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The Brand Gore-tex 26/02/2008

The brand GORE-TEX

The Brand Gore-tex Have you already heard about the brand Gore-Tex? I read time ago some good things about it in a magazine and the last autumn I purchased boots having this brand that was introduced more than 25 years ago.Today, GORE-TEX® fabric is known worldwide for extreme-weather protection that keeps you dry and comfortable from head to toe. I would like to approach to you some facts about this brand because after having Gore-Tex branded socks and shoes I became a real supporter of shoes and garments that guarantee quality. And afterwards I will add my experience with a GORE-TEX item. First I made a research in Wikipedia and here is the result: GORE-TEX® is a registered trademark of W.L. Gore & Associates best known for its use in relation to waterproof/breathable fabrics. WL Gore and Associates is known for its unique corporate structure. It has consistently been placed on the Fortune magazine top 100 companies to work for worldwide. The first commercial consumer product using GORE-TEX® was a tent called the Light Dimension that was created and sold by the Seattle firm, Early Winters, Ltd., in 1976. GORE-TEX® was co-invented by Wilbert L. Gore (1912-1986), Rowena Taylor, and Gore's son, Robert W. Gore. For its invention, Robert W. Gore was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006. Robert Gore was granted U.S. Patent on April 27, 1976, for a porous form of polytetrafluoroethylene with a micro-structure characterised by nodes interconnected by fibrils.Robert Gore, ...

Dove Intensive-Cream Nourishing Care 14/02/2008

Dove Intensive-Cream Nourishing Care

Dove Intensive-Cream Nourishing Care Dove creme is a fine product it does all what it should and gives me the best of what my skin needs. --- Look of the package --- The packaging gave me a good feeling about the product itself. It made on me the impression that it is a valuable product because I expect that a good product is also packed well. I appreciate the plastic round dose that you open by screwing. The top is white and the container is blue and they have the same height - a good balance. I like the screwing function in comparison to Nivea cream in a metal dose that I cannot open as easily as the aforementioned Dove Cream because I have to pull the cap sometimes even with effort. --- Experience --- When I opened and used the first time the Dove Intensive Nourishing care cream, a fine effect worked out well for my skin. It moisturised my skin the whole day long, what's great. I didn't even need to rub another ration of the cream for the first layer did what other creams do with several layers put on right after one another. In my experience certain creams soaked immediately into the skin but altogether my skin wasn't moisturised in full. It is appropriately smeary, not overly but comfortably. It offers rich care and a pleasant feel on the skin during and after usage. It combines nourishing ingredients and a generous dose of active moisturiser. By these facts I even were looking forward to the next occasion of creaming. The fragrance is good a little bit like sweet though somehow like undefined. ...

Motorola V360V 11/02/2008

My experience with MOTOROLA V360

Motorola V360V As we were searching for a new mobile phone, my husband have chosen this kind and type: Motorola V360 in a black shade. I have been first rather lukewarm about this brand because before I have been using Nokia phone and that one I liked much, I could even say that at that time it became a part of mine.. That's why I was a bit skeptical towards this brand Motorola because I have been using before several kinds of phones that haven't left in me a good impression but only Nokia was along to my experience satisfactory. Though I was excited to do that trial with the "unknown" Motorola. --- Details --- Motorola V360 has been announced 2005 SIZE: Dimension: 90 x 47 x 24 mm Weight: 104 g DISPLAY: Size: 176 x 220 pixels, 30 x 37 mm MEMORY: Phonebook: 1000 x 10 fields, Photo call Call records: 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls DATA: Bluetooth: yes, v1.2 Usb: yes, miniUSB FEATURES: Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML Games: Yes + downloadable Camera: VGA, 640x480 pixels, video BATTERY: Standard battery, Li-Ion 810 mAh Standby: Up to 240 h Talk time: Up to 7 h 30 min --- My first impressions and experiences --- As having the Motorola v360 the first time in my hand, I didn't really know which button to start with because I felt puzzled (I would say before all because of the other mobile phones of before). Though it was a good feeling to touch such phone, I haven't had before a phone with a closing screen. The ...

