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10 Most Embarassing Moments 22/11/2004

Breasts, alchohol and erections

10 Most Embarassing Moments We have all had embarrassing moments during our lives. I don’t know why, but mine seem to be classics. I have had so many during my life, and to be honest the worst one I would not even repeat on a website, as no-one in their right minds would ever drink with me again. However, here are the ten that I feel I can share with fellow Ciaoers. Enjoy at my expense. 10. I had not long been at Upper School, so I would have been about 13 years old. I used to catch the bus to school about 200 yards from my house, on the opposite side of the road. At this time, I had a mad crush on a chap who lived in the same village, but who boarded the bus at an earlier stop, so my aim every morning was to sit as close to him as possible. This particular morning I had been chatting to my friends whilst waiting for the bus to come, and we clambered on, still chatting. We settled ourselves down, and I managed to get the seat right in front of the bloke I fancied. The bus driver had just shut the door, when there was this tremendous banging along the side of the bus and everyone erupted with laughter. I craned my neck to see what was the cause of such hilarity, only to see my mum, hair standing on end, and still clad in her nightdress and slippers, collapsing breathlessly against the bus doors. The driver opened the door, and to my utter embarrassment, she came onto the bus, ran up the aisle to me, thrust a box into my hand and said “You forgot your sandwiches”. The bus erupted with laughter and I ... 27/10/2004

Shopping without leaving your chair....... Living in a rural area, I have come to realise that not many of the supermarkets actually offer a home delivery service for my groceries, but out of the two that do, Iceland is easily the best and most competitive service. I shall do my best to explain why. Our local Iceland is in the heart of our nearest town, and I do not use it as often as I would like, the reason being the other supermarkets are on the outskirts of the town and are easier to get to, and also to park. About a year and a half ago I discovered the Iceland home shopping service, and have used it monthly ever since for a large shop. From the home page of the website, it is possible to navigate to other sections and the most important point to mention before we go any further is that Iceland do not only sell groceries online. It is also possible to buy appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and freezers to name but a few, with the Iceland guarantee of delivery within two working days which applies to any location in the country. All of the appliances have the normal one year guarantee supplied by the manufacturer, but Iceland also offer extended protection for a five year period, which can also be purchased online. The extended coverage covers accidental damage, new for old cover, and their repair service is available all year round, even on Public Holidays. I have purchased two freezers and a refrigerator from Iceland over the years and the service has been wonderful in every way. The ...

Lush Creamed Coconut & Almond Smoothie 20/10/2004

Angel Delight for the Skin

Lush Creamed Coconut & Almond Smoothie Us women will do anything to achieve great skin won’t we? How many potions, lotions and miracle creams have you tried in your lifetime that all promise the same thing – baby soft and smooth skin? Well I’ve tried a few over the years and have paid over the odds for a lot of jars and bottles that have not even come close to doing what they promise. If I told you to take a pot full of almond and vanilla Angel Delight into the shower with you, then rub it all over your body as you are washing what would you say? The chances are you would probably think I was mad. Don’t leave yet though because my little tub of Angel Delight has made my rough bits smooth and my skin has taken on a silkiness that I have not experienced since I was a teenager. May I present to you my little tub of wonderment, the Creamed Coconut and Almond Smoothie. It sounds like a gorgeous dessert rather than an accompaniment for my daily ablutions doesn’t it? Let me tell you the secrets of this wonderful little invention and the chances are you will be scurrying off to Lush to buy some. I have suffered with dry skin around my elbows and knees for as long as I can remember. Nothing major, but there have always been small patches that are darker in colour to the rest of my skin, and they seem to drink in any lotion or cream I apply. About six months ago I was strolling around the Lush store, and ended up in the bath and shower section. Lush are reknowned for producing a wide range of bath and shower ...

Primark (Shop) 15/10/2004

Shopping with Teenagers

Primark (Shop) Clothes shopping is never an easy task when you have kids in tow. It doesn’t matter if they’re toddlers, young or teenagers, they are still a pain in the proverbial backside when you’re trying to look round the shops and I can guarantee that my teenage son will be moaning and groaning within half an hour when we go shopping. Back in the Summer we decided to brave the busy Ipswich shopping centre, the prime motive to get the kids kitted out for the new school term. After we’d paid the perfunctory visit to the school clothing department in Debenhams we set off down the street to have a wander round the shops. I was absolutely amazed then my son stopped outside Primark and suggested we had a look inside. Teenagers are renowned for wanting designer labels aren’t they? I propelled him inside quick as a flash, before he could see the error of his ways and change his mind. I’d never been inside a Primark before, nope not ever. It’s not a shop I’d think of visiting really, as it seems to be the butt of many a joke and always has been even when I was younger. Primark has always been a discount clothing shop and in my experience that means pure rubbish on the shelves so I tend to steer clear. I’m not really sure what attracted Jack to the shop in the first instance because Primark don’t have any trendy window displays nor do they have any advertising splashed all over the windows. I suppose they think they are popular enough not to have to worry about things like that and just ...

