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Please take it as a given that all my work is copy written and whilst it is flattering in a way, please do not copy it for gain or without permission. Thanks for all the reads, rates, appreciated esp E rates, every E I give is well deserved.

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Sun protection products: who uses what and why? 17/06/2017

*** Everybody is Free to make Choices ***

Sun protection products: who uses what and why? Sun protection products: who uses what and why? 'Dark days are gone and bright days are here' (Hebb R). *** I started this piece once and parked it on the cloud, now I cannot access the cloud, there is a certain irony there, so I will begin again and hope to recoup the information, explanation and personal experience that I have already so painstakingly prepared once. Global Warming, Hmm, I am not going to write a huge piece on the phenomena, but needless to say the thinning of the ozone layer means that some of the invisible harmful rays get through and can cause us mere humans no end of problems. Indeed in the UK diagnosis of skin cancer in those under 55 years is up 66% in the last 20 years, but wait, it is also up 222% for those over 55 and that is a pretty frightening statistic, especially as most people will pay for the exposure in later life. Melanoma is now the fifth most common cancer in the UK. Whilst specialists believe that a lot of this is due to our accessibility to overseas holidays and that our parent’s generation were unaware of the risks, global warming makes the risk a very real one even in the UK. ’Wear Sunscreen’ *** UVA and UVB: What are UVA and UVB, you may well ask. Well they are electro-magnetic light waves that come from the sun and are invisible to the naked eye. By the late 1970’s scientists had begun to realise the enormity of the shrinking ozone layer and the potential dangers of the UV spectrum to our wellbeing. In particular the damage ...

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Rosie 15/06/2017

~ Rosie Woo Woo from Take n Play Thomas ~

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Rosie Take n Play Rosie As I work my way through the Take n Play collection before they are sold on via a well known auction site, I’ll take a few moments to review the female engine Rosie: Being a Take n Play version Rosie is made of die cast metal with plastic wheels and underside, with her shiny, bright pink colour scheme Rosie is a very feminine engine and this is intensified by her freckles. The pink is broken up by white block features and gold bands around her engine, her cheerful white face is surrounded by a black band and topped by a black funnel. The roof of the cab is black and her six wheels and buffers are red although this is broken up by pink steps to match her main colour. Rosie is not one of the smallest engines and measures approximately 340 x 128 x 140 mm. She has a large magnet either end for easy attachment and for some reason the front magnet seems to dominate on her. ~*~ Packaging: When bought new the set tends to be packaged in a card backed clear semi rigid plastic pack that is distinctive by its cheerful packaging dominated by a lovely blue sky. Clearly visible is the manufactures name “Fisher Price” the Take n Play name and that the toy is suitable for age 3 and above. ~*~ Playing: There are so many engines in the set and I notice they tend to be given different jobs and come in and out of favour. Rosie has had her fair share of play and rest time and is a nice addition to the set. She gets played with, dropped and crashed into, just the same as ...

Nivea Coconut Shower Cream 14/06/2017

~ Coconut Cream with Jojoba and Palm ~

Nivea Coconut Shower Cream Nivea Coconut Shower Crème 250ml I have my favourite shower gel brands and I have my fallbacks when I cannot afford the ones I really want to buy and use and the Nivea shower gels fall into the second category. That said I’ve never had a complaint with the Nivea products, I just try to buy organic and animal testing free whenever I can. Here is my review of the Nivea Coconut Shower Crème: ~*~ Packaging: The Nivea shower crème is packaged in a fairly standard plastic container featuring a white and blue colour scheme with the Nivea logo clearly placed, It has a good quality flip top lid and the bottle is slightly flattened and curved rectangular shape that being less round than many is easy to hold, shelve and use. On the front as well as the logo encapsulated in a dark blue box is the name of the product which actually appears as Crème Coconut boldly near the top and below a picture of half a coconut it says Shower Cream, the description below this ’Shower Cream with caring Jojoba Oil & Refreshing Scent of Coconut Water’ On the back is the usual information about recycling and to use within 12 months of opening, use instructions, the company address and barcode. ~*~ Using: The cream is very easy to use, just flip the lid open with a thumb whilst holding the container in the hand, tempt a little out by holding upside down or tilting when nearly full and gently squeezing a little. The white coloured cream is quite thin and pours easily. I would suggest that it ...

