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Digihome 32180SMHDLED 01/04/2015


Digihome 32180SMHDLED The TV This TV is a Digihome 32 inch LED full HD TV. Full HD means it will go up to 1080P and this is a sharp and brilliant image. Some channels don't have the HD feature in them (At least here in the UK) and if you don't own a Sky boxset you might not be able to achieve the full High Definition you're looking for but that isn't the TV, it's the TV channels. The TV itself weighs 11 Kilograms and is Slim Design. It comes with up to 50 TV chanels without a subscription or contract (Freeview) and it includes many connectivity options: Two HDMI ports, USB AND VGA ports. Because of its LED backlight it also comes with a timer so you can automatically have your TV switch itself off after a while. Picture and Sound quality Thanks to the 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution this TV brings, it allows you to enjoy a sharp and full high defined image. For this you can connect a HD device like Blu Rays or a PS3 to enjoy High definition movies or tv series previously bought or recorded. The LED backlight's have the ability to significantly improve the contrast, meaning the TV will show deeper blacks and a lot more vivid colours. Audio ports are included at the back of the TV for AV speakers and USB ports are also there for movies. The audio itself on the TV is pretty good, as long as the Series or movie has good audio quality anyway. Book of instructions and installation guide The TV itself is pretty simple to set up and you shouldn't rely on the book just to install it. Digihome ...

#Selfies And #SelfieSticks : Are You A Fan? 04/02/2015

But first, let me review selfies!

#Selfies And #SelfieSticks : Are You A Fan? Now listen here; I am an 18 year old white girl who loves to go to starbucks, order a capuccino and pretend to enjoy it. And I take selfies while drinking it. C'mon guys, don't judge me, I love to take selfies! On the bus, on trains, at college, in class, at the library, with my dog... Everywhere! Why? Because I'm narcissistic like that, maybe. Or not. Selfie? A "Selfie" is a self-portrait, typically taken with a camera or a smart phone. Of course, these were usually just called pictures but kids have made it be trendy by calling it a selfie. Who takes selfies? Everyone. From people as average as me to the president of the United States, Mr Obama himself. Selfies are fun to take, they are like memories. We all take pictures when we go on vacation or just go out with the lads or the girls. We take pictures of our pets, kids, houses, why not take pictures of our lovely faces? We must be able to admire the scenery of a beautiful sunset without being judged, well why on eart am I not allowed to admire Demi Lovato's lovely face on instagram? Huh?! Social Media Selfies are mostly known for social media, especially facebook and instagram. The thing is, we want people from all around the world to be our friends on Facebook, and so we add complete strangers. Now the thing is, they can't see us all the time so by taking pictures, we can let them know that we are still looking fabulous and we're still here. Also, it is to make haters jealous of how perfect you are. My ...

Your Resolutions For 2015 14/01/2015

I WILL OWN 2015!

Your Resolutions For 2015 Why am I setting resolutions? I'll tell you why. This 5FT4 18 year old, not motivated, not happy girl is fed up of living according to others. Yes, I am always chasing around after people. I don't open up, I don't trust and I don't want to live sometimes. Damn, I started this off with a sad note but keep reading, it will get better. So here I am, writing reviews for strangers and recording covers for YouTube strangers doing nothing with my life. Yes, I go to college and I quite enjoy it but it still isn't giving me enough motivation to keep going with my life. Why? I DON'T KNOW. Let me tell you a little bit about my past to give you something to kind of, get to know me maybe. 2010? Best year of my life. I had it all at my fingertips and by 2011 I watched everything slip through my hands. My own father, my knight and shining armour, left me for the alcohol; I got cyber bullied out of my own country and my whole relationship just crashed and burned infront of my eyes. By 2012 I was in a new country, here I am now in the UK. It took me around a year to actually settle in but up to this point I still miss Spain, my elder siblings, my beautiful niece and the only friend I ever had. 2014 Well... I can't give you much happiness in this year either. I saw my father for the first time in three years! It was rather amusing to see him, even if he had left me. In september I started college, two years behind... But better late than never, huh! And last but not least, I just got ...

