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Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 02/09/2008

A brilliant comedy that can't be missed!

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) ATTENTION, I DO KNOW THIS IS IN THE WRONG PLACE, PLEASE DON'T RATE BADLY. Thanks. x I don't personally own the Gilmore Girls box set, but I can say it's going to be on my Christmas list this year! I find this programme well written, and very very funny to watch. It's something for all the family to sit down to, but I think would be preferred by mothers and teenage girls as they may be able to relate to their relationship. It's unique and not like most other try hard comedy out nowadays. I find it hard to switch off when I'm watching this programme. The main two characters in the series are single mother Lorelai and her daughter Rory Gilmore. Lorelai who is 32, is played by Lauren Graham and Rory played by Alexis Bledel. They both do a fabulous job at acting in this series and sometimes it's hard to believe it's just a programme. Not only are they mother and daughter but they are also each other's best friend, and seem to spend most of their days together talking/joking and gossiping like best friends do. They also use a lot of sarcasm towards each other which I think makes the programme what it is. Lorelai had her daughter Rory when she was just sixteen, and the pair live in a place called Stars Hollow which I always think seems lovely. She was brought into a rich family but this hasn't made her snooty in fact I think it's worked in the other way. She owns her own inn which she previously lived and worked in after being taken in when she ran away from her ...

Kellogg's Pop Tarts 15/08/2008

Strawberry sensation poptarts are sensational!

Kellogg's Pop Tarts Kellogg's strawberry sensation pop tarts: They come in a card board box of eight, the box itself containing silver packets of two pastries in each packet. They are usually located with the cereal bars and things such as nutrigrain bars. You can eat them cold or usually you put them in the toaster on the lowest setting until it pops up. I personally don't like them cold, and have to eat them straight out of the toaster; else they just don't taste as wonderful as usual. On the Kellogg's website they also say they taste great frozen, which is something I've never tried but may give a go! Pop tarts provide you with seven essential vitamins and minerals; however they are not for the health conscious as 100g contains: Calories: 395 Carbohydrates: 70g Of which sugars: 32g Fat: 11g Of which saturates: 5g Protein: 4g Each pop tart contains: 198 calories, 16g of sugar, 6g of fat, 2.5g saturates and 0.45g of salt. They contain/may contain soy and wheat ingredients. A chocotastic pop tart contains: 193 calories, 17g of sugar, 5g of fat, 2.5g of saturates and 0.6g of salt. A box of eight pop tarts costs around £1.48 in Tesco's which I think is really good value for money, although I don't get them very often. Basically they are pastry slices, filled with strawberry jam, and then topped with icing and sprinkles, eee their just lovely! But be careful because if you leave it in the toaster too long then the filling can burn your mouth! I first tried a Kellogg's ...

Angel - Katie Price 15/08/2008

Angel, good holiday read

Angel - Katie Price Angel is the fabulous book by Katie Price. Although when I say BY Katie Price I mean to say that it is ghost written by Rebecca Farnworth. The book was published in June 2006 and sold 300,000 copies in six weeks! At first I was dubious about getting this book as stupidly assumed that being written by 'Jordan' it would be a waste of money, but I was wrong! The book is selling on for £4.99 and I think it's worth the money. The book itself has a pink and black cover featuring the pretty young girl the book is all about, Angel. Angel is a seventeen year old girl living with her foster parents Michelle and Frank and her brother Tony. She has always felt outcast from her foster family and always wanted to know where she really came from. She desperately wants to fill her dreams of having a career in fashion design, but doesn't have the money to fund them. In an attempt to earn it, she becomes a lifeguard which was a life changing decision for her as she gets spotted and is asked to do some modelling, at first she was wary but then she starts to enjoy herself. She gets asked to do glamour modelling which was a real shock for her but she decides to give it a go; this is the decision that made and sparks off her successful career. She faces unbelievable challenges as suddenly she seems to have become one of the most famous and wanted people around, everyone seems to be demanding a piece of her and her career may not be all she hoped it would be. She loses her ...

Channel 4 - Desperate Housewives 15/08/2008

Desperate Housewives and a hot chocolate please?

