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“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention” Thanks for all the reads, rates, appreciated esp E rates, every E I give is well deserved.

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Point Break (DVD) 18/08/2017

What Price Would You Pay for the Ultimate Ride?

Point Break (DVD) Point Break For some reason, I didn’t get to see Point Break at the cinema, which is a real shame, because I think that must be the best way to see the surfing scenes. However, I was given the DVD and so have enjoyed the film on the small screen. Recently, I watched it again on television and here is my review: ~*~ Because all our CD’s etc are in storage as we are decorating, including new carpet, this is a film only review and the following product information was found on IMBD: Director: Kathryn Bigelow Writers: Rick King, W. Peter Iliff Producers: Peter Abrams, Robert L Levy Executive Producer: James Cameron Co Producers: Rick King, Michael Rauch Stars: Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Lori Petty & thanks to the Amazon DVD case photo, I see the film is rated 15. ~*~ Synopsis: Hot shot, graduate FBI agent Johnny Utah (Reeves) is sent to L A and is paired with old agent Angelo Pappas (Gary Busey), who seems to be just plodding along until he can retire to the extent that he is ridiculed by other agents. But Pappas has a theory, a theory that if correct could bust open a long standing ongoing case. There has been a spate of bank robberies by a group who wear masks of and call themselves the ex-presidents. To date, they have always gone in, grabbed the money and left without killing or seriously hurting anyone. Pappas’ theory, if correct that the robbers move with the surf means that they must be a tight knit gang of surfers. At first the pairing are not happy, Pappas ...

Erigeron Karvinskianus 15/08/2017

Not Eragon - Erigeron - Not a Dragon in Sight!

Erigeron Karvinskianus Erigeron Karvinskianus (Fleabane) I seem to be having a late summer floral review blitz and today I am reviewing this prolific, charming little plant: ~*~ Description: This is a prolific daisy like, small delicate flower that likes to grow anywhere, the flowers although predominately daisy colours of white and yellow, range through soft pastel pink shades and are supported by delicate stems and leaves. The plant has a ground cover habit and is generally a low growing plant of around 15cm, although it will grow upwards and ours have reached heights of up to around 40cm occasionally when growing up a wall, so really it is not making that height it is scooping around and up the wall that far. This is a great plant that we allow to self seed around the place to soften the lines of buildings and otherwise boring pathways and it does so to good effect. According to the RHS they can be annuals, biennials or perennials, in our case, I believe they are self seeding annuals. Once they die back we completely remove the plant and leave the paths barren over winter, but we are always treated to the plant re-growing from early spring and coming into flower from about mid May and they flower throughout the summer and into the autumn. Ours grow on the east side of our house and although they obviously prefer full sun, we do have some that have seeded in semi-shade locations and they do well enough. ~*~ Habit: According to the RHS they are happy with south, east or west facing ...

What is your summer song 2017? 13/08/2017

My Thoughts Turn Wild this Summer but then I am only Human

What is your summer song 2017? Summer Songs What an interesting question and of course the answers are subjective. A song can evoke a memory, or an emotion, be they good or bad. The song can transport us back in time and remind us of summers past. So what is my summer song for 2017, well I will begin by briefly mentioning some previous summer songs that evoke memory and emotion, before landing back in 2017 to discuss the summer of 2017 selection of popular music songs. ~*~*~ The Beach Boys are Summer: The Beach Boys and especially the Greatest Hits album just sums up summer for me. I remember as a very young child quickly becoming familiar with and loving the harmonious Good Vibrations and it was that song that later inspired me to seek out their music, I also enjoyed going drag racing at Santa Pod where the music played over the loudspeakers was always the Beach Boys, so almost anything from them transports me back to those hot summer nights and days racing. I Get Around, Surfin’ USA, Fun, Fun, Fun and Wouldn’t it Be Nice being the tracks that spring to mind instantly. When I learnt to surf it was always with the Beach Boys catalogue going on in my head. So today if I hear a Beach Boys track, I am transported also back to bright blue skies and sandy beaches, bonfires on the beach at night and singing along to a guitar and these memories are melded with the drive up the MI following behind the race car and hot days on the strip cheering on our driver and getting the drinks or passing a spanner. A ...