Huawei Ascend Y330 15/12/2014

Huawei Ascend Y330

Huawei Ascend Y330 The phone I don't have this phone, my mother does.Let me tell you this, I have never heard her scream at an inanimate object so much like with this phone. She walks in to the house with the biggest smile, happy she has a new phone, and why? For no reason, because the phone is quite bad once you get to use it. It has some good features but my mother has no patience with it and was expecting a lot more from it. My mother decided to go on to Talk Talk Mobile and with her plan she got 200MB and unlimited calls and texts. For only 7 pounds a month, she is so happy. It is a cheap plan, she get all what she needs AND a new phone. Fair enough. But it isn't an iPhone, of course, and she ain't happy. The phone itself feels alright, it is small and pretty thin, it seems pretty strong to be honest. It can't hold many apps, my mother only installed two apps and it was already going slow and lagging. Oops. The Camera Quality I mean, it doesn't compare to an iPhone BUT it isn't too bad. The camera is quite good to be honest, comes with flash and all that fancy stuff. It auto focuses, has macro, ISO settings are automatic and can be set to manual and it has a couple of basic effects. However, the front facing camera is so bad, it hurts. My mother was so dissapointed she still can't take bloody selfies! Apps The phone already came with a little folder called "Top Apps" in which Facebook and Twitter were installed. These can be deleted from the phone. I've already installed ...

Batiste Dry Shampoo Fruity & Cheeky Cherry 28/11/2014

Don't wash your hair everyday!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Fruity & Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo? Listen, if you have medium length hair, long hair or just... Hair? You do NOT need to be washing it every single day. Why? Because it can damage the hair and dry it out; The natural oils from greasy hair actually help restrengthen the hair follicles (Some scientific talk inserted here) which help hair grow. Anyway, long story short, hair needs to have a bit of a break from being shampooed in the shower everyday. So, instead of having to put hair in to a pnytail or hide it under a hat (Which are not allowed at work places or college in lessons) use dry shampoo! I have used MANY dry shampoos in the past, as I tend to wash my hair every 2 or 3 days depending on what I have planned. By the third morning yes, my roots feel a bit greasy and so my fringe doesn't mold in to what is my normal, fresh and washed fringe. Applying a tiny bit of talcum powder used to be my Plan B in a morning but it is rather awkward to apply talcum powder as it goes everywhere. All dry shampoos are basically used the same way, spray it and shuffle your hair up a bit. It does help the roots suck up a bit of the spray and dry out, leaving the grease out of it. How to use As the instructions state on he back of this particular bottle and mostly on any box or bottle you buy, it says: A quick burst revitalises hair and removes any excess oil. Hair feels gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture. Shake vigorously before using it. Keep nozzle at about 30 cm from hair and spray ...

Lynx Attract For Her Deodorant Spray 23/11/2014

Lynx For Her

Lynx Attract For Her Deodorant Spray Lynx I remember the first time I heard about Lynx was when they launched thaat Chocolate Deodorant for men. All the guys were going loco for it and all the girls were begging their boyfriends to purchase it. Why? Because it smelt bloody delicious. That's why! However, ever since Lynx became popular they have started to sell soaps, gels, body creams, deodorants both male and female and so much more merch. Finally, we women have a Lynx Attract product to open on Christmas day; Deodorants are an excellent stocking filler and Lynx Attract usually are on offer around Christmas time Two For One's are all around Boots and Superdrug, so hurry! The Smell Lynx Attract for her has a lovely scent, it lasts long and it is said to smell like a colorfoul vibrant mixture of fruit, while floral notes leave it all to be feminine. Of course, it has to be feminine. It's fruity, feminine, sweet yet strong and just filled with different scents. I remember before buying this I used to wear Lynx for men and it was lovely to smell nice in a morning but it felt strange to smell so manly around other men. You know? I mean, I've always been a bit of a tomboy but I needed something a little sweeter. A little more peachy, maybe. Lynx For Her doesn't smell like peach but it still smells a bit more like a lady and so for that, I purchased it. My opinions? I love it. I have like eleven cans lying around the house because of my birthday and christmas presents. My mom usually gets me the Shower ...

