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Baby number 3 has arrived another beautiful little boy.... life is hectic at the moment so I wont be rating and reviewing much but will be back soon!!!

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Kitchen Craft Cake Cutting Wire 16/04/2012

For cakes that just don't cut it!

Kitchen Craft Cake Cutting Wire Over the last few years I have really started to get into baking and as I have become more confident I’ve started to cook some larger celebration cakes for family birthdays and events. In the early days I tended to stick with quite simple cakes with minimal intervention once actually baked however as I have grown more confident I’ve started to try new techniques especially when it comes to decorating. One aspect of cake making I realised I could do with some help with is actually cutting cakes to fill them with filling or buttercream rather than use a knife so I started to look at cake cutting wires and bought the Kitchen Craft Cake Cutting Wire. ***Kitchen Craft Cake Cutting Wire*** The description on the packaging of the Kitchen Craft Cake Cutting Wire is “a clever tool which gives professional finish to your homemade cakes. The handy cake wire is used for splitting cakes evenly, quickly and simply.” Basically the tool is a height adjustable carbon blade which you use to cut through a cake in order to fill it with buttercream or filling and then sandwich back together. You can also use to trim a cake in order to give it a more even and flat surface. The main purpose is to give a more level finish than using a knife and trimming manually by hand. The wire is 40cm long in total and has a carbon steel serrated blade to cut into cakes cleanly. The wire is on a stand which has a handle and stabilising feet to give a straight level cut. You can adjust the height of ...

Little Kitten - Louise Martin 12/04/2012

A mouse (and kitten) you will welcome into your home

Little Kitten - Louise Martin I love buying books for my twin boys and reading with them. We tend to read every day however before bed part of their “night time” routine is that I read a story to each of them allowing them to choose a book each to read. In their bedroom I tend to position books which are stories rather than just children’s books with a jumble of words and pictures. I did this as once they reached around 18 months old their interest and concentration on books with actual stories seemed to increase and I found they started to prefer actual story books as opposed to just lots of random words on each page. My boys do however love interactive books with pop up sections so I tried to add books to our collection which were actual stories that would engage my boys but still have some form of interaction on the pages. One of my best finds was Little Kitten by Louise Martin. The description of the Little Kitten book is “Miaow! Miaow! Little Kitten has lost her favourite toy mouse. Where can she be? Push the tab to find a fun rhyming surprise on every page.” Little Kitten is a brightly coloured storybook aimed at toddlers following Little Kitten on her search for her toy mouse which she has lost. Each page included a piece of rhyming text asking where mouse could be in a certain room or area around the house. The book is interactive as the final rhyming word on the page is always an object. This name of this object is not written next to the main body of text. Instead there is a push down flap ...

Premier Housewares Giant Silicone Cupcake Mould 11/04/2012

A giant mould at a not so giant price

Premier Housewares Giant Silicone Cupcake Mould I love to bake cakes and over the last 3 years it has become quite a hobby of mine. Cupcakes tend to be my “skill”; although I say skill I tend to find that baking and decorating cupcakes are a lot easier than celebration or larger cakes. However I decided to look for more of a challenge and expand my baking skills by adding giant cupcakes to my baking talents. After searching for giant cupcake moulds I was quite shocked that some retailers were selling these moulds and tins for around £20 so when I spotted the Premier Giant Cupcake Mould it appeared not only to be what I was looking for but also excellent value for money. ***Premier Giant Cupcake Mould*** The Giant Cupcake Mould by Premier is does basically what it say on the tin (or box in this case), it is a silicone mould to bake a giant cupcake in. The mould comes in three pieces and makes a cupcake with a 19cm diameter and 18cm in height. The mould has three pieces; the base, the top of the cake and a hollow out section which your place inside of the mould as you are cooking so you can fill your cake with jam or buttercream when sticking together. The Premier Giant Cupcake Mould is available from a variety of different stores. I have found the cheapest place to be B&M’s which sell these moulds for £4.99. Wilkinsons also sell this brand of Giant Cupcake mould for £7.99. You can also purchase from Amazon for ***My Experience*** When it comes to baking cakes in my experience I have learnt that often ...

Early Learning Centre Robot Messy Mat 10/04/2012

Keeps mess in one (small) area…..

