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Asda (Shop) 30/05/2010

Asda price? It would help if you stocked my goods!

Asda (Shop) This is my personal opinion on the Asda that is in Hatfield! I rarely shop in Asda bar when I see deals on the adverts that catch my eye..... I have been in this shop various times to get the deals that are shown on the adverts and claim to be in the shops from a certain date. *Selection* What selection? I am unsure if this is true to all Asda shops but for the one I have been to the selection is rather rubbish, yes they do stock some named brands but even then most of those shelves remain unstocked. Their meat all appears to be 'Asda price' meat and nothing of a better quality, I can't say I am a major meat eater but I do prefer to have a good quality of meat. They appear to stock a wide range of frozen food but next to no frozen vegetarian foods, unfortunately I cannot remember if they stock 'Quorn' food. Asda have a wide selection of music and electronic goods, alas it seems in the Hatfield branch that the electrionic and entertainment goods take centre stage rather than the food. *Deals* What DEALS? I have been to this Asda various times to get deals that have been shown on the TV and claim to be in stock and for sale! I have been in the shop for their deals on curry sauces, beer, pizzas etc, out of the estimated 8 deals I went in to buy they only had 1 available!!! (This being the curry sauces) *And everything else* Staff appear to be very polite and talkative, which I know can be VERY annoying if you are in a rush :-P . There is a good selection ...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) 29/05/2010


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) You can't really go wrong picking up a call of duty game and buying it! This game certainly pushes the fact that the makers are just excelling all the time. *Story* If you are a newbie to the call of duty scene I shall give you a small background, both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are based on fictional near-future wars. You play numerous characters each in different areas of the world. *Gameplay, extras & general info* You can play COD at different levels, from easy to veteran. This is ideal so people of all abilities can happily play along. A great feature of the game is that say for example you choose normal as a difficulty level you can easily change to a lower difficulty level. This is super as some of the levels are rather more difficult than others. Once you have completed the game entirely you will be able to play any of the levels at any point on any difficulty level. The main game follows a few different groups of soldiers through fictional war zones, the only way in which this game slightly differs from the other COD's is that the Modern Warfare series are set in the future( No space age just meaning a fair few years time!) Among fighting these new age wars you will also be able to collect enemy intell (These come in laptop form- You just need to walk upto one and press the square button) The game offers PLENTY of ammo and PLENTY of different firearms, if you run out of ammo on your weapon you may, after killing an ...

Shaun Of The Dead (Chart Driver) (DVD) 10/08/2009

It's all about the SHAUN!

Shaun Of The Dead (Chart Driver) (DVD) If you haven't already seen this movie then you have been missing out on a huge part of funny in your life! Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make the double act Shaun and Ed(Got wood?). As I have said before i'm a stickler for not giving away too much of the story so I will just pick the best bits to get you to watch this movie! This movie is so good I have seen it MULTIPLE amounts of times. Shaun Of The Dead isn't your average zombie thriller/comedy its far far far more! Lets play zombies shall we!!!! We meet the lovely Shaun and Ed in their local pub 'the winchester' on an average night out I suppose! We gather early on in the movie that Shaun is rather dumb when it comes to love and romance and that Ed may be ruining Shauns plans!(But really who could say no to Nicks cute face!) Before you know it its kicking out time and Shaun and Ed have decided to sing their way home even though its well after midnight! Once outside they witness what they think is a drunk(Well I can tell you it isn't- Unless some zombies are drunk that is :-p) Although before long it is FAR to obvious that there is something rather wrong! Enter blood, guts, humour, sillyness, upset, horror and out and out laughs! This is for sure a movie for all you comedy lover and ESPECIALLY a movie for you if you love Simon Pegg and/or Nick Frostr! It isn't a horror or anything close so don't worry you won't jump too much! Just wriggle with laughter! EXTRAS<3 I thoroughly enjoyed watching the ... 09/08/2009

Have a facebook'in good time Facebook is a relatively new social networking site to most, but it has fastly become one of the most used networking site from 18 year old models to 5 year old cats (Yes people have made pages for their animals :-P) Signing up to Facebook is very simple, you need to have an email to sign up and the rest is just plain and simple. You simply key in your important information which will include your date of birth, place of work(If you have one), past schools and obviously your name. These in turn will also help people who wish to get in contact with you! Once signed up and approved you are free to roam! Facebook allows you to upload images of yourself, add friends, message old work mates, play games, produce groups for different causes(This may be asking for people to vote for you in a competition or making people aware of a certain cause) and much much more! Uploading both images and videos are very easy, although upload time will depend on how quick your internet connection is. You can decide whether your images are open to the public, only for friends or for friends and people in your network. This applies to your profile as well you may choose whether you want it open to the public or just to approved friends. Adding people is very simple. You simply go to friends then to find friends, here you will be able to search via name and email. You will also be able to find friends from secondary school, find friends from uni and find work mates. If for example you ...