Fenjal Beauty Spa Body Milk 28/01/2008

Fenjal classic hydrating body milk

Fenjal Beauty Spa Body Milk This review is on Fenjal hydrating BODY MILK. --- Reputation --- So, it is said and written that Fenjal body milk guarantees a special care for your skin with such an effect that makes your skin more firm and the more, it gives you a long lasting moisturing. It has been developed in Switzerland by leading skincare experts and proved by clinical studies that the skin gets after regular usage of 4 weeks obviously more firm, softer and smoother to the touch. --- Ingredients ---- Vitamin E, Provitamin B5, natural plant-based proteins Pro-vitamin B 5 and Vitamin E care for the skin and make it firm, smooth and pliable. The proteins that are proved to strengthen the downer skin layer, stands for the effect of making the skin more firm. Fenjal has neutral pH and is dermatologically tested. --- My experience --- Along to my experience, I do not share its recommendation. The content of the lightly green bottle is quite dense, the rubbing onto the skin is quite uneasy, if you touch the milk, you get the feeling of touching something greasy. My skin does not really soak up the milk so that it always stays on my clothes. The smell is odd as old women perfume so that I do not enjoy its fragrance. --- Historical facts about the Fenjal brand --- "Foundation of the company in form of a pharmacy 1899 in Basel (Germany) and expansion into the wholesale of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products shortly afterwards." - copied from the official fenjal website. All in ...

Palmolive Milk and Honey Shower Gel 21/01/2008

Palmolive BODYLOTION au Lait d´Amande Naturel

Palmolive Milk and Honey Shower Gel I have been using Palmolive Naturals Bodylotion already for ever with the exception of using up other body milks that I got occasionally for birthday. The kind of my Palmolive is "pour peau normale" (for normal skin). --- Usage --- After it is put onto the body it soaks into the skin high-speed and leaves behind a soft smooth skin. Take care if you meet water shortly after putting the lotion onto your skin, it will be washed off because it is not water resistant. The lotion itself is very easy to rub on. It has such a quality that even if you cream it thick it will go into your skin without leaving thick spots or hard layers. In special cases for instance when I do not use it for a longer time (my skin is very much dry then) it is not enough to use the lotion only once a day. But regular daily usage is sufficient. Palmolive bodylotion au Lait d´Amande Naturel contains valuable substances like vitamins E and A, panthenol and natural almond milk . That´t why it provides the skin with moisture that a normal skin needs. --- Packaging --- The bottle contains milky liquid. The smell is having vanilla fragrance but a kind and lightly sweet one. If I close my eyes and smell it, it is as if I would have my head among hundreds of specially smelling flowers. The bottle is usually having a light orange cap and white orange layout that fits well to the light brown almond fruits in the picture that is placed in the mids of the front side. The lettering is green except of ...

Lux 1 Royal 14/01/2008

Lux 1 Royal

Lux 1 Royal Our family bought this vacuum cleaner after two dealers came to our house for advertising a new product. After they got know that I am allergic they emphasized its usefulness of elimination all unwanted allergic source. The agents even showed us how does it work and we were convinced of its usefulness. We had the hope to improve our environment more sterile by using Lux 1 Royal instead of our old, very simple vacuum cleaner (I don't even remember any longer the brand). --- Experience --- Openly said, I haven't really realized a big change in my state of allergy but at least I felt somehow more clean towards the environment. The fact that the machine is proven by TÜV gave me a kind of peace. For those who do not know what TÜV stands for, it is a German organizations validating safety of products to protect human and the environment against hazards. --- Difference --- As I began to use Lux 1 Royal I somehow started to like vacuum cleaning. Hmm. A bit less noise, easy use comparing to the ancient machine. What was also new, it had three options of vacuum intensity. A light, a middle, and a strong one. I got used to choose the strongest one because with one easy move it did the work. Though all of the options suck pretty well, the strongest option makes the hard work easy. If you turn the vacuum cleaner on, the automatic intensity is the middle one, so don't forget to turn on higher : ) The smallest intensity, we used for cleaning up the spider nets. --- Equipment ...

Dreaming Out Loud - One Republic 11/01/2008

One Republic - Dreaming out Loud

Dreaming Out Loud - One Republic Some months ago, I found at YouTube the song "Apologize" by One Republic. I started to play it and I liked very much what I'm listening to, so after the end of the song, I pushed the button "replay" and at the end, I pushed "replay" once again, and again... That's why I would like to share with you a little bit more about the CD "dreaming out Loud" that was released in November 20, 2007. --- Why I like it --- One Republic is great music. Their tunes have perfect harmony, instruments and the lyrics are in the ears to fit. The music is so expressive that you can get even without the lyrics what is it about . Some bands make you stirred up, some peace you down, but what I like in One Republic is that they have a balance in what they play, if they stir up they do it softly, if they share peace they make it in a way that is not boring. This is true not only for the tunes but for the lyrics as well these are all in balance. Yeah. - And this is actually something that I don't find at other music because sometimes it is by virtue of being peaceful it is boring or it is not at all peaceful. One Republic is homely, peaceful, thought through and creating a good atmosphere. --- Track list --- Say (All I Need) Stop And Stare Goodbye, Apathy Tyrant Won't Stop Someone To Save You Dreaming Out Loud (Bonus Track) Mercy Apologize All Fall Down Prodigal All We Are Come Home Apologize Feat. Timbaland Remix (Bonus Track) One of my favourite is: ...