Early Learning Centre Robot Messy Mat My twin boys love creative activities and messy play. As much as I love seeing them enjoy themselves whilst carrying out these types of activities I do not love cleaning the mess that two toddlers with paint, Playdoh, glitter, glue etc. can make. So when Mr Lools and I decided to purchase a large amount of craft items for Christmas 2011 from ELC we also purchased the ELC Robot Messy Mat to try and minimise the amount of mess that would be created. ***ELC Robot Messy Mat*** The ELC Robot Messy Mat is basically a thick plastic sheet to put on the floor whilst your child undertakes “messy creative play” to protect from spills. The mat is 105cm by 95cm and is made from a thick blue wipe-able sheet plastic. The mat is bright blue with a multi-coloured pattern of robots and paint splodges. ELC state that the Robot Messy Mat is suitable from age 2 years and over. The ELC Robot Messy Mat is sold in both ELC stores and Mothercare and also available online from both of these retailers. The ELC Robot Messy Mat has a RRP of £4. This is not an “expensive” item by any means however if compared to other similar products from other brands (such as Tesco and Wilkinsons) I do feel the price is on the higher side as the other two retailers sell their (larger) mats for around £2. However ELC regularly sell this item in their half price toy sale for a more reasonable £2. ***Our Experience*** The main reason I purchased the ELC Robot Messy Mat was mainly to minimise mess ...

Konfidence Float Suit 09/04/2012

Konfidence for parents and children

Konfidence Float Suit I’m a member of site for baby products and pay a very small subscription (£5) each year to be a product tester and for my boys to “try out” and then we keep the product for our own use at the end of it. Over the last 27 months I have had quite a wide range of products sent to me including bottles, cups, toiletries and socks. However one of the better products I have been sent was the Konfidence Floatsuit and was very kindly sent two of these suits so both my boys could try these out. ***Konfidence Floatsuit*** The Konfidence Floatsuit is basically a swimsuit with adjustable buoyancy for use in the water. The suit is an all in one suit with pockets for 8 removable foam floats to fit in to give a child support in the water. The suits are made from a polycotton fabric containing lycra which gives a secure fit but also freedom of movement in the water for a child. The Konfidence Floatsuit comes in 5 different colours. Gold and Blue, Navy and White Stripe, Pink and White Stripe, Plain Pink and Red and Yellow. We were sent a Gold and Blue suit and a Navy and white stripe suit therefore my review will be based on these two suits. The suits come in 3 different sizes- 1-2 years (up to 33lbs and 97cm tall), 2-3 years (up to39lbs and 100cm tall) and 4-5 years (up to 47lbs and 112cm tall). The Konfidence Floatsuit is available only online. Our suits were sent to us direct from Konfidence to test however you can purchase directly from the Konfidence website and also ...

Tomy AquaDraw Mini Mat Disney Cars Collection 1 08/04/2012

A cheap ride

Tomy AquaDraw Mini Mat Disney Cars Collection 1 I had previously purchased the Tomy Aquadoodle Mini Mats sets for my twin boys and wanted to expand our collection. We purchased the Aquadoodle sets to encourage my boys creativity skills but limit the mess on occasions when we would visit family and friends and we had a few drawing on walls incidents. I noticed that Tomy offered a range of these sets which were usually themed with various TV series or films. My boys love the Disney Cars films so the Disney Cars Aquadoodle Mini Mats seemed like a good purchase. *** Disney Cars Aquadoodle Mini Mats*** The Tomy Aquadoodle toys are is basically a mat in which allows children to develop their drawing skills by using only a small amount of water. You fill a special Aquadoodle pen up with water and allow your child to draw on the coated Aquadoodle mat and once the water touches the mat the doodles can be seen and images on the mat are uncovered. The Disney Cars mini mats contain 4 different Aquadoodle mats and an Aquadoodle pen which contain a different Disney Cars themed image or scene. Each of the mats is a greyish colour and is around 19cm long by 15cm high. The image on the mat becomes colourful and bright once it is scribbled over by the water from the Aquadoodle pen. Tomy state that these are suitable from age 18 months and over. The Tomy Disney Cars Aquadoodle Mini Mats are sold by a variety of toy retailers including Boots, Toys R Us Amazon, Smyths, ELC, Tesco and Amazon. The price of the mini mats vary ...