Channel 4 - Desperate Housewives ~ Information: ~ For the programmes premiere season it received six Emmy awards, two Golden globe awards and two Screen actors guild awards. Other awards include the 2005 People's choice award for favourite new television drama, the future classic award, the 2006 TP de Oro for best foreign series and the golden nymph at the 2007 Monte-Carlo TV festival. So as you can see it has been a greatly appreciated series by all! So far four seasons are available out to buy on DVD and can be bought from stores such as HMV and ~The programme: ~ Desperate housewives is created by Marc Cherry and is another great American comedy/Drama. Set in Wisteria Lane in the town of Fairview, it follows the everyday lives of a group of house-proud women who seem to be in competition with each other a lot of the time for the best home, cakes and whatnot. Gradually they discover the secrets lurking behind each other's closed doors, and each lady is always desperate for a bit of gossip or dirt on their fellow neighbour. Their lives are followed by the eyes of their dead neighbour Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong), and her warming voice narrates what is going on. The cast: Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp, Eva Longoria Parker as Gabrielle Solis, Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt and Dana Delany as Katherine Mayfair. ~My View: ~ This programme is easy to get into, and needs your full attention. It's funny, and it ...

I Am Legend (DVD) 15/08/2008

I am Legend, an unexpected brilliant film

I Am Legend (DVD) When this film was in the cinema, and everybody was going on about how good it looked, I was the one who didn't care, and thought it looked like it was going to be another drab movie with stupidly fake looking monsters in it. ~ Information: ~ Released on the 26th of December 2007, this film has gone on to 'best science fiction film' 'best horror' 'best sound editing' 'and star Will Smith has also gone on to win best acting awards. The director of the film is Francis Lawrence. Akiva Goldsman is a producer and screen writer of the film . Other Producers are David Heyman, James Lassiter and Neal Moritz. The film is rated a PG-13 for scenes of violence that occur. It's 101 minutes long and only consists of once disk. The DVD is currently on for £11.99. ~ The Film: ~ Robert Neville is the only man brave enough to stay in New York City and try to find a cure to a terrible virus which spread across the city. It is believed to be manmade and so far incurable but he wants to change that. He's the only survivor left in New York City as people fled when the virus spread. He had been living in New York for three years trying to cure this terrible virus, and broadcasts a daily message across the radio in desperate attempt to find and help any hope of survivors. The creatures that have been affected by the terrible virus are mutated but still human looking, and can only come out at night, in daylight they live in dark buildings/places and can only ...

Costa Coffee Bar 15/08/2008

Costa is best!

Costa Coffee Bar In my opinion Costa Coffee is better than Starbucks! Although I love them both I have to say that It's Costa coffee all the way for me (: ~Information: ~ Bruno and Sergio Costa are the founders of the legendary Costa Coffee and they set up their first espresso bar in 1978 in London. The same methods for their unique way of slow roasting their coffee beans are used today, and this famous coffee is being served in 500 coffee shops all over the world! ~The core varieties of coffee available at Costa: ~ Espresso - Short, strong, sweet and black Espresso Doppio - A double shot of espresso, twice the strength Ristretto - A very short espresso, ultimate strength Macchiato - Espresso with a dash of frothed milk Americano - Espresso with hot water Cappuccino - Espresso topped with steamed frothed milk topped with a sprinkling of chocolate Caffé latte - Espresso with steamed milk Mocha: Espresso with chocolate, topped with steamed, frothed milk and a sprinkling of chocolate ~What's available: ~ As well as all the above, they also offer different varieties of those where you can choose how you want it, such as having it will Full, skimmed or soya milk. There are also three different sizes, Primo (Small), Medio (Medium) and Massimo (Large). Also on offer is hot chocolate (I thoroughly recommend it) tea, infusions, iced coffee's and frescato's. You can choose what toppings you would like on your drinks such as cream and marshmallows, obviously costing extra though. ...

Solero 15/08/2008

Walls solero exotic ice cream

Solero One of my favourite ice creams has to be a Walls Solero (exotic flavour only though). Hard to believe but they are only 99 calories per ice cream, and they also have no artificial colours or flavourings! I was actually amazed! Other flavours of Walls Solero include strawberry and banana smoothie, blackberry and banana smoothie and they also have mini red fruit and exotic Solero's. First of all I suggest taking the lolly out and leaving it for a one or two minutes so that the ice cream has a chance to become a bit soft as mine usually comes out a bit frosted. The whole outside of the ice-cream is covered in the thick exotic sorbet coating, it gives off a fruity smell and it has a lovely tangy taste to it. The sorbet has a strong flavour to it, very sweet but very nice. I usually like to bite off the outside first. The ice cream itself is something else! It's amazingly smooth and creamy tasting, hard to believe it's so low in calories, containing swirls of exotic flavour sorbet inside you won't be able to resist, and may be tempted for another! I think I'd buy a tub of this ice cream just on its own if it was on sale! The packaging of the lolly itself is just a plain orange plastic wrapper, but the box itself is made of thick cardboard and nicely designed showing you all the information you'd want and need to know. ~Nutritional information: ~ (Per 90ml lolly) Calories: 99 Protein: 1.5g Carbohydrate: 17g Of which sugars: 17g Fat: 2.5g Of which saturates: ...

