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Thank you for all the reads rates and lovely comments on my reviews. I appreciate every single E rate and every one I give is well deserved. Finally getting over the nasty cold that has lasted for weeks and will be back to fragrance reviews very soon :)

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Happy Pet Migrator Pheasant Dog Toy 20/03/2017

~ A Pleasant Pheasant Toy ~

Happy Pet Migrator Pheasant Dog Toy Happy Pets Pheasant Dog Toy I volunteer for some canine rescues and my own dogs are an important part of my life. I am currently reviewing dog orientated items and here is my review of this dog toy: ~*~ The Toy: The Pheasant dog toy is a soft toy for dogs that has a realistic look and looks like it could just as easily be a child’s soft toy. The plush material is quite long and has a glossy appearance and is coloured to give the appearance of a male pheasant, being only slightly smaller than life size at approximately 24cm long. Because this is a soft toy designed for dogs it does have a squeaker inside that makes a noise that is surprisingly lifelike. ~*~ Using: The toy is pheasant like in appearance and size and makes a nice addition to a dog’s collection of toys. I was given this for my dogs, but had to carefully remove the squeaker because one of my dogs cannot stand the squeakers in toys and will not rest until she has completely shredded the toy and killed the squeak. Otherwise she is a meek and mild dog, we just have to avoid squeaker toys or remove the squeak. My neighbour who’s dogs I often sit also have this toy and all the dogs play with them from time to time. The dogs have a lot of fun playing with these, my neighbours dogs by throwing into the air and catching it, nudging it and prodding it to make it squeak, bringing to a person to be thrown and retrieved and so on. My dogs play kill with theirs and retrieve it when it is thrown for them and sometimes ...

Kong Wobbler Snack Ball 18/03/2017

Hey Joe! Where You Going with that Kong in Your Hand?

Kong Wobbler Snack Ball Kong Wobbler I was looking through some photo’s for inspiration of what to review next and I realised looking at some of the rescue German Shepherd Dogs that I have assessed and worked with that I have not reviewed this accessory that a good number of the dogs love. ~*~ Kong: The Kong brand was started in the UK by Joe. Joe was driven by his idea to create strong, durable dog toys and funded the project, made the toys and marketed as well. Joe tested his toys well, using real dogs and concentrating on breeds that were strong chewers. This was a long time ago and I know all this because a friend was one of Joe’s testers, well not her personally, but her Staffordshire Bull Terriers were among the dogs along with Joe’s own German Shepherds who had to give their seal of approval to the prototypes before the toys could be manufactured and marketed. Joe’s vision was to develop a range of toys that would stimulate dogs and help them learn through play and importantly, he wanted products that would last and satisfy strong chewers. One of Joe’s biggest hurdles was creating a product to do all this and keep the price down. So initially when Kong toys went to market they were expensive. These days due to the popularity the prices are much more competitive and do not whatever you do be tempted to buy a fake. The copies have not been through the same stringent testing and quality assessment and there are a lot of fake’s out there. Kong toys should be bought from a reputable source ...

Serge Lutens A La Nuit Eau de Parfum Female 13/03/2017

~ On a Hot Summers Night ~ Serge Lutens A La Nuit Femme

Serge Lutens A La Nuit Eau de Parfum Female Serge Lutens A La Nuit Eau de Parfum Femme Continuing my quest to learn all I can about parfum and the foibles of fragrance, I was delighted to receive some samples of Serge Lutens fragrances when I asked and here is my review of the A La Nuit EDP for women: ~*~ The Creator: The fragrance was Created by Christopher Sheldrake in 2000 and is part of the Serge Lutens fragrance collection. Christopher Sheldrake went to Grasse to improve his French and left as a perfumer – or so the story goes. Sheldrake has a long association with Chanel and Serge Lutens perfume houses and has also created perfumes for the less auspicious Avon range. ~*~ Fragrance: Group: oriental floral Fragrance notes: Top Notes: Green shoots Clove Heart Notes: Moroccan Jasmine Indian Jasmine Egyptian Jasmine Base notes: White honey Benzoin Musk I spray this on and what I get is fresh greenness, I don’t notice the cloves at all and within a couple of minutes the recognisable, sultry Jasmine starts to come through and within five minutes it has arrived, If I try really, maybe, just maybe there is a hint of cloves in the transformation stage, but I would not know it where there, were I not searching for it. The heart notes of a heady blend of Jasmine’s is a Jasmine of white floral lover’s dream, the heady intoxicating fragrance of evening Jasmine under the stars on a hot summer night, is strong and overpowering for around twenty minutes, before it settles to a white floral with close silage. ...