Driving Tests Success - All Tests 2008 (PC) 09/08/2009

Everything you will need to pass your theory

Driving Tests Success - All Tests 2008 (PC) Please ignore most of the specific criteria as it doesn't really apply to this 'game'. Driving test success all tests is basically a huge help to those people who are going to be taking their theory tests in the near future! Although im sure if you are really that bored or just feel like swatting up on the highway code you can still use this 'game'. This specific edition includes: 1. Theory test- If you are not already informed then a theory test is a set of questions you will be asked in order to be able to take your practical test. This edition contains every question and answer from 'the very latest OFFICIAL DSA Theory test question bank'. When I did take my test though I did come across questions I hadn't a clue about! This specific feature is for leaner car drivers, motorcylists and ADIs. I can't be too high and mighty as I only JUST scraped a pass on my Theory test :-P 2.Hazard perception- This part of the test requires you to watch a video of someone driving(I think its supposed to be an examiner but they seem to make mistakes GALOR) and mark anything you feel is a hazard. This could be in the near distance you can see a dog off a lead or a childs ball rolling into the road....You will be judged on how far in advance you spot these hazards! You are told how to complete this part of the test but me being me completely ignored it and had to have my instructor explain the entire thing to me! 3. Practical test- I didn't bother with this part of the 'game' as I really ...

Saints Row 2 (PS3) 08/08/2009

Drive-by's, escorting, pimping, flying and shopping all in one

Saints Row 2 (PS3) Sounds like a girls dream a game with shopping :-O! Playing the first Saints Row is not necessary although I would recommend playing that also, you will be able to gather the gist of the game just by starting it up so no need to worry! I have completed this game twice once on normal difficulty and once on hardcore, so I feel I can give a pretty decent review of the game! I would recommend people who haven't played saints row before to start on the easiest option though to see how you go. This game is super if you really like to get into your games. There are main missions, strongholds, activities and diversions. You must complete main missions and strongholds but activities and diversions are optional but they will add to your respect meter(You must have +1 respect or you will NOT be able to start any missions) Strongholds are small missions(I guess you could call them that) where you fight to keep a piece of area you have claimed to stay yours, pretty simple really and doesn't require much effort. By completing activities you can earn things like 10% off at all clothing, less damage taken when hit by a car and less damage taken when shot.....So it is obviously well worth completing any activities you can! These activities include: Snatch- which is when you have to 'snatch' other gangs and other pimps prostitutes to use at other brothels that I can only guess you own, Hitman- Is a activity where you will need to kill certain people on the hitlist the list will tell you ...

Condemned 2: Bloodshot (PS3) 07/08/2009

Turn your hand to CSI and fight your way through a crazy town

Condemned 2: Bloodshot (PS3) I am a stickler for not giving away too much about the games story through my reviews. Story: I haven't finished this game infact I only recieved it 1 day ago, althought through this one day of play I have realised how great a game it really is. I haven't played the first game but felt adequate background was given through cutscenes. I was recommended this game as I am a lover of CSI type games and programmes. You take the role of a drunk Ethan Thomas an ex-special investigator who throughout the game suffers from awful nightmares(Well thats the best way I can describe what happens). At random times in the game you will be asked to investigate goings on, For example you will be asked to photograph a dead body and try to find out who the victim is! So far I have found the blood pattern analysis the only pain in the beehind! Controls: By playing this a few the past 2 days I have gotten used to the controls although at the start I was completely messing it up and dying pretty easily, which was a bit annoying. Walking controls are obvious and very easy to get used to but the fighting controls I found a bit annoying as I was usuing R2 and L2 instead of R1 and L1! This game is perfect for gamer mad people, CSI freaks and obviously people who have played the first game. NOT for those who are easily scared of freaked out! Misc: There are 4 different playable games on this game which are: Single player- This option is the main game and involves you going through ...

