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Babyliss 5345NCSU 2000w Travel Dryer 01/04/2007

Good little travel companion

Babyliss 5345NCSU 2000w Travel Dryer A lovely travel hairdryer, complete with its own little travel carry bag and adapter plug. Features 1800w - so hair dries quickly and easily. Two heat settings - hot and not so hot. A concentrator nozzle for ease of styling Weighs just over 1lb. Dual volt - can be switched easily from 240 to 120v if you should need it. Size when folded for packing purposes in its bag approx 22cm w x 16cm h x 8cm d when open as a dryer with cocnemtrator nozzle on 21cm w x 20cm h (not incl flex) x 8cm d Flex approx 1.76cmlong from end of handle to plug. Advantages To store First remove the concentrator nozzle then fold the 'handle' against the 'nozzle' on a pivot system making it a almost rectangular shape it is then small, compact and easily fits inside its travel bag with the cocnetrator nozzle and travel plug. This hairdryer has accompanied me on many trips abroad and has always performed beautifully - both home and away. It is compact for travelling and powerful for drying my long hair. I scuba dive so naturally on a diving holiday it is in use everyday and has never let me down. It is a great little dryer which I can thoroughly recommend. Disadvantages None found by this user. Price I can't remember what I paid for this as it was a while ago (I know it was somewhere between £15 - 20). After a quick internet search I found it for £14.99 - a bargain! ...

Revlon 9123 30/03/2007

Cheap n cheerful

Revlon 9123 Purchased this product from asda when my old dryer packed up. I went for a 'name' that and the price £10. I have long, thick hair so needed something that has abit of power to get it dry in a hurry - hence buying a 1600w. Features 2 heat speeds - I tend to use the fastest. Cool shot button - supposedly for setting your style into place. A hanging loop. Concentrator for styling Safety - has a safety thermostat to cut out the power should it begin to overheat. Performance When I dry my daughters hair - it works well. Her hair is mid length and straight and seems to dry in no time, my hair is longer, straight and very thick, again it dries fairly rapidly on the highest setting. Disadvantage If I don't use the concentrator the airflow is too strong and hair flies everywhere and would get tangled in the dryer etc.. However the concentrator constantly falls off and I have to stop and reattach it to the nozzle. The way it attaches is quite flimsy and it is easily knocked off - either but generally 'waggling' the hairdryer about as I dry my hair or if I accidently knock it with the hairbrush I am using to 'lift' my hair as I dry. Overall A cheap, basic, hairdryer though I am disappointed and frustrated in the extra time I spend reattaching the concentrator. ...

Indesit WE14 16/03/2007

No more indesit for me

Indesit WE14 I purchased my indesit, in a rush the old machine having packed up. Features I wanted were a timer, digital display and fast spin. I bought this machine in September 2001 (£299.99) and had to replace it due to the bearings going in February 2007. It has lasted just over 5 years. Not what I would call value for money. Technical Stuff 59.5cm w x 85 cm h x 53.5cm d Hot and cold fill Top spin speed 1400rpm Capacity - up to 5.5kg Advantages Delay Timer - allows you to delay the start of the wash by 1 up to 24 hours (hourly increments) - very useful if you are on economy 7. Spin Variation - each programme has a maximum spin speed but you can reduce this down (not that I ever saw the need). Easy Ironing, stain erase and wash intensity buttons to put you more in control of your wash - again I never used them. Temperature - each wash has a set maximum temperature but this can be reduced right down to cold. I found this a useful button as I would often do a 60 degree wash programme but reduce it to 50 degrees for my synthetics. Wash Cycles Cottons (fast spin 1400 rpm) - for 90 degrees down to 40 degrees. Synthetics (800 rpm short spin) - for 60 degrees to 30 degrees Delicates 40 degree wash and a 30 degree wash Rinse only cycle Spin only cycle Drain There is a longer A class at 40 degrees wash which lasts about 2.5 hrs and is supposed to give you a 60 degree wash at lower temperatures. Also useful a 30 mins 'quick wash' short spin cycle - but then you ...