Kong Classic Dog Toy 17/11/2014

Kong toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy My dog's experience I only have a small rat as a dog, she is a little Shih tzu crossed with a Poodle (Shoodle heh) and so we only bought her the mini kong toy. It is basically a ball made out of rubber with a tiny hole to put treats inside of it; It doesn't sound too complicated but it seems to entertain my dog enough to keep her playing for hours. She will stick half her nose inside the Kong and go mad trying to find her treats. It works great to keep a dog quiet from barking, especially when leaving the house because they don't focus on you. When people come in, do your dogs bark? Give them a kong, they will go wild for a treat, will some dogs... As for my experience, my dog seems to love this toy. The Toy These toys come in different sizes, I think they are for mini sized dogs, small dogs, medium dogs and big dogs (Or puppy and adult, not sure) but the big dog Kongs are usually black; Correct me if I am wrong? The rubber is a lot stronger and the size increases the bigger the dog. Which is a bit of a problem for a mini dog like mine, or if you have a little yorkie // chihuahua: The toys are small enough to fit under a couch space or a bed space... It drives me insane when the dog is just barking at the bloody couch because she lost her toy inside it. It would be a lot easier to have a big dog in these cases, just for the toy itself. Prices and Availability Kong is actually a good brand and they have been around quite some time so these classic dog toys (and their ...

VAX Mach 5 Pet U90-M5 28/10/2014

IT SUCKS! In a good way, duh!

VAX Mach 5 Pet U90-M5 So, if a vacuum cleaner sucks... Is it good? Let me tell you guys something, living with pets who have hair that falls E V E R Y W H E R E is not fun. At all! But thanks to this little baby, it's all alright, I guess. My dog doesn't lose too much hair because she is half a poodle, so it is pretty alright. However, lately she has been biting at her skin quite a lot (We've got her treated and looked at, no worries!) and she sometimes gets little knots of her hair out of herself and they fall all over my carpet. The worse thing is, is that my carpet is a new fitted one. I recently got a new "poofy" carpet, them that kind of sink in and are really soft. They are awkward to vacuum with old vacuum cleaners so we decided to get a new one, hence, this review. Also, putting the actual machine together wasn't exactly difficult more than frustrating to be honest. I kind of watched my mother put it together. It does its' job It definitely works. It is meant to be for carpets and hard floors and I have used it for my bedroom and for the kitchen, it works perfect for both carpets and hard floors. Because I purchased it around a week ago I can't give you much of my experience or how long it will / has lasted because well, I've had it for literally a week. Noise All vacuum cleaners make noise, c'mon guys. Simple. I must admit it is not as loud as any over vacuum cleaners you get, my dog doesn't seem to be as bothered by this one (She still barks and chases it though) so, it's not ...

Toshiba Satellite C650 27/10/2014

Toshiba Satellite C650

Toshiba Satellite C650 I've always had Toshiba Laptops, don't ask why. Toshiba itself as a company are rather amazing, they have good computers and they are always helping. Their customer service is good, everytime I have had a problem they have always attended me with great quality service. Laptop Speed This laptop, specifically, has amazing look and feel. It is a fast computer which has done me rather wonderful supporting all of my video editting software and other massive programmes I have installed. It doesn't fail me often and always seems to be up to speed with everything. It came with Windows 7 installed and McAfee anti virus already installed too. The processor type is, according to the Toshiba website, Intel® Celeron® Processor 900. Comfort and Portability All laptops are pretty annoying to carry about when they are massive laptops with 15 inch screens but it is quite a light weight laptop, it doesn't weigh too much and it occupies what any other laptop would occupy really. You can easily purchase cases or special PC bags for this laptop on Ebay, Amazon or anywhere online really. Not too much of a problem. Other Specifications Every specification with more detail can be found on the Toshiba Website *Hard Disk 250GB. *Weighs around 2.50 kg. *Maximum BATTERY LIFE : 4hours. *Different Batteries are compatible (For more details - website) *Windows 7 Pre Installed. *W x D x H : 380.0 x 250.0 x 28.0 (front) / 37.9 (rear) mm The laptop depending on when purchased and where, comes with a ...