Hydrangea Paniculata Confetti (Vlasveld02) (PBR) 12/08/2017

~ Edgy White and Pale Pink Flower over Green ~

Hydrangea Paniculata Confetti (Vlasveld02) (PBR) Hydrangea Paniculata Confetti To follow on from my Hydrangea Annabelle review, here is my review of some Hydrangeas that we bought when we completely changed the flower bed outside our kitchen window. There is already a mature white/pale pink lace cap Hydrangea growing there and three strategically placed Confetti should go well to help fill the mid-ground area of the bed. ~*~ Description: Hydrangea Paniculata Confetti could not be more different to Annabelle, with Confetti the flowers stand upright in a triangle formation, giving a pointed, edgy appearance, no soft spheres of gentleness here, the flowers whilst beautiful close up from a short distance their straight edginess is harsh and dangerous. From further afield the sharpness is lost again and you see the whiteness of the flowers against the green leaves in a veil of hazy softness. Like Annabelle the flowers are white, although here they are become tinged with pale pink as they mature and this gives another contrast to the picture, where white is generally gentle, pure white can seem harsh, the pale pink accents serve to gentle and soften the picture. I think this would be an interning plant to paint; I wonder how the artist would interpret the plant or capture the contrasts that make Confetti unique. ~*~ Habit: With a rate of growth described as average our plants were put in last autumn at around 15cm and now stand at double that height. The given height is up to 75cm with a width of 120cm. Confetti is ...

Renault Captur Dynamique Nav TCe 120 06/08/2017

The Dynamic Captur ~ Probably Captured this Reviewer!

Renault Captur Dynamique Nav TCe 120 Renault Captur Dynamique Nav120 As I am considering changing my job, I am starting to look at cars that I would have as a company car and one that a friend had as a new car that I quite liked the look of was the Captur, so I made my appointment and had the use of the car for several hours and here is my review based on that test drive: Any car that I am going to spend a lot of time in must be comfortable for me. I suffer a few musculoskeletal problems and sitting for a long time in anything that is not comfortable causes me problems and pain. So comfort is a major consideration when buying a new vehicle. I am also finding problems at night against oncoming headlights now that the new style of headlights are so prevalent, hence my interest in a car that sits high in the road. ~*~ Model: All models come with: • Manual air conditioning • 16" Adventure alloy wheels with black inserts • LED front fog lights • Cruise control and speed limiter • Hands free keycard with push button Start / Stop function The model I tested and would buy has the above and additional features below: • Automatic climate control with one-touch quick demist function and air quality regulator • MediaNav multimedia system: 7” touchscreen, Navteq navigation • 17" Explore alloy wheels with black inserts • Washable and removable ivory upholstery • Automatic headlights and rain sensitive front wipers • LED front fog lights Black coloured door mirrors (standard with One Tone paint) • Tinted ...

hydrangea arborescens 'annabelle' 05/08/2017

~ Defying Gravity ~ Annabelle is all white ~

hydrangea arborescens 'annabelle' Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' I remember as a child walking home from school seeing all the hydrangeas growing in the front gardens of the pensioner’s bungalows along with fuchsias and marigolds and actually pretty much deciding that I did not like them very much. I remember also being told that they are pink or blue depending on the soil they are grown in hence the ones were we lived in Sussex were a different colour to those that grew in the New Forest where my gran lived. Oh, those carefree days of childhood! Jump forward a few years, alright then, quite a few years and we have some nice Hydrangea’s in our garden. On a trip to Cornwall in June we took in some of the gardens and my husband stated that as a child he’d not like Hydrangea’s but now he really likes them, and would actually go so far as to see he likes the blue ones a lot. So, whilst we were confessing, I also had to admit that there are a lot of Hydrangea’s that I like and that I now see them in a completely different light, perhaps because I am aware of more varieties, but maybe also because I am getting older. Is liking Hydrangea’s an age thing? Answers on a postcode......... I would actually go so far as to say there is one specimen of Hydragea that we have at home that I like very, very much and that is the version after five summers of enjoying the plant I am reviewing here today. ~*~ About: The RHS describe Hydrangeas as a popular garden shrub with delicate heads of flowers in shades of pink, ...