My Bonnie: How Dementia Stole The Love Of My Life - John Suchet 12/03/2017

The John & Bonnie Story... My Bonnie by John Suchet

My Bonnie: How Dementia Stole The Love Of My Life - John Suchet My Bonnie John Suchet In January of 2017, we had a weekend away to a hamlet on the south Devon coast – Maidencombe, the accommodation we stayed in belongs to a lovely lady called Cassie, who runs her grandmothers old house as holiday lets, originally, doing so paid for gran’s place in a home for people with Dementia. However, by the time we were able to visit gran had passed away and Cassie now owns the property. One of the great things about this holiday let is that within the cottage is a bookcase stacked with books, all sorts of subjects and genre’s and there is a discrete message if you start a book and want to finish it just leave £1 contribution or swap with a book you have brought with you. Whilst we were there I started reading a book, this book. Because of its subject matter being so pertinent to the property although I wanted to finish he book, I could not take it away. So, recently, I borrowed a copy from the library and here is my review: ~*~ My Bonnie is a love story, a true account of how John and Bonnie met, the challenges they faced and how their life together progressed. What really shines out is how John simply adores and loves Bonnie, she being the love of his life. Through a mixture of hard work and taking chances they split their time between a lovely flat in London and an old farmhouse in France. A seemingly idyllic lifestyle. Television Journalist, John tells of his various jobs and touches on the travel and work he did, but the book is not about ...

Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream 11/03/2017

~ I have Faith in You ~ Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream ~

Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream I was wowed totally by the time bomb eye cream I tried and impressed with the day cream as well, now I have more and more time bomb products to try and here is my review of their night cream: ~*~ Packaging: For such a premium priced product the packaging seems a little basic, no scrap that cheap. The 100ml cream is supplied in a plastic top down pale green tube and the cream is accessed by unscrewing the clear cap. The packaging is just the same as a lot of the hand cream that I have from various different places and it would be easy to confuse this product for hand cream. On the front of the tube the Time Bomb brand name dominates in dark grey text with the Flashback name in white below in white and the words Night Cream in pink both in a substantially smaller font size. Below the brand and name is the legend “wake up to dramatically transformed plumper, well rested skin” And the by-line “the clock stops here” On the back are the instructions for use, details about the product and the usual recycle and use within icons. In this case the container is recyclable and the product should be used within 12 months of opening. On a positive note, when I used the cream last night, I noticed that the tube is a quality of plastic that can easily be manipulated back into shape after squeezing out the cream and this ensures that it is easy to use and looks good on the shelf and is easy to use even when getting near the end. ~*~ The Claims: How ...

Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Mousse 10/03/2017

~ got2b 2 Sexy Does Not Deliver ~

Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Mousse Schwarzkopf Got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Mousse 250ml I am now at the stage in my life where I have style my hair after each wash and most days and I am therefore experimenting with a range of hair products. I have been recommended got2b Fatastic Hair Mousse from an American cousin, but it is not available here in the UK, so I went out and explored the shelves, deciding on the 2 sexy version from the same stable and after a few weeks of constant use, here is my review: ~*~ Finding on the Shelves: The mousse is packaged in a bright, glitzy dark pink metal spray can that stands about 20cm 8” tall, with a hand friendly 17cm circumference (just under 7”). The Schwarzkopf logo and brand name is at the top, with the got2b branding dominating near the top of the can. Lower down there are some patterns that break up the metallic look and further text with the claims of the product. ~*~ Using: To use the instructions advise after shaking the can well to hold it upright and spray into damp roots or in to hands. Work through the roots and hair then style as desired. I have tried both methods, initially, I utilised my preferred method of spraying a golf ball size amount into my hands before working into the roots at the top and back of my head before blow drying into a style. When I was underwhelmed with the above method, I attempted spraying directly onto my head at the roots and used far more product that way and wondered if I’d have a mega bouffant problem. I need not have ...