La Senza (Shop) 18/06/2009

Bright, bold boulder holders!

La Senza (Shop) I am writing this as a girlie who loves bright bold bras! I started shopping in La Senza around 3 years ago! Started by just buying pants and proceeded onto buying both bras and pants! Bras<333 I usually look in La senza as they do relatively small backsizes and they have super cute coloured bras! As much as I love some of the designs I find they look pretty awful in my size(Large cupsize) and when I finally do find a bra I like they usually don't have the bra in my size :-( I don't browse in La senza I literally shop by colour and anything that jumps out at me I usually go and have a look! I recently haven't found much that has caught my eye which is rather rubbish! Please don't get me wrong the bras are usually very well made and comfy( Thats if you can find one in your size ;-) ) Panties<333 As I stated earlier I started shopping in La Senza around 3 years ago shopping for just undies! As much as I want to shop in La Senza I have to hold myself back as USUALLY their matching bra and breifs only start at a size 8 (Im a size 6)! I find this rather annoying as I could easily buy a few sets if it wasn't for the pants being huge on me! I have also noticed that their pants are very over priced for something that in reality is just a piece of tiny material :-) I find it odd that the bras are SO well priced and the underwear is a little over priced! When I finally do find undies that fit I am very happy except for the fact that they are rather childish :-(. They seem to do ...

ICS Diplomas 26/05/2009

Up and down like a roller coaster..ICS probably not!

ICS Diplomas Their advert says ICS you can.... I feel ICS you maybe will maybe won't!!! I have so far taken 3 GCSE'S and 1 diploma with ICS... I must add I will no longer be taking any more. *My experience with their GCSE course material.* I will give you a little bit of my background, I left school when I was 13 after being bullied and made to feel extremely unwelcome at the worst excuse for a school ever. My parents rufused to send me to another school so I started to be home educated! They bought me 3 GCSE courses to do which were English, Food studies(Can't remember the exact name) and History. I became aware at the start that alot of the work you study from is spelt wrong! Worrying when you are learning English from them and working alone to better yourself. There were lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, which I did highlight to them when they gave me a form to fill in after I had finished my courses, I just guess they aren't interested in that kind of information. Whilst some of the study material was helpful I did find I had to go on the internet quite alot to get some of my coursework done. *My experience with their GCSE tutors* When you buy your home study course and send off your first assignment you are alloted a tutor who will or should be there to help you and mark your assignments. Out of the three tutors I had to deal with the nicest was the History tutor who was kind enough to guide me and give me as many pointers as he legally could! My ...

Sony Ericsson W580i 22/05/2009

Temperamental pain in my bee-hind

Sony Ericsson W580i When I first got this I thought it was going to be an amazing little phone. Yes, it's easy to use. Yes, it's small. NO, it's not durable! The problems started after the first few months of having the phone. The two main buttons you will be using started to curl up at the sides.(There is some kind of flexi-plastic under the buttons to re-act to touch) This plastic started coming up the sides so it became hard for the buttons to re-act to me touching them. Don't get me wrong there is noting majorly wrong with this phone but it just isn't up to my standards. I never used the phone as a walkman so I can't comment on how that particular process was like. One problem that I found rather annoying was the fact that you could accidently press one button when you were doing something,for example, like texting and end up blaring out the free tunes that came with the phone! This was rather embarassing. This is definitely NOT a phone for the clumsy as the slide is rather temperamental and really tough to open once you have had the phone for a while. There is nothing super special about this phone. 22/05/2009

My favourite online shop.. From budget to blow out! I discovered ASOS a few years ago and can say it was one of my best finds. Over all the years that I have shopped from there I have had NO problems whatsoever and find the experience of shopping on their website a pleasure. I have bought everything from shoes to clothing on there AND even when I bought a pair of shoes and they were damaged they happily let me return them and get a refund, I also recieved an apology. All the clothing that I have brought from ASOS, both their own make and makes they sell, have been of perfect quality. I find their clothing is great value for money and I am always happy to buy from them. The website is very easy to navigate and their is also a search function if you are looking for something inparticular that you cannot find. The website is updated weekly at least(As far as I know) and a great e-newsletter is available to be sent to your email. This e-letter shows new products in and what different celebs are wearing and what is 'in' at the moment. The very few times that I have had problems, there has prehaps been once or twice, they have been sorted out as soon as they have been contacted. The one problem I did have was the shoe incident which was rectified easily and hasn't put me off from buying from them again. I also have to applaud ASOS on their quick turn around when Buncefield caused their warehouse and products to be damaged. The speed of delivery is super and the products often come way before the allotted ...