Zanussi ZWF1421W 02/03/2007

Seems like a good buy

Zanussi ZWF1421W My Indesit died and after researching on the net I decided upon the 1421. I was dithering between that at 1400 spin and 1200 spin. Delivered free from John Lewis direct - an excellent service, they offer a two year guarentee instead of the usual one year. Easy to install Cold fill only Dimensions 85cm h x 60cm w x 62.5 d Max Load Capacity cotton linen - 6kg, synthestics 2.5kg,n delicates 2.5kg, miniprogram/wool/handwash 2kg Energy 1.14 kWh More about programmes Some of the programmes are long but the manual gives you a guide to times and you can use features like half load, daily wash to shorten the time. For example - using the manual as my guide The 95 degree whites is around 150 mins (2.5 hrs) The 60 degree whites economy is around 155 mins 2.5hrs), can take the full 6kg load and full 1400 spin. The 40 degree coloureds economy is around 145 mins, 2.5 hrs) can take the full 6kg load and full 1400 spin. However neither of these can be used with the 'daily wash' or 'quick' option but you can use the 'half load' button which means the machine does 2 rinses instead of 3 (reducing the time the cycle takes) but is only then able to take a 3kg load. There is also a 30 degree wash taking 113mins (2 hrs approx), 6kg with the 'daily wash' or 'quick' option or half load. After this there are other options but they all spin on the shorter spin and so its either wetter washing or resetting the machine after it has finished to do a long ...

Olympus X715 27/02/2007

Point and shoot

Olympus X715 Having returned from a summer holiday relying on someone else's camera I thought it was time I had one of my own. So asked for money for my birthday at the end of August. However my kind parents obviously thought they'd go one better and get me a camera. The only down side being that I'd hope to trawl the net for the one best suited to my needs. Disadvantages On first inspection I was disappointed in their choice as they had plumped for an 'AA' battery camera - these really use up power and I'd hoped to get a rechargeable battery one. However a trip to asda soon solved the problem, I bought a recharger which holds 4 batteries. Do buy good quality rechargeables - I got 2400mAh ones as long as one set is in the camera with another charged and ready you are OK. Battery power is drained more if you use the flash or video settings. The camera also seemed very small but you do soon get used to it. My initial pictures were blurred - this is because I was used to the 'point and shoot' type camera however with this model you have to give the camera a second to focus. When you look through the view finder you have to half press the shutter button, the camera then focuses and a small green dot appears - your shot is then focused. Once I'd mastered this my pictures have been great. However it does mean 'quick shots' can be troublesome. It has a 'power save' button which I find kicks in abit too soon - I am always worried I am going to miss action shots because of ...

Daewoo DR2100P 26/02/2007

Brilliant cheap dvd recorder

Daewoo DR2100P Just after Christmas my father bought a DVD Recorder and as I was considering putting all my old 8mm tapes of the kids onto dvd I was interested in this. It soon became apparent that the best way to do this was actually purchase one for myself. So I did abit of internet price looking then I went on a hunt. Asda - I had noticed the price of my fathers was lower elsewhere but asda won't price match unless its in a published magazine. Currys - salesman just seemed to want a sale, he'd have sold me anything. Comet - couldn't even find a salesman! Hughes - a lovely salesman who wanted to know what I was looking for. His first question was did I have cable/sky/freeview at home. The reason for this is that if you do then that will 'plug' into this particular dvd recorder and recording programmes is fine. If you still have terrestial TV you are better spending more money on one with a 'built in digital tuner' ready for when we have to all go digital. We then had a discussion around make/price etc. I decided on the Daewoo. Recording - It is easy to record - either using the timer or videoplus. Or you can set it to do 30 mins, an hour, hour and a half, two hours just by pressing record. It has 2 scart sockets - so you can use scart to put tapes/dvd onto dvd however the scarts are at the back and I found it a pain keep taking the socket out when using my camcorder. However it also has an AVF socket on the front. It has been great at recording from the TV and putting my ...

Sebo X 1.1 17/02/2007

reliable cleaner

Sebo X 1.1 I have had my Sebo now in excess of five years. I was going to buy a dyson but tried a neighbours and found it not very satisfactory. Went to John Lewis, still thinking Dyson and they showed me the Sebo as an alternative. You are even allowed to have a go with the machines. The sebo was much lighter. It is a bag cleaner but I have not ever found that a disadvantage. It cleans really well. There are lights to tell you what it is doing - ie brushes up or down which it adjust automatically. Or for a clogged bag. I use have two children and two cats so the cleaner gets alot of wear and tear and has stood up to cleaning/time really well. When you buy the bags you get all the filters too - I usually feel abox lasts me at least a year which is good value for money. I found it very light weight to use - much more manorverable than a dyson. It will even lie 'flat' on the floor which means I can, just, get the hoover under my sons bed without having to pull it out which is great - proabably an advantage should you have 'high standing' furniture too. I have quite long hair and I find loose stray hairs repeatedly get wrapped around the brushes but it is easy to sort when the brush is 'clogged' - just press a button, take out the brush and disentangle/cut the debris off. The suction is strong - its amazing what I have sucked up and not necessarily wanted to! But beware sweet wrappers as they can get stuck on the way past the brushes and up the hose and then are hard to get out - ...
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