Airwick Cairngorm Apple and Snowy Mountains 05/03/2017

~ Essential Pearls ~ Spiced Apple & Snowy Mountains ~

Airwick Cairngorm Apple and Snowy Mountains Airwick Cairngorms Essential Pearls Spiced Apple & Snowy Mountains First, I must point out that I am reviewing the above titled Essential Pearls scented candle from the same series and not the exact version in the Ciao listing. Thanks to the strong reviews of scented candles on Ciao and let’s be honest here, and that the quality of the candles is much better these days, I have developed a love for using scented candles in my home. So when I spotted this candle reduced from £4.00 to £1.49 last summer, I picked it up smelt it through the outside packaging and took it home. The strong fragrance was in my opinion best suited for autumn and winter use, so I put the candle away in a cupboard and brought it out again to use in the winter. ~*~ They Say: Indulgent Fragrance Burst. Indulge yourself with spirited and wild aromas inspired by the evocative Cairngorms Mountains. ~*~ The Packaging/How to Spot on the Shelves: The candle is set in a glass, which in turn is packaged fairly minimally in a card and clear rigid plastic box. The card is L shaped to stand the glass in and rise up behind the candle and features pictures of apples, pinecones and autumn trees the colour scheme is a muted pinky red with a black band at the base. The clear plastic box outer holds the card and candle in place and has the Airwick logo in the top left hand corner. The glass is a graduated circular shape and is 10 cm at the front and 11cm at the back. ~*~ Candle: The candle is actually five ...

Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette 04/03/2017

~ Bright Crystal ~ Shine Bright Like Diamond ~ Versace EDT

Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette I have been enjoying Versace Crystal Noir as my go to perfume this winter. So, I was eager to obtain a free bottle of the lighter Bright Crystal from the same house with two purchases when shopping in the spring. ~*~ Versace: Founded in 1978 by the late Gianni Versace (1946-1997) the Italian Fashion Label is now overseen by Gianni’s sister Donatella who personally oversees the fragrance line of the business. It is said that Versace’s style is super luxury, super Italian, super glamour and encompasses over the top sexiness with glamour and a chameleon-like ability to adapt and translate internationally. Versace have several fragrance collections and not surprisingly this is part of the Crystal collection. ~*~ Bright Crystal Packaging: The box is a girly feminine pale pink and silver with the pale pink graduating from white at the bottom and strengthening towards the top. The brand name and brand log of Medusa head dominate and all the text is silver as is the opening top of the box. Inside is the beautiful and glamorous vessel which is a heavy crystal clear glass container that although chunky and almost square, graduates in size towards the top. The lid is a stunning, clear oval crystal. ~*~ Bright Crystal EDT Fragrance: Top notes: yuzu, pomegranate Middle notes: peony, lotus, magnolia Base notes: amber, musk The first thing I notice when spraying this EDT is the citrus from the yuzu, slightly alcoholic in its ...

Pyrex Glass Round Casserole 01/03/2017

~ My Little Glass Casserole Dish from Pyrex ~

Pyrex Glass Round Casserole Pyrex Classic Round Casserole Dish 1L I have a large collection of cookware products and one range that I have a rather lot of is Pyrex, partly because I inherited some and was bought a lot as wedding gifts but also because it is a range I like and buy for myself. Today I am reviewing the 1L casserole dish, which because the lid can be used separately has a total capacity of 1.4 litres: ~*~ Pyrex: Pyrex is a French Company and made its name by creating the products that were and still are basically strengthened and toughened glass made to withstand extremes of temperature. These days the range has been expanded to include items made from other materials and a visit to the Pyrex website is quite a revelation: The great thing about the Borosilicate range is that the products are suitable for microwave, oven and fridge or freezer storage. They are dishwasher safe and have a good shock and scratch resistance as well. The Pyrex Borosilicate items come with a 10 year guarantee. Although functional in appearance they work as oven to tableware. ~*~ This Dish: Made from Pyrex’s Borosilicate glass the dish and lid can be used independently or together to form a casserole or storage dish. The main shape is round and it there are two moulded shaped handles on both the top and the bottom, when the two are used together as a casserole dish these line up satisfactorily. There is no seal for storage use though, the two are ...