Tipp-ex Pocket Mouse 09/01/2008

Tipp-Ex, The Little Helper

Tipp-ex Pocket Mouse This little effective helpful gadget changed several ways of my writing manner in the meaning of giving a solution when a mistake occurred throughout my writing. It happened several times that because of a mistake on a sheet of paper, I teared out the whole page in the exercise book in order to write it again correctly.. But when I have written already quite much and then I made a mistake you can imagine that I didn't want to copy all the text again. So I found the solution of gluing onto the wrong place another little sheet of paper and like this to hide the unwanted place. But of course, this was not at all a solution for whichever place and situation because it required paper, scissors, glue etc.. --- The little gadget --- Then, once I realized that my classmate has something interesting. An gadget that you just put somehow onto the paper and right away after the white content of the tape is sticked over there, you can write on it again. I was amazed, I checked the brand and the exact outlook and went to a paper shop in order to get it. Successfully, I found the so called Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse. --- Way of usage --- It needs a tender though firm pushing and fluent pulling. If you are too harsh with the tender pushing, it won't stick on the paper. If you pull it too fast, it won't also work out all right. If you don't held it very even but just with a little different angel towards the paper then it also won't work out. I don't say that it is hard to ...

Sesame Snaps With Coconut 02/01/2008

Simple and delicious Sesam snaps

Sesame Snaps With Coconut Sesame snaps belong to my favorite ones. Whenever I have been travelling I made myself on search for this delicacy. I haven't had success every time because I could not find it in every shop. Or I just was not searching at the appropriate place of the shop. Sometimes I asked the shop assistant for help in order to get it, sometimes I gave up without asking. --- why do I like it --- I like it very much because it is for me as good as a chocolate, though there is no chocolate included, just sesame, honey and some glucose.. so it makes me feel to do something good for my health. --- why do I like it just partly --- Actually, when I bite into a sesame bar fully, then I have to make quite effort because it is somehow dry. And it goes into my teeth. I would even compare the feeling with having some sand in my mouth. --- conclusion --- Altogether I would recommend sesame snaps as a good, nice option when having a sweet tooth and not wanting to eat chocolate. ...

Roland EP-77 30/12/2007

Experience with Roland EP-77

Roland EP-77 I have been playing the piano for several years, each week going to a class, hard training all the time, concerts, and once, I got for Christmas this new invention. --- Advantages --- I didn't know at all what to expect. Before, I occasionally played for fun on keyboard. So I thought that it is comparable to such quality = not having a real size of a usual wooden piano. The other thing is that the number of keys, the low bass and high tones are usually missing on such a digital piano. But as I saw it then packed out, I starred on it with an open mouth because the keys had the usual size of a USUAL piano. What I really started to like on Roland EP-77 it was the fact that it is portable. - Several times it happened to me that I couldn't play the big piano at certain occasions because I cannot just put this instrument into my pocket and like this to take it with me from home. With Roland EP-77 it was solved. About recording your tunes it is no longer a dream even with some different sounds (strings, bells, organ), you can do that directly by cable - without the additional noises what is the case with an acoustic piano record. You can change to that if having just a simple piano. Extra cool: playing at night! You can modify the volume just as you want. This is impossible with an acoustic piano since however silent you might stroke the keys they still make a certain noise. --- Disadvantages --- Electricity. It requires electricity to be used in comparison to the acoustic ...

Vatican, Rome 23/12/2007

San Pietro in Vaticano experience

Vatican, Rome Amazing experience that you will never forget. I have been to Rome in September 2006 and it is still alive in my remembrance. I was caught by the huge interior of St Peter's. I could never before imagine something so large and spacious. And such a place where sooo many people come just in order to experience this attraction... It is said that 60.000 people can fit in the dome and its tract has 15.000 quadratic meter. While entering, my eyes were caught by the art on the walls and on the ceiling that were a bit exaggerated and sometimes kitschy. Words are not enough to describe how horrified I was. I would wish to everybody to experience it once in real to know what is catholicism about. - and maybe to be horrified... It was interesting for me to get know that on the ground is marked with length of the structures of other huge domes in the world, as for instance the one in Cologne. It was pretty good to have at least a rough imagination that even the dome of Cologne -masterpiece of Gothic architecture (I have been first in Cologne afterwards in Rome, actually already in Cologne I thought to see something exceptionally ugly) does not reach the measure of Basilika St. Peter. I have been visiting also the dome cupola, that meant to ascend first up on many stairs. There was almost no fresh, just humid air. And at some places very narrow corridors so that more weighty people would not really come through. After all this uneasiness, the result was, that when reaching the ...