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Rex 10/06/2017

~ Take n Play Rex ~ Metal Guru is it really you? ~

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Rex Take n Play Rex Rex is another engine that comes with his own coal trailer in the Take n Play set that I am working through and reviewing at the moment: Just like the other engines in the Take n Play series Rex is mostly a die cast toy, but with some plastic parts. He measures in at approximately 192 x 370 x 140mm. Rex is green and red, with a green body, red buffers and six green wheels, he has red banding and his name on the green body is also in red. Rex has a silver funnel and band around his face and seems to carry a slightly startled but friendly expression. He has a couple of bright yellow accessories on his top as well and the cab has a black roof. His trailer is also green with red banding and buffer and matched green wheels and bares the word “Arlesdale”. Rex has the magnet either end, but it does not stand out so much on him as his undercarriage and some of his colouring is silver, the magnet ensures easy attachment and the engine and trailer can be used separately. ~*~ Packaging: The range is packaged on a card backing with clear Perspex type front so that the toy can be seen. The card is easy to spot for its bright blue sky and the Fisher Price name/logo are highly visible on the packaging. Also there will be the toy’s name and the recommended age of three years +. ~*~ Playing: Rex is one of the gang, he is another small engine in the set that gets picked out by little hands in this set of small collectible toys. In a line up his silver front makes him ...

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Mike 09/06/2017

Take n Play Mike ~ Can you hear me, can you hear me running?

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Mike Take n Play Mike Following on from my other Thomas reviews, as I work through them before the toys are sold on, here I am reviewing the Take n Play Mike: In common with the other engines in the Take n Play series Mike is mostly made from die cast metal with some plastic parts. He is a little chap and measures in at approximately 192 x 370 x 140mm. Mike is red and comes with his own red coal trailer, the colour scheme is enhanced with blue lines and a black funnel with the black going around his cheerful little face. He has 6 red wheels and those on his trailer are black. His name is small on the side and brought out using gold lettering in a box. The trailer bares the word “Arlesdale” also in gold and the whole appearance is quite pleasing. In common with others in the set, Mike has a magnet each end for easy attachment and the engine and trailer can be separated. ~*~ Packaging: In common with the range when new Mike and his trailer are packaged in a card and clear plastic point of sale package that has a hanging hole at the top and are easily found due to the blue sky featured at the top, also, the fisher Price name/logo and the toy’s name and the recommended age is quite bold on the packaging too. ~*~ Playing: With his bright livery and cheerful face, little Mike is an engine that does get carried around a bit and snuck into bags and pockets to take to play elsewhere other than at home. Often without his trailer which gets used with other engines as well. He is ...

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Straight & Curved Track 07/06/2017

~ Staying on Track ~

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Straight & Curved Track Thomas & Friends Take n Play Straight & Curved Track What every Thomas fan needs is a collection of engines and track to run them on and here I am reviewing the track that goes with the Take n Play range from Fisher Price: ~*~ In the Box: 22 pieces of grey plastic track comprising of: 6 almost square pieces 2 of each type male/male male/female and female/female 4 large curved pieces 4 small curved pieces 2 small rectangular pieces 2 medium rectangular pieces 2 slightly larger medium rectangular pieces 2 large rectangular pieces ~*~ Using: The track is grey in colour and textured. The pieces fit together in a click style jigsaw way and in a large number of different shapes and are compatible with some of the other items in the sets. There is no right way up to use the pieces which gives greater scope for different track designs. Some of the pieces have plastic shingle attached as well which include little slots that signalling and signs can be attached into. Designed to complement the Take n Play range the tack is suitable for children ages three and above. The pieces are chunky enough for little hands and fit together well. Although the track looks quite thin it is strong and durable and has lasted really well. A few pieces of track on a shelf make a nice place to store some of the engines on display, but generally the track is brought out, played with for a couple of days and then goes away again. It all depends, it works well on the bedroom floor or on the ...

Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Sun Lotion SPF30 06/06/2017

~ Protects from the Sun ~ Even this SPF20

Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Sun Lotion SPF30 Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh F 20 Today, I am reviewing the F20 sun lotion from Nivea that I bought recently with a view to using mostly on my face. ~*~ Packaging: The lotion is packaged in a 200ml blue plastic container with an orange flip top lid. The front is recognisable by the Nivea logo in a dark blue disk that is covering the sun. Quite bold on the front is the variety name being protect & refresh and beneath the SPF 20 is quite large and bold in orange and there is also the important information that the lotion is water resistant and gives instant protection. ~*~ The Lotion: I have started using Nivea sun lotion the last couple of years following a recommendation and I must admit I grabbed this for its SPF and not for the refreshing element. I notice that this lotion takes just a tad longer to rub in that the moisturising version and forms a powdery feel on my skin. I bought this to use on my face and it is okay for that purpose although it is not designed or sold as a facial product. I have in the past used Nivea’s tinted moisturiser for my face and a F50 face lotion from the brand, but for half an hour here and there in a typical British summer I find F20 quite sufficient for my needs and with the benefit of being easier to put on. Once it rubbed in it does not leave any annoying white shimmer like many of the higher factor products do. The smell is quite strong, not in your face obnoxious strong, just more noticeable than the other Nivea sun products I have ...

Nurture Replenish Day Cream SPF 15 03/06/2017

~*~ Nurture and claim me ~ Roll back the Mileage ~*~

Nurture Replenish Day Cream SPF 15 Nurture Replenish Day Cream SPF15 Most months I buy a beauty box and enjoy trying many of the products in the box, recently I bought a box that included this day cream and here is my review: ~*~ Nuture: They say that they utilise a combined expertise in nutritionists, doctors and dermatologists to develop a unique two step holistic approach to optimum skin and hair health. They further advise that their customers are individuals and they have a UK call centre were the customer can phone in to talk to one of a hundred trained and friendly advisors for advice on health and beauty needs. ’We are committed to providing you with only the highest quality products to help you see real results and feel the nurture difference.’ Nuture are part of Healthspan and the company is based in the Channel Islands. ~*~ Animal Testing: ’We never test any of our products on animals. Nor do we source raw materials which have been tested on animals’ So based on this information from their website, I decided to buy the box and give at least one of their products a try. ~*~ Packaging: The day cream is packaged in a gold coloured square box, clearly featuring the name of the product Nurture Replenish and their logo. At the top in white text is the category of the product being ’Day Cream SPF 15’. On the outside of the box are the directions and explanation of why they are different. Also on one side of the outside of the box is a table giving the notable active ingredients information ...

Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion SPF15 31/05/2017

~ Here Comes the Sun ~ I'm Alright! ~

Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion SPF15 Nivea sun Moisturising Sun Lotion Woo-hoo, summer is here! We have some lovely weather and with lovely weather comes the risk of sun burn, so out comes the sun lotion. I am reviewing the Nivea F 15 sun lotion that I bought last year and did not open so was able to store in a cool dark place and bring out again for this year: Generally, I am lucky, I think largely due to growing up outdoors, despite my skin being fair, generally in the UK I do not burn easily, in fact I need two solid weeks of Miami sun to get a decent tan on my legs whatever I do! However, I am aware of the risks and the need to use a sun protection product when out and about. ~*~ Packaging: The Nivea sun lotion products are branded with a dark blue container and orange coloured lid and the Nivea brand logo is clearly shown cleverly blocking out the sun near the top of the container. Nivea has used symbolisation to signify different types of sun product and in this case they have a picture of what looks like a pillow case or even a nappy, but I think it is supposed to signify moisturising. Near the bottom is the sun protection factor rating (SPF) in this case being 15 and the information that the product is long lasting and water resistant giving protection from UVA and UVB. The size I have is 200ml. ~*~ The Lotion: Why I chose this lotion is following a recommendation from family members who suffer the red hair gene and therefore the need to be extra careful in the sun, so if Nivea is good enough for ...