Tesco Chocolate Caterpillar Birthday Cake 24/06/2004

The Caterpillar who came to tea

Tesco Chocolate Caterpillar Birthday Cake We’ve had a birthday in our house recently. Normally I always bake a cake but for some reason this year my ten year old daughter who tries so desperately hard to pretend she is at least three years older decided she wanted a shop bought novelty cake. Most of the shop bought cakes I’ve purchased in the past have either been very dry or very small for the money spent out so I was a little wary when she stated her intentions. Off we popped to Tesco and I was amazed when she picked out a Chocolate Caterpillar Cake that only cost £4.99 compared to the huge array of others that were a lot more expensive. I can remember having a cake very similar to the one Amber picked out, for my birthday when I was a child. However in those days supermarkets didn’t mass produce cakes so my poor old Mum who wasn’t the world’s best cake maker had to trundle off to the local bakery and order one, probably costing her a small fortune in the process. You’ll find the Chocolate Caterpillar Cake on the shelf with all the other novelty cakes and he’s instantly recognisable by his bright green rectangular box with a funky picture of a cartoon caterpillar on the top. We bought the cake on the 17th May and the sell by date was the 31st so these are ideal if you have to shop ahead and can’t get out near to the celebratory date. The box proclaims we’re going to get a massive 12 servings for our £4.99 but Mr. Caterpillar isn’t very large so I’m not expecting miracles, especially with the horde of gannets ...

Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb 20/06/2004

Ma Bar's Little Sister

Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb Do you ever get one of those mornings when you just know it’s going to be a bad day? I was woken up in the middle of the night by strange clanking noises coming from our boiler. By 6am I couldn’t bear to listen to it any more so with a feeling of dread hauled myself out of bed to discover what the problem was. Two hours later after hubby had been in the loft our boiler was purring again sweetly but I had wound myself into a frenzy thinking that we were going to have to pay hundreds of pounds to get it fixed so I felt completely stressed. Deciding that a long soak in the bath was in order, I trundled off to the bathroom to sift through my array of bath goodies. It was then that I remembered that the lovely Kirsty Mack had sent me a parcel of Lush goodies in the week with their new bath ballistic, the Honey Bee. With the sun streaming through the bathroom window the Honey Bee seemed an ideal choice to share my bath, as its bright yellow colouring persuaded me it was going to leave me feeling sunny and relaxed. Lush produce a large range of products designed to make bath time an experience never to be forgotten and I’ve long been a huge fan of their bath ballistics. Ballistics are formed from bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, perfumes and essential oils, and are designed to fizz away in the bath whilst releasing their scrummy aromas and skin softening oils to give you skin that Cleopatra would be proud of. The ballistics are mostly large circular fizz balls although some are ...

Hell's Kitchen 16/06/2004

An evening of Hell with the Satanic Mr Ramsey

Hell's Kitchen Reality TV. You either love it or hate it and sadly I fall into the former category and avidly watch most programmes that are forced on the unsuspecting public. With the exception of the dire Big Brother last year I can’t get enough of them, but particularly enjoy them when celebrities are invited to appear as they invariably make a total ass of themselves. Cue the arrival of something ‘new’. Gordon Ramsey, egotistical Michelin star chef extraordinaire, agreed to take part in a series aptly entitled ‘Hells Kitchen’. Gordon is a chef to the stars and runs a string of restaurants serving posh nosh. He is not only famous for his cooking but his vile temper, opinionated outlook and his rudeness to his staff. Pity his poor wife stuck at home with their four children. She freely admits that Gordon has not been involved with the upbringing of the children as his whole life revolves around his work, and he doesn’t even blush when he says that he has never changed a nappy. So what on earth made this egotistical twerp decide to appear in a series set in a restaurant specially built for the occasion, where he kindly agreed to train ten ‘celebrities’ to become chefs? Gordon could hardly be described as a patient man, nor a particularly friendly or sympathetic one so it was with a sense of excitement that I watched the first programme when it aired a few weeks ago. Hell’s Kitchen follows the same theme as many other reality TV programmes featuring what the programme makers bills as ...

Lightning Reaction 12/06/2004

Fancy coming round for an electrifying time?