Home Retail Group Boston Square BBQ 07/04/2012

Pull up a chair our BBQ is still there!

Home Retail Group Boston Square BBQ Over the last 7 years of living together Mr Lools and I have probably owned at least 10 BBQ’s. We love to have BBQ’s as do our friends but time and time again it is the same story how our BBQ meets its (rusty) end. I spend hours in the kitchen and around the house preparing the house for guests coming and then preparing food with Mr Lools promising he will sort the BBQ out after we have finished including cleaning and putting away yet it never happens. Usually his hangover gets the better of him and my stubbornness means our BBQ sits for days after using it and the grill section ends up with charcoal meat remains permanently stuck on and the actual drum of the BBQ starts rusting as the lid has been left open and the typical British “summertime” rain has made an appearance! So when we moved into our new house Mr Lools promised he would look after the next BBQ we bought spurred on by the fact he was made to spend a bit more on this one so had to look after it and bought the Boston Square Charcoal BBQ. *** Boston Square Charcoal BBQ*** The description of the Boston Square Charcoal BBQ on the Homebase website is “With its roasting lid, warming rack and storage shelves, the Boston BBQ is perfect for outdoor eating.” As the name may give away the Boston Square Charcoal BBQ is a square charcoal BBQ. The BBQ has a square black drum and frame with a brushed silver fold down lid over the drum. The BBQ is 85cm high , 61cm wide and 106cm long (with both side trays folded out). ...

BabyStart Group 1-2-3 Car Seat 05/04/2012

1-2-3 car seats in the back seat!!

BabyStart Group 1-2-3 Car Seat After a lot of discussion and debate with various car seat retailers, health visitors and family members my boys were in their “first” stage 0 rear facing car seats until they were almost 18 months old. My boys are particularly small for their age which was the main reason and even at 2 years old they had not reached the 20lb weight limit for them to move into the next stage/ stages of car seat. However my both my boys were able to break free from the rearward seats and break free when I was driving. Certain car seat retailers told me it was unsafe to have my boys in a front facing seat and one actually refused to sell me these style car seats however after my boys climbing out of their rear facing seats whilst I was driving on my own with them on a 70mph dual carriage way with them I made a judgement call and moved them into the next stage of seats as I felt no car seat was a lot more dangerous than a front facing one that secured them in so we opted for the BabyStart 123 Car Seats after much research and debate. ***BabyStart 123 Car Seat*** The BabyStart 123 Car Seat is a multistage car seat and as stated in the name is a group 1-3 forward facing car seat. It is to be used with 3 point seat belts and although recommended for rear seat usage it can also be fitted into the front seats of the car. The BabyStart 123 Car Seat has an adjustable head rest and cushions for younger children to ensure that they are safe and supported in the car. The seat has side impact ...

Early Learning Centre Soft Stuff Mat and Dough 04/04/2012

A set you won't waste your dough on!

Early Learning Centre Soft Stuff Mat and Dough I’m keen on encouraging my twin boys to play creatively and love fun creative toys. Since they have been around 1 year old I have tried to encourage creative play and one advantage when they were very young was I was able to “help” and ensure the mess was kept to one area. As they became more independent and headed towards 18 months they became very independent and Mummy was no longer allowed to touch and had to let them do things themselves. This independence made me very proud of them but also it alarmed me at how much mess two independent toddlers could cause when given less direction. Soft dough was a firm favourite but I did find that giving them pots of dough often meant they seen this as license to roll the dough out where every they fancied so I decided to buy the ELC Soft Stuff Dough and Mat set for them to encourage them to play with the dough in one specific place. ***Soft Stuff Dough and Mat*** The ELC Soft Stuff Dough and Mat is basically a soft dough play set. This includes a patterned playmat which is around 30cm long and 20cm wide, a small dough roller about 10cm long and 3cm in diameter and three small tubs of Soft Stuff dough. ELC state that the Soft Stuff Dough and Mat set is suitable from age 18 months and over. The Soft Stuff Dough and Mat set is available from ELC stores and online. The RRP for the set is £6.00 however is often included in the ELC toy sales. We purchased this in a pre-Christmas sale in November 2011 for £4.00. At £6.00 I ...