Chocolat - Joanne Harris 15/08/2008

A good read, better than the film

Chocolat - Joanne Harris I came across this book by Joanne Harris at a car boot sale, priced at only 30 pence, I bought it to read on holiday. I'd heard of the film, and usually think the books are better so I decided to read the book and see. I think this really gives you beautiful images of France in your mind when Joanne describes the little village in which the story is based in. This book really made me think about how you cannot run away from and avoid things all your life. It's really thought provoking. It tells the story of a woman called Vianne Rocher a single mother, and her daughter Anouk. They seemed to have moved around all their lives and never really had a place to call home. Anouk is very young and is often heard playing with her imaginary rabbit Pantoufle. They move to a beautiful little village in France called Lansquenet-sous-Tannes and set up their own business (a chocolate shop!) at the time of lent, in place of a disused bakery, much to the local church followers and curé of the local parish, Francis Reynaud's disgust. But as time goes on the villagers seem to be coming round to Vianne's new idea, and her chocolate becomes the talk of the town, and is brought up frequently in confession! She forms close bonds with a women named Josephine Muscat who is beaten by her husband, and outcast by the rest of the village for stealing, and eventually the women gains enough courage to leave her husband, and stays with Vianne. She learns how to make chocolate and helps ...

Where is the best sea view? 14/08/2008

Crackington Haven = Haven

Where is the best sea view? Location: Crackington Haven is located near Bude Cornwall, it's pretty easy to get to! I'm a beach lover, who loves the sea, sun bathing and walking along the Cliffside and for me Crackington haven's got it all. I love walking out and walking right to the top of the second cliff, it's amazing up there, it as you have a pretty much 360 degree view of the sea. You can also see where the side of a part of a cliff on the other side of the beach has started to erode away, and you can notice the lines in the rock. The wind blowing on you whilst your standing up there makes you feel amazing, but be careful! My dog also loves the Cliffside walk, finding every bramble/prickly bush to go in and always looking out for wildlife. Last time I was there we also spotted two wild deer walking along the cliff, which only added to the lovely sea view. Also on the beach are remains of a wartime ship which is quite interesting to look at. Overall this beach on a lovely sunny day is just perfect, with an ice-cream from the local cafe it's an ideal day out for everyone. The sea looks gorgeous in the sun as it turns a nice turquoise colour, looking like some exotic beach you'd expect to find on holiday! But catching it on a bad day you wouldn't be impressed.

Konk - Kooks (The) 13/08/2008

An album for everyone and anyone

Konk - Kooks (The) Information on the band: The kooks were formed in Brighton, England, and they consisted of lead singer Luke Pritchard, bassist Max Rafferty, Lead guitarist Hugh Harris and drummer Paul Garred. Rafferty dropped out and now Dan Logan replaces him. They are currently signed to Virgin records. Singer Luke Pritchard wrote the extremely popular hit song 'Naive' when he was sixteen years old. Talking of hit songs, they have recently released 'Shine on' which seems to be popular and is becoming a radio hit. From having bought the first album 'inside in inside out' pretty much as soon as it came out, I knew I was going to be buying this album when it hit the shops. I had already converted my brother into loving them by making him listen to the album, and reluctantly let him borrow it for a few weeks. This second album is what can be expected from this Brighton band, just excellent. At first I was abit wary as I didn't know if they could follow up from such a good previous album, but they did! Released on April 14th, the album contains twelve tracks and one 'hidden track' My favourite song has to be 'Sway' it's just a great song, and seeing them play it live recently at one of their gigs I went to it made me love the band and song even more.

Tesco Value Chicken Noodles 13/08/2008

Chickeny goodness

Tesco Value Chicken Noodles I used to be a noodle addict, as were my family. We used to go through at least 3 packets a week for snacks (oh dear) so when these were spotted neatly displayed next to the others I didn't hesitate to put a pack in the trolley to try, it's not like we had much to lose looking at the price!. I think we can forgive Tesco for the boring value packaging for how cheap the noodles are at just eight pence per pack. Comparing to leading brands which are around forty four pence per pack. So after following the instructions on the back of the pack and sticking them in the microwave, I took my bowl of chicken flavour noodles to taste. The chicken taste is much stronger than I had expected, and really quite pleasant for the price, the texture of the noodles is also quite nice and soft in your mouth, and they are easy to coil around your fork! This is a good, easy comfort food to eat. But as you will have guessed it will be pretty high in calories!