Lightning Reaction We’re a big fan of gadgets and novelty items in our house and it’s not gone unnoticed by all of our family and friends, who delight in presenting us with new things to try out on a regular basis. When my sister in law popped over a few weeks back with a big smirk on her face and a carrier bag from The Gadget Shop, I knew there was going to be something amusing inside. The box did not disappoint but I was intrigued as to what a Lightning Reaction actually did when I unwrapped the present. My sister in law said the assistant in the shop recommended the Lightning Reaction as it was one of their biggest sellers. After playing with it for the last few weeks I think she’s lying and she just likes to inflict pain. When we opened the box we were greeted with a very odd looking contraption made of silver plastic giving it a bit of space age futuristic appearance. Resembling an upturned half octopus the Lightning Reaction has a circular silver base containing a selection of buttons, from which four silver coloured arms protrude upwards but with the ends of the arms curling inwards rather like a reversed letter C. On the top of each of the arms is a bright red plastic button and the arms are attached to the base of the gadget with a red plastic coiled wire as on a telephone handset. The Lightning Reaction needs 3 AAA batteries to operate and these are supplied with the unit. What a bonus! At least it saved us searching through the cupboards for some of our own as they always ...

GHD Professional Invigoration Shampoo 09/06/2004

Lizards can have silky hair too

GHD Professional Invigoration Shampoo I’ve never been one for sticking to a certain variety of shampoo even though I have sensitive skin that can sometimes react very badly to new products. Over the years I have found a few products that are kind to my skin and give my hair a pleasant smell and texture, although I can honestly say nothing has ever wowed me completely and made me want to sing from the rooftops and extol its virtues as much as the shampoo I’m reviewing today. I have read about some fabulous hair products on Ciao yet it always makes me angry that the majority of the really wonderful products can cost anything from £5 to £8. Having two children living at home and another son to support, I could not possibly justify spending this amount of money on a shampoo so have always resigned myself to a life of using normal shampoos from the supermarket shelves. However Lady Luck shone on me recently and I have received a bumper package of ghd hair care products without having to pay a penny. Ghd have long been known for their range of hair straighteners and the company pride themselves on producing hair care products that guarantee the purchaser to achieve wonderful results and have the smoothest silky looking hair ever. After using these for the last week I can honestly say that if I had the money I would never buy anything else for my hair, yet I still fail to see how these products can be so extravagantly priced as they are way beyond the means of the majority of people in the country. Enclosed in ...

JML Handheld Steam Cleaner 01/06/2004

Getting hot and steamy on the carpet

JML Handheld Steam Cleaner For years I had always said that one day I would buy a steam cleaner. Living in a house with five animals plus two messy children takes its toll on the carpets, and despite instilling into the children that they must take their shoes off before coming inside, there is the occasional bout of forgetfulness. A few weeks ago I set off shopping with the intention to buy a steam cleaner at long last. We went to Focus and after vague instructions from an assistant on where to locate the cleaners, we found them at the end of an aisle. The steam cleaner we chose was a JML hand held model, which retails at £59.99 but at present Focus have a promotion whereby we received ten pounds off the R.R.P. The steam cleaner looks very similar to a hand held vacuum cleaner, in that it is a long chunky shape, and I must admit I was intending to use this for surfaces and walls rather than carpets when I purchased it, as due to its size I did not think it would be possible to clean carpets, apart from those in the car. The cleaner is an off white colour and has a moulded handle on the top, on which there are two buttons. The first button is a simple flickable on/off switch and is covered by a piece of plastic, so as not to cause any danger if water escapes from the device. The second is a circular button that can be pressed to emit steam from the cleaner when in use. Tools are included with the cleaner, which are interchangeable dependant upon the surface to be cleaned. A dark green ...

Lush Bath Ballistics Big Blue 24/05/2004

A Mermaid's Bath

Lush Bath Ballistics Big Blue After a long week at work I like nothing better on a Friday evening than to totally pamper myself and lay in a deep hot bath to soak all the cares of the working week away. My bathroom is full of wonderful bath concoctions; bubble baths, bath melts, ballistics, oils and creams so I am never stuck for something to lay back and relax in. One of my favourite ways to relax and transport myself off into dream land is with a Big Blue bath ballistic from Lush, and it remains a constant companion in my bathroom for days when I need to forget everything and relax. Lush bath products are one or the other; they are either very powerfully scented or very subtle, there is not a lot of middle ground, and as I am a complete and utter Lush addict I know now which to use dependant upon my mood and my needs. If you have never come across a Lush bath ballistic before, why not? Ballistics are the perfect way to indulge your body’s needs and at a reasonable price. Ballistics are huge balls of bicarbonate of soda, packed with enough essential oils to blow your mind, and filled with wondrous floral, citrus, or herbal aromas, all of which add up to make you feel as though you have attended a pampering session at a health club and blown a fortune. Ballistics are about the size of a tennis ball, and can be used whole or cut in half and thrown into a tub of bathwater, where they will merrily fizz away and distribute all their wondrous oils and bits into the bathwater. Although Lush produce ...

Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas 18/05/2004

My Island packed with Gems

Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas Isn’t it always a nightmare finding a decent hotel when you’re going away? I count my blessings that the trip I won to Vegas recently was accompanied by spending money and free accommodation. Although Vegas has an abundance of hotels it can be quite difficult at times to find one that is not overly priced or fully booked as the town always seems to be milling with people of all different nationalities who head there for short breaks, holidays or day trips to sample the delights of the many casinos, shows and hotel facilities. The Treasure Island is situated in the middle of The Strip and is easily identifiable by the enormous replica pirate ship that bobs up and down on the clear blue water at the front of the hotel. A wooden walkway surrounded by palm trees runs alongside the water and the hotel can either be accessed here or by going to the entrance at the other side of the hotel that leads to reception. The reception area is enormous and is decorated in calming cream marble, with a vast desk taking centre stage. Ornate tables and chairs are scattered around the reception area so that guests may sit and relax whilst the leader of their party checks in. We stayed at the Treasure Island for three nights during April 2004 and it was one of the best hotels I have ever had the fortune to sleep in. Here’s why…. ■▪ROOMS■▪ The hotel has a number of rooms and suites to choose from with prices ranging from $79 a night to $600 for the penthouse ...

Farmer Bills Kelly 14/05/2004

Farmer Bills Crunchy Bits

Farmer Bills Kelly It is no secret that I am a big fan of luxury ice creams, and although we do make our own home made varieties, a visit to our local farm shop ensures that I always come home with at least two containers of Farmer Bills luxury concoctions. Farmer Bills have a farm in Colne Engaine, situated on the borders of Suffolk and Essex. All of their ice cream is made using cream and milk from their herd of Fresian cows, and each variety is named after one of the herd. The farm also has open days during the Summer, and for a small fee, it is possible to go and watch the cows being milked and also to watch the ice cream manufacture. Unfortunately I have not seen Farmer Bills for sale anywhere other than our local farm shop, but I would imagine that if you reside in the Suffolk or Essex area, there will be a shop close buy from which you can purchase it. The farm are continually improving and expanding their range, and are intending on producing a range of new varieties for the Summer months. The ice cream is packaged in a one litre container, although today I did see single portion containers are also available. A one litre container costs £4.75 which does seem expensive, but once you have tasted the ice cream, the chances are you will never want another variety again. Today we decided to purchase Kelly’s Honeycomb Crunch so duly handed over our £4.75 and rushed home. As with all Farmer Bills ice creams, it does need time to soften and normally leaving it at room temperature ...

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter 11/05/2004

Blueberry cocktails are good for the skin

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter Us women seem to develop a beauty routine quite early on in our lives don’t we? In the week I tend to not wear much make up unless I’m going out to a meeting or somewhere equally as boring for work but there is one thing that I do every morning as part of my post bath or shower ritual and that’s to apply body lotion. Back in the early Nineties as a young Mum with three children I developed dry patches on my knees which I’m sure were caused by knelling down to change the children when they were babies. I never seemed to have the time in those days to keep up with my beauty routine either as our lives seemed to be so busy each and very day so little things like moisturising my dry bits were quite often forgotten and more important things took over instead. Now the children are all growing up I’ve got back into good habits once more and each morning after bathing or showering I slaver my body with body lotion. Of course I have my favourites and tend to veer towards sweet smelling lotions rather than the unscented kind because as well as moisturising they leave my skin smelling fresh and fragrant too. Recently I’ve been buying a great deal of products from The Body Shop. The company have developed a wonderful and extensive range of lotions and potions but their body butters are quite simply the best lotion or potion I’ve ever slapped over my skin first thing in the morning. Body Butter – it sounds so exotic doesn’t it and so much more exciting than body lotion or ...

Lush Bio Fresh Strawberry Boat 07/05/2004

Smother my body with Strawberries

Lush Bio Fresh Strawberry Boat Having long been a Lush devotee, I have spent many an hour walking round the stores sniffing the delicious aroma in the air before putting items in my basket to bring home. I’ve tried most of the Lush range now; the bubble bars, the soaps, bath ballistics and even the skin care range, but one range that I have never tried up until the past few months was the Fresh. Lush pride themselves on using only the finest ingredients for any of their cosmetics and toiletries, and every one of their items is packed fit to burst with aromatherapy oils and either fruity or floral fragrances. Either you love Lush or you don’t, it’s quite simple and luckily I fall into the former category and have found only two items that I have not been impressed with so far. The skincare and Fresh range is one that I’ve often been tempted to buy but have never quite made it to the checkout. It may be because I’m worried that I won’t be able to use the whole pot before it goes past the sell by date, or the majority of the time I have not been going straight home so have been worried that the contents of the pot might go ‘off’ before I get a chance to sample their delights. However, Lush have now redesigned the contents of the Fresh range so they will stay fresh for up to a week so with this in mind I was spoiled for choice as to what to buy for my virgin trip into being a Fresh girl. The chances are whatever bit of your body needs a pampering, you will find it in the Fresh range. With products ...
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