Tomy AquaDraw Peppa Pig Mini Mats 03/04/2012

Peppa themed mats when you don't want a pig sty

Tomy AquaDraw Peppa Pig Mini Mats My twin boys love to draw and as much as I encourage drawing and creativity, there are times when they want to draw or let their creative skills loose but I can’t give them 100% supervision (i.e. if I’m cooking dinner) to ensure their creative skills stay on the paper in front of them. Mr Lools learnt this the hard way when the boys were playing in front of them and he turned his back for less than 20 seconds to go in the cupboard for more drawing paper and found both my sons using their crayons on our beige walls. So a friend suggested the Tomy Aquadoodle Mini Mats and one of the packs of these I purchased was the Peppa Pig Aquadoodle Mini Mats. ***Peppa Pig Aquadoodle Mini Mats*** Aquadoodle is basically a mat in which allows children to develop their drawing skills by using only a small amount of water. You fill a special Aquadoodle pen up with water and allow your child to draw on the coated Aquadoodle mat and once the water touches the mat the doodles can be seen. The Peppa Pig themed Aquadoodle mini mats contain 4 different Aquadoodle mats and an Aquadoodle pen. Each of the mats is a greyish colour and is around 19cm long by 15cm high each with a different Peppa Pig themed image on. The Peppa Pig image is revealed and becomes bright and colourful once it is doodle on with the wet pen. Tomy state that these are suitable from age 18 months and over (with the age guidance on Amazon stating from 18 months to 5 years old). The Tomy Peppa Pig Aquadoodle Mini ...

Imperial Leather Star Flower & Pomegranate Shower Cream 02/04/2012

A sublime shower!

Imperial Leather Star Flower & Pomegranate Shower Cream I’m more of a shower than a bath person and with showering daily I seem to go through quite a lot of shower gel. I tend to find myself doing my main grocery shop in Asda and purchase what is on special offer rather than stick to one preferred brand. However I tend to like the bright fruity scented type shower gels and creams and when the Imperial Leather Sublime Pomegranate Shower Cream was on special offer, not only did the very low price catch my eye so did the bright bottle. ***Imperial Leather Sublime Pomegranate Shower Cream*** The description of the Sublime Shower Cream is “Prepare for a truly pampering experience. Sublime, combines beautiful fragrances, with our sumptuously smooth moisturizing shower cream for the ultimate luxurious experience. Our rich and decadent formulation will leave your skin feeling radiant with a renewed sense of wellbeing.” I had previously used another one of the Imperial Leather Shower Creams and was impressed with how it left my skin soft and smooth so had high expectations that the Sublime Shower Cream would do the same. Imperial leather describes the Sublime Shower cream as a “moisturizing” shower cream as Star Flower is known for its moisturizing qualities. Pomegranate is also described to restore the skin keeping it soft and smooth. Imperial Leather describes the shower cream as “family kind” and it is dermatologically tested and has a skin friendly pH. The Imperial Leather Sublime Shower Cream comes in a 250ml or ...

Calpol Original Liquid 2mths+ 31/03/2012

Deals with pain and fevers sweetly and swiftly

Calpol Original Liquid 2mths+ It’s every parent’s worst nightmare when your child get sick but as a parent it is very scary and frustrating when you have a young baby or toddler who you know is sick but they can’t communicate with you to tell you what is wrong. As a new parent I soon learnt that crying and being unsettled was a big clue as was feeling very hot and feverish. Once you establish something isn’t right you then have to use your judgement to deal with it. I often found myself turning to the advice of my own mother and one of her first questions when one of my twin boys felt poorly at 6 months old was “have you tried Calpol”. So one of the items Mr Lools and I stocked up on was Calpol Infant Suspension. ***Calpol Infant Suspension*** Calpol Infant Suspension is described on the packaging as “Gentle pain and fever relief from 2 months. When your little one is suffering from pain and fever, CALPOL® Infant Suspension can help make him feel better.” Basically the product is a paracetomol based liquid suspension which is strawberry flavoured to make it easy for a child to swallow. You can purchase Calpol Infant Suspension in 100ml and 200ml sized bottles and the product is strawberry flavoured. I tend to find the 100ml bottles are most common and most chemists and grocery stores sell Calpol including Lloyds and Numark, Asda, Tesco, Superdrug, Boots, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. A 100ml bottle costs between £2.50 and £4 depending on the retailer. It is slightly more expensive than own brand ...

