading other peoples, what a great idea it is. The site loads easily and is very easy to navigate. You have your own account so you can easliy see how may opinions you have written and how much you have earned. There is a referal scheme so you can get friends to join and the catergories are so vast there is still so many things that I feel I feel I can write about ranging from beauty products, places in the UK to computer programes, Ciao for me is just great.

Channel 4 - Big Brother 15/08/2000

Oh for the end of it

Channel 4 - Big Brother Talk about Big Brother is watching you, we all appear to be watching Big Brother, everywhere we are talking about Nick and has he or hasn't he got his mobile phone on him and where is it hidden!!!!. Then it is,who is the next to be thrown out etc etc. When evicted ,the housemates seems to appear in the papers, obviously trying I guess, to compenstate for the loss of the chance at the 70K. I enjoyed watching the first week, but to be honest I now am just wishing that it would end, there seems to be far to much hype going on about it and I really do wonder if the whole thing is just one big set up and a publicity campaign.

Channel 4 - Countdown 15/08/2000

Good to watch

Channel 4 - Countdown Countdown is a great programe to watch in the late afternoon, a good mixture of maths and english ,in the format of word and figure games. It is presented by Richard Whitely, assisted by Carol Vorderman and I think it is great :) The prizes are not fantastic so contestants must enter for the joy of winning, there are certainly no exotic holidays to be had. With a grand final twice a year it seems mainly that honour is at stake. A touch of humour is the banter between Richard and Carol then of course there are Richard famous ties to be discussed!! All in all a good watch.

Home and Away 15/08/2000

Missed for the moment

Home and Away I'm missing all the goings on at Summer Bay at the moment, since ITV dropped it, but I understand that it is going to be back on Channel 5 soon. Very similar to Neighbours, it is about several families living in Summer Bay and the scenes are normally in the Bayside Diner or at the local school. It was shown every day on ITV, it was good viewing, aimed may be at the younger age range of soap addicts but enjoyed by most I suspect. As in any Soap opera ,it had it's share of dramatic story lines adding to the viewing figures no doubt.

ITV - Dale´s Supermarket Sweep 13/08/2000

Hate to admit watching!!!!!!

ITV - Dale´s Supermarket Sweep Well I hate to admit watching this but I do!!! The questions are daft the prizes not that great and Dale Winton does not seems to be the ideal host but there is still something about the show that every so often I sit down and watch it if only for a laugh at seeing contestants dassing about a supermarket looking for items on Dales list. I think that it is a programe that you either love or hate, watching it occasionally I guess that I'm still tending towards hating rather than loving and yet I really don't know why!.

ITV - Family Fortunes 13/08/2000

A long runner

ITV - Family Fortunes Family Fortunes seems to have been around forever!!!! Len Denis presents it now, but it has been Bob Monkhouse and even Max Bygraves.Two family teams complete against each other to predict answers given by the public to questions asked, normally it is around the top ten answers given. The big prize at the end is normally a car a holiday or cash. It is good viewing and Les Dennis is a very friendly host and seems to work well with the contestants and normally shares a jokes or two with them ,especially with some of the hilarious answers given when he offers to give them the money himself if the answer is there.

ITV - Wheel of Fortune 13/08/2000

Good fun

ITV - Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune seems to be on more these days, but with a smaller prize at the end. It is good fun to watch and John Lesley is a great presenter. There are choices of prizes at differents rounds of the game so contestants do get more chances to win as they go along, togheter with Lesley's Luxuries as a spot prize. It's a good watch at the end of the day, the sort of programe you can sit down and watch with a cup of tea. Based around a roulette wheel, contestants then play an electronic version, almost of hangman, to try and guess normally a phrase.

ITV - Blind Date 13/08/2000

A lotta lotta laughs

ITV - Blind Date Well Blind Date is good for a laugh, even if Cilla very rarely gets to wear one of her hats!! As Cupid ,the programe is a failure, however for comedy it has it's moments. Cilla Black is a good presenter and seems to be able to make jokes to the contestants and choosers alike and makes the show run smoothly. Maybe if the holidays were not so good there would not be so many people applying just for them and it might may the idea a little more realistic, however it is still a good watch.

ITV - Catchphrase 13/08/2000

Still good

ITV - Catchphrase Well Catchphrase is still fun, but I do miss Roy Walker. The graphics appear to have changed too, I miss the little space man who used to appear on some of the titles. I still find it a reasonable programe to watch though, I guess I like to try and beat the contestants, but then don't we all?? The holiday prize adds to the excitement and even as a viewer, we have a chance to win with the viewers catchphrase.There does however now seem to be a little too much chatting going on and not as many catchphrases.

ITV - Who Wants to be a Millionaire 13/08/2000

Glued to my seat

ITV - Who Wants to be a Millionaire When this is on I am glued to my seat. It is over hyped but I do find it good viewing, I guess like many others I'm just waiting to see whether anyone does ever get to win the big one. I do think Chris Tarrent is a good host, although his trying to "torment" the contestants sometimes does get a bit much. As it is only on in fairly short runs ,it does make good viewing.I also enjoyed the special famous faces edition.All in all I guess that it is just a little harmless fun. 13/08/2000

Good and reliable Not my usual search engine, I stumbled across Lycos by accident and I was pleasantly surprised. It seems very reliable, maybe not producing so many listings as some others but I don't always want 50 odd pages!! It seems very user friendly, if I can use it anyone can!! Results were quick far quicker than some I have used and most of the pages are current and available ,there is nothing worse than finding dead links all the time, it may have been found by accident but I shall certainly use Lycos more in the future.

Dove Extra Sensitive Cream Bar 13/08/2000


Dove Extra Sensitive Cream Bar Using the orginal Dove in the bathroom, I always use the extra sensitive one on my face. I have a very sensitive skin but I have never had any reaction to this at all. It cleanses well, even removing cosmetics, does not sting the eyes and leaves my skin moistured as well with no dry feeling. It has a pleasant fresh smell about it, with no heavy perfume. A bar seems to last a long time and infact proves cheaper than using a liquid face cleanser, I consider that a bar offers great value for money.

The Body Shop Satsuma Bath Bubbles 13/08/2000

Great smelling

The Body Shop Satsuma Bath Bubbles I received a small bottle of this at Christmas, I guess insted of a tangerine and I loved it! The smell really does make you think of satsumas, it foams well and the bubbles last for ages. It's very popular when I have children come to stay, so it is good for all ages. A bottle lasts a long time but like all Body shop products in comes in a range of sizes and they do all over very good value for money.I shall certainly be hoping for another bottle next Christmas!!

Dove Moisturising Cream 13/08/2000

Just love it

Dove Moisturising Cream I tried Dove soap a few months ago and I just love it! It feels so silky and has a wonderful lather that makes it seems far more expensive than it is. A white soap with an usual shape and packaged in a cardboard box it is excellent value for money. It certainly leaves my skin feeling moistured and silky smooth and has a pleasant fragrance as well.A bar seems to last for ages and does not seems to disolve like some soaps do even when left in a soap dish.

B & Q (Shop) 13/08/2000

Good value

B & Q (Shop) My local B nad Q is a massive store and I do sometimes have trouble finding requred items in it, as the choice is so large!!! However ,there is plenty of free parking outside, the staff and pleasant and helpful and the prices are cheaper than the local competion. A low price quarantee is helpful that they can not be bettered on price, although I have never had to try it. Queues can sometimes be rather long and I do sometimes wish a few more checkouts culd be open, but all in all it is a good place to shop and certainly offers good value for money.
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