Costa Coffee Bar 30/09/2014

Best coffee place for me :3

Costa Coffee Bar Costa Coffee There came a timee about a year ago where all of my friends where all of a sudden coffee lovers. We were all 16-17 and it was like "Woah, I'm an adult now. I should drink coffee and carry my binders in my arms for people to see!" And so my friends decided to take me to Starbucks. I, being the awkward potato that I am, obviously ordered a water and a piece of some weird cake. Few months later my mother took me out to Costa, where I actually tried coffee for the first time. So grown up, right? Honestly, I wasn't that much in to it. I had ordered a Latte as these are a third Espresso and the rest is steamed milk and cream. I filled it up with sugar and by the end I did indeed enjoy it, I felt so professional. Costa has never been a bad experience for me nor for my mother. We usually go there every couple of saturdays for a morning coffee and gossip or share a piece of cake. Ahh, cake. Customer Service Never have I met people so delightful, entusiastic and professional when serving at such a busy environenment. I mean, Costa is usually heaving with people and it can be stressful to work under pressure, like at Mcdonalds people are so rude and they lose their minds because of the pressure, but not at Costa. Overall as far as customer service goes it's always been 5 out of 5 for my personal experiences. Most of the bartenders are quite sweet and they take their time to talk to you if they can but they always do their work efficiently, they go for it. Also, Latte ...

Subway 29/09/2014

For any ocassion

Subway SUBWAY I am not a big fan of Subway, considering I don't really go and order anything. My friends however do like it and visit there quite often, I'm just more of a McDonalds person. However, I do know a bit about Subway and have had experience with their staff, menu and other things, so I am here to review it. Subway is a fast food restaurant (not very fast though) founded back in the 60's in the USA originally. However, a few have opened all around the world as it has grown massively as a business. One of the best fast food restaurants right now, and they have so much variety and difference on the menu and the prices, it is suitable for everyone and anyone, really. Having said that, it is not ideal for a first date or a business meeting, just keep that in mind. Menu The Menu is actually quite varied, they sell subs, salads, treats and drinks. All sorts. Subs The Subs are divided in to Low Fat, Breakfast and Subs. You can see all of these items online or just on the menu at any Subway. I could go on forever when explaining these but yu may as well get on to the Subway Webpage and see them online. All of the ingredients, nutritional values, calories and all of that are provided and explained on the website. When clicking on a subcategory (Get it, sub, subs? hA HA) you will see the three divisions and when clicking on any sub you may like it will provide the Guidelines to the right, Ingredients on the left in a green bubble and underneath you will find a MAKE IT THE ...

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 21/09/2014

Eyeliner review ~

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner Eyeliner I always love wearing eyeliner (When I have about two hours to get ready of course) but it can be a tricky thing to pull off for some women. Having such big eyes I usually try to apply eyeliner on with or without a wing just to make my eyes a little smaller. Don't get me wrong, I love my eyes, but sometimes winged eyeliner can make you look sexier, more sophisticated, etc. It all depends how you apply it and what makeup look you're looking for. This eyeliner is smudge free but it needs to be applied on carefully. Being a gel and a brush on the side I find it easier to apply than just liquid eyeliner as a whole pen kind of thing. It is difficult to get the hang of it but it just takes practise. This eyeliner is smudge free, water proof and on the box it says it will last up to 24 hours. However, I wear lenses and my eyes sometimes get quite tired so if wearing this on a night, dancing and sweating? It won't last that long. I don't mind that, I mean... I'm having fun at the club, why would I care what my makeup looks like after a couple drinks, right? But if you're going for a meal and it smudges, it's a bit annoying. However, unless you're sweating or rubbing your eyes, I don't think it will be a problem. On the back of the box you get colours available. These are Brown, Violet, Black gold and black silver. There is also more information on the eyeliner and maybelline. 01 Intense black is the eyeliner that I use (I just like it to be really black, I don't find ...