Bullyland Tigger Figurine 01/08/2017

Bounce Boing Here is Tigger - Bullyland Figure

Bullyland Tigger Figurine Bullyland Tigger Figure Whilst unable to add new items to the catalogue, I browsed through and found a few things to review that are already available and that is how I am reviewing the Bullyland Tigger toy that my granddaughter has as part of her collection. Tigger stands about 65mm tall and is posed in an open arm gesture that can signify different meanings. It is a trusting open pose and his face is cheerful. In case you don’t know Tigger is a character from the Winnie the Pooh stories by A A Milne and latterly from the Disney animations. He is a humanised tiger modelled on a soft toy of Christopher Robin’s in the stories. Made from a plastic resin mix, Tigger enjoys the usual Bullyland quality and detail and is a nice addition to a collection of children’s models or toys. As you would expect Tigger is orange with black stripes although he does have a yellow tummy and pink tongue visible in his open mouth and a pink nose. This model is well balanced and stands well independently. ~*~ Enjoying: This is one of several Tigger models and we have several in our possession, he sits well in the collection of Winnie the Pooh characters and Disney princesses and so on, although he does at times cross over into the animal kingdom. My granddaughter rarely actually plays with these models as such, but she would not part with them for anything, they do get moved around and are rearranged fairly frequently and she does not like her brother or anyone else borrowing them. When ...

Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Gweek 30/07/2017

~ Cornish Seal Sanctuary ~ an interesting day or part day out ~

Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Gweek Cornish Seal Sanctuary It was some time ago that I first visited the sanctuary and vowed to return. Since that visit the sanctuary visitor experience is now managed by Merlin Entertainments and that surprised me and I set out to learn more about this partnership. Merlin is best known for its theme parks, the London eye and the likes. So why would an entertainment of the faux variety snap up seal sanctuaries? We discussed this under the shade of a tree at the sanctuary in Cornwall and came to the conclusion that the sanctuary must have had the need for an injection of funds, maybe to improve visitor safety or suchlike. We don’t know and I have not been able to find anything to support or dispute this idea and it does seem likely that a centre focussed on the welfare of seals and educating the public about our marine life would need a very good reason to jump into bed with an entertainment giant. On line the Cornish Seal Sanctuary still maintains its own website that is run by volunteers and gets to the crux of what they are about and indeed the website statement makes it clear that the website is now separate from the sanctuary and those at Oban and Hunstanton that the website team were also supporting. What a shame that for whatever reason a valuable organisation run by volunteers changed its ethos towards entertainment. Personally, I think the sanctuary should have gone for charity status and therefore lottery funding, but I do wonder if the three centres together ...

Tomy Disney The Good Dinosaur Arlo 30/07/2017

Say Harllo to Arlo...

Tomy Disney The Good Dinosaur Arlo Disney Arlo Plastic Toy My grandson has one of these that he was given as a birthday present and sometimes it is his carry round toy of choice, so when I spotted this toy on here, I realised that I can write my own review and here it is: Arlo: I’ve not seen the film myself, but apparently this is Arlo from the Disney 2015 film The Good Dinosaur. He is a basic 175mm plastic moulded toy and is quite lightweight, he is not a static toy though as his legs and neck are hinged and move when manipulated as is his jaw on his smiley face. He is a lime green colour with some darker accents, some brown spots on his back and yellow toe nails, his eyes are humanised with white sclera, brown iris and large pupils making him an attractive toy. The plastic has a warm rubber texture to touch and the Disney logo name is on his tummy. He is supplied with a little brown coloured Critter that apparently rides him in the film, this toy is quite small and inconsequential and I’d not recommend giving it to young children as it is basically a small plastic toy that could be a choke hazard. Arlo is aimed at children 3 years and above and will be played with by children well into their first couple of years at school. ~*~ Playing and Learning: As I mentioned at times this is a toy of choice and he is a nice, easy toy for little hands to carry around. He fits in well with the Schleich and Bullyland dinosaurs that my grandson has and works with Lego and children’s train sets as well! When ...

Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges 29/07/2017

~ Strepsils Honey & Lemon ease my scratchy throat ~

Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges I remember as a child that Strepsils were the lozenges we were given at school when we suffered a sore throat and Matron would restrict them, which was terrible when the problem was really bad. Recently, on-going hay fever gave way to a wretched summer cold and I was reaching for my lozenges on a much more regular basis than Matron would have approved of and here is my review of Strepsils Honey and Lemon: ~*~ Packaging: Presented in a cardboard outer with the lozenges suspended in their own individual little chambers the blister packs each hold 8 lozenges and there are 2 strips of blister pack equalling 16 lozenges in the packs I have although they are also available in packs of 8, 24 or 36. They are noticeable on the shelf by the large “Strepsils” name near the top and the white and orange colour scheme, the by-line is “Soothing effective relief for sore throats”. ~*~ About: Strepsils make a variety of lozenges for different types of sore throat and even include a blocked nose version and strawberry flavoured sugar free version. Today, though we are looking at the Honey & Lemon designed to help with a dry and scratchy throat. Suitable for adults and children over the age of 6 the idea is to slowly dissolve one lozenge slowly in the mouth every 2-3 hours and they advise not to take more that 12 lozenges per 24 hours. The active ingredients are two effective antiseptics 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2mg, Amylmetacresol 0.6mg. Strepsils ...

Lego Winnie the Pooh 5945: Winnie's Picnic 24/07/2017

Where's the Hunny? Duplo #Lego Winnie the Pooh Set

Lego Winnie the Pooh 5945: Winnie's Picnic Lego Duplo Winnie the Pooh Picnic Set 5945 My own daughter had a love for Winnie the Pooh and personally, I think what is not to love? Her own children fortunately are also fans of the bumbling bear and his chums and between us all we have quite a lot of Pooh bits and pieces. The Winnie the Pooh orientated item I am reviewing today is the Lego Duplo Winnie the Pooh 5945 Winnie's Picnic Set: What’s in the Box: Winnie the Pooh Figure Bee Duplo Block Pot of Honey Bread 3 brown blocks 4 green blocks 2 Flower shaped pieces #8# Building: This is a very basic set with just thirteen pieces that to be honest has long been incorporated into the general Duplo mêlée and I had to look up what was originally in the set that the grand kids have. Designed for children from around 18 months the set is an easy build starter set that would go down well with a child who enjoys the Pooh Bear stories. With only 7 pieces to construct with this is ideal for the very young with shorter attention spans and then maybe as we did, just incorporate into the bigger set when they are older. As a standalone set for an infant, the set works to construct with/for them whilst telling the story that is on the box about Pooh going to find some hunny to feed his rumbling tummy. Or of course make up your own story to tell. #8# Playing: On its own there is not a huge amount of scope here, the set requires very little building and once built and a story re-enacted that is it, however when used with other ...

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy 22/07/2017

Loving to Laugh & Learn ~ Interactive Toy

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy This is a toy that I bought for my friends little boy and as a dog lover how could I resist this as a gift? Thankfully the toy is a hit and is certainly a cut above the run of the mill soft toy. From Fisher Price, a name I trust in toddler toys the dog is basically a highly flexible soft toy and measures approximately 24.4 x 17.8 x 33 cm making him quite a big toy too for the recommended age group of six months and above. Although the toy has realistic brown plush colouring he is modelled on a dog look infant and has the characteristic over sized head and chubby arms and legs of a human infant. There is so much more to this toy dog and he is highly tactile and entertaining for the infant exploring the world through sight, sound and touch. ~*~ Appearance: The dog has a big cheerful face featuring an orange nose, dark pink mouth and s big floppy bright blue ears with ear embroidered onto one of them. His eyes are cartoon like, being oversized and with a twinkle, each being slightly different to the other as well. His paws have realistic styled toes with pads that show a musical note on one, the word hand on another, foot on the right foot and the other has an on/off area as well as abc and musical symbol. He is wearing a t shirt and below that is embroidered the word Tummy and my friend calls him “Tummy Pup”. He also has a large heart shaped bright button on the left hand side of his chest. ~*~ What He Does: The right ...

Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle 20/07/2017

Travelling with Russell Hobbs ~ Anyone for tea?

Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle 14178 I sold the actual kettle as part of the package with one of our caravans, but I was thinking when I was measuring out my porridge that I still use both the free mugs that came with the travel kettle and they are still going strong. I checked on the Ciao! catalogue and here is my review of the Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle that we originally bought from Argos. The Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle 14178 is available in white and holds 850ml of water. Almost entirely plastic the heater element is a metal disk at the bottom and there are viewing areas either side in a rough () shape. Appearance wise it is nothing special, just a smaller than usual kettle and it is corded, the cord being quite short at around 70cm. ~*~ Using: We found the kettle very easy to use and used it a lot for caravanning when we had electric hook-up to save using one of the gas hobs. When used with an adaptor, we also used it a great deal in the car when out and about and we wanted a hot drink and it is very convenient to use this way and especially when we had a Volvo with a power socket tucked into the boot trim. I found that if I put enough in for two mugs at a time it would seem to boil considerably quicker than if I filled it right up and the only drawback really is that it was very slow to bring the water to the boil when compared to a powerful “home” kettle. However, as it is only 1Kw the advantage is however, that it will run off of a car battery without ...

Ty Beanie My Little Pony Buddy Plush Rainbow Dash 18/07/2017

~ Bright Blue Rainbow Coloured Pony ~ TY Beanie/My Little Pony ~

Ty Beanie My Little Pony Buddy Plush Rainbow Dash TY Beanie Baby My Little Pony Rainbow Dash There are certain things that are easy to buy as a gift for someone and the tie of My Little Pony and TY Beanie made the choice even easier when I bought this toy for my granddaughter a couple of years ago, indeed as a collector of both, it was a “no brainer”! ~*~ Description: The plush TY Rainbow Dash comes in the same colour scheme as her plastic counterpart and as on the DVD. She is an eye catching pale but bright blue colour, featuring a stunning rainbow coloured long mane and tail. The original plastic version does not have them, but this one I bought has matched colour satin wings. She has lovely pink shaded embroidered eyes and her trademark lightning bolt on her hindquarters. The plush is lovely and tactile and she holds her shape very well. The toy stands approximately 30cm tall and comes with the TY heart shaped logo and information attached to her left ear. ~*~ Playing: To be honest, the appeal of these toys is such that they appeal from the very young to older children and even adults, I have key ring version of one of these. When she was younger my daughter allowed her daughter to play with her collection of plastic My Little Pony toys and she had a lot of fun doing so, gradually her collection of both the plastic and the Beanie Baby versions has grown and along with an expanding Beanie Baby collection the ponies remain popular as she races towards her final couple of years of primary school. These are not so much ...

Glade Gel Air Freshener Lily of the Valley 16/07/2017

Lily of the Valley ~ Glade Gel to Fragrance my Home

Glade Gel Air Freshener Lily of the Valley Glade Lily of the Valley Air Freshener Gel I’d never given much thought to air freshener gels, but a good friend who I was visiting a lot had big hairy dogs and was a smoker, so she used Neutrodol Gel air fresheners around her home and I realised it was a good idea. However, preferring a less clinical smell, I soon developed a penchant for the Glade Lily of the Valley, Lily of the Valley being a favourite scent from visiting and staying with my grandmother as a child and here is my review of the Glade Lily of the Valley Gel Air Freshener: ~*~ Packaging: Contained within a thin white rectangular but narrowing at the top to hint at pyramid or triangular shape form that has rows of small gaps or holes in a fretwork style along the front to allow the fragrance to escape. When you buy the freshener there is a sticky label on the front that is distinguishable by the Glade logo dominating near the top and a picture if some Lily of the Valley growing, below these is the barcode and basic information that includes the warning to keep out of reach of children. There is no other packaging and the container does bear the recycle icon on the rear. ~*~ Using: Inside the container is a chunk of green coloured gel that looks a bit like a Lush product and as the gel is exposed to the air, gradually it dissolves whilst the fragrance is emitted. To use the freshener it remains inside the plastic container and the sticky label is gradually lifted off more and more from the base ...
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