Prices Wax Lighting Tapers 27/02/2017

~ A must have for Scented Candle Lovers Everywhere ~

Prices Wax Lighting Tapers Prices Tapers I used these years ago when I worked in a hotel restaurant to light the candles on the tables each evening and found them very useful and safe to use. I then also bought a box for at home to light the Aga if it went out for any reason. These days I tend to use them to light scented candles in my home and here is my review: ~*~ What Are They: The tapers really are a very slim candle, inasmuch as they are a central burning cord surrounded by wax. Approximately just a little wider than a match stick they serve no other purpose as you would not stand them up to burn them as you would a more robustly constructed candle. The tapers are unscented and each one actually measures 30cm long with a circumference of 0.05cm. They are easy to light with a match and stay alight easily without flaring and with only minimum dropping and they reduce the chance of burning ones fingers greatly. Therefore they are long thin candle designed to light other candles, ovens, fires and so on. Prices are a very old long established company and are proud holders of the royal crest and of their long association with the royal households. ~*~ Using: I use the tapers to light scented candles, fed up with burnt fingers and the frustration of trying to get a match to light the wick of jar candles once they start get near the bottom, remembering my previous use; I sought out these tapers and bought a box. Because there are over 50 tapers in a box and they have a burn time of ...

Tesco Value Baby Wipes 25/02/2017

~ Value Yes - but not just for Babies! ~

Tesco Value Baby Wipes Tesco Value Everyday Baby Wipes 72 pack I’ve used baby wipes for a long time now, mainly to wipe mucky little hands when out and about, but more recently as a quick cleanser for feet and hands and for dogs too. This is a product that I thought I’d previously reviewed. However, as I have no particular brand loyalty to these types of wipes, I’ve probably reviewed a few and here is my review on the Tesco own branded Everyday Value version: ~*~ Packaging:The wipes are packaged in a simple plastic bag that is sealed and the wipes are accessed by lifting a clear sticky resealable flap that covers a perforated opening seal that needs to be opened upon first use. The pack is approximately 20cm x 12cm x 4cm and is predominately white with 2 shades of blue text and picture block featuring baby items.On the back are the icons, not to flush down the toilet, to put in a bin after use and that the pack is not recyclable. Plus the warning to keep out of reach of children. ~*~ Wipes: The wipes are designed to lift as the flap is raised, ready for easy removal and require gently pushing down to reseal the packet. They are white and made of a woven material that is very moist without being sticky or wet. They are 20cm x 15cm and fold and bunch easily for use. The fragrance is gentle and subtle being the sort of powdery scent often associated with baby products. If I pull them lengthways they stretch, but do not pull or spring back into shape. I should imagine they are effective for ...

Nemasys nemaslug slug killer 20/02/2017

~*~ Target Slugs with Nemaslug ~*~

Nemasys nemaslug slug killer Nemaslug Slug Killer As I write in mid February 2017, at this time of year and especially whilst enjoying a sudden surprise mild spell thought’s turn to the garden and planning for the year ahead. To that end I have been filling my head with the number of gardening things that I can review to help other gardeners. One such item that I thought I’d already reviewed is Nemaslug the simple solution to slug problems. ~*~ About: Nemaslug Slug Killer is approved by the Soil Association as an organic method of controlling slugs, completely natural and safe to use around food crops, children, pets and fowl this is a great product that needs a little consideration when using. The product is supplied in two sizes one pack to treat 40m² and another for up to 100m². If your area is larger you use multiple packs and mix the sizes. Although the smaller size is suitable for 40m² it is quite safe and effective to use a pack for a smaller area. Nemaslug should be applied to soil that is 5C or above and because of that they will not send it to you in the spring until the end of the first week in March. Also, Nemaslug needs to be applied directly to the soil it is essential to prepare the area by removing any membrane, gravel, foliage, fallen leaves or other debris prior to application. It also absorbs more easily into soil that is already damp before application. Nemasys advise if it is necessary to apply onto foliage to follow up the application with a plain water wash to ensure that the ...

Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Eau de Toilette Spray 19/02/2017

Freesia and more, so much more ~ Issey Miyake's signature scent ~

Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Eau de Toilette Spray Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Eau de Toilette Spray Described on the website as a bouquet of fresh, white flowers and as a fresh aquatic floral this is a fragrance that is so well marketed that I have toyed with it by trying samples before, liking it I decided to save up the sampler pages from my magazines to sample it over subsequent days in order to try before I buy or add to my birthday list. I have for the last week having collected several samples from magazines been trialling L’Eau S’Issey Eau de Toilette and here is my review: ~*~ The Brand: Issey Miyake is known to be a visionary and technology driven male fashion designer from Japan who loves to create the unexpected. He is known to mix tradition with avant-garde, sobriety with colourfulness and craftsmanship with technology, he draws inspiration from art, architecture, nature and personal experiences. Launched in 1992 L'Eau D'Issey was his first fragrance. ~*~ Packaging: Because I am basing my review on samples, I will not go into great detail here, however a recently acquired hobby of mine is browsing the fragrances in shops so I do know what the outer packaging and fragrance vessel look like. The outer box is a pastel green coloured box with the product name across the angle of two sides and the vessel itself is a conical shaped clear glass bottle that is topped with a silver coloured top adorned with a perfectly round sphere. I have added a photo from the website as the Ciao! stock photo is actually of ...

Avon Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream 18/02/2017

Solidified Rubber - No thanks......

Avon Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream =Avon Clinical E Defence= I don’t know why I bought this product, maybe the claims in the catalogue drew me in or it was part of an offer. Anyway, I did buy it from my Avon lady and here is my review: ~*~ Claims: Even though the cream comes with a leaflet, I turned to the website to seek out the claims for this product and they say: ‘Luxury night cream formulated with exclusive Smart Repair™ Technology to hydrate skin and visibly repair the look of years of environmental skin damage. Gives skin the anti-ageing benefits of a treatment with the nourishment of a moisturiser.’ (accessed February 2017). The leaflet though unusually for Avon gives further information and advice, in particular that you should use it with their E-Defence Multi-shield Lotion which I do not. The boldly claim that the product had 100% success rate on all testers: ‘Clinically shown to improve the look of overall skin health in all women tested’ (Avon). ~*~ Packaging: As you will not be seeking Avon on the shelves, I will keep this brief; the boxed cream carries a blue and white colour scheme and once opened the blue glass 30ml container is topped by a silver coloured plastic lid. The ingredients list is on the outside of the box and inside there is a leaflet in several languages. ~*~ Description/First Impression: I opened this when I had run out of night cream and on removing the lid the white, oily looking shiny lotion has a clean look. The fragrance is not unpleasant, but “chemically” ...

Avon Advance Techniques Protect it! Heat Protection Styler 15/02/2017

~ For When a Girl Needs Protection ~

Avon Advance Techniques Protect it! Heat Protection Styler Avon Advance Techniques Protect It! I have been using this product on and off for a few years, but recently I have started blow drying my hair after every wash and occasionally to style it on the no-wash days as well. Therefore I have been using this spray rather a lot and here is my review: Most of us know and any hair expert will advise that constantly using heated appliances to style your hair is not a good thing without protection. Therefore heat protection products abound and are an essential part of any hair care routine if you want to avoid, damaged, split and dull hair. The very best ones also help with the styling process too. Don’t ask me how, I have no idea, but I think it is due to some advanced form of chemistry or maybe it’s magic. This product from Avon is part of their Advance Techniques range, which I have to admit is a range that I keep returning to, the products, especially when bought on offer represent good value and seem to do the job. ~*~ The Claim: • Helps seal cuticles to protect hair from damage caused by heat styling. • Resurfaces and smoothes hair. • Contains Tri-Keratin Complex. From Avon Website accessed February 2017. ~*~ Packaging: Packaging wise, I am not going to go into detail, because you will not be seeking this out on the shelves and Avon do like to change the colour scheme for this range and I think mine is old style packaging anyway. What I will say is that the product is sold in a pump spray cylindrical plastic container ...
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