Nurofen for Children Strawberry Suspension Fever&Pain 30/03/2012

A fever reliever !

Nurofen for Children Strawberry Suspension Fever&Pain In terms of illness I count myself very lucky that my twin boys as young babies never really got ill. We had a few high temperatures after their immunisations which we used a paracetamol based suspension to address however there was never much need for us to buy children’s medicines as they both didn’t seem to pick up viruses until around 9 months old. We then were hit with a pretty nasty virus and Nurofen for children was suggested and I have tended to use for other illnesses since. ***Nurofen for Children*** The description on the packaging is “Nurofen for Children is an effective and fast-working treatment for fever reduction. In fact, nothing will relieve your child's fever faster or for longer than Nurofen for Children.” This is an ibroprofen based supsension in liquid form which is suitable for children aged 6 months and over (and over 5kgs). The product claims to relieve fever for up to 8 hours and treats pain within 15 minutes of administering. Nurofen for children comes in two different flavours orange or strawberry and both flavours are sugar and colour free. Nurofen for children is sold by most grocery retailers and chemists and can be bought off the shelf rather than being kept behind the counter. It is sold in most pharmacies I have been in including Lloyds and Numark. It is also sold in Asda, Tesco, Superdrug, Boots, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. A 100ml bottle costs between £2.50 and £4 depending on the retailer. It is slightly more expensive ...

Touchy-Feely Abc - Fiona Watt 29/03/2012

Touchy Feely over and over!

Touchy-Feely Abc - Fiona Watt Since being around 9 months old I have loved reading with my twin boys and they have from a young age loved books. Their book collection is large however with most the early books that I bought for them I tended to go for the more interactive books with textured sections for my boys to touch. One of these early purchases was the Usbourne Touchy Feely ABC by Fiona Watt. The book is described to be a “delightful ABC book with textured letters and illustrations to help children learn the alphabet. The Touchy Feely ABC is basically a bright and colourful book about 25cm by 25cm square and around 4-5cm thick. The alphabet is spelt out over around 8 double pages and each letter has a different texture for a child to feel as well as a word and picture that is “touchy feely” with some form of texture to it. Each of the double pages has a tab at the top which clearly shows what letters are contained on this page so children (and parents) can skip to the favourite pages easily. The cover price of this book is £9.99 which although I feel this is a lovely book and very well made and robust at £10 this is quite an expensive book. The Usbourne Touchy Feely ABC is sold in Waterstones, ELC and Mothercare for £9.99 and in my inexperienced state of book buying I purchased this book from ELC during a 3 for 2 offer on books. However after browsing different stores and websites Asda and Tesco sell this book for around £6-7. Amazon also sell this title for £6 which I feel is very good ...

ASDA Maternity Towels 28/03/2012

More devilish than angelic

ASDA Maternity Towels ***As a pre warning my review is about a “feminine” product and discusses the delights of giving birth, I’ve tried to keep it as non-graphic as possible however some may find uncomfortable reading*** I had my twin boys 4 weeks early and because I had a “planned induction” I knew I would be kept in hospital longer than the usual 24 hours for natural births at our local hospital. It was initially discussed that I would spend around 5-7 days in hospital post birth and as much I packed a huge bag to take to hospital with essentials for me and two babies, I could not take everything I needed. Because of this I had to depend on Mr Lools to bring in additional supplies which included maternity pads. Trusted with going shopping for more he purchased the Asda Little Angel Maternity Towels. *** Asda Little Angel Maternity Towels*** The description on the pack of these maternity towels are “have been specially designed for use after childbirth, the soft materials ensure comfort and the contour channels ensure protection from leaks in the days after the arrival of your little angel.” The Little Angels Maternity Towels look like any other brand of maternity towels do. A thick white pad around 30cm long and 8cm wide and 2.5cm thick. On the reverse side of the towel is a peel off section covering the adhesive strip to keep in place on underwear. Maternity Towels and pads are advised to use following giving birth over other feminine hygiene products because they have been ...
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