Recipes for Desserts 13/08/2008

A Lemon dessert for all

Recipes for Desserts Right, this is an absolute favourite of mine for a dessert as I LOVE lemons, they also smell gorgeous and when the juice has been extracted from the lemon rind the remains can be left in the fridge for a day or two to give it a fresh lemony fragrance. The following recipe should serve about four people and is quite easy to make, it's never gone wrong for me yet, and always tastes great if you like this sort of thing. Basically it's a sponge with gorgeous tasting lemony custard underneath. Baking time will be about one hour. ~~You will need:~~~ A butter brush, Electric beaters, 3 bowls, A wooden spoon, A sieve, A large metal spoon, A 1 litre capacity baking dish, And a large rectangular ovenproof dish. ~~Ingredients:~~ 60g butter, 185g caster sugar, 3 eggs separated, one/one and a half teaspoons of grated lemon rind (depending on how strong you like your lemon flavour), 40g of self-raising flour, 60ml of lemon juice, and 185ml of milk. ~~Method:~~ 1) Preheat your oven to 180°c (350°F/Gas 4). Now brush your 1 litre capacity ovenproof dish with melted butter, alternatively you can just rub a lump of butter round with your fingers to grease the dish. 2) Using your electric beaters, beat the butter, sugar, egg yolks and rind in a bowl until the mixture turns light and creamy. Transfer this mixture to a medium bowl. 3) Sift the self raising flour into the bowl and stir with your wooden spoon until just combined. Add the lemon ...

Uncle Ben's Express Golden Vegetable Rice 13/08/2008

Quick and easy but not necessary

Uncle Ben's Express Golden Vegetable Rice Well here's the bit every calorie counter would be looking out for: Per 100g: 149 calories, Fat: 1.9g, Saturated fat: 0.3g, Sugar: 0.9g, Salt: 1.5g. Each pack is 250g so altogether this would be about 298 calories per pack. It is priced at £1.34 in Tesco's and is currently on offer at 2 for £2.30. It is microwavable in 2 minutes which is perfect for anyone who can't wait past 10 minutes for their meal to be made. However, I personally do not eat ready cooked meals like this, I find that it's easy enough to put on a pan of boiling water and cook some wholegrain rice for 25-30 minutes(depending on the rice bought). Not only is whole grain rice better for you but it also tastes great if you mix it with stir-fry vegetables, cooked chicken and a bit of olive oil. You could even add cheese for a tasty topping. I also find that overall the price is not bad, but I personally wouldn't be satisfied with just one sachet of this rice for a meal even though there is a fair amount of it, rice on its own bores me, so I also had extra costs for my additions to the meal such as extra vegetables to mix in with it. My personal opinion: I find the taste of the rice to be okay, but that's it, just okay. I expected there to be vast flavours from just seeing the picture of the rice on the front, but was left with a mild flavour. The vegetables in the pack tasted better than expected but overall I think that it is much better just to make your own rice dish. ...

McVities Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks 13/08/2008

Yummy yoghurty slices (:

McVities Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks I bought a pack of raspberry McVities go ahead yoghurt breaks recently because they were on offer. I'd always wondered what they had tasted like so decided to go ahead (aha) and see! Well the box cost me 98p at the time, which was great value, but my recent purchase (as the offer finished) cost me £1.99 for six packs of two biscuits which isn't great value for money to be honest. At first I wasn't expecting much but still thought it was a good buy. I bit into my yoghurt topped bake and was surprised at the pleasant strong taste of raspberryness. It was really quite nice! The yoghurt topping surprised me too because I thought it tasted very much like white chocolate. This has now become my favourite part of the slice! They are also quite filling, one slice satisfy's my hunger, so I usually save the other one for later. I also thought it's quite handy that they come in a two pack because it's a good thing for lunch boxes, one for break one for lunch? They are also not too bad for you, only 74 calories per slice! (This is for the raspberry slices)

LG Chocolate KG800 13/08/2008

Lg chocolate mobile phonee

LG Chocolate KG800 Okay, so I've had this phone for over a year now, and it has been through a lot to this day, but I still do not expect it to play up the way it does. Sometimes even if I'm not even touching the touch screen front buttons it decides to start going through things and clicking on things on its own! This is very annoying when i'm in the middle of texting someone. I usually have to slide it shut to stop it. It only came with Sudoku for the games so I was pretty disappointed in that. The camera doesn't immediately take a photo when you press take photo or the side button which is another downside, and isn't useful when you're at a gig and need immediate photos when you manage to get a moments stillness. I also can no longer charge my phone properly as the place where you insert the charger seems to have broken or got mangled somehow, so I have to put a weight on top of the charger and phone in order to charge it properly! But I have to say even after a year I still love the phone design, I love the red lights that light up when you open the phone, and how sleek it looks compared to others.
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