Nivea Roll On 20/12/2007

PEARL beauty deo

Nivea Roll On I am using this brand of roll-on already for years because after having several disappointing experiences with other kinds of brands, I was truly glad when trying out this nivea quality. I used to change the brands of deodorants quite often because before starting to use nivea, no one of them really satisfied me, neither concerning the smell nor regarding the result. --- packaging --- Vitreous ten centimetre big flacon with a plastic screw shut-off that has a light pearl lustre. The appereance of the whole bottle has a pink touch. In addition, the bottle has an anatomic shape for the hand. This helps you to hold it more easily so that it cannot slip out of your hand. The design makes on you a good impression already when just seeing it and the milky look of the content is completing the expression of a soft and quality product. --- the effect --- After rolling the ball on your skin you might feel there a little bit wet but this disappears usually within a short time. You feel secure throughout the whole day long. Along to my experience, and it is amazing, the more I sweat the more it smells good. There is just one negative: the deo can make white spots on clothes but after some washings they disappear or stay there in an almost not recognizable way. --- conclusion --- PEARL beauty deo is a product that worths its price (2.5 Euro) for what you get a fashionable and cool antiperspirant that is soft to your skin and catches attention of men by its sweet fragrance.

Asda Belgian Chocolate Seashells 20/12/2007

Pralinées fines de Belgique FRUIT DE MER

Asda Belgian Chocolate Seashells I got this kind of truffles several times as a gift. But I haven't enjoyed as much as I might expect. The fact that it looks quite good, the mixture of shining brown and white color might let you think that it is probably a unique experience to bite into them. --- experience --- Actually, I was a bit disappointed by the strong sweet taste. One positive point I find - it contents nougat filling what I like quite much. Nevertheless I prefer other kinds of truffles that have less content of chocolate, sugar and grease. I would also point out that for me the truffles have too big size so that I feel like eating a slice of bread instead of a little sweety. When I ate it, just a small bite was already enough and I felt like forced to eat up the rest of the truffle. --- conclusion --- The reason why I would still recommend to buy Pralinées fines de Belgique FRUIT DE MER since it can be a perfect present for its ceremonious package and high quality content. ...

Dove Shampoo 20/12/2007

Dove "2 in 1"

Dove Shampoo I have been searching for a long time for such kind of shampoo that would have an efficacious effect on my hair. Once, when being in a shop and searching for something that wouldn't result again only in the section of being on average, I remembered an advertisement on Dove shampoos. The prize ( almost 1.40 £) was a bit higher compared to what I spent before on these items but I wanted to try out. --- decision for Dove 2 in 1 --- I chose the kind "2 in 1" because I knew that I need a little bit of conditioner though I didn't like so much to have two bottles - one containing a shampoo, the other one containing conditioner. That's why I was quite happy about this great option of 2 in 1. --- usage --- The shampoo itself is quite silky when touching it and it has a white pearl color. You don't need to use much because already one drop makes quite much lather. --- conclusion --- It effects my hair being soft and pliant, that means matching quite well to my hair type and corresponding to my expectation of what a shampoo should be. That's why I am using Dove 2 in 1 already for years.

Head & Shoulders Sensitive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 20/12/2007

Head&Shoulders as a good dandruff eliminator

Head & Shoulders Sensitive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Since I have moved to another locality, I started to have serious problems with skin dryness, especially on my head skin. I started to feel bad even the more when dandruffs became visible even on my top hair layer. I started to use a simple shampoo against dandruff but even after several try no effect could be realized. So I stepped out to the closest drugstore and bought dermatologically tested Head&Shoulders. It made me astonished how much does it cost (almost 3 € per 200 ml) but hoping for better quality of this known brand I told to myself that it will have a quick effect instead of loosing time with trying out cheaper products. --- usage --- Thus, I came home and washed my hair right away. The next day I washed twice and already at that time I realized that at last something is changing with the trouble on my hair. Even the more, I was nicely surprised with cooling effect on the surface of my skin. I liked the liquid as of milk. --- packaging --- A nice cornered white bottle with a blue shut off, on the right front side having a violet touch. At the bottom, there is a nice feather encircled with indication of the fact that it has been dermatologically tested. On its backside, you can find a description of the shampoo in several languages. Ensuring that you got a high quality product you can have a look at the fact that it is branded with Procter&Gamble. --- conclusion --- I would definitely advise the usage of Head&Shoulders sensitive, if you are looking ...
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