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 22/05/2009

Sleek, stylish and sexy

Sony PlayStation 3  (PS3) I wasn't too sure when I heard this was coming out! Do I get it? Shall I leave it? Shall I get a xbox 360 instead? Well I did end up being purchased a 60GB PS3 and I am so glad that I got it! The PS3 is very easy to use but requires internet connection to update the console so games can be used without them crashing or 'sticking'. You will need to update the console every time you get a new game, I found this a little tiresome especially if I started a game and then come to realise it needed an update! The first time I became aware of this was whilst play Call of duty 4, I got so far on a level and couldn't seem to get any further.I found out that the console needed to be updated which I proceeded to do and after updating the console it worked like a dream. One downside to the updates is some of them take rather lengthy periods of time to download, I have a fast internet connection so I believe that it may possibly be that the files are either huge or the console is rather slow(I can't complain about this as I may be in the wrong!) Using the controller as a normal controller is the easy part, I found the hard part was when I tried to use the 'SIXAXIS' part or the controller. On some games it is possible for you to tilt and turn the controller instead of using the directional pad or analog sticks. I decided to stick with it as a normal controller and not be daring :-P I really did try but whilst playing a racing game I proceeded to crash and burn instead of flying past the ...

River Island (Shop) 22/05/2009

Great girlie place to shop and actually enjoy the experience

River Island (Shop) I find River Island a pleasure to shop in! The staff always seem to be available to help you, they aren't pushy at all either. The majority of River Island's I have been in have ALL been well spaced out, well stocked and very clean. I shop in River Island regularly both In store and online and have found both a pleasure! The clothing is extremely well priced and great quality also. I regularly buy their boots and still have a pair after 2-3 years and they have only needed to be re-heeled one (Probably due to my walking :P ) I have found that items are easy to return and they are also happy to return them too without making a huge fuss. Items bought online can be returned in-store which I find a great help especially if I need to swap the item for a different style or size. Most of my wardrobe are products from River Island and they will continue to be! ...

Jane Norman (Shop) 22/05/2009

I was majorly put off by my worst visit to a shop ever!

Jane Norman (Shop) I first found Jane Norman when I was shopping in London! I found my experience at this shop satisfactortory. I found the shop rather over-crowded with stock and because of this there was NO space to move around and have a snoop through. At this visit I bought one pair of jeans and a dress both of which have been great products. The jeans are about the only thing I would be happy to buy from this shop. The experience that put me off though was after I had spent a considerable sum in there on 3 average products. I bought 2 wool type jumper dresses and a top. I went to wear the jumper dress the morning after I bought it and discovered a considerable hole in the front of the dress(which may I add had not been caused by me) we proceeded to go back to the shop. When we got there we were fobbed off with some lousy excuse about the jumper and that it would have to go to their 'factory' to be tested to see if it was MY fault or a fault in the dress! Me and my mum preceeded to argue with them that what was that going to show, and told them in the end we would end up with nothing. Thankfully my dad had a word and I eventually was able to choose another dress (That I didn't particularly want) but atleast I got something. They then told us that the top would go in the sale section! I found the staff rather rude and moody, I can only guess that sort of thing happens alot and they are tired of having to put up with it. I am really upset that this one occation put me off and that no one ...

The Little Rascals (DVD) 22/05/2009

My favourite movie since I was little

The Little Rascals (DVD) I write this review as a HUGE Little Rascals fan, whom can nearly recite the entire film word for word. I came across this film on 'FRONT ROW' it was also one of my best finds! The Little Rascals are a group of 'HE man wumun haterz' (Their spelling not mine) whom obviously have a nervous disposition of women! The Little Rascals have a small club house that they use to conduct their meetings, You first meet them discussing who is going to drive the car in the town derby. The person who gets chosen is no where to be seen though(Scene cuts to a couple in a boat) naughty Alfalfa has been dating a little chick called Darla. Needless to say this is a huge rule Alfalfa has broken! The rest of the movie follows the group through the ups and downs of childhood, All this in a few days!!!! Again I won't divuldge the rest of the story as I would love for you to watch it yourselves! Let's just say it involves alot of laughs, silly tricks and burned down club houses! A MUST see movie! Would be GREAT watch for a family!
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