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick 17/09/2014

Passion Lips!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick The Lipstick I am not the one to wear lipstick but if I go out for the night then you know guys will definately be looking at the lips. And if the lips scream "HEY I'M HERE" then a drink is coming your way. The main colours for this Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick are pink, red and nudes. However, the actual lipstick comes in 37 colours or at least that's what the websites and drugstores have written down on the advertisements. It is easy to apply, like for me any lipstick is quite easy, if you make a mistake you just rub it out with wet wipes and apply concealer around the skin where you've got all your bloody lipstick! Easy! However, it is easy to apply. It is also easy to take off though so if you plan on going out for a drink no doubt about it, it is going to be sticking on to your bottle of beer or glass of wine so be sure to keep an eye on your lips and excuse yourself to go reapply in the bathroom. We all do it, don't be embarrassed. However, the colour is too gorgeous to be ruined so try to avoid any kissing or anything involving your lips that will leave too many prints everywhere. You'll regret it!! Overall I would recommend. It cost me seven quid (6.99) so for the money I would definately think it's good value for money. It might leave a print and might need reapplying but most lipsticks do. This lipstick has a creamy applying sensation as it is loaded with some honey cream so it makes it a little bit glossy (Hardly nothing though). It doesn't seem to ...

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 17/09/2014

It's good enough!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Quality Like all makeup this depends on you skin colour, type and how you use your makeup. For me it's great quality. Good value for money and it's amazing quality. It's a bright enough concealer to cover up blemishes, redness around nose and under eyes, under eye blackness and bags and any other spots or acne scars. You don't need a lot of it on your face either, which makes it last longer and applies easier somehow. It blends great on to my foundation and my matte powder sticks to it with no problem. As always I have the lightest shade which I believe is Ivory. It will last me around 6 to 8 hours and because it is a liquid concealer I would recommend it for dry skins. My skin isn't dry nor moist but I find sometimes around my nose can get quite dry from the cold or whatever and that makes it irritated but this concealer doesn't irritate it. Liquid concelaers and foundations are a deffo for dry skins. price Now if you are anything like me and you need to look decent before you go anywhere, you won't mind spending an extra pound or two on makeup. This concealer cost me 3.99 at superdrug. I'm actually not sure if it was an offer or sale but I'm pretty sure it will be around that price anywhere and all the time. So as I said, you will spend extra on your makeup BUT this concealer is cheap as. Like, really cheap. Ans for four quid it's pretty decent. Covers, blends and does the job, couldn't ask for anything more really. Overall I recommend. I would, however, say that ...

Has The Recent Success Of Ice Bucket Challenge Changed The Future Of Healthcare Fundraising? 17/09/2014

Things might start to brighten up!

Has The Recent Success Of Ice Bucket Challenge Changed The Future Of Healthcare Fundraising? So... WHAT is the Ice Bucket Challenge? What rock have you been living under to not know such a thing? Well... The Ice Bucket Challenge is just as it's called. A challenge made to raise awareness for ALS which consists in you pouring water over yourself (with ice in it, of course) Why do people do it? Nominations. These raising awareness challenges are usually commited because you nominate other people to do this challenge at the end of your video taped challenge. So what happens is you pour water over yourself and you nominate three people to do so or to donate money to the ALS charity. You may choose to donate to a charity of your own choice but you still have to record yourself doing the challege. ALS To be completely honest I never even knew about ALS until I started seeing people nominate and do this challenges. I do indeed thing that these challenges are a fun and good idea to spread the word, to raise awareness. I will admit that some of them can be dangerous, but if you think abot it, EVERYTHING can be dangerous. I mean c'mon people, have a bit of a laugh every now and again, LIVE A LITTLE! So ALS is something I'm not very informed on but seeing these videos made me curious and because I was nominated for the challenge I obviously looked in to it even more to be aware of it, I didn't want to donate and do the challenge without knowing why or what I was doing it for. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It is a progressive neurodegenerative ...
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