Alan Titchmarsh, the Gardener's Year - Alan Titchmarsh 31/05/2017

~ Alan Titchmarsh Guides us Gently ~

Alan Titchmarsh, the Gardener's Year - Alan Titchmarsh The Gardener’s Year Alan Titchmarsh Like so many, as a self taught gardener I used to avidly watch the Alan Titchmarsh television programmes and have a large collection of gardening books. Here today, I am reviewing a book that combines the two and was pretty much my gardening bible for a few years: ~*)(*~ Alan Titchmarsh: Alan Titchmarsh is a British gardener, television presenter and author from Yorkshire. He is probably best known for presenting the ‘90’s television show Ground Force and his long stint on BBC television’s long running gardening show Gardner’s World. At the time of writing Alan is presenting Love Your Garden for ITV and recently presented a television programme for Channel 5 being Secrets of the National Trust. ~*)(*~ Cover: My hardback version has a dust jacket and hard cover featuring the same picture, a photo of Alan in a forget-me-not patch leaning on a shovel with some clematis behind him. The book is approximately 28 x 23cm and is quite thick with plenty of colourful pictures throughout and runs to 311 pages in total. ~*)(*~ Blurb: The book is describes as being: ‘Both attractive and immensely practical, The Gardeners’ Year is the ideal gardening companion.’ (BBC Books). The foregoing is the closing statement from the inside front cover dust jacket and the remainder of the blurb gives the information of the book that I will discuss further here below, so there is no need to quote for you. ~*)(*~ The Contents and Index: The book is ...

RC2 Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Billy 29/05/2017

Billy the little Orange Chap with the Big Price Tag!

RC2 Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Billy Take n Play Billy Following on from my recent Ryan review here is my review of another engine from the set being Billy: Billy is the little orange engine with the cheerful cross eyed and buck toothed face. Mostly orange, Billy has a black funnel and a red section between the wheels and main engine part. His name is on the side in gold letters within a rectangular box. He measures approximately 12.4 x 5.8 x 3.3cm and is one of the smallest in the set and therefore very toddler hand friendly. However, in common with most of the range he is aimed at children over three years old. Made from mostly die cast metal Billy is made from a mix of metal and plastic, the main engine is die cast metal, but the wheels and undercarriage are plastic. He has a magnet front and rear to allow easy attachment to other toys in the set and he is described as a boisterous, bubbly tank engine bursting with enthusiasm! He likes to do things his way, but he always does the right thing. Packaging: When new the toys are packaged in a card and clear plastic point of sale package that has a hanging hole at the top and can be spotted because they tend to feature a blue sky at the top, the fisher Price name/logo and the toy’s name and the age is quite bold on the packaging as well. However, it would seem that you are unlikely to find Billy in the usual places. Playing: Billy is not a favourite, but being smaller he is easy to carry around and manoeuvre, his funny face is cheerful and he stands out by ...

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Ryan Engine 28/05/2017

One of Many: Ryan from Fisher Price Take n Play

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play Ryan Engine Thomas & Friends Take n Play Ryan Like so many little boys my grandson is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and pals, now he is growing out of his seemingly total absorption of all things Thomas and his toys are being sorted out, I need to review as many Thomas toys as I can before they all go. One toy that he has lots of is the Take n Play Ryan and one set that seem to multiply is the little Take n Play, so he is my review of the Take n Play Ryan: This engine measures in at approximately 12.8 x 3.4 x 14cm and he is a purple in colour with black accents and features gold and white artwork. He has a cheerful cream coloured face and a bold magnet front and rear making him easy to attach to other items in the set. In common with other toys in the set Ryan is tough and durable being manufactured mostly from die cast metal. The toys are aimed at children over three years old and last into the first couple of years at school. Ryan is a fairly new character and came in as brash and dismissive and in the stories was brought in to cover Thomas’ role when Thomas went to help the Fat Controller on another branch. Soon though Thomas and Ryan became friends. My grandson Ryan has a huge collection of Thomas toys and accessories and in particular lots of Ryan engines and I think some will be put away and kept. The Take n Play collection are from Fisher Price and are described as a portable railway. ~*~ Packaging: The toys tend to come in a clear plastic cover attached to a card ...

Astonish Coconut Liquid Handwash 25/05/2017

~ Astonishingly ~ Coconut Even Cleans Hands ~

Astonish Coconut Liquid Handwash Astonish Coconut Handwash This is another bargain buy from an on-line Poundshop experience where I needed to spend over £30.00. I have positive experience of the Astonish range and coconut in all its guises is currently en vogue and I was happy to give this hand wash a try: ~*~ First Impressions: The clear gel is not particularly thick and gives only a very subtle coconut fragrance and my first thoughts were that the container featuring a dome shaped top and push down pump to access the gel was easy and instinctive to use. I liked that the fragrance was gentle and subtle and that the gel lathered and spread well as I washed my hands. ~*~ Container: The 500ml gel is supplied in quite a large a clear dome shape top plastic container featuring an easy pump action dispensing push down dispenser. The shrink wrapped label is clear at the front, so that you can view the wash and bears the legend Astonish yourself – Coconut – antibacterial Handwash with added moisturiser. The rear portion is blue and has the instructions, ingredients barcode and icons for recycling, cruelty free, vegan and to use within 12 months of opening. ~*~ Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium laureth sulphate, Sodium chloride, Cocamide DEA, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Parfum, Triclosan, Diethanolamine, Isopropyl alcohol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Benzyl alcohol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, CI 61585, Dimethico. ~*~ Subsequent Use: Through using the hand wash in the ...

Worlds Apart Junior Ready Bed 20/05/2017

~ Look for Logo #Worlds Apart Junior featuring Olaf in our case ~

Worlds Apart Junior Ready Bed Ready Bed Junior A few years ago when we took the cubs on an overnight camping trip some of the children were on about their Ready Beds and the fact that they had not been allowed to bring them along. So, when I spotted the Ready Bed’s in-store albeit packaged, I was aware of what they are and what they do and bought some for my grandchildren. These pop up beds have been around for a few years now, but due it might seem to the odd faulty one; these have not taken off and are not as known or mainstream as I expected them to be by now. ~*~ What is a Ready Bed: A ready bed is an inflatable bed and sleeping bag all in one for children up to around seven years old designed to be portable and depict favourite fictional characters from Disney and others. The size is approximately 155cm x 67cm x 20cm, so they are useable for children up to around 150cm maximum. ~*~ Packaging: The bag is packaged in a thin card box with a strong plastic carry handle and depicting the style of the bed. The picture on the outside of the box is three children enjoying a sleepover. ~*~ What’s in the Bag: Inside the packaging there is a carry bag, an inflatable bed with an all in one pillow, a sleeping bag a small repair section and a foot pump with adapter. There is also a leaflet with instructions in case you need them and warnings about the bed to keep away from sharp objects, flame or heat sources. The bed should be inflated and deflated by an adult. A warning that this is not a water toy is ...

Burt's Bees Lipstick 18/05/2017

~ Sunset Cruise from Burt's Bees ~ Loves me Back ~

Burt's Bees Lipstick Burt's Bees Sunset Cruise Lipstick “Finally a lipstick that loves you back” In a moment of madness I went through my make up bags and drawer a few months ago and threw out anything that was old, past its best and that I did not think I would use. That session involved throwing out most of my lipstick. I very seldom go the full make up look these days and have adopted a strategy whereby I enhance my eyes in the winter months and then use lipstick during the summer because I wear sunglasses a lot of the time and find a basic no make-up, make-up style works for my eyes, indeed this year I forgot about the daily dose of honey and have dreadful hay fever, so the no make-up look is indeed no make-up. This means that I really do need to do something to detract away from my watery, swollen, puffy eyes and to ensure that I do look like I have made an effort. Enter something for lips madam..... Rummaging through my new make-up drawer, I found the Avon tinted lip product that I was looking for and was surprised when I applied it that it looks too pink, I’ve used up my Burt’s Bees tinted shimmer and anyway that was not what I wanted. I needed some lipstick, so I went to Superdrug in my lunch break and gave up, I could not decide what I wanted and had no interest in spending ages trying out colours and so on. Then as if by magic an offer popped into my in-box that included a lipstick from one of my favourite brands. Well, it would have been rude not to... I checked out the other ...
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